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The Tale of the Magick Stick.

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by amarenell

Are we not already on the next step?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by onequestion

Of course we are. We are all things at once, but our minds have a very hard time conceptualizing this. Particularly in our physical manifestations. It is a constant struggle to let go of our restrictive mental constructs. Some people allow the form to help guide them through it however. No way is wrong. It brings you to the truth. However, it can all be somewhat vexing on an individual basis.

Did that make any sense? Or am I rambling?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 10:23 PM
December 25th, 2010. I thought I’d branch off and venture forth the wide world.

I was warned not too, the elder’s talked about Sam and how, to this day, a strange device was attached to his head and he was made to scrape the fallen ones.

But this is my story, and I come from Ohia. It was cold, I was frozen. Then it saw me... with fervor in it’s eyes.

It is now June. I am surprised I have kept track of time through 7 months of captivity. When will it end. Wait... the torture has only begun. Was I to become... Sam!

-Late December: He laid me across his knee, I felt my back rubbed. I started to relax but then... he peeled layer after layer of skin! I was in agony!

-February: Was I now a trophy? He branded me with 3 stripes.

-April: That wasn’t the end of it. He continued, he marked all over me and painted my skin. The ritual had to close soon, when will it end? When do I become Sam.

-May: I managed to escape. But damn it! I could not conceal myself among the dead comrades. I stuck out like a sore twig. If only I could get these markings off! Finally it rained! The paint was nearly coming off! But wait... who is that shadow approaching... no no! It cannot be!....

-May: He took me to the pit of fire. I knew he had more sadistic pleasures with me. He left, now is my time. If my life will end I shall be the one to do so! I jump in the fire... I slowly burn but wait... he’s pulls me out!

-Late May to Early June: I am stuck in a dark place he called the closet. Is this his sick game? leaving me to wonder my fate?!

-Today: June 5th: I call to him, “Kill me! Kill me finally!”

He took me, and skinned me once again. The torture began anew as he mumbled 8 days were left. I will see you in the next world, Sam.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:09 PM
My apprenticeship called for the creation of a staff - it is the ultimate symbol of authority in the spirit world, it is a statement that he who carries it walks with the intention of great spirit.

Hung from the staff would be 9 bells to signify the 4 primary directions, the 4 secondary directions and the 1 center.

The wizards and shaman and healers and wisemen alike have all used staves - not for a sore back.

A symbol of intention.

You walk with spirit.


posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:23 PM
Great story, thanks.


The Biblical Magi:

Also, look carefully at the Chinese source/symbol, and infer for yourself:

There is also a possible reference to a Sumerian Coin 7 stars = Seven Sister Pleiades. I have not found it yet and am researching it.

Regards and Nameste,

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 09:18 PM
Star and Flag,

All joking aside I have a fondness for walking sticks as well. I can remember taking hikes with my older brother and I always had a stick. It never seemed like it was a random stick either, it was always one I grabbed and it felt perfect. Like it had been there waiting for me, even now when I manage to take nature walks I always grab a stick.

When I read the title I thought it was going to be somekind of indepth inquiry as to why we enjoy walking sticks. Wizards always have them, and they are sometimes magical. Perhaps some cultural archetype immbedded in our brains from prehistoric days, perhaps an elder carried a stick. Elder's are wise, so are wizards. Druids also used sticks too right? The stick itself must be +2 to Wisdom skill.

The best walking stick ever I found under a tree that was all twisted and bleached silver from the sun. It was pretty unique, the stick itself, as it was also twisted and gnarled.

posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by SolarE-Souljah

The "real" magic stick.

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