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The Mind Body Problem

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Greensage
It can be noted that man does have a tendency to think with his ____ (fill in the blank!)

Of course, that can be cut off and the man can still live!

And the bottom chakra pretty much corresponds to that general area, lol.

Although, castration does typically change the personality of the individual who has been castrated, doesn't it?

Kinda of like why you neuter an aggresive dog.

The endocrine system can definitely have strong influences on human behavior.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 07:34 PM
Besides the scientific side as EthenT posted I also take the possibility of an immaterial afterlife into consideration and even possible creators of life on earth. Might also be replicator like without the need for creators but in short, reality I believe has two aspects. One is the material and the other the opposite which cannot be determined from this material aspect, it is the immaterial.

It's like computers, when looking at the surface of a harddrive under a microscope one might see the expected molecules but when looking at the screen one sees the endresult of all those harddrive molecules working together with the other parts. That endresult makes sense to the viewer and enables it to interact with and operate the computer.

The brain is just like that, looking from the physical perspective all one sees are molecules, chemicals and neurotransmitters. But from "inside the brain" or from the perspective of the spirit operating the body one sees reality and is able to interact with it, just like looking at the monitor, with little effort.

While one body grows and matures in one aspect, so does another in the other aspect but lifeless like an empty shell. Upon death the focus shifts from one body to the other as the spirit transitions and is no longer able to interact with this world and instead wakes up somewhere else which I would call the soul.

Unless the mind or spirit chose to believe beyond a doubt there is no afterlife whatsoever during it's life. Only then does a potential eternal being cease to be and never complete the transition. Those might wander as a lonely immaterial object in a world of material objects attracted by it just like it were a satellite or meteorite caught in some planet's gravity field and overtime either dissipate or continue to the immaterial.

Whatever created us, if it is intelligent it couldn't ask us if we wanted to exist forever before we existed and has no way to be sure (with intervention) one has chosen out of their own free will to exist the way it intended.

So this makes me believe not only is this place for creating intelligent life, it is also a testrun to determine wether or not that intelligent life wants to continue existing by convincing beyond doubt that death is inevitable, but no way of knowing for certain what would happen so everyone has a choice to believe in an afterlife or not.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by EthanT

so in other words you are saying that the mind and body are clearly interelated? If that is so, then it appears at least to the logical part of the mind that they are both one in a larger body. A little like and island withing and ocean.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

There is a profound arrogance to many modern "scientists", and this arrogance is often times elevated above the scientific method that is supposed to keep their own bias from influencing the experiment. Many of these experiments regarding the mind are done with the bias of the monist, or physicalist. That is to say that they presume the mind and the body are one in the same and then develop experiments that support their presumption, but prove it? Far from it.

They are never going to prove it by the Scientific Method in my humble opinion, I believe mind and body are totally separate, our body is only a container and our brain controls the function of our body.

Mind or you could call it consciousness just is, not supernatural, everything is natural, but not everything is known.

Many scientists believe as I do, they just don't go there, at least publicly.

Good question JPZ.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 06:37 PM
Man* is not a human is spirit choosing a human body as an experience. As such, man can have any of the experiences discussed.

The problem arises when man forgets that man is a spirit who chose to have the human experience. Chaos ensues and any manner of theories and calculations and experiments happen to bring sanity out of chaos.

You are an infinite spirit...soul, who has chosen to be born as a human being. There are all manner of things that have been perpetrated upon you that have caused you to forget this. Number One is a conspiracy, hence, the reason I post.

Only the very highest souls with the toughest records can make it to this incarnation. There are those off world who know this. You have been battered beyond the winds to forget who you are as the great souls you are... in order to ENSLAVE you.

Can you imagine how valuable it would be to the slavers to enter a free will zone where the most advanced souls have chosen the most dangerous freedom and then are preyed upon for slavery? I am an spiritual economist, I can quantify this for you if you would like. This analysis is grotesque, I warn you. are infinite spirits who chose to have the experience of being a human. Further you are on a conspiracy site because you are right, there is a conspiracy. And it is an off world conspiracy with on world conspirators in order to gain access to your spirits, which are far more evolved than theirs.
edit on 30-8-2011 by angelchanneller because: * Man for lack of a better term means men, women and children

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