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UFO Over Nashville, TN 5June2011 2144CST

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by tacjtg

It looks like it is using a cloaking device. I hear the triangular ones are ours, maybe this is a test. There seems to be a lot of these sighting lately, like they wanna release this info soon. Imagine if there were none of these sighting, then all of a sudden the military comes out and says "look what we developed". With mass sighting like this it's almost like they are showing progress and development. The questin is that if this is human, what effects will this have on the energy situation.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by thenaturalist
i did some editing with digital photo professional, and it seems that around each side of the lights there are 4 triangle type shapes that appear darker. they look almost like fins on a jet planes afterburners that open and close to regulate and control the engine flame output.
also the photo properties says the photo was taken at 8.37pm, not 9.44pm, not sure if thats right.

weird stuff.


@OP and thenaturalist - good find, alas, I have another very plausible explanation that I could even rig up and demo, given enough funds (money's available, just not about to spend a few thousand bucks without reason). It fits thenaturalist's observation rather perfectly.

I'm an RC pilot and can tell you that even in the hobby world, it has been possible for a few years now to fly self-stabilizing aircraft with 3-8 rotors/propellers. The reason this is relevant - they can fly autonomously via on-board GPS and barometric sensors, which makes them able to hover at a predefined point perfectly, even with gusty winds. Go to youtube and google and search for FPV flying and tricopters/quadrocopters, you'll find quite a lot of material. Close to the ground, you can easily hear them. However, hovering at 50m+ of altitude, you will find it very very hard to hear anything at all, above 100m, not a chance.

You can easily make these craft with >1m in diameter, the smaller the payload, the longer it will be able to fly. Using readily available Lithium polymer batteries, you can reach flight times in excess of 30 minutes and altitudes of several 1000 feet AND BACK. Best of all, you can have a live up and downlink, i.e. you can set it on an automated course and still control what it's doing while having visual feedback from the onboard camera and a HUD display.

All this, I repeat, is readily available at your local RC hobby store.

Cost for a tricopter, minimum, is about 300-400 USD, which would be about 60-80cm in diameter and could carry high-powered LED lights or even chemical flares or lights that get ignited remotely.

If you're an electronics whiz and can program ICs and do your own soldering and layouting, you can also work up code that lets you control several aircraft in 3d maneuvering. I know I could, if I had the time and were willing to spend the funds, as stated. A large triangle like this would be rather simple, all you'd have to do is calculate a circle in the plane you'd like the triangle to be, tell the controller you want the devices 360 / number of devices apart and moving along it slowly, and off you go.

These aircraft can hover, they can tip over, fly a looping, a corkscrew, you name it. They are very very agile and can reach speeds in excess of 100 mp/h. As has been stated several times before in this thread, it is very very difficult to judge size and distance without reference, more so and especially at night.

That being said, it's still a good find, and good to see people are keeping their eyes open and trying to capture meaningful images and videos of UFOs.

Kind regards

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by tacjtg

this triangular space craft belongs to the Greys, I'm convinced I've seen many of those before

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 06:52 PM
WOW star and flag this for sure
an incredable photo, now let me see , yup took me aleast 20 secs to do this in photoshop
lame not even worth comment

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 09:21 PM
why are we still stuck on debating specific photographs or videos? People need to wrap their heads around the fact other very intelligent species exist and we are not at the top of the intellectual food chain. Get over it already.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:09 AM
hillynilly said:

It's a plane.

Those are light beacons on each tip of the aircraft.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Stuff like this is much more convincing when one is in possession of a Neuralyzer!! In stock at select sellers on ebay...try one today!!

spinkyboo said:

...Of course, this is just an opinion and that gut feeling that we have so brilliantly been
taught not to take into consideration...

Sorry, edging off-topic here but this surprised me. Seems to me almost everyone these days lurches through life making 99% of their choices based on feelings instead of reason. I've always thought we've been "brilliantly taught" that our feelings are "important" and they "matter" to the point that people nearly ignore the most powerful and advanced evolutionary tool they possess....the power of Reason.

ModernAcademia posted:

[color=6D7B8D]Originally posted by NightGypsy
He's not making any wild claims

UFO Over Nashville TN 5June2011 2144CST

If I read this right, you're arguing that the OP did, in fact, make "wild claims" because of the wording he chose for the thread title?
...assuming that is the case, what is "wild" about the claim? Some object, or objects, which have no proof positive identification, were up in the sky, in Tennessee on the fifth of June, 2011, etc. etc.
There is nothing wild in that, in my opinion. He could have titled the thread "Magic Space Aliens Mesmerize Nashville!!" if he were really out to make wild claims.

Sweevo posted:

WOW star and flag this for sure
an incredable photo, now let me see , yup took me aleast 20 secs to do this in photoshop
lame not even worth comment

WOW really? That's amazing, please post a video of you doing this! And then post the resulting high res image so we can all compare the OP's and yours at the pixel level! And I'm amazed that you took the trouble to make a photoshopped fake and post a thirty-word comment that included two punctuation symbols and only three typo/spelling errors in response to something you say is "not even worth comment"! That's dedication. Thank you for being an example to us all.


In response to the original post by tacjtg:
As many others have said, thanks for this! Your account is refreshingly direct, and the manner in which you attempt to provide an honest eyewitness account that is devoid of blatant speculation is admirable. Eyewitness accounts are respected as evidence in our court systems, especially when backed up by photos and other forms of evidence. Of course, you're not 'under oath' unless conditions placed upon you by your contractual agreement with ATS in the form of the Terms and Conditions could be considered as such. But as the perjury penalty is absent, or any other really severe deterrent, I suppose you could be lying. If you are, it is a very boring lie that displays a lack of creativity...whereas a lack of creativity is exactly what is looked for in courtroom eyewitness accounts; "Objection, Your Honor...Counsel is asking the witness to speculate..." is a familiar courtroom quote. So unless you suddenly start trying to sell us a book or keychains or something, it seems reasonable to take you at your word.

I do have my own speculations regarding your experience, but I will keep them to myself. I hope one day I will see something like this, I have seen odd stuff in the sky on two separate occasions in my life but neither were like this.


P.S. to all the stuff posted by Immortalgemini527: The nature of your posts on this thread and many others leads me to consider the possibility that you have purposefully set out to undermine the credibility of topics/threads/members discussing certain issues, and you do this by ostensibly supporting your target and then proceeding so far beyond all bounds of logic, credibility, structured thinking, and simple manners that people who otherwise are receptive to the topic find themselves arguing against it vs. you.
If you are not doing what I just described, and sincerely believe your various claims, then I respectfully suggest you attempt to "tone it down" a bit, especially if you want to be able to add your support of an idea or topic without thereby driving away the support of many others. You end up in major conflicts with several members in every thread you post to. Surely this has not escaped your notice?
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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:09 AM
Good catch !
These people who categorically deny that anything smarter than themselves could possibly exist truly amazes me, how could anyone but a conceited naive idiot look skyward & declare that nothing could exist out there.
God help the universe if we (mankind) are the smartest, most advanced being in it, it won't last long.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by Grasim
God help the universe if we (mankind) are the smartest, most advanced being in it, it won't last long.

I agree with your premise, but I am compelled to point out that if we are the smartest, most advanced being in the universe, then it has nothing to fear. We could, perhaps, wipe out the thin layer of biomass that sits atop the Earth's crust, if we used all the power we have in the attempt. Even then, some biomass would likely survive. The Earth itself wouldn't even notice; it has shrugged off major impacts with comets/asteroids in the past that released far more energy than we can muster. The universe wouldn't blink if we somehow destroyed our entire galactic cluster. We are no threat.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:12 PM
Most of the triangular Identified Flying Objects are the TR3B or its incarnates. A secret government craft or what have you. Some interesting info about the thing...

Edgar Fouche Interview by BBC:

TR3B Info

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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 10:38 PM

Originally posted by tacjtg
reply to post by thestillborn1

Wow! So great to hear that others are seeing this too. I have never really had a serious concern for spacecraft and the like, but this has certainly swayed my thoughts on the subject. Hopefully, if it returns, I will obtain more evidence.

Spacecraft? Returns? It was a light in the sky, or 3 to be exact. What exactly could you conclude from that? It is interesting, but you have no information that it was a spacecraft or something that would return for further observation. Don't let your excitement exceed your judgement. Try to get further information from others in the area that may have seen it. Check into military or scientific baloon testing in the area, etc.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by thepixelpusher

He dosn't need anymore information seeing as how he shot and took the video and picture and can study it all he wants. Read my post above, most of the triangular objects seen in the sky the government owns, but not all, i think we can rule out everything but alien craft or government craft to be honest

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 08:22 AM
Yesterday, there was two submitted reports on MUFON CMS with photos:


At around 8pm, a single sphere like object had come over the tree line and jutted down in a quick motion and then continued on in a straight path. Soon after, 4 more objects appeared with the first three in a triangular pattern with two following. After about 2 or 3 minutes of the objects moving slowly through the sky, they were gone. About an hour later, all five reappeared from the same spot on the tree line, this sighting is from when the pics were taken. The first pic was underexposed to stop the movement, whereas the other two were with a slower shutter to capture the light too. (1st pic is a 1/160 second two (taken a second apart) were at 1/8). Again, after moving slowly through the sky, they one by one disappeared. I again saw them at around 11:20pm. Once again, came out of the same part of the treeline, moved across the sky for about 2-3min and vanished.



As I was driving home from getting dinner, my girlfriend and I noticed a large group of lights in the sky that appeared to be remnants of a large firework, however they didn't disappear and were moving for at least 5 minutes. We pulled over on 3300 South near 2000 East in the East Milcreek suburb of Salt Lake City. We watched as the objects, which were very bright, moved slowly from West to East, slowly formed triangles and then one by one disappeared. We attempted to take video but armed only with our camera phones, were left with a poor quality end product. We were able to snap two pictures - one of all the lights which looks like the end of a firework and the other of the "triangle" shape.

This compared to the OP photo:

And what he said about these lights:

The rear lights faded before the front one
It was moving very slowly
It ascended slowly, while rotating clockwise, then hovered. Two lights faded out, and the remaining light moved only slightly

Now what do we have in common with these three testimonies?

- Triangular pattern
- Orange hue
- Slow move
- Lights fading out or disappearing one by one

Plus the OP said : they did seem to differ in brightness but in no regular pattern, just fluctuating brightness

All of these characteritics are consistent with what we know about sky lanterns.

And here's a full test that was done in France and where we can clearly see how they move, the patterns they form and how they disappears one by one (from 6'00" to 7'30":

sky lanterns test (in French)

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posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by elevenaugust

I think we can rule out sky lanterns too seeing as how they still show the body of them around the source of light and they move way too much, the consistancy ofthe objects being observed in the OP's photo / video remains too consistant nor shows any part of its body around the light being emmited. Not a sky lantern.....

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 04:28 PM
OK i`ve been watching the sky since this first came out(i live in nashville too) and nothing. If it were chinises laterns being released our local news are a bunch of **SNIP** idiots and they would be eating this story up. Nothing was reported but i did find out that others have seen this in a neighboring city of Lebanon were my grandparents live. There next door neighbor is friendly and comes over to talk all the time and said she saw three bright amberish colored lights moving torwards the W in a triangle formation. She mention this because i love aircraft especially military fighters(who doesnt?) and she thought it was a little big to be an airliner. Never once did i bring this sighting up with her or my grandparents. So people released these "chinises lanterns" maybe put some kind of RC control on it and flew it west, for many miles. Im still looking for similar reports west and north of nashville but not finding much.
OHOHOH another point, if somebody released a couple of lanterns that would look like that in the sky it would disrupt air traffic coming into and out of Nashville as we have a pretty busy airport, probably the same case if it was an UFO, alien or not. Air traffic to my knowledge was not disrupted, i watch the planes land every night and i`m familar with landing and takeoff patterns, light configurations, aircraft types, etc and nothing looked out of the ordinary that night.

My last post on this thread, its been discussed lets let it go, there are more important topics out there like why ATS is advertising MTV **SNIP**


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posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 05:44 PM
the triangular craft seen is a reptoid combat vessel armed with three plasma dischargers. it is a type known as the "Ho-kan-mah-lar"

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by hillynilly
It's a plane.

Those are light beacons on each tip of the aircraft.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The FAA requires one beacon light to be green, and the other to be red. A third light on the front would be the landing light, which would be white. Even military aircraft must obey this rule.

They do not let you fly with three orange lights.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by HattoriHanzou

Originally posted by hillynilly
It's a plane.

Those are light beacons on each tip of the aircraft.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The FAA requires one beacon light to be green, and the other to be red. A third light on the front would be the landing light, which would be white. Even military aircraft must obey this rule.

They do not let you fly with three orange lights.

You expect 'Black Projects' to stay in the realms of laws?

I know where your coming from though

My main reason in to believing that something like this exists (a picture is just a picture, and a video is a video, you only believe something if you see it
). The SR-71 was declassified 20-30 years ago (and was one of the main reasons behind most ufo sightings), that was a manned craft and could reach 2200 mph. Look at the technoligical advance ments in the past 20 years. Back then your average computer for instance had a 56kb dial up line (if you were lucky to have the internet) and the power of an ordinry phone now-a-days.

Now take the priniciples of every last bit of technology has evolved and is allowing us to do alot more to utilise it.

America is known for being the most advanced country into developing aeronautic advances. It would be stupid to think they weren't developing/developed something with the technology now-a-days that seems 'Alien'.

I find this stuff amazing.

They decomissioned the space shuttle aswell, im praying they bring something crazy out

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by majesticgent

The ship is reconstructed for the film from witness accounts.
Perhaps the only way we see these ships.
There are oval and wing shape ships in the Unsolved Mysteries series.
The flat disk is in the Rex Heflin UFO Hunters episode.
We have 4 known shapes for the Tesla ships.
Although a saucer could fit inside a triangle.
And the cigar ship might have too few built.
Well the Vega saucer might be enough proof of the saucer type.
ED: Light from air moved by Tesla mechanical ether waves bouncing
the gases off the hull. You can light GE CFL without power the same way.
So much for green solutions of dangerous bulbs.
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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 03:27 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 08:31 PM
very interesting, gonna keep posted for future buzz.

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