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Conspiracy For Humans To Think Man is Not Worthy of Earth.

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:01 AM
I keep seeing posts on this site and articles saying how it is mans fault that the earth is dying and if man was not around it would be better.

As I have religious beliefs and perspective on this I have a few theories why we think like this and where it is leading to.

One thing is that God of the bible does want us to spread over the earth and populate that was his plan for us.

Then you have people saying how there are too many people on earth and how can it cope.

In the end I think we can cope if man was not so greedy and nasty to each other, it is possible while we don't have to cut down every tree and hunt down every animal in the process. Most of the endangered animals are animals we don't eat, they are animals like tigers and elephants hunted for their fur and tusks not their meat.

But this bogged down attitude that its all mans fault, man is just a parasite like man does not deserve the earth is swaying a bit down the Satanic way of thinking.

Do you think Satan wants man on earth, do you think if the Nephilim or the any falling Angels want man around on earth, be it in the past or in our future because the message seems the same if history repeats itself.

Are these so called brainy scientists on mans side or do they have their own agenda to make man feel unspiritual while they blast creation and God from science while putting the guilt trip on people to think we are part of the global meltdown and it needs some type of extermination of humankind. Maybe they see War as some kind of evolution process; they don't care if Africans kill each other and starve as long as the technically evolved survive.

Yes man will fail in the end the Bible says so but it is could be for these very genocide reasons rather than the war on resources and pollution.

Man will eventually spiritually lose track from every corner of society, be it scientists, leaders, teachers and family and even celebrities mainly in the Western world. Because if the Western world becomes dictated and turned into an oppressed new world order then everyone fails, the whole world can be swept by some totalitarian ideological leader who all Christians know that one day will come upon the world.

This nonsense of people putting the blame on man like we deserve extermination is the very ones who will influence the leaders to put a blind eye to threats to humanity.
Some say that governments have sold people and nations to these so called Aliens for technology and even the belief of immortality and a way out of earth to some dream planet location that never existed.

If this is true then these so called spiritual war has slowly crept down to earth to rid man of earth so that one day a master race of hybrid humans can claim it from God and man's will broken and given in like some guilt offering to the point of given our selves like cattle to the slaughter. We know the Bible says that this world of now Satan’s domain but one day Jesus will claim it back and make things new when good triumphs over evil and prophecy proves God's almighty wisdom and works.

All this thought of anti-humanity is just a win win plan for those who hate us humans, man will make the wars, man will be broken spiritually and lose sense of worth and the second phase on top is destruction of earth. If these being been it Angelic or Alien, they could probably survive in a toxic environment without even dying. Unless of course that is not the case and they have to devise a plan without destroying the environment some things I have read about here on ATS.

Man should have a conscience of how we treat the earth and the animals, but does not mean we should make our instincts or intellectual sides or genocide our inner thoughts for each other either would not evil win that way?
Some say that religion causes war, yes it does because it is a battle of good and evil, but there are wars of good and evil in non religious countries and their state of freedom is vastly cut short to compared to the free Christian values that the West is built upon, and evidence shows that by eroding those values that many threats spawn into society that want to bring fear of extremism, wars on the streets, separatism to everyday society. Once a few Christian morals have eroded man will go onto to be suicidal and without hope in their plans even on an individual level, that vacuum or the lack of these morals shows time and time again in all walks of society and yet politicians cannot find a way to deal with these problems while plenty of wolves are howling at the window to show they are greatest answer to it all, again all part of the same story since day one of mankind.

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:08 PM
Do you think mankind as a collective, deserves this planet ?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by linkshot1000
Do you think mankind as a collective, deserves this planet ?


posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Its like with everything in nature, theres extremes then everything in the middle. Humans are living according to their nature, what is happening is inevitable. It is impossible to go against nature, even for humans. The biggest problem is ego, religion is just the extension of the religious leaders egos. Too many people think that the universe centers around and has been created just for them and live their lives accordingly. They dont care who they trample all over to get to the top. This will always be the dominant trait in humans because they are the ones willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Its basically entropy.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13

Originally posted by linkshot1000
Do you think mankind as a collective, deserves this planet ?


I don't know about you guys but I was born on this planet through no request of my own, so Yes, i deserve this planet. Who and or what gives you the right to judge who or what deserves ANYTHING?? By your own definition, i feel that people who think as you do do not deserve this planet. Do i have the right to kill you, stop you from breeding or otherwise infringe on your natural ability to live life? as another poster stated, EGO is the root problem with human beings. A slice of humble pie a day keeps all the war and crime away.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:30 PM
Other topics include the theories we are not human, we are hybrids and again this is a spin on humans being not so human and in a way lose our sense of humanity from within.

If God loves man and his Son paved way for our resurrection then yes we should be proud to be humans and to be part of earth, we are made from the earth we are both water and minerals of the soil, we are his plan for it not some alien species form planet X or some other higher being claiming humans must die and so the earth is his.

Its good to feel guilty for what man does to the earth but don't kill yourself over it in the process, even if we protest about whaling does not mean they should kill another human being for it, in the end man is at the top and over the animal world and by demeaning our status as apes from an evolution point of view only brings that circle of thought of not being worthy of it.

Biblically God only destroyed and flooded the earth when his fallen Angels tried to genetically modify us and the animal world, if we do it to ourselves then expect some backlash from it.

What state of mind should we be in?

Is it one that we are the same level as the animals, or is it one to say God has given us this opportunity to live a few thousand years with free will and it is up to us how we treat each other and the planet without his presence on earth.

Again it just feel without God, we demeaning our status to the point of being called a cancer of the earth, and that in itself is a sad lost state for man to look ahead to.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:54 PM
I believe there is definitely a purpose to life on Earth. People say "You only live once, so have fun" and ignore all the signs around us. I believe that when we die we look back on our time on Earth in shame and humility. I believe this is all a learning process to reach another level. I believe that once you reach that level (or should i say if) you will be thankful for every single thing you experienced on Earth (the good and the bad). I believe the Earth was made for us and we most certainly "deserve" it.

I purposely started each statement with "I Believe". Now tell me which one of you are bold enough to feel they have the "right" to infringe upon what i believe?
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:45 PM
Well everyone, I am not a christian (never bought into the churchianity thing) and have come to understand from life's journey, that 'belief' is a box. But, I would like to qualify this by saying that the Christ is someone who I have always loved and mostly the message that we are more than we know. Knowing for myself from 'working this life out', has brought me to a place of being able to see a larger picture than just ... it's aliens ... it's governments ... it's the church ... it's corruption and conspiracy at these levels, because in truth, it is all of these things. At every point you will see there is a thread running through that speaks of this life as a 'testing' ground for our journeys as individuals and as a collective Human Race.

You all bring up good points; all valid and worthy of this discussion. It is true that it is Not Humanity that is responsible for the state of the planet today (our dear Mother Earth). What has happened is that over thousands of years there has been a paracite amongst us, but it's not us. It is the off world alien presence (represented by both the darkenss and the false light of the New Age paradigm), who have worked their manipulations through the corrupt and-bred-for-it,bloodlines, who are nurtured to places of power 'over' the rest of us (Organic HuMan Beings).

Waking up, is like layers of sleep being sloughed off, one by one and the mind waking up shock by shock, to the realisation of our predicament and the test, which we no doubt set ourselves before incarnating here. The Divine Mother Sophia knows all about it; knew about it before she manifested herself as this planet Earth, and at that level has already fore given it all.

Maybe I have said enough, but a voice is all I am at the end of the day ... I can only share what I have experienced for myself and what I have come to know of this life, and in a nutshell, this life is 'nothing' like we have been taught it is, we are nothing like we are led to believe ourselves to be, this world is very meaningful and purposeful. The trouble is, when we incarnated here, we came through into a life that 'forgot' all that we already are. These times are all about remembering. This is the apocolypse; we are the ones we have been waiting for and no other outside alien race of beings, or angels, are needed. If they are trying to tell us we are so backward, so dangerous to our planet and the cause of everything, then this is a lie. Problem Reaction Solution. They cause the problems through manipulation and mind control, knowing full well the reaction they will get (because they know how we tick), and then present their solution. They look like the saviours, while in truth they are our perpetrators.

Take it or leave it, that is fine, but this is my voice about the issue. And here's a link to someone who has experienced an awful lot more than I have and knows a lot more. (lots of 'free' videos and interviews of him sharing his experiences ... see how it resonates with you ... or not).

Freedom cannot be attained without first experiencing the other side of the coin. It's time for the other side of the coin.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 04:32 PM
I think you can not aspect that man is to blame.
I can see how evil, bigoted, uncaring and stupid they are.
and I dont see a way to stop it.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 04:46 PM
In some cases we all know man is going to mess up one day, but I feel maybe not on a so call nuclear scale but one that will annoy God and our relationship and our his plans for us being ruined by our own undoing.

There will be a time of judgement on earth because somewhere along the line we fail.

One theory is that those in the rapture will leave it up to the non believing world to sort out the problems that are yet to come, problems that will shake humanity up one day.

Our spiritual selves will decline, and maybe the earth with it, this balance of forces between good and evil chaos and order tips the scales the wrong way and the world will tremble by it. There are only small amounts of goodness on earth keeping it at bay, but once the Church fadeS expect floods of problems waiting to come by.

On the other hand we can say it is man's fault for creating the world's problems, but internationally if man betrays his faith in God on a grand scale, goes against the Jewish people and nation and against his followers we too will expect our safety nets let lose for choas to take hold like some Biblical plague.

But one has to weigh out the problems, some is our fault through greed, some is our fault through not holding the darker forces at bay because the two have become no different from each other.

If you read Mathew 24 and Luke 21 it should make sense, but I agree man can mess up the earth but what is worse is we could end up messing up God's plans and remembrance of him which could be far worse in it self.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 10:35 AM
I came across this article to see what people think.

Are we aliens on our own planet? Meteorite suggests life's building blocks evolved in space

A meteorite that exploded above Canada 11 years ago has provided strong evidence that life's building blocks came from space.
Fragments of the rock that landed on Tagish Lake, British Columbia, yielded a mix of organic compounds.
They included amino acids and monocarboxylic acids, both essential to the evolution of the first simple life forms on Earth.
Analysis of the chemicals revealed information about their history on the asteroid from which the meteorite came, and lent weight to the theory that organic material originates in gas and dust clouds between the stars.

If the theory is right, the building blocks of life would have been spread throughout our developing solar system.
They may, for example, also have provided a foothold for life on Mars.

Read more:< br />
Read more:< br /> Text

BIBLE THEORY - My theory is if there was a battle in heaven between Michael and the Dragon the some evidence remains, some say the theory of dinosaus the pre-earth realm where God destroyed dinosaus and recreated earth for man. Then the devil still wants a piece of the inheritence and wants every excuse to suggest his reminents make up mankind on earth and contributed to this earth.

SOCIAL SCIENCE THEORY: Maybe like I said before science just does not want to accept man came from earth, even if particles from the Sun or Meteorites and Comets contaminated earth the it does not mean God did not put it together by his plan. This attitude in science is always saying man is not of earth and one day if they shed some of this evidence a new species maybe Angelic hybrids will claim their territory here as an excuse to drive man out of earth it self. Maybe even the more intelligent humans the brainy scientists have reached the level of madness and they see them selves as superior to the rest of us to the point of believing they are the dominent next level of evolution of the human species.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 10:57 AM
So have you ATS members seen people put up threads about depopulation and how they seem to think it is the best scientific thing to do to help the earth out.

This is so stupid and wrong, I wonder how many genuis scientists think the same thing, they probably think they have evolved and are beyond the average man so they come up with this sense of being up the higher end of evolution in their beliefs.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 11:18 AM
For many years I was a mysanthrope. I ---hated--- people in general. While I was floundering about, ill and injured, I got taken advantage of and abused by sociopaths. At that time though, I did not know that not everyone is. I had no idea that there is a paralell specie of homosapien with -dead- amygdala brain areas. I only thought that, if someone I know, knows I am down and kicks me, is -any- loved one I know, who has not done this yet, capable of it, just give them time?
The psychiatric/psychological community says that one in every 25 people is stone cold. Totaly self centered and no remorse. But those professionals have a track record of being wrong. I believe that for every good person, there is a (by nature born-that-way) bad one. So that we have pillaging of natural habitats. brutal dirty factory farms, greedy corrupt politicians, those who litter, and on and on.
They are not deserving of this giving mother earth,
but I don't know what a good solution is.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 11:18 AM
It's not a conspiracy, but rather a religion. Remove the belief in God and you can get an entire generation brainwashed into any new craftily made religion - New Age, aliens created us, etc.

All of Mankind isn't destroying the Earth. Unfortunately, the dark side controls the wealth, technology and means to not only destroy all of nature, but prevents the other 90% from having the ability to clean up this beautiful Earth created by God, for us.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 07:20 AM
It seems too much
We are Earth's problems lets depopulate it
It's man fault not the scientists who invent the chemicals in the first place and dig up the earth for fuel.
Science blames man but science is the one who can either sort it out without war and death and yet the attitude here is to decrease the populations for an answer.

That is the godless way but in that they become godlike to find a solution that is not theirs.

To be Honest Europeans are not breeding the same rate as the foriegners who come over to Europe, the birth rate is stable even if in decline but it is also good that maybe less homes and energy is used and less land is developed on and there is no food shortage amoungst them.

Add new populations through immigration who out breed the host country adds more pressure in building homes, food and water distribution and traffic and the protected green belts.

But not much is being done about it seems, then add illegal immigration and fake passports with refugees who come over because of war and they cannot sort out the problem so it just adds more populations to where it could have remained peaceful without the pressures that will envelop then in years to come.

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