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Nigel Farage on European Union/Commission

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 04:14 AM
Nigel Farage, my absolute favorite European politician of today very clearly states, what the real problems within our political structure today are. I cannot agree more with him.

What it basically comes down is that the sovereignty of the European nations is eroding at a ever more rapid pace. The term democracy is no longer accurate to describe our current situation.
The European Commission is a group of unelected figures that create our laws and decide what happens or what happens not. 75% of the law proposals come directly from the European Commission.
Yet we have no say about what the European Commission decides.

As the economic crisis continuous to escalate we are beginning to see the problem-reaction-solution mechanism in action. As predicted by many others, Nigel also agrees that we are moving towards a United States of Europe. And well, when that happens, we can say goodbye to our nation-state sovereignty.

Nigel Farage's website
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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 04:45 AM
The basics of Farage speech can be found on his address to VanRompuy...
(February 24th, 2010)

"We were told that when we had a president, we'd see a giant global political figure, a man who would be the political leader for 500 million people, the man that would represent all of us all of us on the world stage, the man whose job was so important that of course you're paid more than President Obama..."

"Well, I'm afraid what we got was you ... I don't want to be rude but, really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk and the question I want to ask is: 'Who are you? I'd never heard of you. Nobody in Europe had ever heard of you!'

"We don't know you, we don't want you, and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better."

"I have no doubt that your intention is to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states."

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by AboveTheTrees

haha, that one is great. This guy is amazing.

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