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The Spirit of Us: What Are Our Souls Becoming?

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

We came from the vastness of infinity, all the "games" or "schools" are just the product of the imaginations of other beings.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There is no debate here, for those who know, in my case I've experienced this directly and have enough memories that this is not even a theory, its a fact.

We can create many things. If we are brave enough...these things tells us things about ourselves.

Spiritual experiences are for the individual, showing them what they desire or are in need of. Its a fact that the mind can do this and that it will do this if we are in need of it, like if we are not able to cope with reality.

It really matters not things you can not show to another, those things matter only to you, as a self. Its not a truth for the world. The truths for the worlds are things that another man does not have to tell another man. Things we can gain understanding of through the very design of our being and being of the world.

If we are in need of something of a past or future...we can create experiences, memories, we can tap into just about anything. We use our own personal touch of what we are attracted to, what we fear, and what we already think we know.

Through experiences, yes, there can be personal growth. But there can also be addiction, and it can cause us to just keep refusing to cope and this causes us to not understand our spiritual nature that can be found right here, right now, all around us, in life itself.

So many are 'off' in the future...missing the now.

Our dreams have their own purpose but often, we get lost in them, not seeing the messages. We can create very real experiences....for we are a part of everything, we are of the energy that is. But what we create is not a world wide lost wisdom or knowledge...its a deep part of our own self, what we desire, what we need, or what we fear. Its personal....your experiences.

I know you are not ready to accept that but maybe some are ready to see the deeper reasons for personal experiences.

I can see that you are in need of never feeling alone and to be loved. That is what your experiences give you. As long as you are in need of your experiences, you will continue to have them.

But know, it is only your human nature that is in need of those things and you are much more then your human nature. Your spiritual nature, the IAM within you...does not need those things, it is, its perfect. It doesnt need 'others' for it is 'all'. In Spirit, there is no separation.

There is good reason why everyone has different 'experiences'. Its because the experiences are 'unique' to its creator. Depends on what the being 'think is so'...what the being desires and fears...what the being is in need of....what preconceived images and ideas have influenced that being. Just the same, when we sleep, our dreams are unique to each of us, on a personal level. We can get caught up in the surface of the dream...or we can see a deeper message that is going on in our 'working mind'.

I know you mean well and you truly believe that you 'bring good news'....but such paths dont help people cope and adjust for the 'now'. I just dont find it very healthy and see the younger generation absorbing into these ideas because they are having even harder times in this generation of coping to this 'life'.

It worries me how the world will handle itself...come 5 years from now...10 years from now...when nothing other worldly happens or no super intervention takes place. When we have to continue to learn to cope and adjust to 'now'. When we have to start dealing with creating a future here. I worry many wont be able to handle 'life' as it is.


posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

And in that vastness of Infinity, which has no measurement, no direction, no up down, higher, lower, and is all at once, we have always existed. All energies and Light always existed and always will. In this Light/Consciousness/Soul perceives much, so a precession of moments and a progression of awareness, frequency, Love, Peace, Lightness. The Universes/Schools have always existed as well, and are reformed by those who graduate and pass the tests in Cycles, the Family of Good, that which we call God. We are a part of What Is, and always has been, always will be, in a progression.

And in infinity all that is, was and will be. You are being born, and passing away all at once in No Time, we experience the perception of movement of the "roll of film" of our lives bumping ahead into each scene, but its an infinite roll of film and the "past" portions where there is no "past" are moving ahead too. There are Future Portions as well......For Higher Self to direct one, its akin to time travel.

The key to it all is this, frequency, frequency range, higher frequency receives the highest range, and what higher frequency is about. Anger is not a high frequency range! Love is! Kindness is!

What is, is. We're the clay, the work in process. But we're also in the drivers seat too, having choices, for thats the nature of the school.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:11 AM
It can be argued that it isn't free will that perpetuates this near hellzone, free will has many meanings, and the true one, or the one that relates to its necessity for soul progression, means its the will of us, to overide negative programs. And that brings another question. If you're in a very dense frequency range, of solidity, where bad things happen often, and innocent babes are heavily programmed from childhood, would not the most natural outcome be to simply give in to anger, stress and discord, and the programs we're bombarded with to judge others, and see scales of worth, and buy as much as we can? If giving in to the programs is the auto pilate of the person, then free will is bucking the systems in yourself.

Think of infinity,and infinite frequency ranges or channels, channels are what someones mind or consciousness can tune into out of that frequency range. Anger, discord, war, is a very solid gravity state frequency range. Murder is akin to black hole gravity range if you will. The Higher Ranges are light as a feather guilt free ranges, angel wings symbolically, or the symbol Yeshua walking on water. Higher Frequency means more frequency, greater awareness, more colors, more sounds, scales, notes, more everything that is not heavy, the fuller range. It also means, more Unity ,being plugged into each other, sharing a common Spirit of Love and Peace. And this can be seen by mere logic if you problem it.

This means, progression is the only goal there is, and refinement or purification of the elements in you, from smaller, to greater range.

Without Free Will, your will to overcome and buck the programming in you, how can you do this?

That is what free will means to me! God doesnt want it back, nor on bended knee, for the Family is very humble, if you were to bow, and a heart faint with awe, respect, love and joy, may throw themselves on the ground before such Love and Presence, but they would pick you up instantly.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:23 AM
There are "other" definitions of free will, ie, willfulness. Just as there are other definitions of ego, ID, the "I" in you. The I in you is becoming, and is essential. Egoticism is a different thing. Willfulness is too. We use free will to buck both those programs if we wake up.

To sum it up, in the proper definition of free will, its not really about choices, greed or charity for example. For we are heavily programmed in body suits, to negativity gravity side in this low density, sickness, pain, suffering, preferences even, tastes we prefer, sounds we prefer, colors we prefer, facial features (they've tested babies with that technology too and they have preferences towards what they think is "pretty"). The dark side is heavily programmed internally and externally (software). So hardware and software. We're just following instinct and the programming when we are on auto mode.

Free Will is that element of soul, that we use to override programs, and its an effort, and swim against the current to purify the elements within us to Peace, Love, Kindness and increase our frequency range.

edit to add:

As for the bow, on bended knee. That sounds like a Lord and Master! The pyramid. The Family is humble, ever so humble. Remember, Higher Frequency Range, very very very High, exceeding the universe creation.
They serve the children, the children aren't their slaves or property.

Remember when Jesus/Yeshua washed the feet of his disciples , he took the role of servant.

He also said, I and my Father are One and the Same! One in Spirit, and Likeness, of the Same Nature, sharing One Common Spirit, of Love/Peace/Goodness. Unique as snowflakes but Oneness of Spirit.

(I was going to put these last two posts on another thread, one about Giving Your Free Will to God, but it has so much to do with Frequency, the Nature of the Spirit of Peace and Love, or the Oneness, Likeness the Souls who graduate to Higher Levels, where They are aware of a much greater range of frequencies/energies and information, and as They understand and are understood perfectly there is only unity and no one could harm anything.

So this very much pertains to that element in our souls, the ability to buck the programming in us, the instincts in us, to cave in to the reality around us and be heavily influenced by discord, anger, the fight or flight, which is free will, so we can be take care at who we are Becoming.

For the match in Frequency must be made to graduate to the Higher Levels, the interconnected ones of Love and Unity. So I posted them here instead.)
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

No matter what differences you see, or embrace in thought concerning the energies of the cosmos or spirit/soul, there is no reason for me to try and sway you to my position. Its not even loving to continue to impose understandings on others, but it is loving to share from our heart that which we are seeing, for we are to shine our lights, not covered with shades, on lampstands even.

What is way more important when other share something they see, is to simple go to the heart of the issue. The Spirit, Nature, Frequency of Unity/Love, we are becoming here. Do we like what we see in ourselves? Always? Is there more we can do to model kindness? Are their blocks to our inspiration flowing through due to a mismatch in frequency with our Guides or God/Goodness? Do we ever stop seeking, having felt, we know it all now, and there is no longer a need?

Unity/Kindness/Compassion/Gentleness/Respect for others, the heart of the thread is this, so your Light/Soul/Presence is welcome and very much Loved!

Much Peace, Love, Goodness and Light to you.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Oneness, the element of belonging to a frequency match in elements, such as Love/Peace/Kindness/Awareness/Understandings. Sharing One Spirit of Peace, Love and Understanding/Awareness. Being tuned into each other, plugged in, the boundaries of self merging with the boundaries of another for Unity and Awareness, sees Family and Likeness, though we may be at different levels or grades of LoveLight and Soul.

When Yeshua said, I and My Father are One and the Same! They shared the Same Spirit, Nature, Oneness.

So the Family can best be understood by the example of nonstop STO, and even on bended knee, to wash the feet of His disciples. But did not expect a knee to bend back, even if in such a Presence our soul itself would leap forward to fall prostrate on the ground overhwelmed and awed by such Love, the True Adults would pick the children up and dust them off.

There is a science to frequency. A logic to it. To the ranges we perceive here, and that in an Infinite range of frequency/densities, of energy and information, what Higher more unified, less solid and separate, what Higher States really would be like. The lack of Love and Peace can only be found in the heavy densities of the lower ranges, basically, a very small box of frequency or the What Exists Infinitely and Is Now All At Once.

In order to connect and plug in to our Family, the phone line home, we need to be overcoming or purifying the elments within us, refining the silver.

And the simplest answers are right in front of us, for its always about overcoming elements in us, and increasing our Kindness output.

Be the person you would wish to see in every circumstance and difficulty. Understanding others, and walking with them, sharing their burdens. Kindness, does not judge, but connects one to another in Spirit and Likeness.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Your post was very balanced...I appreciate that. Your a tender soul.

The Spirit, Nature, Frequency of Unity/Love, we are becoming here. Do we like what we see in ourselves? Always? Is there more we can do to model kindness? Are their blocks to our inspiration flowing through due to a mismatch in frequency with our Guides or God/Goodness? Do we ever stop seeking, having felt, we know it all now, and there is no longer a need?

The only difference in our you refer to 'guides' and I refer to 'guide'. Plural, singular. Maybe its just potato patato. Either way, what you understand serves what your needing and what I understand serves what Im needing...both offering us growth to a more spiritual nature. I too have a passion, for what we are 'becoming'. My passion is for what earth is becoming, and what us as a species is becoming.

There is no getting around the fact that we are in these seemingly individual bodies, having unique wants and needs, personalities, different intellect, different inspirations, different hurts and different influences. I think its a natural process...that over a long period of time...the ripple of our spiritual nature will 'become' more then our human nature, reacts.

Some can not take the time right now to ask themselves in a spiritual light....what they like and dont like about themselves. They are too caught up in the human nature of what they are and they only react accordingly. We forgive them, when we understand they know not. We feel for them, for we know they are disconnected from their true nature of Spirit. We hurt for them, knowing the darkness that their mind and heart is in. Always a life of trying to serve their reputations, always trying to do things that cause a reaction from others that feeds their own self (like their pride), always trying to live up to competition of who has what and who has more. I trust, that they are in need of such order to one day, filter out what they are not, what does not really satisfy them as a spiritual being, coming to know that such paths, do not feed them and fill them as they think it does. They come to find themselves still in hunger, though they have all the food they need. They come to find themselves alone, though they have tons of so called 'friends' that surround them. They come to find that the things in their life that they thought gave them 'worth' were things that will rust and can be destroyed....and these 'others' will be in need for a 'light' to be there, to help them stand, forgive themselves, and to help them understand that all of those things that they did, were needed, to not regret the things they did, because it eventually led them to discern....what they are not. We must embrace, the checkered floor. It has purpose. It works entangled, for discernment between what is of flesh and what is of Spirit. what I have come to understand. You know what brakes my heart the most? To imagine all of the 'well balanced' Spirits...leaving earth....and no foundation holders being here when needed.

We are in a cycle, together. To brake that cycle, would be to loose much discernment and progress, of us as a whole, of what has become to be understood, about what we really are and what we really are not.

There is more we can do, always. Should we ever think about giving up on others? Should we ever think that we are more deserving or more in need of 'reaching home' that we believe that we need to 'move on' while leaving others, behind, on their own? Can we really divide ourselves, from others, if we all, share the same Spirit? Would the Spirit of us, leave its own self behind?

There has been progression. Look at how religions controlled the minds of man for the last couple thousand years. Look at the people braking free and claiming their spiritual birth right back. That in itself, makes this a glorious time.

We want it to happen fast...we want something to come and occur in the twinkle of an eye. Such ideas easily 'resonate' with us because such ideas are easy to 'adjust' to. What is occurring in this time is huge, and we really wont be able to see the bigger picture of this 'new age' that moves....until we can look 'back' at it years from now. Our children children will be able to look back and see what a great thing occurred, as the minds of man, claimed back its spiriutal right 'to be'. We know deep down, it is a great thing occurring. Its what makes us feel the excitement, feel more aware, and some describe it as 'awakening'. It is a great thing happening.

This 'awakening' could not of been and can not be....without every single thing that has been of our past. We needed every single belief, thought, idea, trial and error...that has ever been. We needed to try the paths of 'being told what god was' to understand....such a path limits us.

I walked the path of trying to be a certain way for god. I walked the path of trying to be a certain way for my soul group. I walked the path of trying to be a certain way due to my higher self and its nature of being. I then found out, all of these things, were not separate from me, they were 'of' me. I then learned how to 'be' due to my own nature and my own readiness, what I could give and what I could not give. Seeing the world from a spiritual perspective in that we are all of 'one'...we all emanated from 'one source' of being in expression....then home become a state of being for me, peace did not come from a place but it came from 'knowing' my true nature was spiriutal and I shared that same spiriutal light, with all life. It then mattered not where I have been or where Im going....for the 'I' was not my focus.

I worry about people waiting something magical to happen. I worry that their potentials of being of a more spiritual nature, will be drowned in the disappointment of crashed high hopes from what another being has told them 'was coming'. Its not fair to people, to help them escape our reason and purpose for 'here'. It helps us not, to worry about a family of light coming for some and not being able to take others. All that does is cause ideas of more separation. The cause and effect of such ideas is no different then what religions have done in dividing the souls of 'saved and not saved'. The ones that care about themselves, will want to be saved and walk what resonates with them the most, even create experiences with their preconceived ideas. Is that what we are to be doing? Waiting on some place else? Waiting on the idea of we dont belong here? Telling ourselves that its all just a school and we are now ready to graduate?

Surely, we know, we are to do more. To 'be' here, now, be willing to be where ever the Spirit is needing in 'being' a light, through the flesh, filtering through our human bodies, our human natures.

What makes us 'want to leave'? What makes us think that we are separate in being and that we can leave this cycle of being with all these other selves? Why cant we accept what is more likely to be, such as we wont be going anywhere through any supernatural transformation or intervention?

Are we helping our children learn how to cope and adjust and 'become' or are we teaching them to escape this reality, through desires of what we 'think it should be'. Are we teaching them unity, as we teach them that 'some may go and some will have to stay behind'?

Truly, what are our faiths and beliefs.....causing our younger generations to 'become'? Is our spiritual guidance teaching them to be strong, to hold a vibration of strength and love, here? Are we causing them to worry about things of the future more then of the things of today?

Should we be trying to 'become' as individuals....or should we be more focused on 'becoming' as a one sphere, as a one species? When we do 'become' as individuals...does that mean its time for us to 'move on' or does that mean we now are able to be more of a benefit to others, now, here? Are we falling for our own fulfillment of our personal hopes and dreams by looking forward to god or family of light coming for us....or should we be 'becoming' those natures, here, now.

As we work on ourselves as individuals and we discover our spiritual nature....does it make sense then that we are to then 'leave' or does it make sense that we are to then be used, here, now?

I dont see Earth is going through this whole dimensional thing. I think its peoples high hopes and getting too caught up with 'dreams'. Earth is always changing but its not due to density or dimensions....its due to simple nature and its very natural.

Im all for meeting in the middle of 'becoming' right here, now, being what others need, being what earth needs. Im just not for leading others in these fantastical ideas that cause a human nature to escape the world and what is really going on around them. We need to learn how to become something, because we feel its what we truly are...not for anything or anyone else or any future occurrence.

We need to focus on the things that we can 'know' here, now. We know the Earth is still in need of much care, much balance. We know that here, we can observe the worth of love over hurt. We know that today, we are in this reality, and focus on the things we can see, touch, hear, and

I worry that too many are caught up in spiritual experiences and will be let down, in the future, and then have trouble coping and adjusting and becoming, what they are to be, here.

If one thinks that another could be hurting themselves in the long run, it is loving, to share such thoughts. If I saw a friend addicted to a substance and saw that they were having trouble coping and adjusting to reality without that substance, would it not be 'loving' of me to share that with them?

I guess my main question is....what good is it doing others, to tell them of such fantastical future ideas, such as a family of light coming? Is that helping them 'become' in a true honest way of what they really are? Could it harm, more then help?

I think these ideas have been harming us more then helping us and that we are in need of finding ways to become here, our highest potentials here, our most prime being, here. Do you see where Im coming from? What will we become, if we cant adjust and cope, here?

Im very concerned about the many that await harvest and ascensions. This is what makes me 'speak out' hope that we can help them adjust with 'being'....'here'.

Love LV

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Thats a beautiful post, and the parts in it relating to something said in the bible, "the first shall be last" or true Adults go to the back of the lineup to serve the Children, relate to staying and helping. That is choice that some are given, not all. I can't really flesh that one out its pressing on the veil nudging but not clear. I don't want a cycle, though I do want the transformation/purification, but not at a moment that is not already planned, hopefully when the most people can be uplifted, refined. I would like all, but things are not in our hands that way, for there is a Perfect Plan. Cycles have happened many times on earth, like reset buttons, or can be used to thin the herds and allow easy Fascist regimes to take over afterwards, who have been planning for this. The day I'm speaking of is more like the last cycle, or the last scene on the last page of the coloring book/dvd.

That day isn't in our hands. However it is in a sense, for we're the ones here, as the cornerstones, foundation frequency holders and should help with the awareness of others.

Matthew 5 13;14

Salt and Light 13“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. 14“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

I've known for most of my life this change was coming on unconscious and then conscious levels, the cycle in the very least, and many messages to the Transformation and have been called home.

Whatever is to come, will be coming, so whatever age we truly are in, its still the Spirit of What We're Becoming that matters more than which cycle or age we're in here.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

But the spiritual potential through Earth is just now starting to become. There is still so much to occur much to 'be'. Why would you think that the 'last cycle' is upon us? Why would we leave a unfinished emanation/expression?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Yes, I believe earth is becoming too, and more awareness and kindness/peace/love will make this blossom forth.
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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There are essentially, two means of perceiving infinity - if you take a moment, you can divide something by a half, and then reduce the cyclical rate of perception (time) by an equal measure, and repeat the process and infinite number of times.

That being said, it does not mean that there are not other bubbles of time, or that one bubble of time can't preceed another.

Basically, there is a beginning of the universe, and it exists perpetually, and, it actually is the starting point of all creation, and at the same time, it is a point of pure zero.

How does infinity exist outside of zero - simply because, everything else, is "not" nothing.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Infinity is the platform of everything. Everything within it is infinite, all moments are forever as well, like a recording somewhere in "time" that does not exist, because one cannot measure it, and its all at once. There is not inifnite void in the fabric space, there is infinite energy. Infinite person, place or thing. There cannot be a One, there must be infinite One's, for Infinite always does the next and the next and the next and the next. When I contemplated it, I was in contact with my Infinite Self/Higher Self, and had download after download.

Its a the most wonderful reality that we're a part, excluding this hijacked school or any realm/existence where suffering or harm is even possible.

Infinite clips in the infinite roll of film or our lives, infinite schools, infinite Family, infinite Beyonds, where there is always yet another Beyond.

All souls are equal, for they are equal in potential, and your infinity and my infinity are of equal volume. And at one point given an infinite set of tries, everyone does eventually learn to love here, given this certainty in the end, which I have believed since I was a teenager,and had to have discussion with our parish priest because I would not receive communion until he could assure me that I did not have to share what the Church taught about hell or it being eternal. I knew all my life that wasn't true. Because I know what Love is, and what it isn't.
So, your Progressed Self and my Progressed self is what I'm comparing.

Everything could be compared to Infinite Fractals, in energy/universe, and Light/Soul/Energy. Though they've been found and nature and thereotically on the computer, this is still a metaphor.

Fractal Mathematical Rabbit Hole

The only thing wrong with the beginning picture in the video is you would not be looking at One Fractal, they'd be off the screen and interconnected, and ALL AT ONCE INFINITELY.

All pyramids have to be turned on their buttside to the Infinite Family and Equality.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 08:20 AM
Another thing, with our ant hill technology and math, we think of everything as uniform, in the universe, obeying certain principles. We may able to find some of the principals around our realms coding but this is a tiny frequency box, and once we leave our Solar System, we enter No Time, for the sun is the clock. Every system has its own principles, and its own sense of time, its own clocks, and there are infinite frequencies, densities, space-times, realms. The universe is akin to a huge multilayered collage more than anything. We perceive orbit, whereas motion is simply moving the scenes ahead in the clips, perception is the vehicle for our reality.

If you were to program a bot to experience your day in 15 mintues, you would disppear from his sight and to you, he would appear as if standing still, or extreme slow mode.

This solar system not only is filled with life, on many channels, there are more planets in it than we perceive and not just past Pluto, and not just in a far off channel, but stealthed from our sight and perception.

Our souls, or prenatal souls have always existed in one form or another and will always exist. But tests that are difficult such as earthschool are the hardest tests we ever must pass through, this is the hardest test a soul must encounter in its journey, and its one of Becoming. Its like the clip that holds in place the Infinite Roll of film of ones life, or having Become a Soul, having Chosen well in the end.

We can only progress to the higher realms with the Spirit of Love, Peace.

Kindness is the Fruit of the Spirit, and equal to all the laws. We need to make it the cornerstone of our efforts, to be Kind and Loving.
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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I think this world is more damaging then helpful. We are becoming bitter, sadistic, animilastic, putrid, a#holes...this Earth has made me all these things, there's no hope for our "spirit" in this world. This world devolves our spirit. I am hateful and it's all because this world, not even the strongest "spirit" can fight against the insanity and negativity of this assinine world, That's why I don't think it's a classroom it's either an experiment gone horribly wrong, or it's a prison for something we've done construed as a crime (which may or may not in fact BE a crime).

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by ldyserenity

This world has been hijacked. There is the "white" matrix/womb/birthing/testing. What we have to overcome basically, coded within ourselves. But this system is a matrix Hack. However this seems to be to some extent a frequency allignment. When people are Living With Peace and Love and following Understandings and Agreements, as opposed to laws, negativity has far less access to their world, for the Frequencies need to match up more. Even the moon is a part of this hack and as an artificial satellite that perfectly blocks the sunlight at time, it also filters and retranslates the sun's photons for a good portion of our time, which seems to play on our reptilian brain, Fight or Flight.

There are gnostics/lucifereans/masons/occult/military/bloodlines/black ops, various viewpoints I've read, probably some are Jesuits, who actually maintain and believe that this world is free will, and that if you speak the truth here, your violating free will. They believe that the "dark side" is doing the will of the Creator, as catalysts, and that the "dark side" is the only one that has the right to the microphone, or else free will has been violated. They're distorted!!!!!

Earth was not created to turn out the way it did. We've always had choices, Unity/Eutopia, advancement to a Level One civilization, or Fasicsm/War/Division/Slavery and a haulting of our evolution.

Yet even as the will of the majority seemed to be to take the easy road of nonresistance and allow the wolves to run things, we all still have free will, to some degree. Obviously someone with alheimers or a condition has less so and there are other reasons some are here. Not everyone is in earth school being tested like a final exam. Some may be here to make up for things in the past, some may be here to help, some may be here as what a true catalyst is

A true catalyst is not a slave master. A true catalyst is a person in need. Everyone blames others, they think its karma, the gnostics do, that the caste system is a grade of soul. Well, really, it seems the heartless demons at the top then, odd isnt it? Also, for all the corruption done by the elite, where is there karma?

Karma is nothing to me. I believe in learning lessons and forgiveness of self and others, and gratitude towards everyone we shared this experience of growth with in the end even the one who has hurt us, woken up, grown as well, progressed, and was our greatest teacher. Just grateful to one another.

The most wise here are amongst the poor, the greater souls that I have found in my walk, the more aware. Natives, single moms, the poor! I've had more help at times from those lost in black market lives, than from the upstanding citizens, minus the Catholics in my area. Many are always putting Catholics down, and I left the Churches, for I couldn't agree with the credos any longer. However, in my home town area, the South Okanagan, the Catholic organization is far superior to the Salvation Army, they have Love, and heart. Also many farms. They deliver food hampers every 2 months much the same, however they adopt you, and show up with food, produce, fruit, clothes, donations, Xmass, holidays, and really care. They carry the burdens of each other, without expectation that you attend their Church.

Its the Love that counts, thats what this world is about.

Most people who come here, will not be coming back. They will have already learn their lessons, how much injustice hurts.

The poor are our catalysts, a child in need of help, down syndromes, alheimers, the handicapped. How we treat the vulnerable and the children is a measure of our Love. Some great souls may come to play those roles at times.

With law of consequence we were NEVER meant to point a finger at another with it, but only look at ourselves, and assume with all others, that they have gone through so much its overwhelming, and assume that perhaps we have hurt them in the past, so now we have a chance to help, and assume that we might even be in a private room being tested, and this is all about how we respond and how kind we are, and assume that we should change this. We should never judge others, and that includes the self appointed gnostics who feel this is their role, never harm others. Yet be ruthless with analyzing self. Only judging ourselves and trying harder.

Though this world is far too dark squared, and needs to be freed, I have faith in the Family. For they know everyones circumstance, and they know all the harms and programs that have entered in since childhood and can transform things into true perspective in the twinkling of an eye. I have faith that people are going to be filled with love and gratitude when they understand.

But we need to wake up, the more awake we are the less the world can resemble hell.

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 10:35 AM
I want to add two links, where there is some really out of the box, real info. The thing is however, despite basic truths being revealed, and that its all overseen far more than we realize. We're never alone, not even once, and there is an interactive element, pertaining to our frequency as well, our Love, unconditional love is the goal, where we give without expecting anything in return, and without judgment of others, compassion for them. Everything in our lives, whether we're taking the right road or making wrong turns is far more managed on a daily basis than we an ever imagine. Nothing that happens in our lives is a coincidence, though not all of it was meant to happen, as most of us should be waking up and not on automatic, but conscious. aware of the world, asking questions. So not everything that happens was meant to be that way, and we're the frequency match for much of what is happening around us.

Even so, his message is more that we can't really change the world, for its job is to reveal what is wrong in us, however on that, I see it differently, and with inner connections to do so. Still, Lou Baldin/Sleeper has really good intentions ,and a great sense of humor when talking about the way things are and our need for some heavy duty evaluations on ourselves.

We're complaining about the world, but we're seeing a mirror. Even if we're giving a good a shot at changing ourselves, its still a product of billions of students, and so what we can do, is limited to being one set of hands. Its really like puzzle pieces fitting together and if more wake up the light is brighter, the Love more evident, and the world more transformed. his Q & A is good.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 01:47 PM
OK this just blew me away in an awesome way.
I'm downloading everyone.

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 1/6

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 2/6

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 3/6

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 4/6

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 5/6

Lou Baldin on VERITAS: Interview with an Extraterrestrial - - 6/6

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 09:19 AM

Originally posted by ldyserenity
reply to post by Unity_99

I think this world is more damaging then helpful. We are becoming bitter, sadistic, animilastic, putrid, a#holes...this Earth has made me all these things, there's no hope for our "spirit" in this world. This world devolves our spirit. I am hateful and it's all because this world, not even the strongest "spirit" can fight against the insanity and negativity of this assinine world, That's why I don't think it's a classroom it's either an experiment gone horribly wrong, or it's a prison for something we've done construed as a crime (which may or may not in fact BE a crime).

The Spirit, can not be bothered by the things that effects the 'human nature'. When you understand what 'spirit' really is, youll see its untouchable, and its not a matter of 'strongest spirit', it has no need to fight, for it IS. Nothing can be, without IT. All the negative things your your human nature, your reactions to things as a individual, through your personality and intellect and your personal heart.

There is a cause and effect that happens....when the Spirit, emanates into its own expression. The cause is 'eternal energy' becoming 'separated' (or seemingly so). As we see ourselves as separate....we are limited to what we can do. There would not be all this hurt if the world understood the great wisdom's about the nature of their own spirit in which 'makes' them. To be in a 'individual body' creates attributes like greed, like pride, like living for the self and loving power, and really, its a very natural reaction for the human nature to fall for these individual attributes of flesh/individual nature.

The Spirit is all around you and within you. Its nature, never changes. Just because you are seeing more human natures in the things people around you do...does not mean the Spirit is not there.

Do you live in a big city? Maybe a move to a smaller town would be good for you? Time in nature, is always a place to find Thee.

If you understand the limited use of human nature, then I do only hope, you can find the nature of Spirit....for your hopelessness is very sad indeed.

Remember each has their own road, but ultimately at the same time, their road is teaching others around them. It does not have to be a 'good act' in order to teach another. Sometimes the best things we have learned, has been through the observation and feelings which arose, through some very dark events.

In your life....go back through things you have done that maybe you would now consider to of been unjust. Did that experience not teach you something...even if it just taught you that you would not ever do that again?

How do you know the worth of love? Compassion? Giving?

I mean well...I hope, to bring hope

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 12:14 PM
We have the ability to grow outside our boxes, to push the boundaries just a little bit each day, more and more. We're bombarded with negative messages, symbolism, media, information, by intent, and yet we have the power within ourselves, or need to develop this muscle more in our spirits/souls, to turn around the message and begin some positive statements, perceptions, to put something in the proper perspective and to grow beyond the hurts in this world, heal, learn the lesson in the trouble we encountered, and see what we wish to see.

We need to turn around negative self talk or negative media and promote encourage, think upon the positive.

Remember Who You Are

10 Affirmations

Louise Hay on The Brain & Positive Thinking

Affirmations from Louise L Hay

Louise L. Hay Affirmations- How to find LOVE

For example, someone sharing very good information has shared some that I knew seemed off, or controlled, somewhat. Then had a night where I can only describe this as a meeting that is just under the surface of my members, just beyond the veil and yet I know it happened, and everything is light as a feather.

The words he had used took on a different meaning, and then meaning itself become instrinsic to the soul viewing, to the light in our eyes, our perception. Turning something around to a different perspective. What light do we see with?

We should be mystery seekers, sleuths, on a game of turning things around, not taking surface meanings, but looking beneath them, from all angles, exploring. Words in religious books, media, all around us. And then try them on in different polarities, what would this look like in a pyramid structure, or if the pyramid were turned upside down to Love and Infinite Progression.

For example, military and honor. These words might take a whole negative connotations (and trust me they certainly do) and even appease military type controllers. But what does the extended family here look like. They do missions, are organized, follow protocol. Very high level protocol.

Yet there is quite a difference between a war machine, and chewing up living beings as if they're nothing but fodder, and Positive, Progressive, Family who value each person intrinsically, and all missions center around what each is doing, and needs to accomplish, while at the same time follows certain agreed upon rules, each finding great joy in one another. Yet the adventure zone is active nonetheless. There is a quite a difference going on, just in terminology itself and what a certain concept means in our terms, and what it really can be in other terms, which I wouldn't really call military. Like I said, that has a bad connotation.

You need to apply the correct understanding and push past limits in thinking here, by exploring everything from every angle and then promoting the positive.

You see, I have memory and understanding of protocol and organizations/missions but feel absolute abhorrence for the mention of the word military. Someone wanted to show me something last night, and I felt this connection to family/friends for some time, kept seeing them, seeing this city in space that can dock.
Can you imagine an existence where everyone was valued and life was about growth, love, relationships, being gifts to each other, abundance, living your dreams, providing pleasure to others and receiving, contributing too, setting challenges and learning from many different schools, growing your consciousness, progressing soul light from golf ball size to super star size because the platform is infinite. And understanding and feelings only become more enhanced as consciousness increases, Love grows even stronger.
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