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Here we go again... Government changing laws to protect themselves

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 05:20 AM

Business Secretary Vince Cable has warned delegates at the GMB union's conference that co-ordinated strike action may lead to tougher union laws.

Union leaders have warned that there could be strike action taken by 750,000 public sector workers on 30 June.

Mr Cable said that if the level of strikes remained low there would not be a compelling case for tighter laws.


Nice. So basically if enough people decide to try and do something, they will just change the law so in future they cannot do anything. This also indicates to me they have no intention whatsoever of even listening to the unions demands. What's next I wonder? Opening fire on the strikers?

Another quote:

"It's funny how ministers encourage strikes in Egypt and places like that, but they want to ban them in Britain."

Says it all really. The British government are nothing but liars and hypocrites (amongst other things) and need to be removed by any means necessary. Shame the people of this country have no backbone or balls to do what is necessary, not only for the good of this nation but the entire world.
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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:01 AM
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I have seen this type of government tactic in various places over the years. Whenever it works I just shake my head in disgust. "Oh no! They passed a law saying we can't strike!" If there are really 750,000 public sector workers ready to strike, that would likely cripple the government. I can at least understand why they would try such a ridiculous tactic, but if you brits aren't willing to stand up no matter what, then law or no law, you are just pathetic little sheeple. I know that sounds a little harsh towards brits, but it isn't any different here.(canada)

This is what I have never liked about unions. They are an illegitimate secondary government. Makes me sick. They even tax you for crying out loud. Yes, that's what union dues are. A tax on the already taxed. Don't get me wrong. I like what unions have done for people, but not only should they never have been needed in the first place, any place that needs them should instead be overthrowing the obviously corrupt regime that refused to address the needs of it's own people. Adding another level of bureaucracy and corruption is never the answer.

I would love to be a union leader when such legislation is passed. I would call a press conference. I would point out to all that the legislation is an obvious attempt to enslave the people. You wanna call this strike illegal? Fine. I quit. Let's ALL quit TOGETHER! 750,000 letters of resignation all at once. Don't stop protesting of course...but freakin QUIT! Do you think the government (or any large company for that matter) will even make it as far as opening the 50,000th letter before they do an about face? And we are talking about 3 quarters of a million workers here. That's no small potatoes. If it isn't worth quiting over, then shut up and get back to work you lazy, greedy slobs!

Not long ago there was a big stir here in canada because the big internet providers want to financially rape their customers with metered internet. Rather than writing petitions and whining to government, I say the masses should have just sucked it up and said "NO MORE!" If we all at once said "OK! Mr. telecom giant, I am done with you." They would have changed their tune real quick. 35 million canadians saying they want their internet, phone and television services cut off would definitely be a wake up call. Not only would this devastate these companies, the govt itself quite literally cant afford what that would do to the country. I give about a week before the govt. mandated unlimited internet, cell coverage and top tier cable for 6 bucks a month. I doubt that the people where you are will prove any smarter on this than the people where I am, but we all know it would work. I cant post this video enough. Give it a watch op. Hopefully it will inspire.


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