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I am here dreamless

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 06:10 PM
As the girl sleeping next to me every night often has horrendous dreams. The strange thing is, often times i wake up and a couple minutes into being awake she will start becoming overtly perturbed, until she either curls into a ball or sits straight up, sometimes walks about a bit, all the while making noises like something atrocious is happening (which it generally is in her dream).

She seems to have extremely disturbing dreams much more often than anything else. In fact she has 'demons' that she has drawn that she supposedly recognizes in her dreams and they recur often when she has nightmares. Apparently ive been in her dreams lately and these demon things seem to really dislike me. She said the first one was a forest and i was glowing, with all of these demons she recognized surrounding me laughing at her. Another one just the other night i was staked down to the bed or something.

Im not concerned because, well, the details are not important, but i must say, it's kinda strange that some people just put up with spawning terrible dreams unto themselves...

One more thing...the one time ive seen her walk was when i was with her in one of her hometowns. We were spending the night at a house where a woman (who hates men) and her two daughters live. That first night, i woke up, she then began making strange noises, stood up, then slowly walked over to the younger daughter's room where she then sat in her doorway for several minutes. She then got up and walked to the kitchen and laid down. I found it strange because at the time i met her i noticed she would often speak with the same unique syntax and timbre as this girl, even though she had been living away from this place for quite some time.

Thinking about waking her up next time so the thoughts don't establish themselves. I know people say you shouldn't, but you know what, ive had plenty of 'coincidences' prevent me from forming or continuing pretty terrifying thoughts...because i don't have nightmares, i have had daymares.


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