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Point Break.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:19 PM
Hello everyone.This will be my first post here on ATS.Couldn't think of a better place to put this story since it is my personal view based off of information,some be it fact and some be it fictiitous.I don't believe every story is filled with absolute truth as far as conspiracy goes,that's a given.My dad always told me,"believe nothing that you see,and only half of what you hear,but even that is prolly incorrect.I'm sure most of us here seek the truth about well hidden and sensitive information that's been misinformed and just plain not talked about around common individuals across our world.Although I do believe that to some degree people are becoming aware of how viscious the beings in power have become,but always have been.
Mankind it's self is on the verge of a world which it has created with intelligence and faulty design.Not to say intelligence is flawed,but it has been over taken by greed,hence the faulty design.We live in a place that can be controlled until it's broken.A place that has created us,of which we have the slightest of intelligence in comparison and understanding.Our world,our earth,our home.
Over the past year there have been many unprecedented events that have transpired and shaped our world and perceptions about the future.I think we can all agree about the many history making catastrophes that our planet is going through along with it's inhabitants,be it human and other living creatures.
Intelligence in my opinion has been a leading innovater in the survival of a mass populous of people,but to the detriment of our mother earth and her life giving qualities that make this planet habitable.Mankind has polluted and tried to harness absolute power that only the closest star/stars are capable of doing.And now we stand on yet another historic point,point break.Containing and forming a world that cannot be embodied by restraints.Never will humans beings control what our great universe has comprised together.It has given birth to all we see or know.It is the wisdom of billions of years of evolution and time.A perfection and harmony unfathomable by the human mind.So as the world goes foward in time and mankinds inventions fail him,how will people cope?

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 03:37 AM
Humanity as an entity in itself is moving towards something. What that something is I do not know (global conciousness....?) however I have faith enough that it will be good. The world is more connected than ever, the rate of technological innovation is growing faster and faster.....

What you see now are the teething pains of humanity as it gets used to the fact that for the 1st time since the evolution of man 200,000 years ago, we have gotten to a point where our actions as humanity can actually effect things globally. This began happening around the time of the industrial evolution but it has only been since the 80's that we as humans have actually recognised the the global ramifications of our actions. And only now (20 years later) are we even attempting to fix it. Humans have been doing whatever they want for so long and getting away with it, it is very difficult to break out of that thought pattern.

There is always a lag time between technology and learning how to use it responsibly. But if you do believe in a higher power then you also have to admit that there is a reason we have intelligence enough to produce such technological innovation. We as humans now have so much power to implement change, yet the majority of people still operate on a very baseline, reactionary level of thinking. They are still only taking care of number 1, without realising what they do can now have a massive ripple effect. Or their thinking is influenced by very outdated religious ideals, or its not how their mother used to do it back in the 70's, or they are simply so caught up in the material world they fail to see the bigger picture

But things are slowly changing within the consiousness of the world. Possibly only because all the mistakes we've been making are finally starting to effect people and governments financially. But they are changing.

The something I alluded to earlier may be a NWO, a change in global consiousness, possibly even a further innovation in the field of renewable energy. I have very serious doubts that it will have anything to do with reptilians, the rapture or the illuminati but we are moving towards it at an ever increasing rate.

And I think it will be a good thing. Why? Because the world is big enough and ugly enough to take care of herself, and we are all part of that world. Sounds a little wishy washy new age-ish i know. But things are much simpler than most people suspect.....

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