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How to end illegal immigration in a month, its incredably simple.

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by haarvik
reply to post by querious

Let me give you an example. A news story was done on the migrant farm workers in NC. According to WRAL, they are GUARANTEED 40 hours per week at $10/hr. The farmer must also provide their housing. Now tell me someone who is homeless would not kill for this deal!

Wow! that is higher than I think everybody's impression...

Yeah, I'm sure plenty of people would love to have that gig, at least for now...

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by poet1b

You write so much babble, really sir it's hard to discern why you've strayed from the correct path?
Old age? Bitterness? What?

You cite my words as "nonsense" yet cannot actually refute ANY of it (can you?) Nope.

Instead all that you know to do: is HATE, yeah, that;s right, HATE. Anger, and emotional irrationality are
the basis for your replies, not to seek knowledge... Obvious, isn't it? I know so. The fact you state you're older
than I should mean YOU should be more open minded and thus, much wiser. Why is that not true?

(1) Racist lie? How in the world could someone (ASS-U-ME) that what I said was racist?
-I'd say the one who equivocates a statement with: RACE: is the one who's racist? Wouldn't you?

-Talk about being a blindsided bigot with a CRAP stain for an agenda and purpose!

If you had ANY common sense you'd know that no place belongs to ANY ONE.
You would know that Christopher Columbus didn't discover dick.
The jerkoff King Of England (and the QEII) always presumes authority over places they *find* (not discover)
and subsequently colonize. Canada is the ladder example of this.

(2) When your ancestors came here, there was no U.S. -super.

Just because you feel your ancestors came here long before say my own, or anyone else by a technicality
of "time" where just because your ancestors hadn't been part of a nation or society as you are now....doesn't mean they are any more special, vital nor more important.

-The U.S. or Virginia is not "The world" so make the distinction when referring to things you purport.

I see your point. An undeveloped area (which is now the U.S.A.) wasn't established as it is now.

People always seek to inhabit a great place and if it is heard of that a land is better than their own:
the logical choice is to leave their own, for a better place. I don't fault your ancestors. Why fault
the newer breed of seeking a better place? Is it because of law?

My ancestors came and underwent a process.
They just didn't waltz over unimpeded like yours did.
So I have a BETTER understanding of things like protocol as they pertain towards "immigration"
legal or not...and even I know the actual costly liabilities have more to do with the things YOU stand
and fight FOR, not against.

Now, if your answer pertains to taking advantage of a system that (by design) was intentionally created
(due to the laws enacted and created) then your problem should not be with the people: it should be with the morons who created the laws, and who TELL their officers via legal action to enable illegal colonization by virtue of a dollar sign...instead of "securing" our borders as you'd want to happen.

Ask yourself why isn't this happening?
The fact is: they don't give a # about your feelings/opinion.
The very same government you love to bend over to, all in the name of bull# ideologies you "feel" take

(3) Nobody trashed your ancestors. How dare you tell me that MY ancestors FAILED at anything when
you don't even farking KNOW who they were, who I am, and what ethnicity/tribe/group I am derived from!

^^^ This exposes who you are and your shotty agenda assuming too much without knowing much!

Next point

Did you just say "Christ?"
An unproven deity that has no evidence of existing unless you count the buybull?
(which is just as conjectural as your posts) btw.

Yeah, you lost a lot of credibility with that one. Whether or not you think it is so.
Have you no analytical mind? Just reactive?

You can talk all about suppositions regarding the FEDERAL income tax.
The fact that what it was intended for: and WHAT it has become dissolved your entire argument.
Unless you like to argue that opinionated fiction = fact?

The system is not really the problem.
It is the people who by way of greed and usurpation have stolen our monies and rights.
However, the fact is: unconstitutional laws have been given the force of law via legislation and
enforcement (by brute force) so that point is moot.

The real answer: there is NO LAW compelling the average American to pay a federal income tax.
So how do they get you? Simple. You sign under penalty of perjury to be taxed! And they say, "OK!"
You must tell them where your money went....Do they tell you where it is going? NO.

^^^ The end, no exceptions. Next.

The right to travel...
You have ZERO legs to stand on sir.
Why? This is why:

You cannot refute it. So either read it, or be ignorant of the truth (not my truth) THE TRUTH.


The whole SSN issue is real, and you're a pure ignoramus for not knowing.
You MUST fight and argue and denigrate in a sad attempt at defending your system...
Good job sir. You are now part of the problem.

It's not worth discussing because you don't know #e about the matter. (evident by your silence) lol
You sir, are a SLAVE of your own labor. -Cannot be disputed.


The Monroe doctrine.
Are you talking about the "Adam's Doctrine?" Yeah.

The U.S. was quote isolationist: when talking about European nations, fixed that for you.

Now. As for people around the world asking for help...
Do you know what help means? As compared to U.S. occupation in countries where we are NOT wanted?

Right. Playing world's policeman is ridiculous! No wonder you wish that.

Now we get to the heart of your diatribe. 9-11
To be frank, I do NOT know what happened on 9-11. Neither do you, ironically.

However sir...if YOU actually beLIEve that 19 dip# hijackers, with bad hygene, box cutters
a grocery clerk wields to (cut boxes) -and were able to subdue an ENTIRE American plane/it's passengers
with said box cutter, and execute maneuvers friggin Maverick in Top Gun couldn't have made...

you might have an issue or two with subjective reasoning.

When all said and done, I completely agree with you that WE as a country are heavily overpopulated...

Measures NEED to be implemented.
I don't think nor ever assumed your ancestors were terrible, (unless your myopic point of view somehow thinks I make the correlation between your immigrant ancestors with new illegal immigrants?)

If so, then erase that from your mind, it wasn't my intent.
In fact, my point was aimed at showing you how your ancestors were nor more "legal" than the illegals that
"overran" (you mean overrun) this country now.

Since you are a party to the sh!tty system that because they have spent our wealth, rob us of our freedoms
and have crapped on the American Dream which is all but are part of the problem that pays into the system thinking you are doing what a good American does, when in fact you are helping the looters to steal MORE.

-The difference? =These idiots YOU have elected: ARE LEGALLY entitled to:

-do whatever they wish with absolute you can sit in your high back leather chair
and point the finger at "illegal immigrants."

How does that feel?

Btw, we didn't get "lucky."
The original forefathers laid the ground work for a great nation to be born and did so with
perseverance....just as the looting bankers (you support) had GREAT limitless perseverance as well.

Our forefathers have NOT failed.
People like YOU (as a mindless collective) HAVE failed us all.
Enjoy your America 2.0 Land of the depraved, home of the illee -gal.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 12:28 AM
i work for the prison system in texas and see first hand what open borders are doing to this country. MS13 the most dangerous gang on earth is flooding in from central america. they are responsible for numerous peace officers being killed or any one else that stands in there way. they work for drug cartells and murder anyone who crosses paths with them. there are many hard working good illeagals but we are also getting dangerous gang members as well.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 02:56 AM

Originally posted by texasred
i work for the prison system in texas and see first hand what open borders are doing to this country. MS13 the most dangerous gang on earth is flooding in from central america. they are responsible for numerous peace officers being killed or any one else that stands in there way. they work for drug cartells and murder anyone who crosses paths with them. there are many hard working good illeagals but we are also getting dangerous gang members as well.

The truth is that MS13 is an american product. It is a gang thet has its origins in Los Angeles. According to wikipedia:

Originally, the gang's main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans and African-Americans.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by Chinesis

I understand you getting all po'd, running into something outside the propaganda you have been fed that essentially shreds those false beliefs.

It looks like here, you wind up agreeing with my original point. Ideologically, sounds like we aren't that far apart.

The original forefathers laid the ground work for a great nation to be born and did so with
perseverance....just as the looting bankers (you support) had GREAT limitless perseverance as well.

I clearly don't support those bankers. My history on ATS is fairly extensive, and so my opinion of bankers well documented.

Here is a fact for you to consider. The people who talk down Lincoln, and talk up state rights, and make up crazy things about SS, are the people who do everything in their power, to give more power to the fed res, THE BANKERS, under the scam of the free market which is another form of communism, and take power away from representative government. The people who hate SS are the people who have morphed the income tax system into the horrendous system that it is, where the middle class winds up paying out large amounts of money for corporate welfare, especially to the bankers. They will tell you how the top 50% pay all the taxes, but they won't tell you that the t0p .01%, the rich, pay far less taxes than what they take back in welfare from the fed gov...

Free market policies have essentially legalized white collar crime, allowing bankers to screw everybody, and allowing illegal immigration to flood our country, and in many places re-establishing slavery. When they start talking free market, hold on to your wallet.

edit on 11-6-2011 by poet1b because: addl line end 4th paragraph.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by daskakik

I don't see how that makes it a U.S. product. Created by El Salvadorian immigrants. Give credit where credit is due, just as when immigrants to the U.S. add to our technology.

Fair is fair.

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by poet1b

It was a product of the gang culture in certain places in the US. If these salvadorean immigrants didn't have to band together for protection it would have never become what it did. It then spread into latin america and not the other way around like the post I was replying to stated. Just making sure the facts are straight.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by Chinesis

I'm actually more passionate about teaching you some new tricks you might not have considered.
I'm glad to hear you don't support the bankers. I'm not against the "accepted" principles outlined by Lincoln
but it was widely known he hadn't zero capital to sustain a war with the confederates, and Russia DID in fact
give him money as long as he established the emancipation proclamation. It was a condition. He owned
slaves himself and sought NO reason to NOT have them prior...

I don't hate SS. Even if you are on it.
The fact is: what once was isn't no more.
I should have THE CHOICE to pay into ANY system/fund. Why?
Because sir, I'm a REAL American that KNOWS his rights, his freedoms and vigorously exercises them
day in and out!

(1) Despite what you think sir: The federal income tax is an illegal, and unapportioned direct tax that goes
SOLELY to the national debt (interest) that I did not incur. FACT. Even Reagan knew this!

(2) Woodrow Wilson (in 1919) states he regretted enacting the piece of # legislation in 1913 known as the
federal reserve act.

(3) The 16th amendment conferred NO NEW powers of TAXATION.

(4) Watch, please America, from freedom to fascism.

I suspect you purposefully regurgitate your own spoon fed drivel and lies (nothing more than
unsubstantiated opinionated conjecture) because your entire diatribe against illegal immigrants lies with them NOT paying a federal income tax!!!

The fact is there IS no law requiring a federal income tax.
2nd, The Federal income tax does NOT pay for:

-our military
-health care nor our education system

THESE are what everyone else KNOWS as facts.

This debate isn't personal.
I just find it very sad that someone as educated and learned as yourself refuses to see
the facts when they smack you right in the face.

Don't deflect and answer to the statements I have made... Can you?

So far, the answer is no.

Because you don't KNOW the truth. That's why and
I suspect it hurts your ego to learn TRUTHS you knowingly admit to not researching yourself!

We need you on our side, not theirs.
Don't defend a #ty system, please.

posted on Jun, 18 2011 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by Chinesis

No, Lincoln did not own slaves, that is another myth you have bought into.

Lincoln did not borrow money, he printed fed treas notes. Here is a decent link for you to read.

You have no clue how much you play into the hands of the bankers

As far as the income tax is concerned, eliminate it. I am all for it. All federal taxes should come from the goods and services that cross state and federal borders as far as I am concerned.

While we are at it, end all subsidies to illegal immigration. Why should illegal immigrants get free health care, while most U.S. citizens have no health care.

You have been proven wrong at every point throughout this thread, that you continue to deny this only goes to show that you care nothing for the truth. What else can we expect from those who supports criminal activity that deprives working people of reasonable wages. They would rather we are all slaves of the bankers, whether wittingly or unwittingly.

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