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Adventures in Lucid Dreaming -- Share Ideas

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by Novise
One thing that would be cool would be to try and fly to the sun, then fly into it.

Hell yeah, I'll have to try to remember that, and space exploration in general. And also going underground. I always wanted to explore the insides of mountains.

The references to group dreaming make me think of astral projection. It would be cool to try but you'd also have to have two people who can consistently lucid dream on command, or at specific times, right? Or maybe not even at the same time depending how malleable time is in those states.

Originally posted by Resentedhalo08
I feel there is definately some form of physics at play during lucid dreaming, does anyone else know what I mean? and feel this?

I think your subconscious controls all of that. The first time I lucid dreamed, I tried to throw something clear up into the sky towards the Sun. I threw the object, and it went as far as it would in waking reality if I was drunk and limp-wristed. I was disappointed, but realized that I wasn't getting something about the process. I think the problem was that I was thinking too intellectually. Now I try to "feel" the object soaring into the sky. There is definitely something to "dream physics." I think your subconscious thoughts/self-imposed limitations control it though.

Originally posted by sinohptik
Flying is great fun though. Never gets old... Do you flap your arms like a bird or fly as an airplane?

No, I use a kind of imagined "bungee belt" like rubbery cords that I pull on around my waist. If I pull on my left side, I'll fly forward in a counter-clockwise curve. If I pull on my right side, I'll fly forward in a clockwise curve. If I pull on both equally, I go straight. And the harder I pull, the faster I go.

reply to post by Fizix

You can definitely do that.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 10:55 PM
One thing I would like to do or remember when I wake up from a lucid dream is to actually clear the entire lucid dream away as someone once suggested and look at the Akashic records as someone once suggested I might be able to do. I've read that the records will tell you want you need to know. However I wanted to explore knowledge about the future if possible. Lately all of my lucid dreaming seems random though. I probably need more undisturbed sleep which seems quite difficult nowadays with noisy birds and noisy neighbors.

Things I have done in times past in dreams.

-Flown lightning fast in the open air
-chased a helicopter
- been chased by a helicopter
- ran so fast that the time or dimension I was in changed
- many kinds of devious things I won't go into details here

- too many things of a subject manner I can't discuss here very much, one of those things includes visiting a planet that has only young 20 something females on it, I got embarrassed after a while. The women on the planet didn't think there was anything wrong with displaying pictures of all my male anatomy in public because they had never seen a male before and didn't see any problem. They also didn't see any need for censorship on tv broadcasts. Maybe I was feeling overwhelmed by something when I had that dream. Maybe I saw a Bud lite commercial before I fell asleep.

- transcended into a higher being in a few dreams and my mind went out of my body in my dream
-strangely lost all my emotions when in a higher being, I never understood why that kept happening. It made it not nearly as much fun but I never got angry or sad or anything, I was just super powerful, super knowledgeable.

- One time I woke up on an alien planet. I thought I was really awake at first and wanted to look out my window. I looked out my window and knew I was still dreaming. It seemed so real too. The sky and air seemed to have this red glow everywhere. I thought the alien plants in the distant had a purplish color to them. I knew I had to be sleeping so I looked around a few more minutes before getting back in bed and closing my eyes to wake up again in reality.

- One time, I was peacefully watching two alien species fighting several battles among spacecraft in different star systems. I was watching one of the biggest battles in one star system. To my surprise one species detected my presence and shot at me. They ticked me off. I immediately destroyed all their space fleets in all their star systems with a thought. The other species knew I did it and was quite happy with me. However I was still ticked off. I went back in time and found the beginning of their species and stomped them out of existence. Then I went back to our current time and made mental notes of how the other species developed without opposition as I went forward in time back to our present time. They actually were a peaceful species this time. I felt a sense of loss wiping out an entire species and now there is no trace or evidence the other species ever existed. The surviving species never remembered me either.

- In one dream where I became all powerful and all knowing, it got weird. I also got super bored (that happens if you can do anything but you already know what the result will be). I got stuck in the dream. It seemed like I could not wake up. I figured out a plan. I would wrap up my powers and knowledge and make myself human and all that knowledge and power would only be a dream. Then I finally woke up. I remember I messed up the Earth 7 times or possibly 6 times and I left the Earth alone this time. I could wipe out and recreate whole star systems and galaxies so a single planet with several billion people was no problem. I said it got weird.

- one interesting thing to attempt in a lucid dream is to imagine what everyone on the entire planet is doing all at the same time. They are doing just about everything imaginable you can think of and some things I can imagine millions of people doing all at the same time.

Hope I didn't share too much. I guess those were some odd dreams.

Oh, I saw the recent pirate movie. It made me remember I had one dream where I thought in the future a nuclear blast was about to kill me. Instead of killing me, time and space became distorted and I went back in time and ended up a bit crazy. I went back to the 1800's and I was used to using an electric razor to shave. I stopped shaving. Using some talents, I acquired a ship and crew. I quickly learned how to make explosives, home made grenades and other useful weapons any pirate might be able to use. I should have already been dead. Maybe I was dead and it was all a big hallucination. Someone commented on my dark beard. I was wondering if I was changing history. I was a bit crazy at this point and may not have cared if I got killed or not. I was successful at picking up women in bars and bringing them on board my ship. I didn't have any stupid superstition about bringing women on a ship. Of course I didn't go down without a fight. I didn't believe all the portrayals that Blackbeard was evil or supernatural. He was crazy and smart and able to bring women on board his ship. Doing all three in the 1800's might have seemed supernatural at the time but that didn't mean he was evil.

Good dreams, hope I gave a few ideas.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by bsbray11

I think you'll have minor successes in shared dreaming if both parties put their mind to it. But if both aren't excellent lucid dreamers, then what you will almost always have is one who is lucid meeting up with the other who is non-lucid, and there is nothing the lucid one can do to wake the other up to lucidity. At least that's what I would think. From what I've read this even happens to those who are very good lucid dreamers sometimes, where one is lucid and the other is not, and sometimes the other just seems to stare off into space (dreamless sleep maybe?). If the lucid one tries to tell the non-lucid one what to do and share a dream in this manner, the non-lucid one sort of loses interest and stops paying attention/leaves. So it takes a lot of skill and a lot of faith in the idea of shared dreaming for it to work, and maybe at times a sort of subconcious connection (similar life experiences or even an understanding of a more general connection). But I don't think there is any hard science to the whole topic, the hard part seems to have both being lucid at the same time.

And about the sun. I've read that it is extremely loud on the surface. The atmosphere is thick and there are megatons of lava exploding, shooting miles into the air, and violently crashing back down. It would be an experience to say the least.

the good thing about trying to get to the sun is it's the easiest thing to spot. I might try to get to it in my next lucids, whenever they happen. Maybe I'll see ya there

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 04:14 PM
There seem's to be quite a few who ofton have "space" themed lucid dreams.

I have regular space lucid dreams, I don't think I have ever gone to the sun as a few have suggested... although I have flown around it and used its gravity to launch off into other solar systems!

Another question... has anyone had any lucid dreams where you are having to teach other "dreamers" certain abilities?

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by orionthehunter
- one interesting thing to attempt in a lucid dream is to imagine what everyone on the entire planet is doing all at the same time. They are doing just about everything imaginable you can think of and some things I can imagine millions of people doing all at the same time.

Can you elaborate on how you can diversify your focus so much?

I can hardly comprehend a million of anything, let alone autonomously animate a million different things.

I'm still reading along and taking notes from all of these posts.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 01:51 PM

Originally posted by sinohptik
i do not view meditation while awake any less intriguing or gratifying than while asleep
What do you mean by "feedback (..) on how you are doing" and "level of concentration changes?" i view the totality of the dream to be "myself," and if i am "thinking" about "concentration," or anything else, it is one of my personal red flags that one system (usually the mind) is funneling the experience of the other systems through its filter (awake or asleep). There is a chance we view meditation quite differently!

I view meditation as the ability to concentrate on one thing without becoming distracted or extended periods of time, while silencing brain chatter. My non meditative state is a little scatter brained, while my meditative state is more focused. Since dreams respond to what you focus your attention on, meditation will fundamentally change your dream scape. I can't say exactly how it will change, that depends entirely on you.

But to give an example, I was meditating in a dream, and as I became more focused, the wind began to pick up. The more focused I became, the more intense the wind became. When I stopped to think about how the wind was relating to my meditation, the wind died down again. So the deeper I meditated the more intense the wind, and the more I got distracted, the less intense the wind. That was the only time I had the wind as a marker, but it's always something.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by Novise

I see where you're coming from, and to be honest, dream sharing with the average person is disappointing to say the least. First there is the issue of both parties remembering the dream, which is difficult enough as it is. But then there's the lucidity issue. A real person in a dream who is not lucid is just stupid and annoying as a regular dream character.

In fact the majority of the shared dreams I've had, almost everyone involved wasn't lucid most of the time. While these can still be fun, they are for the most part completely useless. I know one guy who is quite skilled at having shared dreams for whatever reason, but all he wants to do when we meet is fight me. That's his non lucid role playing response. There is so much interesting stuff we could be doing, but all he wants to do is fight. Now I try to avoid him.

When you feel you're ready, go to and check out the beyond dreaming section. The moon seems to be the most popular location for shared dreaming. My theory is that because the moon is so empty, it's easier to find other people there, there is less to distract you.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by The Cusp

That is very interesting, thank you very much for sharing

And we do indeed view meditation very differently! Almost polar opposites, in fact.

i view it as the act of "being," wherein, if one is thinking about "being," or "doing anything," i am still trapped in the maze of my mind. So, in that, i allow other systems to rise up alongside my mind and thoughts (historically, this generally starts with breathing exercises). The clear mind came as a result of that action, instead of being the action itself. i felt if i was "thinking" about breathing, instead of just breathing, i was yet again trapped in my mind.

So, i view meditation to being, as i do exercise to muscle growth.

Ultimately, this led to the realization of how large the "ego" really is, as i view it as the collective result of all of the countless systems, at many scales, that make up this body of mine. When this realization occurred, this body and its resultant ego (everything from thought processes, to the heart beating and lungs breathing), were allowed to rise up alongside yet larger systems in a state of wholeness, instead of picking "this" or "that" to understand all other experience through.

So, in the lucid dreaming, i would be the wind at all levels, as well as the one making the movement, and the total existence of both. In this context, i view them to both be products of only one system, the "mind," and i view all things to be systems within systems so that carries over into the individual systems components as well (both macro and micro scale simultaneously).

In the end, there are many paths to the top of the mountain, but they all inevitably lead to the same place, neh?

Thank you again for sharing!

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by sinohptik
So, in the lucid dreaming, i would be the wind at all levels, as well as the one making the movement, and the total existence of both. In this context, i view them to both be products of only one system, the "mind," and i view all things to be systems within systems so that carries over into the individual systems components as well (both macro and micro scale simultaneously).

I've done that. In one lucid, I just realized that I was all the dream characters, that I was the ground and the wind and all the buildings. My awareness expanded to encompass everything until I went right down to the molecular level, aware of every atom and molecule all at once just humming away. At that point, something odd happened, I lost all will, probably even ego. I couldn't do anything but be aware, I couldn't act or even want to do anything. There was no distinction between me or anything else. In retrospect, I think that's what the mind of God must be like.

But that experience was the exact opposite of my regular lucid adventure. If the sense of being separate is what gives free will, then being lucid frees me from whatever system the dream is presenting me, because I know it's not real and can ignore at will. In regular dreams, you have no choice but to play along with the dream scenario. But while lucid, I have the option of sitting down to meditate in the middle of a zombie invasion.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 01:53 AM
hmmm now that you all say it... i've never visited space in my lucid dreams... i like to fly and go to places i'd love to know IRL... (should I say in waking life instead? dunno)... I have a personal space, a pretty wood filled up wioth tall trees, a stream, lots of flowers... i love that place! sitting there and feeling the sun warming up my face it's great as flying fast at the sky, the feeling of wind on my face is awesome... Last lucid dream I had i was at Egypt, flying over the pyramids. It was great! Also, i love to fight on my lucid dreams, with lightsabers and using energy orbs! those are very powerful dreams!

I think i'm going to space next time, visiting a galaxy or two it's gonna be a great experiment, let's see what i found!

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:39 AM
I had an interesting occurance in a lucid dream lastnight, firstly I was being chased through hundreds of small corridors with doors at either end, all the same in appearance, does anyone know what that symbolises?

It was actually that what helped me become lucid, just the sheer sameness of it and the general situation, so next thing that I know I go through a door at the end of a corridor (the last one) and then I ended up in an old train yard, although it was still very much in use... being fully lucid at this point I made a mental note of all the things that I saw, old train sheds, the train tracks, signal boxes and a crossing... I came to an electrical signalling junction box and there was a man there and I was trying to go down past it along the line to somewhere else, to see what was down there.
He said that I was not authorised to go down there and made a very big point of not letting me down there, so me being fully lucid I had the idea of picking an old bus pass out of my pocket and I used it very much like the "psychic paper" that doctor who uses to gain access to places he wouldn't usually be allowed.
This worked and he appologised about not letting me through as he didn't know who I was.

Does anyone know what this symbolises or means? It may not mean very much, but it does interest me that a portion of my subconscious was trying to stop me from going somewhere and then allowing me afterwards.

Any Ideas?

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:28 PM

Originally posted by Resentedhalo08
I had an interesting occurrence in a lucid dream lastnight, firstly I was being chased through hundreds of small corridors with doors at either end, all the same in appearance, does anyone know what that symbolize?

People like to attach deep meaning to things they don't understand. Dreams don't actually mean a whole lot. They are a direct reflection of what you focus your attention on, projected through your own personal archetypes.

The repetitive nature of your dreamscape make me think it might be video game related. Sounds a lot like a game recycling the same graphics over and over. Have you been overdosing on any particular video games? Flash games, being smaller and much more repetitive are more prone to incubate dream scenarios like the one you described, but any video game could do it.
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:47 AM
Years ago, I had time to work on becoming lucid. I'm one of those people that really have to keep it on my mind all day to get results. I had several lucid dreams during that time, and I had laid out a few experiments that I wanted to try while dreaming. I was not very successful for a couple of reasons. One reason was that no matter how prepped I was, it was already a challenge to become lucid (and stay lucid) and not wake up. Trying to remember my agenda was difficult while I was dreaming. I recall one dream in which I was trying to remember what it was I wanted to try, and I couldn't, so I picked up a screw from the ground and threw it as hard as I could, to see how far I could. It sped out of eyesight, then I wanted to make it come back, and it did, just as fast. The funny part was that when I tried to catch it, it hurt my hand and I dropped it.

One experiment I wanted to try was simply to talk to my dream characters as I viewed this as a direct line of communication with my subconscious. I had a dream ( I was not lucid) in which I was standing in my front yard talking to about four other people (unknowns) and I was telling them about lucid dreaming and my plan to talk in depth to the dream characters because I thought they were my subconscious. One of them said, "yes, we are." After I woke up, I had to kick myself for not catching that.

Final note: I was always interested in ufos, ghosts, and any other unexplained mysteries. The problem was, I never could fully believe any of it because I didn't see it for myself and there was never good proof of it. While I wanted to believe, I often disregarded people's testimony and thought they were liars or nuts. After experimenting with lucid dreaming, I recall reading an article that said something like, "some people claim to have the ability to become conscious in their dreams". Finally, I was one of those people.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by notquiteright

Yeah that's so true about believing in things. Lucid dreaming made me more open to things that I have not seen for myself, because you will still come across people who refuse to admit it is possible, even when it's been scientifically proven. Just one of those things. Just seeing how certain someone can be about something not existing when it clearly does, is a real eye opener. And there probably isn't a better example of that, than lucid dreaming. I mean by this point it's been scientifically tested even (dreamers communicated with eye movements while exhibiting REM, to the point it was without a doubt), and people still deny it as possible.

A lot of the stuff you talked about in your lucid dreaming endeavors happens to everyone who makes a genuine effort. Like having something obvious in the dream that should have let you know it was a dream. I think everyone who tries to do this runs into a lot of the same problems and sort of develops and grows in the same ways as they finally get some lucids. So it's really neat and it really connects people. But yeah, it is hard to "accomplish" and do in dreams. They are sort of something that you have to appreciate for itself, like life. It's not what you do but how you do it. I want to dream about some fantasy land lately, and see beautiful woods and waterfalls and magic, but I know deep down that's not what's important, what matters is being happy with where you are, and appreciating things for what they are.

Well that went off on a tangent sort of, but I think you can learn a lot from dreams and in ways they mirror life.

posted on Aug, 29 2016 @ 03:44 PM
Personally, I have done many things in lucid dreams. In my personal favorite, I had my subconscious show me something hilarious (lego figures), inspire me (question mark and sun passing by), go and visit the ocean, (See tennis racket), go 20,000 leagues under the sea (cool fishes), then finally resolve a mystery by asking a man who had faked his death in order to escape an evil society why he did it--he reveals he had special powers and the society wanted to steal them. It was so touching and amazing. In a later dream, I asked my subconscious to beat my favorite dream (which is the one I just mentioned), and he even stated, " 'Tis is impossible." Wow.
Another one that came close to beating it was when I beat this really good expert in basketball, got a GF for my dream guide w/ my musical skills, experienced a Christians' favorite dream of God telling her not to be afraid, and finished it all up with the touch of kissing my crush.
Although even NOT in lucid dreams, I have this insanely overpowered ability to do absolutely anything in only 22 seconds. The only exception is harming the subconscious, it seems.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 04:12 AM
My friends, the dream world is a real place. There you will discover that we are all connected.

Most who visit the dream world end up forming their own personal section of it, and never escape the boundaries of their personal space. However, there are spaces that you didn't create which you can visit if you follow the known landmarks. Follow the yellow brick road...

Also, a majority of the entities you meet are your own manifestation, but you will cross paths with entities that do not originate from your own self once you escape your personal space. Outside entities can and will visit your personal space, especially if you invite them, but its somewhat rare unless you have a special type of energy surrounding you which I shouldn't discuss here.

You may think the places you visit in this dream world are temporary, but let me assure you that your environments remain there long after you wake up. Some dream world masters have been revisiting their own personal spaces, and building immaculate structures and environments over long periods of time.

You may not believe it, but you can find other dreamers and pass messages to them, and they will wake up with that message in the physical world. It is called dream telepathy. Many experiments have been done with people passing messages to each other through the dream world. It is proven and possible.

The most difficult part of dream telepathy is manifesting the rendezvous point, and having one of the two, or both, escape their personal space to make it possible. Many experiments failed when the messenger failed to leave their personal space, and ended up manifesting a false message recipient instead of meeting the real one. Of course it is also difficult for both dreamers to reach the lucid state at the same time. The most successful experiments succeeded only because both messenger and recipient left their personal space to meet at a landmark. The landmark must be agreed upon before entering the dream world.

The other method, which is highly advanced and extremely difficult, is for the messenger to leave protected notes at landmarks. This way the messenger and the recipient don't have to be dreaming at the same time. It is very difficult for the recipient to find the note, and even more difficult for the messenger to protect the note from dissociation. A proven method is making the note into a megalith, but it needs to be accessible from the yellow brick road.

If you ever get the chance, follow the yellow brick road to the top of the mountain shaped like a 5 pointed crown. Be aware, the road leading to it is like a snake. At every curve an entity will try to wake you up by frightening you using your own fears - they can read you like a book and transform into your worst nightmare. Their only purpose is to keep the weak out of the mountain tops. If you reach the top you will see the largest swimming pool you have ever seen that runs underneath and between many pearl white pillars and arches which is the atrium of a large pearl white cathedral.

Walk through the atrium, enter the cathedral, and stop at the narthex. You will be greeted by many bright entities. If you are welcome there, they will let you proceed through the nave, pass the crossing, and to the apse which arches over the pedestal which has the most beautiful gold grail you will ever imagine... Drink from it, and you will not taste death.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:35 AM

originally posted by: Drink from it, and you will not taste death.

This seems to be very informative thank you. What is meant by 'I will not taste death'? What is the benefit of journeying through the 5-point crown mountain to get to the bright entities?

posted on Dec, 25 2016 @ 09:55 AM
try this one manifest a clone of yourself standing right in front of you! super fun to be able to see your physical body in the flesh (that is if you are not a twin already!)

posted on Dec, 25 2016 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: bsbray11

I missed your question a long time ago. How did I focus on a million people? It actually seems like billions or trillions and it was an out of control lucid dream where I seemed to have no end to my abilities and ended up merged with every atom in the universe. It was the most interesting and most boring lucid dream ever because at the end of it, I was stuck there and knew the outcome of everything and could do anything. I only had one dream like that. It was like I was merged with a higher power seeing everything it saw. I felt so outside my body. It felt like my existence encompassed everything. It seemed like people were given God like abilities to choose their own path even though I understood at the moment myself and this entity I was merged with knew every possible path in life, every different timeline that could form, every parallel universe but this entity gave the gift of choice to mankind to help end the boredom and did not know which path someone might choose every time. This is hard to explain years later and even now it seems to make less sense to even me.

Lately I would like to explore manifesting physical changes in the real world by making changes in whatever dimension this might happen in. Well I say this but haven't really tried. I just remember having a dream a few years ago where I woke up, went to work and accidentally started a fire. Then I woke up for real and heard they were trying to figure out how a fire started in the area I dreamed I started it.

I'm not sure I've been having too many lucid dreams lately but my dreams are so far past normal that nothing seems too unusual. I think I started lucid dreaming as a way to combat demons in my dreams. I developed a method to trap demons in a force field and nuked them and fried them out of existence in my dreams. If they bothered me, I wanted to destroy their entire existence so that their essence could not escape to any other dimensions. I thought I was just dreaming and fighting evil in my dreams but those dreams went away.

I had this weird thought this morning that I have a girlfriend from the Altair star system and would like to explore alien civilizations and take a camera with me and post pics online of the alien cities and landscapes but know this is impossible and even if it became possible, government agents would descend upon me and make my existence and contacts become classified and secret. Already I have noticed my name on Facebook is more like John Smith with lots of different people having my same name.
The thought of lucid dreaming a hot girlfriend on an alien planet in another star system exploring alien landscapes and alien cities seems very interesting. If only I could wake up with real life pics.

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