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You cant handle the truth *government info policys*

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 05:50 PM
Im getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about governments making decisions to keep thier voting base (and the world) "safe" by keeping very important info from us.

This is not the sixties, we do not see a film and run out half way through thinking the blob if coming for us.

Give us some credit.

We are right now THE most informed intelligent carnation of a civilized popuation there has ever been, we do NOT like being treated like pets by the powers that be.

I say we CAN handle the truth and we SHOULD be told fully the truth about ANYTHING we ask to know.

How can the whole sytsem work, if when i put a tick in a box for a certain man/idea that i actually am actually doing the right thing.

Stop this bull# now, we need to step above this "the most inteligent and respected of you knows best" thing we are a collective intelligence and always have been, trimming down who gets to know what or say what, ONLY HOLDS US BACK.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 06:35 PM
On many things, I would tend to agree with you on this. But the truth is, if our governing bodies knew a world wide cataclysm was going to take place next year. And they made it official public knowledge. The world would go into complete chaos, and would stay that way until the cataclysm happened.

So whether or not we can handle the truth is a subjective point I would say. You might be able to, so might I, but many could not, depending on what that truth was.

S&F though, because I'd like to know all the stuff they're hiding too.
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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:02 PM
well perhaps not all at once.

But if there was a cataclismic event in the near future do you not think the best minds from the intire globe going at it is a beter way to deal with it rather than the assumed chaos and iminent death?

We just need one pioneering nation to expose its hopfully minor secrets to start a cascade of pressure to come clean.

The real reasons we went to war(s), we main reason we are or are not pursuing certain technologys, all current militry combat, weapons, methods and craft everything. one by one.

If we dont this safty shroud could see our furture generations not even being told about nukes let alone who has them or why. Things are only shaping up for the worse over time.

Descovery of aliens or other worlds wont destroy humanity, while it may harm some religions they dont have to be "wrong" maybe god tryed and failed on other planets etc i wont judge here the limits are out of sight.

Its tough but somthing must be done, we ARE a team the human race MUST share its info if we dont only bad things can happen!

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:15 PM
Too bad TPTB don't think along those same lines.

I suspect though, the truth may be much much worse than the lies they've told us for generations. And unfortunately, I don't see them coming clean on anything in the near future.

Although I do believe some things come out in the open on the sly. But one true story, gets so buried in 5 other hoax stories, that in the end it's so mirky no one knows for sure what the truth is.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:49 PM
one example would be freaking out the residents if your own country.

If you have a craft that is above top secret and you are flying over your own territory freaking out the very people who pay their taxes to feel SAFE with the airforce and navy and army protecting them, they owe it to you to tell you what it is!!!

A weapon or device that spooks BOTH sides is basicly collatoral damage!!!!

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by Biigs

But if there was a cataclysmic event in the near future do you not think the best minds from the entire globe going at it is a better way to deal with it rather than the assumed chaos and imminent death?

nope the best minds would be hunted down and killed to keep them from talking

this has all happened before:

It would be naïve to think, however, that one merely has to point to deep-seated cracks in the structure of modern knowledge to have scholars setting to and constructing a better framework within which mankind might plan his future. There is considerable intellectual capital invested in the status quo, enough to ensure that those with an interest in preserving it, the 'enlightened' and the 'established', will continue to present the cosmos to us in a suitably non-violent form. The history of ideas reveals that some will even go further and act as a kind of thought police, whipping potential deviants into line. For them, temporal power takes precedence over the fate of the species. (Clube, The Cosmic Winter)

This problem of the "status quo" and "thought police" is not a minor issue. In this series of articles that were kicked off by Mike Baillie's book New Light on the Black Death, we have repeatedly come face to face with the obvious fact that those in positions of power and authority lie to the masses of humanity as a rule rather than an exception.
Again and again in this series, we have discussed historical cometary bombardments, the consequences for humanity being dire enough to begin with, but which were then exacerbated and capitalized upon by pathological deviants, following which the facts were covered up by lies. Worse, again and again we have seen that the masses of humanity that suffer the most from these assaults and manipulations appear to be quite willing to be deceived even to their own death and destruction (if only someone will give them something warm and fuzzy to believe in and a scapegoat to blame). At present, we are observing this phenomenon playing out on the global stage in real time and again and again we shake our heads and ask "why?!" What is it about our world, our present day culture, the human beings that occupy our planet, that gives rise to this bizarre condition that lies are preferred over truth, death over life?

scroll down to the comets and catastrophe section in the left sidebar on the page for the links to the rest of the series



Throughout history, mankind has feared comets, and perhaps rightfully so. The Egyptian record shows that our civilizations have been ravaged by comet impacts and volcanic eruptions throughout the centuries. Contained herein is an initial list of such catastrophes between 3200 BC and 550 AD. Data has been extracted from thee records and from petroglyphs that put a human face on the scope and magnitude of these catastrophes. This data is presented for the world to see what the past has to offer and imagine what the future contains.


A Catastrophe in prehistory is a very strange subject. I shall attempt to explain it in this way. The whole (Egyptian) prehistory is a constant hymne to the KING, who is able to control everything: the State, his People, the Enemies, the Economy, the Art, etc. Then, suddenly, a Catastrophe occurs. Everybody is surprised that the KING is not able to destroy, remove, or whatever, the Catastrophe. It turns out the Catastrophe is more powerful than the KING. So, everybody is silent, and everybody waits till it is all over. Then people start again all the hymnes about the power of the KING, etc.

So, the result is that there is hardly any information about all these Catastrophes. It is very hard to get data. If there are stories about Catastrophes, these are so-called "Lamentations" without any information about what really happened. It simply is a very strange subject!

The geographic knowledge of the Ancients is much better than we generally believe. Australia was discovered in the 3rd Dynasty. America was discovered in the 4th Dynasty, the Atlantic Ocean was crossed in the 5th Dynasty, the last territories on Earth were discovered in the 11th Dynasty (Hawaii and Antarctica).

Usually there is some information about the Catastrophe that occurred during the reign of the king. These Catastrophes are so big, that people had to mention these, because of the huge impact on society. So, when studying the notes, small indications are visible that point to these Disasters. Monuments and petroglyphs are more serious "documents" for information about duration and casualties of Catastrophes. However, the subject remains difficult to analyze.

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