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Man Kept In Gaol For Extra 6 Months After Sentence Of 16 Years Finished

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:23 AM
I don't know which side of the fence to take on this.

In 1995 Craig Darryl Richardson was sentenced to 16 years in gaol for raping & stabbing a woman in Byron Bay, Australia. He was to be released in Dec 2010.

December 20, 2010 - CRAIG Darryl Richardson should be walking the streets a free man today. If the 42-year-old had got his way he would be sitting on the beach at Byron Bay, the party town he has dreamed of returning to for 16 years.

He might even have chosen to sit back and enjoy a beer in the dunes - near where he grabbed a woman in 1994, ostensibly to rob her.

But the motive changed. He raped her in a horrific, prolonged attack that saw him jailed for 16 years, not only for the sexual assault but also for attempted murder.

Now he had served his time but the law argued in court, he was unrepentent, so had the Supreme court extend his time for 28 days.

Instead of being released yesterday, the man described in the Supreme Court on Friday as schizophrenic, psychopathic, unrepentant and likely to remain violent is cooling his heels in Silverwater Jail.

But only for 28 days, after a last-ditch attempt on Friday by Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham to have him detained temporarily in the hope he will be deemed a serious sex offender likely to re-offend and either kept in jail or released under supervision.

Now this person had served his time plus 28 days but the law went back to court to extend his gaol time.

10th February 2011 - AN “UNREPENTANT psychopath”, who has threatened to return toByron Bay on the eve of his release from prison, has been detained for another month.

Craig Darryl Richardson completed his 16-year sentence for the brutal rape and attempted murder of a 21-year-old Byron Bay woman in December last year.

However, has been held on an interim detention order since then as Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham attempts to keep him incarcerated, or at least supervised on release.

The Supreme Court heard in December that Richardson told prison guards he was considering returning to Byron Bay, where his victim still lives, despite having no ties to the region.

Prison psychiatric reports shown to the court classified him as schizophrenic, psychopathic, unrepentant and likely to re-offend – assessments that prevented his parole when coupled with his refusal to acknowledge his need for psychiatric medication and his failure to participate in prison rehabilitation programs.

After another month he was still in gaol. Don't forget his time was finished in 3 months earlier

5th March 2011 - CONVICTED rapist Craig Darryl Richardson is to stay in prison until March 18, pending the outcome of a Supreme Court hearing into his mental fitness to be released from custody.

The Supreme Court heard that Richardson told prison wardens he was considering returning to Byron Bay. His victim still lives in the area, and Richardson has no ties to the region.

Richardson has not done his chances of release much good by his response to incarceration. Prison psychiatric reports have described him as schizophrenic and psychopathic.

But he has refused to acknowledge his need for psychiatric medication and failed to participate in prison rehabilitation programs. Because he did not believe he has a mental illness, he was unlikely to remain on his medication once out and was considered likely to re-offend.

He also told psychiatrists that he wanted to kill his parole officer and a former prison staffer.

This scenario has finally come to an end in June 2011 with Craig Darryl Richardson to be released but with stringent conditions attached, even though he has served his "debt to society.

10th June 2011 - THE woman who was brutally raped and stabbed at Byron Bay by an offender who was due to be released from prison is happy that the courts have ordered his supervision for a further five years.

The NSW Supreme Court judge decided against making an order keeping Richardson in jail, concluding that prison sex treatment programs would not be suitable for him.

The supervision will involve electronic monitoring, telling authorities where he is living and his intention to visit towns or cities, and non-association orders.


Now we now the rule the media, the law or government use to discredit someone is throw enough label on someone & people will start to see & believe it.

Now this person served his time completely. but the government keeps him locked up for another 6 months.
Should that even be legal.
How can you know the justice system is unbiased when the law changes the rules to suit themselves when they want or things don't go their way.

Yes what he did was horrendous, I don't deny that. The point is he had served his time, & the government just exstended it to suit their own agenda.

Why would any prisoner bother to do any so called "correctional courses" (yes Richardson didn't do any) if there is the government just extends your sentence.

Also is there the possibility of this setting a precedence of the government just keeping whoever they want, whenever they want, in gaol indefinately because it suits there agenda despite this being in a civilian court not military where Bush/Obama have kept so-called "terrorists" at Guantanamo Bay.
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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:50 AM
What is the maximum sentence for the crime he was convicted of?

The way I see it, as long as they are not holding him longer than the legal maximum sentence for his conviction, than what's the big deal? I'm really hoping the maximum sentence for rape and attempted murder isn't only 16 years in Australia.

I do see the problem however, but the judge's sentence isn't always upheld. Take for instance prisoners that are released early. That too is against the Judge's decision. So keeping someone who is a danger longer doesn't seem odd, unless of course they keep them past the legal maximum sentence for their conviction.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:51 AM
As this is in Australia, its a long stretch to think it will be a precident in american courts..
but there is grounds if the courts think he is unstable and refusing treatment to detain him longer inAustralia.

[Preventive detention laws authorize courts to order the continued detention
in prison of a person who has served their allocated term of imprisonment,
but who are thought to be at risk of re-offending if released.

In Australia the legislation differs depending on the state, but the bulk of the preventive detention laws have been aimed at dangerous sex offenders. Some academics argue that this is fair, because of the dangerous offender's prior fault. Dennis J. Baker, ‘Punishment Without A Crime: Is Preventive Detention Reconcilable With Justice?’ (2009) 34 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 120.

so its not new and wide spread.
Canada the UK and New Zealand for example.

oh and love your sig flag, was born in Ballarat, so its close to my heart

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