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Thinking of something just before it happens or is spoken about.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:54 AM
I was singing a song on occasions and when I put the radio on it was on. It was a coincidence.

Once I put a CD on at my house, and then I left the house leaving it playing and where I came they played a song from that CD.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by shadowland8

Yup, have had these sorts of happenings ever since i was younger..the most recent when a friend who had gone on a short trip to England was due back, my partner and i were talking about what time he would most likely be back when the thought randomly came into my mind that he would probably just show up at the door, a thought i had litterally a second or two before he knocked at the door..i had no reason to even seriously think he would be able to get a lift to the house at all without calling for us to pick him up, so that was strange, and the most recent..but for years i have done that with visitors, phone calls, thinking of something and someone else saying it or the tv having a related topic on that i had just been talking about, etc..lots of random things like that. A lot of the time im pretty sure its got to do with energies and what one puts out, one gets returned in one form or another. (i am aware there is far more to this happening than that)!
It does have its advantages

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:23 PM
This happens because your mind has to create and interface reality in order for your self to experience on a graphic level.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 09:30 AM
About an hour ago, I was just thinking that I haven't had any Jehova Witnesses come to my house lately. In fact it's been about a year. Guess who showed up at my door? He handed me a pamphlet titled "Are humans ruining the earth?"

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 09:49 AM
I always know when one of my dogs will come to give me a kiss.We have telepathic communication.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:12 PM
So I have this thing going for me like for very long time. I dont know how to react to this or what should I do. You are talking about cute and crazy stuff like thinking about a song before the radio plays it or something, but I can like "predict " serious things before it happens. Im talking about car accidents for example. Im in the car its usual day nothing impressive happened, my friend pulls over to turn to left and I know that other car Will crash to us. Its #ing scarry. In the moment I Cant do anything to stop it. We started to move and Bam car comes really fast and we crash. Its only one time of like 15. I Cant say anything when I think about the situation before it happens to prevent it. I'll look like paranoic. Also I dont know for 100% if it Will happen or not. Just dont know what to do. Im little scared of myself, I usualy even blame myself inside for thinking about these things before they happened. Anyone ever had something simillar?

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:22 PM
a reply to: shadowland8

I've had rather a lot of this in various forms. Sometimes I think it shows just how on the ball my subconscious is, other times I think it's something more mystical.

Once i started singing in the car and my brother tells me he was just singing the same song in the same place in his head. I turn on the radio and there it is, just past the point I had just been singing.

My grandmother has an uncanny ability to call me on the phone at exactly the moment I'm about to light a pipe.
My brother on the other hand calls when I'm shopping for prawns online. Not sometimes- consistently over the course of an entire month- then it goes away.

I can also predict which episodes of King of the Hill will be aired in the near future- not consciously- they just pop into my head and then I end up seeing them in a day or two- although I'm pretty sure they are playing them in order and that I just subconsciously know the series way better than I thought.

I tend to think that at least some of it is something to do with the way the universe works- maybe a manifestation of cyclical time or collective consciousness. Not a causal A therefore B relationship, but an unseen A causes both B and C which you can see.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 04:35 PM
hi i am new to this site i am a bit of a loner but its because i dont do so well with people not becausse i dont like them becausse of other resons .im not really sure how this works either so please if anyone can tell me who or where i cango to talk on here with someone like chating that understands me please tell me thanks

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 02:30 AM
a reply to: matvaju

I agree with you 1,000 percent! I am tired of hearing people say they thought of a song on the radio and 2 minutes later it comes on. OR they think of a person and they will call a minute later. OMG! I WISH I ONLY had those sort of coincidences! I,too, can predict things before they happen. Since I was a kid, I had dreams that would come true. I got used to that as I grew into an adult. In the last year or 2 the amount of "coincides" I have in ONE day are overwhelming. It makes my head spin! I don't know what to do either! I TOO, have actually been scared by it! Exactly as you said, I will blame myself inside for thinking about these things! I have been trying to "control" my mind and stop thinking of things that may or may not happen. 50% of the time they are good things and 50% bad. The 50% bad always feels 99% worse for some reason. IDK why.... I truly think since we KNOW we have this "ability" we are actually creating them. There are much better quotes about "putting it out in the universe" ... or " What you think is what you get, put it out in the universe."

Matvaju, I wish I knew the answer to this affixation but we never will or at least while we are alive. It's hard for some to understand because it can truly cause anxiety. I used to have a friend that who I believed shared the same brain as I. We wouldn't even have to talk - I would start to say something and the other would go "ESP, DONE" . The words I meant to say where, "hey, why don't we..." and They would say "ESP, DONE." They knew I meant "let's go to the movies tonight and see, (blah blah) " ... AND WE WERE NOT THE TYPE TO GO TO THE MOVIES!! ((Unfortunately something tragic happened and I no longer have this person in my life- it's extremely said) I had found the person who was 99.9% identical to me and shared all the same thoughts, emotions, sense of humor- EVERYTHING and I was always happy! Once that person was no longer in my life- these ESP moments, the coincidences are so much more harder to handle!!! This person was 12 years younger and we looked like complete opposites but had the SAME BRAIN! We were the best of friends...

My advice, see if you can find someone like you. I know it's HARD! But your post has inspired me to go on some social network sites and find someone who shares the same ideas / "ESP" moments/ being able to read each other without talking, and basically someone who just "get's it". IN ALL HONESTY- I HAVE BEEN GOING THOUGH WHAT YOU HAVE FOR QUITE SOMETIME AND THE ONLY THING TO DO IS TRY YOUR BEST TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN NOT TO THINK aka PREDICT THINGS (listen to music and keep thoughts as simple as possible, try not to be paranoid! (I certainly know what that's like!) AND MOST OF ALL - JUST COMING FROM EXPERIENCE-

posted on Apr, 24 2015 @ 02:54 AM
I notice this kind of experience often.Most recently, a couple that stood out, was walking through a department store.I was over at a mall in a neighbouring community, leisurely taking in the merchandise.I found myself wondering where the washroom was, and what time it was.Someone else walking by, then told the young man with them, "It's half past, the washroom is over there."I smiled inside, I savour these moments.

Idk, in the past synchronicity has been kind of strange, sometimes scary depending on my awareness.I believe these experiences are the universe encouraging us to work on our higher nature.I do question myself, when events have disappointed me.That's natural though(even if someone can't remember their line of thought), and I feel the frequency of these coincidences is partially due to the level of my own self consciousness.In sleepier times, it had to be more obvious for me to take note.Now, it's usually more subtle.I think it's part of our maturing process.

It's not easy accepting that our minds can have a deeper influence on our lives, and the world around us.It's important to practice remembering that individually our limits change as grow.Studying the laws of attraction and learning to work more actively with our intuition can help shed some light on this aspect of our being.Doing that, goes a long way to help put this into perspective.
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posted on Apr, 24 2015 @ 03:02 AM
Oh yeah, all the time, synchronicity.

A song will start playing in my mind seconds before it actually starts.

The number 37 chases me around. Repeating in numbers too, mostly 11s.

When I'm clear headed, feel positive and strong it gets crazy, way beyond coincidence. I love it.

Much more rare when I'm in a negative state of mind.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Eta: 4 years my bad.
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posted on May, 6 2015 @ 03:43 PM
This happens to me all the time. I also will see an unusual word,like one I've never heard of before,and then see it again several times withing a short time frame. I also see numbers a lot like 11:11. I'm sure it's all a part of the same thing. I think of it as intuition coming from the Universe around us,and how we interpret it through our subconscious.

posted on May, 6 2015 @ 04:43 PM

originally posted by: shadowland8

Does anyone else experience this sort of thing?

Yes. As people have already stated, this is "synchronicity". Deja vu is another form of it. You are becoming in-tuned with the present eternal moment, this is where the magic happens. Let no one tell you otherwise. Because you are getting closer to this eternal moment, your karmic feedback loop will be much quicker than normal, and sometimes almost instantaneous (synchronicity). Make sure your thoughts are loving and true, because they are going to start manifesting quicker and quicker. You'll find that a woman you love will start literally speaking the words that you've recently been thinking. Love is the force that is pulling us back to eternal union.

posted on Oct, 31 2015 @ 02:42 AM

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posted on Nov, 8 2015 @ 07:58 PM
When I was like 11 or 12, a friend of my family's son, called Jake, had a crush on me. I had one on him too, but i was too shy to admit it. Instead I was mean to him and encouraged my girl friends to do the same. I'd usually see him a few times a month at family shin-digs. When i was 13 his family moved out of state and I quickly found a new boy to crush on. One evening my mom was hounding me to clean my room because a couple relatives were flying in later that week. I was going through my things and spotted a photo album I forgot about. I was flipping through the pages and realized Jake stood out in all the pictures he was in. Almost like everything else seemed fuzzy. (Being that he was a crush, it was probably just my subconscious making them appear that way) I began to wonder what he was up to. My mom talked to his mom multiple times a week, and I remember trying to come up with a way to bring him up without exposing my one time feelings for him. My mom was calling my name from downstairs but I couldn't hear her because the radio was play too loud. So she knocked on my door, and after I opened it for her hopped to the sterio to turn it down. Mom asked, "Stairway to Heaven?" while pointing to the speaker. "Are you a Zeppelin fan now?" Back then, I sticktly into pop music and told my mom that I wasn't even paying attention to what was playing. I assumed the reason for her visit was to tell me to turn the radio down so I got nervous when she sat down on the bed looking like she had something serious to say. She asked me to put everything down and sit on the bed next to her. Carol, Jakes aunt, just called to give us the news he had died a few hours prior. He killed himself. My mom gave me permission to stay home from school the following day but I didn't want to take her up on that offer. She said that we'd be notified as soon as arrangements were made for his funeral. It would be in the Midwest (where his family moved from California) and mom said she was definitely going to go. She said it'd be up to me, if I wanted to join her but to think about it for a few days before deciding. I decided that I'd stay home but almost immediately after my mom left for the airport I regretted making that choice. On the day of his funeral I decided to go to the beach, since Jake loved it there and loved to surf. As I was staring out into the waves, my mom called me from the funeral resection and said, "you'll never believe it. Stairway to Heaven was played at the beginning AND the end of the service. Did you know that was Jake's absolutely favorite song?"

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 01:12 AM
a reply to: shadowland8

I have been having this happen but for years, and its getting worse. Its embarrasing because I keep saying either things that just have just happened to someone close to me - and there was no way I was supposed to know - or something that is going to happen really soon - in the next 12 hours. And when I talk to my friends - I hear - I just was talking about X, I just saw X on the news, My daughter was just talking about X. And it makes me feel weird, and I cant stop it because I dont know whats cuasing it. One thing I have figured out - the more I dream - the more this happens. If I sleep less, and dont have vivid dreams - it goes away a little bit. But its really odd - and my close friends - they know about it and they think its cool - but on my end its not fun - because its not at all being pyschic - its just picking up on things your not supposed to know - and its only about other peopel - I am 100% in the dark about myself - or whats coming.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 01:40 AM
Yesterday I went to the credit union with my daughter to pay my bill, and I was listening to Def Leppard's song Energized. Turned off the car in the middle of the song. Went in the credit union and paid the bill. Came back out, and started singing the song as we we're getting back in the car. Turned the car back on, the stereo kicked in, and it sounded like Def Leppard came in the background as my back up singers. Same word I was singing, exactly in time, and in tune to boot. I looked at my daughter and we both had a freaked out smile on our faces. What!? I love synchronicities! I just looked at my daughter and said, you can't plan stuff like that.

Take Care,

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 02:10 AM
a reply to: StarlightTaurus

I just read what you said in your post, so I wanted to respond to what you said. One thing that I can tell you, is that I am convinced that it is being caused by being in affinity with what God wants you to be doing. It's kind of like the poem about footprints in the sand. A way of letting you know you are not alone, for comfort. At least that's how I see it.

But I'm like you in a way. Imagine riding in a moving truck with two of your brother in laws, and telling them that you have a really strong feeling that some weird things are going to start happening, and immediately afterward a bird flies right into your windshield where you are sitting. Or telling your boss at work, that something negative was going to happen that day, but not to feel guilty about it, because it won't be your fault. Then she looses a major account that day, but it was because of something that was completely out of her control. It's crazy I know.

I suggest maybe you embrace it, like it is trying to embrace you? Try to create a better good with your vibrations. I wished I could give a Barry Sanders highlight video to Quentin Griffin after he was drafted by the Broncos, so he could see how to transition to playing in the NFL. Ended up running into him a couple of weeks later, and guess what he had been "looking for everywhere, even on Ebay", which is where I had found it. Fast forward and John Madden actually said when he saw him run "the last guy that I saw run like that was Barry Sanders"! What's not fun about that?

Just trying to help.

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: tonypazzohome

It is indeed synchronicity. A sophisticated array of cause and effect. The mechanism behind it is strange but I believe we can harness the effects in a closed system. Synchronicity happens relative to one's perspective. The "answers" you receive to the thoughts you have is real. It is a transference of mental energy (the directed thought) and the reciprocated energy (the response) propagated through the spatial (mental) fabric of spacetime.. Energy is directed through conscousness.

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: shadowland8

It is indeed synchronicity. A sophisticated array of cause and effect. The mechanism behind it is strange but I believe we can harness the effects in a closed system. Synchronicity happens relative to one's perspective. The "answers" you receive to the thoughts you have is real. It is a transference of mental energy (the directed thought) and the reciprocated energy (the response) propagated through the spatial (mental) fabric of spacetime.. Energy is directed through conscousness.

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