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The forces reshaping society

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:59 PM
Did you know...

....that 1 in 8 couples who married last year met online?
....that India has more honor students than the US has children?
...that if Myspace was a country, its population would be the fifth-largest in the world?
...that it took radio 38 years to achieve 50 million users, but Facebook reached this milestone in just 2 years?

Me neither. The video below contains a number of eye-opening facts that highlight just how rapidly the world is changing. Assuming for the moment that we make it through the next decade as advanced societies, the transformations will still upend our world in ways we can only begin to imagine.

There is a lot of talk about preparing for TSHTF on ATS, but much less talk about how to navigate a future society that may in some ways be more bewildering than any post-apocalyptic landscape.

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:23 PM
How right you are. I love it when anybody predicts the future based on history or on current trends. I just sit back and smile when someone says" in 25 years" or " a hundred years from now" I hear these lines and know they have no clue.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

Notice they said e-mail keystrokes? In the video in the link above? At the end of the video he sys a really creepy, "and thats how it works". Could he have been any creepier? Yea.

If you listen to what he says and not the way he says it you will be freakin out.

But I mean, there are so many people that are happy living this way. I only know one person that even thinks anything about any type of control coming from this. Everyone else would be very sad if they lost the social media they have now. The public is happy in their imaginary world.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by siren8

Could you explain? I can't hear... Is it like controlling who dates who? Like controlling who can see your profile on, or receiving particular emails, on a dating site?

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