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A dream about a snowy tornado

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:25 AM
Ok so it starts off at some family BBQ then i see a white tornado in the distance coming right towards me, this is weird considering Ive never experienced one before, anyway, next thing i know its down the block from me everything turns white like a thick fog i cant hear or see a thing yet i find my way to the basement, i was the only one who made it, or bothered to go. Next thing i see is the basement windows get covered with snow so it appeared as if i was snowed in somehow. I leave the basement when the noise disappears i see my girlfriend with a busted lip and bloody face kind of unsettling since she didn't go with me to the basement and it could have been avoided. ok so next thing i do is go outside to watch the tornado some more, now there was no snow anywhere now, just dissipated. I watch it move away finally. I look up to the sky and see THREE moons in the sky, all are blood red and two are in a crescent shape while one is full. I was very angry in the dream because i couldn't not take any pictures of it. I didn't have my camera for some reason.

And that's it. there are other parts to it but i don't think you would be interested in it. It involves a made up ex boyfriend of my girlfriends lol. Not really important. insecurities. So anyway thought id share this.

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