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Mike Badnarik wishes to talk to us

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posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 06:03 AM
I will contact David Cobb of the Green Party and see if he would be willing to do the same. I have to go to work now, but I'll work on it when I get home.

FYI- Nader is not the Green Party's candidate this year.

Update: I have sent an email inviting the Green Party's participation in Campaign 2004. I hope they will respond.

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 09:46 AM
Hey Amuk,
Just curious if you have an update for us on this? I am interested in his interview, as my vote is still available. I'm looking for a worthwhile candidate. So I would like to hear what he has to say.

Tom Sawyer

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by TomSawyer
Hey Amuk,
Just curious if you have an update for us on this? I am interested in his interview, as my vote is still available. I'm looking for a worthwhile candidate. So I would like to hear what he has to say.

Tom Sawyer

I havent heard anything yet but I will u2u SO and email Badnariks people and post their response

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 04:46 PM
Well I E-mailed Badnariks people and u2ued SO twice a couple days ago neither have bothered to respond so I dont really know but I would guess its a no-go.

Sorry to get everyone worked up I had high hopes for this and it sounded promising.

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 10:04 AM
Don't give up yet. It would be worth a bit more trying if you succeed.

I just know that my vote really will be wasted if I don't go Kerry, cuz these third party candidates really have no hope - it's a double edged sword

I think it will remain a double-edged sword as long as the Presidential vote is a first-past-the-post vote rather than a preference-vote.

Just say there were only three candidates, Bush, Kerry and Badnarik. In a preference vote you could vote 1 - Badnarik 2 - Kerry and 3 - Bush. After the votes, one candidate will have the least 1st preference votes. Just say it's Badnarik. The 2nd preferences of all the Badnarik votes get divided among Bush and Kerry.. so your vote goes to Kerry anyway.

It doesn't seem any different, in that example, than a first-past-the-post vote, but if you add a fourth, fifth, even sixth candidate, it really changes things. After the least voted-for candidate is scratched and had his 2nd Preferences distributed, the candidate with second-least amount of votes, gets his/her 2nd preferences distributed among the remaining candidates. If the 2nd preference for President has already been scratched, then the 3rd preference is used, etc.

Preferential voting is fair, and the only way I can see to end the demorepublicrat tyranny.

Personally, I'd like to see a ban on politicians from being a member of any political party, club or interest group. (Are political parties mentioned in the Constitution?) They should all be independent members of their electorate, representing the people of their electorate, and meeting together federally as independent individuals to vote as a Congress of the People. Likewise for the President.

PS Just my opinion, and ultimately inconsequential as I have no power to change the system. So... I have to agree. Vote Kerry, and get on his back. Then Vote the Republican, and get on their back, etc. Don't give either of them two terms in a row.

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 10:55 AM
Here is the E-mail I have just sent to Mr. Knapp......

Mr. Knapp

I was just wondering how the Interveiw was going on our Board? Did it fall through or my we still see it in the future? I have tried to contact our Admin but have as yet not recieved an answer yet but in our earlier talks he was very interested.

As I mentioned before our board has thousands of posters and a poll we took put us at almost one third Libertarians and a large percentage that were wanting to hear more this could lead to much need publicity for the party and a lot, maybe a few thousands, of votes. I am being deluged by emails from people on the board every day asking about the interveiw so the interest here is high.

If Mr. Badnarik does not have the time for the interveiw I would be happy to post any message he may wish to give us.


I will post his response

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 03:50 PM
Here is the response I have got from Mr. Knapp............


I feel certain that Mr. Badnarik will have at least a "hello, pleased
to meet you" message for your board, and that either he or someone
from the campaign will be available for extended discussions on it.

This last week plus, however, he's been constantly on the move (mostly
in New Mexico) and neither he nor the staff with him have had much
time to answer their email and such. And among those "holding the
fort" elsewhere, there are certain things we can do and certain
things we can't. He'll want his message on your board to really,
actually, be from him, not a "cut and paste" of boilerplate put
together by one of us and sent over his signature.

Tom Knapp

So it seems like we are still on for SOME kind of message from him, and maybe even an interveiw at least of sorts

Still hopeful and still looking forward to it

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 09:23 PM
This is real cool. Not many web forums would get ANY kind of one-on-one access to a major Presidential candidate.

Things seem to be going really well in New Mexico, the slow replies are a good thing!

From Badnariks website: August 13th...Both the Bush campaigns and Kerry campaigns are being grilled by New Mexico reporters about Badnarik, and are stumbling all over themselves trying to figure out how to deal with it. It is THE hot political news in New Mexico right now. We have been inundated with calls from reporters wanting comments from us about the comments from them...

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 09:41 PM
Very Cool Amuk, If ya need anything let me know.
FYI, I have contacted both the Bush and Kerry campaigns. Bush has declined, Kerry's camp was more responsive but did not commit to anything, however Edwards is being persued. I would Like to see all parties get involved in sites like this, even if it is just submitted Email questions. We have a unique membership, all ages and races, I wish it was that simple.

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:27 PM
SO has requested that I try once again to set this up.

I have emailed his media man and would like all Libertarians on this board to do the same, a few dozen emails would let them know we are serious

Every time I talk to them they are positive about it but have a problem working it into the agenda I think if they knew how many people came here and how a large portion of Libertarians there were it would focus them a little better

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:33 PM
This would be awsome I think,...

Hope to see him posting in here.

Good job Amuk!

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:33 PM
AMUK, not that we couldn't get the email address ourselves, but maybe it would be a help to post it, or make it available through u2u?

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:34 PM
I've been trying to find it as well so I could e-mail them. Could you provide us with the address?

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:36 PM
God I am a dumass....LOL

Heres a couple email addresses

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:36 PM
Let me be the third to request that you either post or u2u the address to us.

If you are leary to post it in the "clear" maybe put it in RATS.

EDIT: Late to the party again.
Thanks Amuk

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:40 PM
This one will take you to their media page and give you a List of email addresses

Again sorry

I have lost a lot of blood and am on some BADASS pain pills.....LOL

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:42 PM
I sent a email to the LaRouche Presidential Campaign Party and this is the responce I received back below, but I don't think to many people here care. because no one gave me any questions to email him.

Hi John,

I don't know if anyone got back to you or not. What is the readership of your website?
Is it possible to e-mail some questions that can be answered by Mr. LaRouche, which
can then be posted? If you would like to call me, I can be reached at 800-278-3135.

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:49 PM
Just emailed the address Amuk gave us. Here is a copy of what I sent. If I get a response I will post it as well.


I understand that Mr. Badnarik has considered taking part in an online interview on As a member of the website, I would be extremely interested in having Mr. Badnarik take part in ATS's interview forum.

ATS is one of the largest most diverse discussion forums on the internet. They are one of the most visited sites on the internet, and the exposure to the public from such an interview would be huge. Since this is an online forum, it would not require Mr. Badnarik to personally appear, and would allow for him to particpate in his spare time.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I am looking forward to Mr. Badnarik's participation.

Real Name Here

ATS nickname - phreak_of_nature

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:50 PM
Hey, AMUK, sorry to hear you're feeling poorly.
to better days.

I sent this email. Not the greatest, but it gets the point across:

It is my understanding that Mr. Badnarik is considering talking to the forum Above Top Secret.
ATS would be a great place for Mr. Badnarik to speak to large numbers of potential voters. I hope that your campaign can find the time to schedule this potentially important event.
There just isn't enough venues for Third Party candidates and ATS has a large national, really international, membership.
We look forward to hearing from Libertarian Candidate Badnarik!

Signed with my real name and city

Damn, maybe I should have included an ATS link??

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 08:59 PM
Here's the one I sent:

To Whom It May Concern:

Hi, my name is James *********. I am a registered Libertarian and a supporter of (ATS). A large part of our intellectual discussion at ATS consists of campaign-related issues. During the month of September, ATS received over 1 million unique visitor sessions to the website. The exposure of ATS to non-members is enormous, fueled mainly by search engines or person to person communication. We believe a short interview, or preferably a longer one, would not only help the board personally understand Libertarian issues better, but also provide great publicity to your campaign.

As you may be aware, the recent Bush/Kerry "debates" have taken over the political arena. The ATS Libertarians and other neutral contributers are striving hard to expose others to the viable options other parties represent.

Recently, ATS has committed to an Interview forum in which many pre-eminent scientists have participated or are participating in. We feel that a Libertarian spokesman (hopefully Mr. Badnarik or Dr. Campagna themselves) would make an excellent guest to our community. Other parties have thus far declined our requests, but as a strong grassroots campaigner we felt it is within your power and interest to participate. This is why we are trying extra-hard to receive access to an interview with you at this time.

If Mr. Badnarik, Dr. Campagna, or any other Libertarian spokesman could graciously take time from their schedule to take a short interview with us, we'd greatly appreciate the gesture. The terms of the interview are entirely up to you. Whether you would like us to submit questions via e-mail, or become involved in a discussion on a thread, or any other way, the choice is yours.

Thank You for Your Time,

Get better Amuk!

Sauron, I'd recommend talking to SO to see if a formal thread can be started to the effect of getting questions together.

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