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UN Troops/ Torjan Horse

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posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 05:49 PM
I am alarmed to discover that many of the executive orders that WJC signed in to effect have come to fruition. In spite of the qulaity of these forces, as compared to our own, even 250,000 troops moving through our civilian population while our own forces would be "locked down" is a little un-nerving.

Equally disturbing are all of our road signs that have marked out all of the locations to our ciritcal facilities for our "guests."

Don't forget the new accomodations at 600 relocation camps.

Since GWB and JFK are both S&K members, whatever the NWO has in store for us will continue unabated. What kind of crisis will it take to have our government suspend the Constitution, declare marshal law, and unleash this Trojan Horse?

That is the question for all of you out there today.


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