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What Do Animals Think of Us?

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:28 PM
Its pretty easy to tell what most animals think of us. Walk up to most and they run for their lives or attack us. Even elephants fear humans.

Only domesticated species and species that don't understand or fear human predation tolerate our presence.

My pet cat thinks of me as its mother or a provider. Which is why it meows at me like a kitten meows at its mother. I'm fine with being perceived that way.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by justsaying

Yes I agree animals think in pictures, even on a telepathic level................but just like humans are evolving animals are too, particularly animals that share our homes with us.

They are evolving, I suspect, not positive, speech as well.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by SolarE-Souljah
What Do Animals Think of Us?

I think it's safe to say that the elephants, at least, aren't very happy about the way things are going:

National Georaphic: Elephants Attack as Humans Turn Up the Pressure

New York Times: An Elephant Crackup?
...All across Africa, India and parts of Southeast Asia, from within and around whatever patches and corridors of their natural habitat remain, elephants have been striking out, destroying villages and crops, attacking and killing human beings. In fact, these attacks have become so commonplace that a new statistical category, known as Human-Elephant Conflict, or H.E.C., was created by elephant researchers in the mid-1990’s to monitor the problem. In the Indian state of Jharkhand near the western border of Bangladesh, 300 people were killed by elephants between 2000 and 2004. In the past 12 years, elephants have killed 605 people in Assam, a state in northeastern India, 239 of them since 2001; 265 elephants have died in that same period, the majority of them as a result of retaliation by angry villagers, who have used everything from poison-tipped arrows to laced food to exact their revenge. In Africa, reports of human-elephant conflicts appear almost daily, from Zambia to Tanzania, from Uganda to Sierra Leone, where 300 villagers evacuated their homes last year because of unprovoked elephant attacks...

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:49 AM
If you look into the eyes of an animal, you will see yourself reflected through thier eyes, if you look into the eyes of a human, you will see thier ego's rejection of your self.

Animals have a different "karma" that humans have, animals abide by the principle of "equality" - so, if you would allow it to happen to yourself, then they would allow it to happen to them.... Basically, if you were the tiger, and you would eat the tiger if he was you, then, the tiger would eat you - if you would not, then the tiger would not.

You might find this hard to believe, but animals used to be incredibly subservient to man before the existence of the ego, even the most beastly ones... But then again, that was a different Earth, where the natural grids were in-tact and we existed towards the fourth dimension...
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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Yep I know what you mean ofhumandescent. My animals are very good at reading body language of another animal and also the queues of humans. My dog is capable of saying 'hello' and is phonetically close to several other words and using them in combinations to express an idea/want. I think more often than not, humans misinterpret animals.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by dontreally
First of all. Animals dont possess "thought. Atleast not verbal thought (unless you would be crazy enough to think they think in words)

When they look at us i imagine it as an instictual process of some sort. They see us as a dangerous creature. Or in the case of my dog, she sees me as a multitude of things. BUT, and this is where i think you err in your presumption, it is entirely one thing to just react, and another to respond and analyze your reaction. Animals do not have self consciousness to the degree where they can analyze and form a reasonable impression of what they're observing. So, most of all i imagine theyre either confused, or intimidated, or amused. But their feelings are mostly primitive and primal and easy to understand for a higher creature - such as us.

I disagree wholeheartedly, and those who have spent time around animals, from house pets to the great apes, to pigs, and on and on, would suubstatiate this. I am sorry you feel this way, I implore you to look into the subject more.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by Frith

Cats don't have lips so can't make the 'm' sound. At best they're pronouncing it as 'neow' which is close to 'now'... that pretty much answers all the 'When do you want it?' questions you ask 'em.
I have a Siamese... he has an ego, an opinion and never shuts up. I told him' "Mate, you'd make a great human". He just looked at me and flicked his tail... I think that may have been a show of contempt.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by LexiconV
reply to post by Frith

Cats don't have lips so can't make the 'm' sound. At best they're pronouncing it as 'neow' which is close to 'now'... that pretty much answers all the 'When do you want it?' questions you ask 'em.
I have a Siamese... he has an ego, an opinion and never shuts up. I told him' "Mate, you'd make a great human". He just looked at me and flicked his tail... I think that may have been a show of contempt.

Cats flick their tales in order to show that they are mildly displeased. The faster they flick it, the more annoyed they are. Eventuallty if whatever is getting to them gets to be to much, they'll take off.

Likewise, for those with cats...often you'll tease or play with kitty...and when kitty grows tired of it, it might reach out with it's paw and give you a warning, or use it's back feet as a warning. Anyone with a cat also knows that they could scratch the living crap out of you if they wanted, but they do not. They give a very slight touch/scratch.
Likewise, I have seen cats being harassed beyong belief by idiotic people, and the cat has bitten them, but it is NOT a full on bite, its what I call a warning bite, a get the heck away bite. They don't clamp down on the hand, they just give a very light warning, If they wanted to, they could bit the hell out of your had as well.

Yes, animals do temper themselves and put up with us, and give it thought too.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 01:47 AM
animals are everything and even more than we could ever hope to possess, they think nothing about humans other than distrust and in some instances they are curious just as we we are about them, but their lives don't revolve around us because they are busy doing what they do.

you can build mental connections with almost any animal on the planet if you tune into the earth and can be trusted, they will all communicate with you but you must earn their respect first

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 02:08 AM
I believe animals view us as just another animal. They don't know of the world without us, and our technology, so they likely aren't even aware that we created everything we use. To them, buildings and houses are just our nests... which thats exactly what they are.

Animals we keep as pets view us as being superior i think though. We control their food, so they know we are the leaders. They are aware that they cannot survive without us giving them their food, so they stick around, and remain in our 'pack'.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 02:18 AM
my puddie thinks i'm a total ass since i don't want to play as soon as i wake up.

thinks i'm great when i give her treats and a walk.

my horses think i'm great when i scratch them under their halter and let the use me as a scratching post or bite my shirt.

the geko's in my room are happy they are not seen by my wife.

i never ate a chicken that was a friend.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by LexiconV

I use to babysit for a family as a teenager, they had two siamese cats that talked to me and would jump into my arms (lovingly)..............very very special cats.

The kids were nice too, but these two cats were really really unique - I'm more of a dog person, but again these two cats and I had a connection beyond words.

And boy, they talked to me more than the children did.

I've only known these two siamese cats, so I am not familiar if this is a breed trait - but boy, they were smart.

Beautiful, wonderful and sensitive creatures.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

I have a elephant story.

Yes I've posted it before but here it goes again.

We use to visit Brookfield Zoo a lot so that I could spend time with Ziggy. Ziggy was a most beautiful, huge bull elephant.

One day we came up to where he was outside and a group of young boys were throwing stuff at him and calling him big, fat, ugly.........etc

Ziggy naturally had his back turned to them..........he didn't want to deal with them.

I shouted, "Hey Ziggy, turn around and show these people what a big beautiful smart guy you are."

The boys naturally looked at me like I was nuts.

Slowly, Ziggy turned his big beautiful majestic body around and stood facing me, looking into my eyes. I then talked to him like I always did, how ya doing? Hope everyone has been treating you nicer than these boys, they don't realize how wonderful, smart and handsome you are.............."

The boys left, somewhat shock because Ziggy clearly showed them, he understood what I was saying to him.

My intention was two fold, I wanted to visit a good old beloved friend and show at least a few young boys that animals do think, feel and understand more than we give them credit for.

In tribute to Ziggy, a most wonderful entity. May he rest in peace. He was a beautiful entity.

Ziggy (ca. 1917–October 27, 1975)[1] was a male Indian elephant who lived at Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago from 1936 to 1975. He weighed about six tons and was over ten feet tall.[2] After attacking and nearly killing his keeper in 1941, Ziggy was chained to the wall of an indoor enclosure, and remained there for nearly three decades. His confinement became a cause célèbre in the late 1960s, when schoolchildren and other animal enthusiasts began campaigning for his release. Ziggy was briefly allowed to go outside in 1970, and a year later, the zoo completed a new outdoor facility specifically designed for the elephant. However, Ziggy only enjoyed a few years of freedom, as he died in 1975.


And for the record..............Ziggy killed trainer because the guy after investigations were carried out it was found the guy was a drunk and would beat Ziggy..........Ziggy was mistreated his whole life. I knew Ziggy and he was sweet, gentle but a being that suffered being abused most of his life.

You would stomp on someone too that beat you everyday.
edit on 11-6-2011 by ofhumandescent because: added misconception about Ziggy being a brute...........he was abused by this trainer.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by Frith

Your post is mostly correct, but I seem to attract animals, that's why my girlfriend bribes me to go hiking with her.

They know I won't hurt them.

Maybe they can smell emotions, or feel vibrational frequencies, ? something scientists will be able to explain in another hundred years.

When I go hiking though, many times the animals, deers, rabbits, squirrels, birds, raccoons, frogs, come out to where I can see them.

It's a nice experience and I greet them, saying hi, I won't hurt you and yes, I believe they know.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:35 PM
The other day I asked a friend how many cardinals (red birds) he has seen lately and he said none. I then told him that they have been showing up in my life like crazy. I told him that I at least see a few every day or at least every other day. I am driving a lot and I do like to get my share of atmosphere but it lately seems like an absurd amount of cool birdies in my life.

I wonder if a bird asks another bird if they saw a human today


The first day I really saw one of these cardinals was while doing some hiking a few months ago. I was alone in the woods with a little reggae playing on the droid so that nature could relish in the "chris murray" good vibes. It seemed like the birds really enjoyed the music, and i wondered if they talked about it!

Surely the cardinal said, "that ryan guy sure is a cool cat, now i have something new to whistle!"

Whatever they think of us... i hope it is a case by case basis, and i wish they would just tell me!

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by SolarE-Souljah

Well we have three layers of brain. The 2nd layer, the Limbic brain, apparently represents the one we share with the animals and what that is within us represents what is within them.

Interesting article as it goes on into human responses within each level of the brain as it receives information.
Ask a psychotherapist

The second brain is one we share with the animals that came along after reptiles - mammals. The mammalian brain - sometimes referred to as the Limbic Brain because it extends around and off of the reptilian brain in a dog-leg shape that resembles a limb - handles complex emotions like love, indignation, compassion, envy, and hope. Anybody who's worked with animals or had a pet knows that mammals share these emotions with humans, because we share this brain. While a snake can't feel shame or enthusiasm, it's completely natural for a dog or cat. And, like the reptile brain, the mammalian brain can also be stimulated indirectly by words, and is also non-verbal. It expresses itself exclusively in the form of feelings, although these are more often felt in the heart than the gut.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

That's an amazin story, thank you.

Do you think the animal eas able to intuit something in your voice?

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 01:15 PM
Wow, im loving some of the responses especially about the doggy saying ouuut lol that was great. Id imagine animals are confused if they are pets or in a zoo, confused and depressed, do you ever notice how zoo animals look so lifeless and like they lost the will to live? I hate going to zoos or hearing about them, it makes me sick that people just point laugh and take pictures and don't think anything of it, because they have their big tvs and nice warm beds to go home to. Sure maybe they are safer than out in the wild but they did fine millions of years before people put them in zoos.
I have more respect love and admiration for animals than humans. They were here first. And they wont ever let you down. People are trash and thats fact.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by reesie45

True that. I literally hear them sighing. It's very sad.

Hey even us. Sure we have modern commodities, but sometimes I just feel like sprinting out into the wilderness and never looking back.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 06:23 PM
Okay, here goes, my 2 cents on this subject:

My family tends to share their dreams on occasion, for example I might find myself in my sister's dreamself sharing her dream, the next day we verify it, ditto Mother, other sister. Well one time I shared my cat's dream and here it is, poorly written but I hope you get the message of it, they just want to love us and take care of us, at least this one did. It follows:

One night, sleeping with my cat under my arm I dreamed a very vivid dream. I was low in the grass, moving very carefully and pounced into the bushes and pinned a mouse with my paws (?) and then I picked up the mouse in my mouth and carried it up the steps to the porch. On the porch was a thick pile of leaves with our two other cats and one of our small dogs sitting on top of it; sorta relaxing and surveying their domain.

Happily and proudly I tucked the frozen with fright mouse underneath the leaves. It didn’t stay put and tried to run away so I bit it again and put it back in the leaves. Thoughts of happiness that I was taking care of my family (the other cats and dog and also the big legged people). They did not need to do any hunting; I would do it for them as I was very good at it. Already I had tucked many good morsels under the leaves for them to eat at their leisure.

The front door opened and then the screen door pushed open and I saw the big legs walk out onto the porch. Looking up and then up some more I saw that it was me and that through my cat’s eyes I was indeed big legs standing in front of her. The big legged one bent over and petted me with her big hand/paw and was very proud of my efforts, she would enjoy the morsels also. I purred with happiness, all was well.

Lol, it was quite a dream, my cat’s dream I guess. It gave me insight into her feelings, take it as you will,


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