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Megalor in Equilibrium

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posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 12:56 PM
Dennis Loque waited while the star cruiser Caspar Eisenhorn slowly opened its bloated stem, to spewe tens of thousands of passengers onto the waiting platform in the enormous arrival hall. He started to move, along with the crowd, through the gates and onto a wide conveyor belt that led to Equilibrium City.
The gate station was a relict from the latter part of the second colonial wave, but still a crucial junction in interstellar traffic through the ninth sector. At least ten million biological units arrived daily at the station and there were always a dense cluster of starcruisers gathered around the airlocks at the station axis.
Loque had left Anacol ten days earlier, and he planned to have a quiet, relaxing week at Equilibrium station, before the cruiser arrived that would take him to his final destination in the Meissner system and his rendevouz with Adriania – beautiful, green-eyed Adriania.
The conveyor belt quickly took him straight into the architectonical nightmare that were Equilibrium City; huge ornated buildings and semi-transparent structures rose towards the curved chitin-glass-sky, through which he could see the brilliant spark of the distant blue sun, and the glowing dust of alien stars.
Loque activated his neuro interface and saw a familiar logo overlap his field of vision. Blinking a few commands he brought up a map of the city with the closest hotels outlined in glowing red. He dismissed several of the cheaper accommodations that were so common in space ports, before finding one that seemed to fit his needs. He connected to one of its public nodes and made a reservation for a single room.
The neuro interface indicated with a red pulsating arrow when it was time to get off the conveyor belt. He moved diagonally across the yellow-striped braking lanes and got off next to an elevator that took him up to the level where the hotel entrance was located.
His IC-circuit kommunicated his identity to the control node at the entrance, and as soon as it was verified he entered the lobby. An android instantly approached him. ”Welcome to the Skylar, mr Loque. I hope that you had a pleasant trip. Please, let me assist you with your luggage.”
The android took his suitcase and guided him towards the elevators. “Via your neuro interface you will have full access to our complete range of services, mr Loque. Should you need anything at all, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all we can to satisfy your needs.”
The elevator stopped at the hundred and twentythird floor. The room turned out to be located not more than five metres from the elevator, and he inspected it briefly before he dismissed the android with a wave of his hand. He stretched out on the micro-flexible bed and closed his eyes, paying no attention to the magnificent view offered by the panorama window that occupied almost the entire opposite wall.

(To be continued...)

[edit on 2004-8-7 by EyesOfTheFuture]

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:22 AM

He woke up three hours later, feeling hungry and eager to get familiarized with the city. He took a long, hot shower and let his body dry while he unpacked his suitcase. Then he dressed himself in a fashionable, jetblack cape of Deneb-silk before leaving the room and heading for the elevator.
A tall and very beautiful woman made him company in the elevator. She reminded him of Adrania, and the mere thought of her made the days ahead seem endless. He wondered how he would get the days to pass.
The light from the huge sun reflectors had dimmed since his arrival, and he realized that it was local evening at the gate station. The main lane was full of people, but also many other kinds of lifeforms, though they were not as richly represented here as in the sectors closer to the galactic core and on stations bordering the perimeter of human controlled space.
While Loque considered which way to take a beautiful pleasure-droid approached him, and her perfect breasts touched his arm as she leaned forward to whisper proposals in his ear. But he discarded her by shaking his head as he started to make his way through the crowd.
’Drugs,’ said a hovering holo-sign in pulsating neon-green letters a little bit ahead. He had heard quite a deal about some new and hot drugs lately, particulary one called E-scape.
He moved in the direction of the sign and was soon standing in front of a sales stand, behind which a Cherova-cat sat in silent contemplation on a high, three-legged stool. The stand was cluttered with jars, tubes, hypos, herbs, inhalators, powders, fluids and software.
”E-scape?” ha said to the Cherova-cat.
He heard a loud click in his left ear as the Babel-module was activated.
”No, not anymore E-scape,” the module translated while the Cherova-cat exhaled strange, rasping words in its own alien language, staring at him with bottomless black eyes that never blinked.
”Why not?”
”E-scape popular, much many wants.”
”So, you’re out?”
”Out, yes.”
Loque shrugged. Now he had to think of something else, some other way to spend the evening – some other means to survive the long days ahead.

(to be continued...)

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 03:28 PM
People in the story make or brake all stories. You have some great People in your story, just not enough discribing about them. Like what they look like, what they want out of life..bla bla bla........ Thats the only thing I would change, I am looking forword to the next part.

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by SpittinCobra
People in the story make or brake all stories. You have some great People in your story, just not enough discribing about them. Like what they look like, what they want out of life..bla bla bla........ Thats the only thing I would change, I am looking forword to the next part.

Thanks for input. I'll try to elaborate - however not too obvious

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