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some stuff about U.F.O. sightings

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:44 AM
This is a few photos and information I have stumbled across on U.F.O. sightings and what they could be. Two of the most common are of a flying disk commonly known as a flying saucier and the other which is a black triangular object that appears to defy some of the laws of physics. Other U.F.O. witnesses have seen and caught photographs of balls of light. One explanation for the flying saucier sightings I can think of is the lenticular cloud formation that is caused by strange wind patterns effecting common cloud formations. Here are a few photos I thought would be interesting to talk about.
A good example of lengticular cloud formations.^
Kenneth Arnold's illustrated U.F.O. sighting in the summer of 1947.^
Kenneth Arnold's report about what he saw that day.^
A strange light U.F.O. sighted over London England.^
The historic battle of Los Angles in 1942 after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many Ufologists speculate it could be an alien craft caught in an air raid attack.^
A strange triangular U.F.O. caught by N.A.S.A. STS mission photo=61C-31-002. If you ask me it could be a space worthy TR3B. A rumored military black project aircraft sighted sense the early 1990's.^
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This is an illustration of what an Area 51 worker said he was able to examine. His name was Bob Lazar. The report was from 1989.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:18 AM
I would say the cloud things are to easy to explain as natural. The area 51 could have been this round looking plane.
Round USAF Plane

The 1942 LA thing is definatly interesting. I don't know if there has been any real explaination of that or not.

The triangle thing in space is also interesting.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by paranormal78

The NASA image of a black triangular UFO is exceptionally compelling, and as is so often the case, perhaps too good to be true. After tracking down the original caption we learn the real story. The original caption is reproduced below. Almost always, when an object photographed from the Space Shuttle does not show any motion blurring it was either launched from the shuttle or detached from the shuttle (as was the case here).

Thank you for your post, you were not the first to be tripped up by this image and I am sure you will not be the last.

Best regards,

NASA Photo ID: STS61C-31-002 File Name: 10062623.jpg
Film Type: 70mm Date Taken: 01/12/86
Title: Piece of thermal insulation tile floats near the Shuttle Columbia

A small piece of thermal insulation tile floats in space near the Shuttle
Columbia. The cloudy surface of the earth is used as a background.

Subject terms:

Link to 61C-31-002 Caption

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:03 AM
Love the fourth picture, real odd.

Nice thread, should add some more.


posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by jaydeePNW
Have there been any people who have filmed or photographed this aircraft in action? For now it will half to be in the speculation cadagory until a photo or video evdance comes up. I like the classic flying saucer or the triangular UFO sightings the best. I'll be sure to ad more pics of those UFOs soon to.

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