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Responsibilities of the Human Race

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 03:27 PM
The credit for this should go to LightAssasin for providing the texts for me to read all stars and flags should go there as well. The original post with the link to the full texts can be found here...

This is an excerp for the Phoenix Journals. Believe what you choose about them, only good can come to you from reading them.

"We have brought the world and its relative, the entire universe, to the point of destruction: self-destruction! When the big bang goes down it won't be because of the Russians, the Arabs, or anyone else. It will be because of our own selves. Nothing more and nothing less!!

"There are no outs no scape-goats! There are no fall guys and no more 'saviors' to die for us. (Boy, how long have we kicked that one around?) Now it is down to just us-- you and me, folks. We did it and we have to clean it up, stop it, change it, or let it go as is. No one, and let me put this in Earth tearms: 'no one but no one is going down from anywhere and save our assets.'

"Our brothers and sisters from the far reaches of the universe have been watching us for some time now, and they are attempting to assist us in reaching some kind of balanced position from whence we can, at last, launch into some constructive and realistic efforts at resolvement. That is, if we let them do so. By now, we are so afraid of anything on our sophisticated but childish radar screens, that we're ready to blow anything and everything out of the unfriendly skies. How dumb can we be? And, how long do we intend to stay this way?

"Their advancements have been totally a result of their acceptance of the God Self and its relationship to their own individual being. They are attempting to come amoung us and remind us of our responsibilities to the make-up of our selves. We are the universe and we are about to self-destruct.

"They are not coming to preach to us in the manner or sense that we have been in the most recent past or present. This present dimension junk has done nothing but keep us blinded and confused as to our real purpose. It has served to turn us outward againt all things that don't act, think, look, or worship like we do. We have wasted so much time buried in all this nonsense that we have totally lost sight of our spiritual reality. It is any wonder that our prayers are not heard--we are to busy praying for ourselves to even be able to respond. We become selfish, rude and worst of all, doubtful of our very beings. Is it any wonder that we haven't been able to remember anything of importance?

THE NOW: "It is time for all of us to come together in the reality of our beings and return the Earth to the condition in which we found it. I give no consideration as to just you got here, it remains your responsibility just as much as mine.

"What were the plans we had for handling all of the toxics and other things we have created in the name of progress? We are clogging the roads and skies so badly we are bumping into each other. Soon there will be no more room to fit even one more car, and yet, we continue to turn them out. Please don't waste conversation on the economics of 'everything' argument--it doesn't matter anymore. What does make a difference is our ability to get ourselves together and correct what we have done; we can if we want to! But, it will call for all of us to come together and work out this dilemma.

"All color of beings must accomplish this--it is the responsibility of all colors of beings. All mindsets of beings must come together and work together and all of us must come together NOW!"

THE FUTURE: "It will be just what we make it , not what we allow someone else to make it for us. No one can do it for you or for me. We are the ones that have to make the future a reality--not just an empty statement."

THE CONCLUSION: "There will be no seperation of beings, no one is going anywhere without the other. There are no better or worse beings, one to be shipped here and the other to go there; get it out of your head and get down to the task at hand."

"We come from the same place and to that place we shall, in time, return, but only after we have met our commitments and responsibilities--and not before; certainly not before anyone else because we've been a better Jew, Catholic, Christian, Pagan, or anything else that we care to utilize in an attempt to try and slide by.

"For the total time of our creation, we have always looked for the easy out--for someone to come and do it for us. This time it won't work. It's up to us--it is our problem and we have to resolve it. It doesn't have a thing to do with how good you've been or how bad, but rather if you are capaple of seeing the reality of GOD."

"We started together and together we will end--no one will finish before the other--so let's get to work and re-educate ourselves and our reletives."

"As the vision said, God will only exist when manking accepts the fact that the spark within them is indeed the God-Self!"

I found this to be a very powerful couple of paragraphs in the texts that were provided for me to read today. I am very thankful for them and thought this to be worth sharing, hopefully it will bring you some clarity as it has brought clarity to me today.

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by mileslong54

the responsibilities of the human race should be to resist greed and follow logic, not what we are told

but the consequences of abusing our world speak for themselves, we do not exist without our planet so why continue to put it in jeopardy?

when it comes to global warming, does it matter if its human caused or true or not..
the fact is we know that our use of non-renewable energy is harmful to the planet and animals on it, so why continue to use energy is available, cheap and efficient

its time to stop the big oil companies ruining our world purely because they control a resource that isn’t even theirs in the first place!

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 08:13 PM
I discovered the Phoenix Journals recently and find them a fascinating source of wisdom.

Yes, it certainly matters whether global warming is man-made or not! Changes in the rate of global warming are mostly caused by changes in the sun, especially sunspots, and the idea of man-made global warming is another conspiracy to gain initially more taxes from us, but in the long-run, to be used as a pre-text for increasing measures of management and control over our every move!

When we start to concede that it doesn't matter whether or not it's man-made (It isn't), we're allowing our own subjugation through ignorance!

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