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Just a hunch..

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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:56 AM
It is to my belief that getting closer to the December 21, 2012 date there will be massive media coverage and speculation as to what will happen in or around that specific date.

God willing, we will continue to approach that date.

As 2012 comes, forbidding that anything happens to the earth/us from the many theories about the month of October. If we continue into the year 2012 there will be hysteria because of the media. This specific date will be analyzed from every angle, from doom and gloom to spiritual enlightenment.

Since this is supposedly an event that will range from global to universal, not only the United States, but even the uncivilized world will have theories as everyone in the world would be aware of this coming date and the many theories that follow it.

In my opinion (and only mine), we are creating our future...right now.

Good news...

It seems as though (through the internet and other sources) that we are tired of the doom and gloom crap. Everyone is skeptical about the destruction of the world, we are almost tired of hearing it. As this date approaches, we will hear more and more theories...this time...most will be good, no more doom and gloom. People will believe that something will happen that will happen for the magnificently good. A transformation, if you will.

More and more people will be aware of "The Good Side" of December 21, 2012 (God forbid we don't make it to that day for whatever reason), and this will my opinion..because of massive media coverage that will dissect this date and what it brings better than we could have ever imagined.

When 1 person changes his thinking and believes he is "enlightened" or close it and opens his heart to the world more and more people will feel his beautiful energy of love and peace. You do not even have to be enlightened...just believe you are and slowly the world will become more and more beautiful as the date of December 21, 2012 approaches. Doom and gloom will no longer be in our mind, all we will think about is how beautiful everything is and the world will transform, slowly, into a higher dimension of love and peace.

In my opinion...

Mankind could not accomplish this without help. We are getting help from every living thing with consciousness on this planet, our solar system, and our milky way galaxy. And I promise you the odds of not having "many" other "intelligent" lifeforms (not just simple lifeforms) in our very own milky way galaxy is quite slim. We are all in this together. Our whole galaxy is slowly transforming and as the center of the milky way reaches our part of town we slowly but surely will transform also.

In my opinion...

Other "consciousness" throughout our galaxy that has reached the center of the milky way has transformed and since this date, December 21, 2012 approaches our closest neighbors will be influencing us. As more and more of the beautiful energy reaches us from our neighbors (any lifeform with consciousness and even the simplest have a consciousness for they know how to "live" and not "die").

1 by 1 we adopt this energy. This energy is influencing you right now, you might just not know it. As the number of people influenced multiply faster and faster and faster and faster even the most unhappiest, depressed person, even psychopaths with slowly change and be literally "forced" into the truth. Will the dead rise? Will their consciousness (not necessarily their body) awaken into a new life and a more beautiful, extravagant, almost dreamlike one than they experienced just a few short years ago.

The truth is many many many things.

We will discover it faster than the speed of light. One second..BOOM...its going to hit you like a train. Life will never be the same.

This is just my hunch on a few things. Obviously I could be wrong...actually I more than likely will be wrong.

God willing...

Humanity will be saved

And the Mayans messages sent thousands of years into the future to us, built through hard work and not magic was miraculously made available to us today, after all these years...because they deemed the message "that" important...was true. And a new consciousness will arise.

This is my hunch, and obviously the end result of my version could happen many many ways. Lets just hope its the same end result.
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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:11 AM
Mods, you can move it to the appropriate area if necessary, its just that this particular forum, philosophy and metaphysics is the only one I follow.


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