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enregy healing/ reiki/ distance healing experiment.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:18 AM

Thank you for the feedback. sorry that your jaw hurts, i'll send you some energy. i know stress sometimes causes people to grind and clench their jaw in their sleep. i used to get it until i started meditating. you can beat it. please look into the left pectoral thing(if you are a woman please do a breast exam) if you are a man you can do it also.maybe it was behind the peck, being your heart?though i didn't really feel that, but get a physical if able. i normally don't get a burning feeling like i did w you, i just find it curious that the burning means nothing?it was really hot.
thanks again, for your openness and willingness to experiment with me. you are greatly appreciated. i will continue to send you energy, you are on my list.


i am going to scan u next. I have a busy day today, but am going to try to get it done today or tonight. i look forward to the opportunity.AusiAnarchist is next in line. then new here.

blessings to all

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 11:51 AM
Hey there, Wow, thank you! I am quite open to receive, however, you will find me walking all day today in the Sun so if you feel a little "over-heated" just know it is me! Today is Pecan tree watering day and I have over 100 of them to get done!

I look forward to any feedback!

Thanks again!


posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:46 PM

I started my meditation at 11:33-12:22 mst. I burned some more of my NM sage in your honor. When i first got into my meditation as my third eye was forming i saw a beautiful vision of a large bird at first i said eagle then it transformed into the native american drawing of a Thunderbird. it had my third eye in the center of its body with the wings surrounding it. Pretty cool.

crown- the words crutches or cane came into my head
3rd eye- left hand had pain down little finger and thumb.
throat-i really felt my blood pumping hard. I thought high blood pressure
heart- My hands started getting really warm, as if i was doing an on hands session. I was sending your heart lots of love.then i got the feeling that my chest or hands wanted to burst open. All that i could make of it was open heart surgery?
Solar plexis-felt a brief acute pain in my rt ear
stomach- no reaction
root- I sensed as if my right eye was closed and i was seeing more clearly with my left.

I just want to say in no way are these diagnosis, i am not a doctor. they are just things i sensed or possibly felt.please get regular check ups from your doctor.

thank you for the opportunity to do this experiment with you. it is greatly appreciated, i look forward to hearing the feedback. you will continue to be on my list. lots of love and light.


posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by jgarcya

This sounds very much like a stroke! I had best get out of the Sun!
j/k, I love the Sun!

I wonder as I think about what you said if maybe perhaps my "benefactor" might not be the recipient of your connection?

You see, I do use a cane but normally only in the evening; it is because I live on a very secluded "wildlife" sanctuary where there are several critters that have tested my patience!

My benefactor is the owner of this property and he is a few years older than I am, a few more than a few, and although I see him as a healthy man I also recognize how much stress he is carrying right now and that can be a trigger to such things. Interestingly, I told him the last time I saw him (back in January) that I am capable of caring for him if he should ever reach that point in life. I am fully trained as an "assistant" in that capacity.

I am not wishing that on him by any means and I will check in with him as he has not written in a long time.

As for me, the cane part is true to some extent, and the part about seeing is interesting because I do not really see through my left eye at all. I mean, it works but it just does not focus on things; instead I use my right eye for reading and viewing things in detail. This to me says a ton because although you mentioned the opposite eye as seeing better, I cannot help but realize that by not looking at the details I am able to see so much more, so the left eye is my eye of clarity when it comes to my world. It is like looking at a Monet painting, my left eye sees the colors but not the details.

Now there is another here that could be who you connected to and I would not blame you because he is a character in his own right. My turkey! LOL, yeah, an honest to goodness turkey (bird). He is a Broadbreasted Bronze, and is known as a "Franken-turkey" in that they grow so fast and they get so heavy that they can barely walk. They are considered "designer" meat, and if raised as a pet they typically die of a heart attack after one year. This poor guy stumbles all over the place and I am half expecting him to fall on his face any day now because of the summer heat; he is nearly 50 pounds of turkey! His name is Blessing! I often refer to his feathers as looking like an Eagle's feathers; and I just happened to send a batch of those feathers to my benefactor via mail; he just might have received them just now because I sent them off just this past week.

OK, well, other than that I am very healthy, no chest pains, no heart problems. I do have joint trouble but I have a sneaky suspicion that I am dealing with a "poison" or "toxin" and I could be experiencing "radiological" exposure (japan? maybe, but NM is known for its radiological water!) I use filters on my water systems that are designed to take out radiologicals through Berkey Filters, but I breathe in the dust and particles of this land daily!

I am a gardener (nudist) and I enjoy the Sun every day and I am fortunate to be in a place where I can be open where ever I walk on this property. I will keep my eyes out for an Eagle, but as you say this could be a Thunderbird which indicates a more Spiritual messenger and I will keep my mind open to receive that message if it should arrive. If the turkey drops I will let you know, and invite you over for some awesome sandwiches (of course I will cure him first) and if my benefactor should have any difficulty I will also relay that too! Interestingly as well, his wife has studied Massage and Reiki and her business is Orthobionomy. Since I am new to this property I cannot help but feel that you may be connecting through me to them somehow! They are on the other side of the Country from me!

Thanks again,


posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Greensage


thanks for the opportunity to try and read you. it is much appreciated. not too bad getting the cane and the eye problem, specifically one eye see better than the other. i am glad you are unaware of any heart problems or high blood pressure. maybe i interpreted my vision wrong, and it has more to do with love flowing into your heart till it overflows
i still mark that as a miss.
the eye thing is trippy for me. while in meditation my eyes were closed, while in vision my right eye was closed it was darker on my right side, while in my left eye, open, i had a beautiful white light shining up and to the left. It was almost as it is a super sunny day, and in order to see you had to close one eye. the colors were bright, mostly white with oranges and reds. maybe this is the healing energy that is going into your left eye. who knows?

in terms of connecting with your benefactor, i don' t believe i did. I connected with you. I don't have their permission to read them.
thanks again, enjoy the sun, lots of love and light.


posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 05:09 PM
I'm in. I'm very interested to take part in something like this.
If I feel anything, I'll post back. As far as details go, well let's
just say I'm a restless spirit that is trapped. Physically by location.
Thank you.
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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 05:43 PM
greetings ATS,

i have done three experiments so far. Though i am not able to hit on all of people's issues i believe that i am able to tap into some, and even get specifics in terms of targeted areas i.e. pain in rt foot, pain in hands,tmj in left ear, emptiness, one eye seeing better than the other, the use of a cane. i think i am about 30%. 3 of 10, 2 of 7, 2 of 7.
Not to give myself more credit, but this is just feedback from what people are "aware of". If i am able to sense things in people at a 30% probability rate without ever meeting, isn't it possible that i may pick up on things that the other person may be unaware of at the moment?
Since i am using reiki symbols hon-sha-ze-sho-nen, meaning no past, no present, no future. Could it not be possible that i am tapping into your past, present, and/or future? Just some food for thought. since i am only getting roughly 30% maybe i am only tapping into the present, since it is one third of the equation.
I mentioned this before, out of the millions of potential ailments to choose from, i think i am doing o.k. what are the chances of hitting even one?

If it was baseball, i'd be a future all star batting 293

even in remote viewing, they don't get the target perfectly correct, they work in percentages, and similarities. These are people that had training at it from the CIA, and were involved in the program for years. Can't wait till i can devote years at a time to this. just think of the potential.

I hope i am making people aware, that this IS possible. It IS possible to tap into complete strangers and read there energy. If this is possible what else are we unaware of. what else do we have to relearn. What do you want to do? read minds, speak telepathically, be claire audient, clairvoyant, be empaths, go out of body, heal yourself. these are not the ways of shamans, these are the ways of man/woman.

I have no training in this, it was an idea, intuition, and i ran with it. you all can do the same. just try it. Thanks for all of you letting me try it. with out you, i'd have no idea of how successful i am at it.

Just my point of view to compare how i am doing so far, not a perfect analysis, but i feel confident with the results. we'll see as time goes on. I look forward to doing a few more of these.

I look forward to all feedback.


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