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Malfunction with cell phones and phone network in D.C.

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posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 01:50 PM
This is more of an independent observation, which is why I haven't put it up in ATSNN. But in the past several weeks I have noticed that calls to Washington D.C. haven't gone through very often. Most of the time I receive an "All circuits are busy now," message.

Additionally my source tells me that several people in the area have recently reported cell phone address entries being deleted. There have been some issues of dropped calls, but that's very hard to verify as something new.

Has anyone else recently experienced these issues calling to or calling from Washington D.C.?

For some off-the-wall speculation, I offer this possible theory:

If there were to be a terrorist (staged or not) attack in D.C. it would be convenient to have a way to communicate with people. A possible way to do this is force transmissions to cell phones and have them display evacuation messages. SMS allows transmissions of messages and error codes can be forced/redirected to print to standard output (the cell phone screen). Put the two together and you can force the display of SMS messages.

The address book deletion aspect could be some kind of rifling for establishing a DC area social connection network.

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