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Pro-life groups call for Pepsi boycott over aborted fetal cell lines

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 07:41 AM
Oh HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! I really hope they havent messed with Rootbeer and 7 UP Too.
Lol sprocket you got it, this is rather fun indeed, hmmm what else can we think of
Omg whats in
the mac n cheese??

Originally posted by sprocket2cog
reply to post by awareness10

My favourite would have to be this one
1963-1967: Come Alive! You're In The Pepsi Generation
or should that be

come alive you're in the pepsi...
now you got me thinking of coke mottos too..damm
so instead of coke is it... it might be

coke, you're it..

yes i know that the cells arnt in the drink, but it dosnt stop a fertile imagination having some fun

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by Goathief
reply to post by awareness10

Right, this is where you show us the evidence that Coke/Pepsi put baby foetus into their products.

Inferring that they do is libellous, to be blunt.

I understand what you're saying, but they DO put aborted fetus into the making of their product. It is a part of the process, and that is what I think a lot of people will have a problem with. The two just shouldn't be associated. I don't wanna be drinking my Pepsi and be thinking, "damn that taste good, god bless those that were sacrificed in order to perfect this taste, cause it just wasn't the same before they started using fetus technology. What the heck I'm a loyal Pepsi drinker, ill just stop wearing condoms in hopes that one day I too will be able to contribute a fetus to the harmlessly benevolent corporation." I personally wouldn't have a problem if the fetuses were used to save a life or something or do something more noble than making our snacks taste better, you know, if they were gonna die anyway. I mean, doesn't this open up an ethical can of worms? How much do they pay or do they pay for the fetuses? How far would they be willing to go to acquire fetuses or for a better price? How do we know they arent cloning fetuses and killing them over and over? When a human body becomes resource for profit, these mad scientist scenarios become possible at least in the minds of people like myself who become paranoid whenever a company starts using human body parts and profit from the misery, desperation and death of others. I don't even want to think about fetuses or abortions or the ruined, broken and destroyed (literally) lives associated with my snack. I'll definitely be checking labels from now on to avoid PepsiCo, Kraft, and Nestle and will be looking further into this. Although I wouldn't urge anyone else to do the same simply because of my own personal prejudices, its just a personal choice. It's not necessarily that the fetus is being mistreated, although it is being grossly disgraced and insulted, but its an association that I find to be disagreeable to my taste. Its a connection that just shouldn't exist. Maybe I'm being old fashioned and this will be the thing to do in a few years, but ill be the first to admit a reluctance to change from old habits...
edit on 9-6-2011 by ZackMorris because: to specify that ill be checking labels from said brands for the express purpose that i will be avoiding them. Also to explain further regarding "mad scientist" paranoia. Oh and a disclaimer as far as my decision to boycott. what can i say, if i had to hit the edit button i wanted to make it worth it. plus it goes to show how much some people, apparently, can make alterations to their statement so shortly after sending it. remember, what you see on the screen is not the be all end all of that person. we are constantly taking in new information, and also processing the information we already have which changes us, who we are, how we think, etc. Remember that next time you think someone is an idiot, thhey could just be grumpy or in an off mood

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 08:54 AM
I don't really have a problem using the stem cells for medical research, but I think the use of them for such a frivolous purpose as soda pop flavors really cheapens the whole thing. They should be used with respect to help people walk again or anything similar. Can't they just tell whether it tastes good or not by tasting it themselves? Is it truly necessary to use them for such a trivial purpose? No more Pepsi for me.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by awareness10

If women would begin to be responsible about birth control and unwanted pregnancies this wouldn't even be an issue. I am not in favor of using aborted fetuses for anything except medical research that could help save lives. However the Chinese have been buying them at the hospitals and eating them for years. Europe have been using them in their products including hair conditioner, face creams etc. for at least 20 years. We have no idea what has gone on in the labs and we have unwittingly been exposed to. As long as we continue to go with the flow keep using, keep buying, keep on being silent we will continue to get what they chose to give us. It is our own faults that this inhumanity to man continues. Maybe we all are cannibals, maybe they we are just animals. Maybe they are right we get what we deserve. If we are stupid enough to bow down and listen to them as all knowing Gods. They are smart enough to take what we are dumb enough to give. Hail Cesar, Hail Hitler, Hail the NWO we must just love the hell of them.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by awareness10
Cheers have a cup of dead fetus enjoy.

There is no dead fetus in Pepsi. This is ridiculous. The fundamental groups that are against abortion use this kind of sensational story to imply exactly that to the public. It's just stupidity.

Boycott Pepsi if you want, but don't spread lies about it.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:54 AM
The only thing that annoys me about this is this is so retarded to use them for a food additive when they could be used for stem cell research which will actually improve someone who is living's life. But, I guess Pepsi can pay more than stem cell researchers, especially since they depend on government funding, which Pepsi does not have to depend on. But...I'm guessing those tax breaks help, too. Still love my Pepsi, and still love that I still have the freedom of choice to anything that has to do with MY Body!

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 11:06 AM
Gee well thankyou, i guess you can't tell a sarcastic remark when you see one, maybe you should try
asking before throwing stones at people it may increase your popularity.

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic

Originally posted by awareness10
Cheers have a cup of dead fetus enjoy.

There is no dead fetus in Pepsi. This is ridiculous. The fundamental groups that are against abortion use this kind of sensational story to imply exactly that to the public. It's just stupidity.

Boycott Pepsi if you want, but don't spread lies about it.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by ldyserenity

Agreed. And they still do use stem cells for other (more important) projects.

Originally posted by awareness10
asking before throwing stones at people it may increase your popularity.

I have no interest in increasing my popularity. Or was that sarcasm, too?

And speaking of which, is this sarcasm?

Originally posted by awareness10
Errr No, i didnt write the article i just posted it, therefore i cannot give you evidence that Pepsi or Coke is putting cell material in their products, although, i really wouldnt put it past them.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 12:05 PM

Are they really using stem cells to make # taste better!!!!!!

Seriously WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Im 100% pro choice but to use the cells in this way is absolutely disgusting!!!!

I will be boycotting pepsico products and any other companies I find that are doing the same.

Thanks OP for bringing this to my attention. do you know of other companies doing frivilous research using stem cells?

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff

I'm just curious why does this bother you? I don't understand the position. The stem cells are available for use by those who want them. If you don't oppose using stem cells, what's the difference? What's wrong with using them for something that won't save a life?

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

It bothers many because stem cells, for a long time, were very scare and hard to come by. That would make using them for taste as opposed to life saving research a waste.

However, as far as I know, today they have ample stem cell supplies for research. I hope everybody realises that stem cells can be obtained from a lot more than fetus'. I believe that one of the most sought after stem cells is from amniotic fluid (can be donated) which is essentially a limitless supply that harms no mother or baby.
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Edit to add:

Most research is currently done with mouse embryonic stem cells followed by human embryotic stem cells. (to correct my error) Amniotic stem cells are being researched currently as the 'holy grail' of stem cells, as it removes the ethical issues arround this form of research.
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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Good question,

While Im 110% pro choice ( you can bet ur ass if I had gotten anyone preggers as a teenager I woulda been offering to drive to and pay for the procedure) I do still think dead humans cells (or cells that would have been humans) should be treated with respect and dignity.
Being used to cure Spinal injuries or parkinsons are good examples of this, being used to make sh!t taste better is not what I would in anyway consider respectful or dignified.

I fully appreciate this is a matter of personal preference, Im not calling for a blanket ban by all as I have with cases of extreme animal cruelty Im just voicing my personal distaste as a consumer by choosing not to purchase their products.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:14 PM
I dont care if someone claims they use live babies in it.. the gross factor and the turn your digestive system to a toxic waste dump idea is enough. Soda.. its bad for you. But hey, anyone wants to destroy themselves, far be it from me to prevent their choice of what to put in their bodies.

If you didnt figure out as an adult that soda is bad for you by now.. why boycott just because the word "fetus" was used? Maybe look into other things and see what you blissfully ingest or put into your body.. may be an eye opener.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff

I understand. Thank you very much for your reply. I don't have any personal position that cells of any kind should be treated with respect.

I don't drink any carbonated beverages but I do support the right for people to protest this product if they don't like the idea. But the pro-life (anti-choice) crowd is USING this to make a point and put pressure on people to outlaw abortion and that is infuriating to me.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by redrose123

As well as the MEN who can't keep it in their pants either should ALSO be using birth control.

Why is it that people always blame the woman for an unwanted pregnancy? It takes two ya know..... or maybe some people don't understand that concept yet.

Also.... they do NOT put fetus's in the drink, and anyway I don't like pepsi lol.

This is just a sensationalist article from the pro-life groups. Maybe they should actually help children who are alive... like... provide health insurance for them, and an education and..... oh... that's too smart and compassionate.... never mind.

Harm None

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by awareness10

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I found it hard to believe, so I researched. Nothing on MSM, but if you dig a bit, you can find more info. Trying to get past the pro-life sway and be unbiased here, I found Miami New Times who has interview information in their article.

Asked about the action alert, Rosenberg said, "We don't discuss details of our research, but you won't find anything on our website about HEK293." I asked Rosenberg if Senomyx had a position on stem cell research. "We've never been asked that," she replied, "We don't have a position on anything. We're dedicated to finding new flavors to reduce sugars and reduce salt. Our focus is to help consumers with diabetes or high blood pressure have a better quality of life."

The article goes on, but here's the PROPAGANDA:

The cells they're talking about have "technically" originated from aborted fetus cells, but it's not like scientists are putting fetus body parts into blenders while laughing. Think of the fetus cells as sort of "ancient ancestors" to the new cells that are readily used today as "building blocks" and receptors in many commonplace scientific experiments in universities, hospitals, and commercial labs.

I've drank Pepsi for years, and today I emptied my bottle into the sink. I read the information, I feel sick and I cried. The last quote above shows how they're trying to spoonfeed the public into an opinion that this is actually good for us? SICK!

Health Freedoms . org actually has a response letter from Pepsi, I will paste it entirely:

Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 4:00 PM
Subject: A Message from PepsiCo Consumer Relations 012652620A
“Thank you for contacting us to share your sincere concerns. Please know that we take very seriously the issues you raised. PepsiCo has a strong set of defined values we strive to live up to. Unfortunately, there is some misinformation being circulated related to research techniques that have been used for decades by universities, hospitals, government agencies, and private companies around the world. These claims are meant to suggest that human fetal tissue is somehow used in our research. That is both inaccurate and something we would never do or even consider.
It also is inaccurate to suggest that tissue or cells somehow are being used as product ingredients. That’s dangerous, unethical and against the law. Every ingredient in every one of our products is reviewed and approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We hope this information is helpful and reassuring.
Thank you again for reaching out to us and allowing us to clarify the situation.”
Margaret Corsi Consumer
Relations Representative

But yet, at the above (Miami New Times) link, the research company not only admitted to using the tissue in researching flavor, they described how!

I will continue to try to find new information, but after seeing the blatant lies so lavishly spewed.. I don't believe big corporation for one second.

Thanks again awareness10 for Denying Ignorance!!!

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by awareness10

Senomyx, a biotech company that uses aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers.


Are you kidding me?

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by sprocket2cog

Thank god its not actually in the drink itself, i had all these strange ideas about pepesi being the taste of "the new generation"


posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by amazed

Not being a chauvanist but the reason men (or we should clarify by saying stupid and usually young men) dont care about unwanted pregnancy is that we dont have to worry about carrying round an extra person for 9 months, or the social stigma that comes from an unwanted pregnancy, or the fact the we can just runaway and say "its not mine" or "We werent that serious why did you keep it". basically if the guys a prick the woman is on her own and thats not ideal, so considering chicks are gonna be the ones wearing all the consequences and eventually stuck with a kid it shouldnt be hard to see why guys dont care.

The unfortunate reality is no matter what the guy does the girl is stuck with the baby wether she likes it or not.

based on those facts and the fact we all know that men think with the brain between their legs Id say women should probably be a tad more prudent. Im aware its wrong but unfortunately its the reality we live in.

P.s Im pleased to say Im one of the responsible males who does take precautions and am currently on the male contaceptive pill (At least thats what Ive told a few women in my time
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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Sorry to leave that image in your head, i just had to share it..
You will never look at pepsi the same again im sure

I dont think its right but it didnt stop my head seeing all the pepsi ads in a new light...

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