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The place where you go when one dies is awesome.

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 01:37 PM
So you say that when you died there was nothing at all?

you died? maybe you weren't dead long enough? maybe God new you'd be fine and he didn't intervene.

hm, I understand nothing of what the bible is trying to say, except to fight evil with good and, not to be in anger with your brother. I do my best every hard day.

something I just don't get. What is it I don't get, what is it I shouldn't be contributing in, what is it I shoudn't worry about? What makes me afraid? Too many dissapointments in my life. Healing. 1000's of books about how to heal your life. Nothing worked for me. What is it that is in my way for myself to have a place in this world? Am I not having a place in this world? Sum'tn funny about me?

Jesus, every day turns out the same. I accomplish nothing. I seem to be getting nowhere. What is it I've put on my list I cannot seem to accomplish. Is there anybody that needs my help?

meditation? I don't know to meditate what.

hello guys.

What I do here on this board? I never get input. I am left aside. I am left aside. I am left aside. I am left aside. I am left aside. I am dishonoured. I am dishonoured.

you wanted a piece of me. you wanted a piece of me. you'll never win, you'll never win.

Life is what fascinates me. remember own signature. He who has the son has life, he who has not the son has not life. I deserve life... others don't want to live with me. Proud on being assholes. don't hold anger against your brother. wtf they are ripping this world apart over a piece of meat. FRUSTRATION

I am never frustrated. sure to high on yourself. oh no, here we go again. WOMEN jesus m...f.. christ.

good I don't have any issues.

smell ya laterz!

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by etherical waterwave

religion, hell, heaven is all a man made concept and nothing more. nobody has spoken to god or if they have they cant prove they have. as for the bible well if you change the o in son to a u making sun then it would all make sense to me. but hey dont let me piss on ya fireworks if you believe then fair play to you.

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