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What starts the Great Tribulation Rev. 5-11

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 02:53 PM
If someone were to give you a book and you open it to find out its about M & Ms then closed it and it said the anti Christ makes war and plagues follow you would know it was a mistake. The two subjects are not related. Yet if the book had not M & Ms but was about " Christ redemption of man 2,000 years ago legally). That is what is taught in all the commentaries and in all the churches believe it or not. Sealed scrolls in bible times were used for property transfers or land, clothes and wealth not human souls. These scrolls were sealed and that means to protect its contents, To keep from public view this is in contrast to being sealed in a non legal sense. The question is why would one hide or seal a scroll about the redemption of lost souls anyway? Also the outer seals of a scroll were some sort of description of its content.

The mistake came about as often the situation was such scrolls would fall into wrong hands and redeemed by who meets the conditions of the said scroll. So everyone assumed that it was a scroll about the redemption of man given back to God. The reason why is the only alternative is the scroll is about an economic situation of general property (on a large scale) redeemed by God. This made no sense to no one back before the S & L situation and etc of 1989-92..

To connect the scroll with the outer seals look at Rev. 6:1 with a man on a white horse given a victors reef. In bible times *after* a battle a ruler would traditionally ride a white horse for bragg'n rights. In this case from a court battle seen in scripture in heaven in Rev. 5 that happens in privet on earth. He is then given a bow a weapon used by thieves so the victims could not defend themselves. By observation at the time it will look conquering going forth to conquer. Do to the massive scale. In bible times a person would lose their *wool* outer garment and leave them exposed to high heat and cold and you may not live. After tears and shock in a short pause. You would have the second seal a blood bath rage as this person has a sword not used in battle but to execute people in public. This would be a civil war in a Noah's flood of people ( not of water this time). These kind of events happen when what happens is seen as an extreme injustice. In this case about 8 or so years from now is a second part of two legal main cases years apart (there is likely more). The first one will get your attention here as most people have forgotten about the legal cases coming from 1989-92 S & L lawsuits yet they told you on NBC it would start 20 years from then in 1992 when filed. Why God is tied to the second is not clear but the wealth goes up in smoke anyway, so what.

If you have a rage known coming and planned for as all is seeing today. The president would hit the chicken switch and were now a U.N. country and that explains the third seal.. All the worlds armies would come on to U.S. soil. They would try to stop the violence and put all in camps as they do sweeps for guns, ammo, food, gold, silver and anyone hiding in a hole. As the leaders enjoy all the stolen goods everyone is starved to compromise the body and for power control.

If you would want to kill off the population today due to the large mass of people it has been know from the 1970s they would use bio weapons. They likely would want to save on ammo. Makes one wonder what to do with untold millions if not billions of dead people. This explains the forth seal. The reason why animals go crazy then and kill people is due to the EMF effect that happens just before a pole shift. It is likely these event happen for about 1 1/2 years from start before the pole shift.

When a pole shift hits most volcanos go off. Including our super volcano in the USA. You have massive ash, dust, dust blows in the east, lightning, static electric effects, hail and massive high winds. This would include the Island of La Palma ( watch you tube videos on it) Under aggravated seas roaring violently it would cause tidal waves far over 100 feet high under night like dark conditions. This would hit the east coast in seven hours several times with the land sunken due to the shift. It could put half the USA under water. A (wormwood) star also would fall then but likely hit the Swiss Alps due not because the landing would kill many people but it has so many underground streams that reach the public. What most people don't know is this has happen with volcano eruptions at rare times. The water is toxic and looks like beer.

To sum this up, forget plans to stay in the USA for this. The judgment is the same as Sodom and Atlantis in Plato's account. You note that 144,000 Jews are sealed from this event. That is in a legal sense within the scroll. As many Christians will be as Israel makes a good Noah's Ark during only this 3 1/2 years then its a run to Jordan. It also explains why the USA is not seen later in Scripture as it is gone. I am sure there is other places but at least the new temple is standing threw this event in Israel God help you in other places then. Israel is also protected by two witnesses at this time.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:08 PM
Dare I say English is not your first language. Either that or you are utilizing a very sophisticated writing technique known as the cut-up technique popularized by William Burroughs. I am curious where this is all coming from, curiosity from the standpoint of concern for you mental well being. Where are you getting this stuff from if you don't mind me asking?

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by Markafeller

I couldn't finish reading this... very poorly constructed. Are you saying that the M&M guy in the TV commercials is the Anti Christ?

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 05:58 PM
What it says is that a legal act from U.S. courts in about 8 years will by surprise. Strip away massive privet property. The result is a violent crash of the system and results in a civil war. After such the suspending the constitution and the invasion of the U.N. military for order. They throw the public in camps like slaves and starve people intending later to use bio weapons to finish the public off. They get there wish by the way just like Hitler with the Jews in the 1940s. It is after this do you see a list of plagues on it.

It is just one event that is the cause of another that makes sense of it being seals on a scroll.
Plato said it well Atlantis was overcome with greed, Then (by its weaken state) invaded by a weaker army. Later being destroyed by the gods. In this case also God himself.... In Sodom's case it was half covered with water and burned with fire.

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