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Liberty Tax Fly-By-Night Stiffs Clients.

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 10:01 AM
I accidentally stumbled onto this article from last month while researching something for an unrelated thread and it was too funny not to share. Although it's sad that people got ripped off, what I found funny is that this is the company that employs costumed street dancers to advertise their business. Like so:

If you have a Liberty Tax Location in your city, I'm sure you've seen them. I have seen them on the south side in San Antonio when I go up to the city. lol

Anyways, looks like they are in hot water after an incident at some Colorado locations. They received the refund money from the IRS and were SUPPOSED to put it on debit cards for their customers. Instead, they closed up shop, disconnected their phones, and the corporate headquarters is being unresponsive.

The company's signs are still up, but nobody's home. And now thousands of dollars worth of tax refunds seem to have gone missing. "We need our money," Schultz said. "It's irritating."

Business owners in the four area shopping malls that Liberty Tax calls home tell us they have seen crowds of people banging on the tax service's doors with the same questions about their money.

Oops. No amount of dancing is going to undo the harm of that bad publicity.


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