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Greek Gas Wells and The New Monopoly after Privatization

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 07:22 PM
Hello ATSers,
I have found this article on a german Blog and tried to find its source, though I was not successful due to different language formats. If anyone out of Scandinavia or Greece may help to enlighten us, would be really nice. Because what this article says, looks serious and explains partly the current Greek Privatization due to their huge debt! So please I am not telling that everything below is true. I just have the problem with the non-latin languages to research.

I found this blog article as the original source but still not sure!

This article is the below quoted but translated version by Google Translate

This the German One

Ms. goals sign the article below is Dr. Chemical Agronomist. The mention because assertions in the article is so shocking and unbelievable.

Because no one can confirm the assertion, other than her fellow scientists, see for yourself and take your conclusions

Written by Dr. Evelyn E. Golias *

Coalition of seven Nordic countries proposed to the Greek government before signing the memorandum with the Troika, a financial aid 250 Billion at a depth of 5 years in installments, with consideration given to the approval of exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas located in the Greek area . ((

Remember that the proposal to the Greek government was the body Scandec Org is a commercial - economic - political union of the seven Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Scandec Org proposed free survey research and marketing of mining deposits with a ratio of profit 80% to 20% (20% in Greece, 80% of the international organization) to be repaid over time the amount of 250 billion to gave Greece. ((

At the same time undertook to carry coverage of 90% of industrial activity only by Greek workers and any agreement of construction of mineral wealth were to be made exclusively in Greece. ((

The government never replied to the letter from the agency, and shortly after the body of the Scandinavian countries took a call from a consortium of U.S. and Israel that have taken this particular issue.

((In June 2010 the French Institute of Geophysical Research published an international survey - a study, which covers deposits of natural gas in Gavdos. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the University of Crete.

This study indicated that there is a rich lode of pure methane at 99%, do not even need treatment, highlighting the valuable methane gas that flow freely in the sea, where they lost millions of years and those who pass through these points to see with the naked eye.

((In July 2010 the French Institute again requested permission from the Greek government for marine research for possible extraction of natural gas deposits in the southern Peloponnese. ((

Again, the Greek government was negative even putting the three regions of interest (Apouleia Basin, and Herodotus Basin Sirte Basin) in the gray zone itself, but putting so virtually no say in the exploitation game Turks and Libyans! (From all this emerges concluded that Turks, Libyans, and Israelis are stealing gas from Greece, which owns large chunks of deposits in river Apouleias, Sirte and Herodotus. ((

The report of the Norwegian Society of TGF-MoR, which makes seismic exploration and gas fields talks to deposit 6 billion barrels of natural gas only in Crete, but three times that of Alaska and half times the whole of Siberia.

Similarly, the same company after having made inquiries in the Ionian talks about being 900,000 barrels of gas a year in the region of Kefalonia, 1,200,000 barrels off Katakolon, 800,000 barrels in Zakynthos and about 2,500,000 barrels in Otto. ((

The revelations were already known to European banks and oil companies of America gives the profile of Greece, could in its mineral wealth is one of the richest countries in Europe.

Dr. Evelyn E. Golias
Chemical, BSc (MSc in Quality
Ph.D. in Soil Pollution


I know all I found are blog sources but as I mentioned before my research problem is the language. So please, I am not trying convince anybody that all that is true, but still worth to mention and if anyone can help to find a real source would be helpfull to get some clarity on the greek unrests.

This is my first News Thread, if this is the wrong section Modes may change the directory.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:01 AM
It would explain Obamas offer to aid Greece.
There was obviously mining rights in the fine print.


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