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Enhance your reality, coming soon

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:04 PM
Hey folks
I have been quite interested in the progression of transparent screens mixed with smaller and smaller computing devices

Transparent screens:

Tiny computers:

Now...take the two concepts and add in one of these:

ok, you may see where this is going. Suddenly a trip down the city block converts, from your point of view, your dull gray buildings into sparkling crystal towers, or dark gothic streets of sin, etc...depending on which program you run.
Your spouse can, by your programming, alter their looks from your point of view into your favorite supermodel, or a witch. the world becomes your illusion to paint through crafty programming, cloud networking, and perhaps subscription packages. video gaming itself would take on a whole new realm of possibilities that can't even begin to be considered. (virtual nightclubs may pop up where your room may suddenly look like the inside of (name your favorite nightclub) with your virtual avatar popping in.

Medical and business industry would leap have an emergency? no need for a hospital visit, just pop your glasses on and either run a program that outlines procedures on how to set a broken leg on your friend, or even have a doctor from across the world connect up with you and literally look through your eyes, instructing you step by step on how to resolve the issues your facing.

This technology isn't some "in 50 years"...its actually out now and being slowly connected up. I would recommend any entrepenuer to start the programming already should they want to be pioneers on this new infrustructure that has been seems the sky is the (virtual) limit on what possibilities can come from this.

So, how would you transform your reality...turn your cramped neighborhood into a beachfront resort? wander around your hometown and change all buildings into a giant mushroom landscape? would you create a application that allowed for criminal background checks to come up the second you talked to someone and flash in front of them (shakes fist at big brother)?

Cool times we are entering.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:23 PM
Wanted to say also.

There was a (brilliant) show on SyFy called Caprica (that was cancelled...die syfy!)

Anyhow, they wore bands around their head and entered into virtual space..a entire world of touch, feel, taste, immersion matrix where they jumped on the net and hung out in virtual clubs, went on virtual vacations, etc.

I believe we are witnessing the conception of this idea in our time...something that will sweep across the globe and transform how we as people connect and the very meaning of interaction in our own time.

When many of us were children, our means of interaction was literally going over someones house for face to face time with endless hours of boredom and travel being the norm.
The only "virtual" connection we had was the telephone. The only electronic escapism was the television (and really early consoles..sorta, but no where near as immersive as todays gaming...sorry, but pacman wasn't really that engrossing and emotional..except for blinky...I felt the pain for that guy).

Science fiction often has discussed virtual environments..often it is however something you plug into and become all but catatonic..offhand, this unique movement is not so much bringing you into virtual land, but rather bringing virtual reality out into actual reality and tricking your senses as you physically walk around. offhand, I don't recall many sci-fi novels or media really engaging much into that aspect. So, points to humans for creativity.

But ya, I suspect as this progresses, the initial bringing VR out will switch and bring us "in" over time..which probably won't help the obesity issue if everyone is laying down for 16 hours a day

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:27 PM
I like where you're going, but I think some of this is a little far fetched. Not the tech, but the use.

I don't think a doctor is going to tell you how to set someone's leg just because you're wearing glasses that have an app.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by WickettheRabbit

I can see the glasses being a bit hard to use but, they dont exist so i cant say for sure.

what i can see is this technology being used on car windshields down the road. You can have all of your gps right on your windshield. that would be pretty cool.

you could also convert windows in your small apartment or house into monitors to save space. maybe even have a solar panel on the outside that powers it.

nice find.

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