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The Spirit of Us: What Are Our Souls Becoming?

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:03 AM
So often there are many who use and interchange the word Spirit with Soul. They are not the same, but the difference in meaning is one we should contemplate, for it does have to do with why we're here, and what this earth school, matrix, or womb is about.

The dictionary definition of matrix:

ma·trix (mtrks)
n. pl. ma·tri·ces (mtr-sz, mtr-) or ma·trix·es
1. A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained: "Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom" (Benjamin N. Cardozo).
2. The womb.

It is often said there is a war over our souls, there is a spiritual battle taking place, even a cosmic battle, though not all sides "fight" in this battle, for those waking up to their soul essence and shining up their LoveLight are not fighters, they're Lovers.

The Spirit is what is at stake here. What we are becoming. Spirit to soul, is like personality to us. Spirit is a state of being, an essence but not source (for that is the soul itself and its connection to the Geater Light, or Source/Family). A frequency and personality, a polarization. A state of being. Though it can be changed, altered, refined and transformed, we can wake up to our flaws and work hard on overcoming them.

But Spirit is a part of this process of being born and becoming Self.

What is our Spirit, the Spirit of Us, in a world run by a certain group interesting in influencing who you become and your next step, this War Planet they've created, how do we Shine our Soul Light up and transform our Spirit, to avoid becoming something we were never meant to become, something we should never become?

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:05 AM
Dead. Do you want to know why ? By the time some of us get done worrying about the things we can't control we'll all be bald, insane and locked away. How can you understand your soul when you can't comprehend your own mind ?

The matrix is a complicated thing, just the understanding of reality. The binding of what is and isn't, if we can understand what we can do we'll understand the matrix
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:08 AM
A lot of people seem to want to run to the end of the story, but doing so means you miss a lot of information in the middle. We want to know what happens when our bodies die, but many people have no idea what's going on while they're alive. Always looking to the future, never your mind on the here & now.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:17 AM

Originally posted by Heartisblack
Dead. Do you want to know why ? By the time some of us get done worrying about the things we can't control we'll all be bald, insane and locked away. How can you understand your soul when you can't comprehend your own mind ?

While the clock is still ticking, and the time program is still running, before the Teachers come back to the classroom and say, pencil's down, working on this is a very good idea.

I don't share the "spirit" of your post, for I never give up, but have been woken up by "family" and nudged ever so strongly each and every day to keep pushing at this continual work. Have always been very much more connected to Family, and had many experiences. If someone is acting out of their Love for another, can see into the windows of their souls, and just flooded with joy and happiness, for that is always someone I would fully remember as close family and the veil separating me from this memory is very thin, translucent.

Mind relates more to soul, brain relates more to body. So when I say to stay in your heart more, thats metaphorical for being really in your "mind" as opposed to "brain".

When you run on automatic you are running on a motherlode of programs, a huge program base, our bodies are akin to a computer, in this matrix, and we have so many heavy duty, negative programs running in them, instilled from childhood, that we need to overcome. But overcoming is an overwhelming task, trying to unravel this.

The first step, for anyone who is not liking Who They Are Becoming in this world of oppositions and stress, and fear, is to start to become conscious, more and more during their day, or pull themselves back from a disagreement or stress, and seek their heart chakra, or heart. Strive to stay 24/7 in the heart. There are no programs there.

Your soul is you. Its is also Light. Akin to being a Sunbeam we need to shine up our Light and be able to maintiain a higher frequency in even some stressful places or scenes.

I've got some things to add about what this frequency and polarization really is about, in further posts, but the first step is standing still and realizing we have a choice. We don't have to Become something we shouldn't, or run around on auto mode all the time, pouring out our frustations and stresses, or caving in to fear and following bad orders.

Peace, Love and Light, and stand in the Unconditional Love/Light squares, the Light as A Feather, guilt free squares of life.
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by JibbyJedi
A lot of people seem to want to run to the end of the story, but doing so means you miss a lot of information in the middle. We want to know what happens when our bodies die, but many people have no idea what's going on while they're alive. Always looking to the future, never your mind on the here & now.

This thread is not about what happens when we die, though that is a part of why we're here, its about the here and now of our lives and looking at what we're becoming, our state of being, the spirit, or nature, or frequency of ourselves. Today, if we do an assessment, are we all we can be right now, do we always respond in a manner that is positive and helpful?

In fact, we need to practice consciously staying in each moment, looking at each problem before us ,and if there is a standard way we've become accustomed to dealing with them, always start to challenge ourselves, assume we're wrong.

And search for a different way. Search for true understanding of others, and what they're going through.

We're called to be in the moment, and to work on Who We Are Becoming, or Our Spirit!

To make ammends to all those around us. Be the mature one and take responsibility. Turning the other cheek doesn mean just offering ourselves up for a good beating, it means, walking away from arguments and finding another way. We don't have to be right, but to see what is needing help or what needs to be heard in another.

To clean ourselves within as we do without and refine, our vessels and souls, polishing them up, on a daily, in the moment, basis.

Or as soon as we can thereafter, to pull back to the heart when the programs take over.

To not give into anger and hostility if someone has hurt us, to find the lesson or teaching there and attempt to find compassion for the other, and love, to gain in understanding. To avoid becoming what we do not wish to become.

These are just examples of being, In the Moment. And becoming more of a conscious driver of this vessel, in a world that run by a small group who wish to put us into zombie mode, sleep mode, and make us react perpetually, Fight or Flight or fear based.

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:53 AM

how do we Shine our Soul Light up and transform our Spirit, to avoid becoming something we were never meant to become, something we should never become?

I feel that it takes a continuous active effort to fill our space and selves with some type of positive resonance. For me, it is music, hugs, volunteer work and maintaining some gratitude for this world and it's experiences. I used to think that being passive was a type of spiritual fulfillment, but these days there is so much negativity around that if we are not actively cultivating love, light and harmony, we may become consumed, both externally and internally with misery and doubt, dampening our ability to shine and resonate goodness.
I am grateful that I can use music to help my spirit, whether it be listening or playing for others, the vibrations from instruments and intent can be wonderful.
What are we becoming? In the words of HAL...'something wonderful.'
Yes, I am a glass half full kinda guy, but that's just me....
ETA: I wanted to add a couple of vids this thread made me think of:
I like the quote in the first vid Gimme Shelter, "It is in the shelter of each other that we live," Irish Proverb

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:56 AM
Before I post further, these videos all contain truth about the school we're in and the very nature of this planet, existence, and gives a strong message about who we are and what we can become or accomplish here. We're the clay, we're the prize, we're the work in process. Not said in a ego based way. But every hair on our heads are counted.

In fact, this entire school is based on a structure of opposition.

And this very strongly relates to the Spirit or nature of the man/person/soul.

I'll talk on that in the next post.

Beyond our Universe - Infinity Zoom [HD]

I love this video, and its can be a sitting meditation, just get to the end, and each in without thinking zenmind, that fast without a thought feel, you reach into the infinity within.

Fractal Mathematical Rabbit Hole

(There is not One Fractal there, so the first seen should be a an infinite ocean of fractals, because Infinity does infinite person, place and things.)

David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation: a Project Avalon video

David Icke - The Great Illusion of Time and Space

David Icke - Satanic Ritual

These all contain clues. There is another one need to find.


This whole video series is good and I took notes on every part of it, but this one zeros in on a relating bit of info. The moon and its work on the dark matrix. There are matrix's you see, the one created as a womb/school, for us, and the hacked one.

There are groups both in our world and outside of it, very interested in what we Become or the Spirit of Us.

From this post here:
The others are listed.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

This is it, the struggle, knowing we don't want to be on auto pilot, and striving to overcome the programs constantly bombarded at us, incorporated into us.

Music is a wonderful uplifting force in our lives, as is silence at times, and nature, and laughter, and hugs, and giving to someone, just contributing to another's wellbeing, searching/scanning within, feeling saddened if we find we've let ourselves or another down, judged them or got into a drama with them, and pulling ourselves back for reflection. If we have faith in Higher Good, we would then pour this out and seek help.

Discernment in the music is often important, and there is a reason for that based on the "empire" behind most careers, and the very nature of Sound, Words, Frequency, Channels, and the magical way this world works.

But we also seem to know inside what we need to fill us up, when our tanks get empty,and if we're being true to ourselves we will find just the right remedy, or it will come, and there is never a coincidence when it does, rather it will be a gift to us.
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 11:25 AM
The videos listed, contain clues, and so whether or not anyone watches, will be attempting to tie it up, into what I've come to understand, and based on direct experiences and downloads given as well, as this is very crucial. Even in metaphorical terms, for those who wish to see it more solid, more concrete, who don't want this worlds platform yanked out, and we do have choices in how we view and see. Even metaphorically this contains clues.

The videos themselves contain information that could only be put in metaphorical terms, because we're in a very small input range, frequency range, UV light range, we see on a tiny spectrum, and although there still be may be some who cling to the notion that this world is the only life bearing planet in the cosmos, and our technology is the highest, that isn't true. Humans use not just anthill technology, but our tech is prenatal anthill at that.

When I use the term hologram, computer, radio station, holographic television with infinite potential channels, this is all metaphor. For if you advanced this technology to galactic, there would be those millions of years ahead, universal, billions of years ahead, (in this cycle of creation), or if one stepped out of the "computer screen", Beyond (to infinity and Beyond!), to the Family, Father, Mother, Son/Family, you reach far Higher Levels beyond our comprehension.

I tend to write lengthy posts at times
so will cut this one off and begin again with the metaphor of our school, and the nature of Opposition, Gravity, and Becoming.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 12:17 PM
Hi, my name is Ron! I have a Soul because everyone does, everything does, it is "to be" that encompasses the Soul.

Hi, I am Spirit. I can reach within a Soul and connect on such a level that even the Understanding of Awe can be achieved!

Together we are Ron, and that is where Ron gets confused, or shall we say "at times". It is through my confusion that I can "quit" enough to listen for once!

What I recognize, and I do not think many people do, is that Spirit has a voice and is originating from outside of ourselves. Do we notice the synchronicities around us or do we just say coincidences? Do we hear the changes through Nature, and our surrounding world of "others" enough to recognize Spirit's voice?

The Soul can die! Spirit cannot. What does that tell you?

Here lies the greatest secret of all: If you can hear Spirit in your life, right now, even if you do not understand it but can recognize it does exist and is "assisting" you, in some manner, then you have already made it to Heaven! We are here, but we are there too, both through Spirit. That is what it means to be "awake".

Through Faith we gain enough wisdom to carry us through to the next moment when we can open to Spirit and to be received in Spirit. Amazing really, just to "know" that you are in Heaven right at this very moment! To know that from the putrid mess of hormones and tears, sweat and sinew, that we will be worthy of such a thing, such a Magnificence that Awe would open to us? Breathtaking!

Right now, I am on a Journey in understanding Spirit in my life, I believe this is the key that we are sending ourselves! Do you feel it within? Can you hear the voice of Spirit in your life?

Everything has a Soul. The Earth has a Soul. The Plant Kingdom has Souls. Our Animal Kingdom too! Spirit naturally can speak through the Soul, individually or collectively, and its message is of Goodness above all. So as we look around us are there those that act contrary to Goodness above all? They are the Spiritless Humans, and yet they still have Souls, they are shut off or disconnected. They haven't awoken to their own true Potential.

What do we do? How do we wake them up? They walk like us and talk like us, they use words such as Soul, Spirit, Goodness, Kindness...but they are contrary by the very actions of their own hands and minds.

I tend to think that "Time to Wake-up" has already come! That if those who are not "awake" cannot suddenly become awake! It is not for them to do so. If we have Spirit than it is only from within that we must change ourselves in our preparation ahead.

I know, it is hard to think in terms of a Soul that can die, but it is true; however, a Soul is being offered something from Spirit that we have all heard about, and we have all read about, no matter the text. Not everyone believes it because they cannot hear it from Spirit.

Everlasting Life!

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 12:24 PM
If you think of the universe as a technology, a hologram at that, (all holograms are technology/creations) this is the school, we're in. Again, due to anyone's particular view point, and what they wish to see, they can use this entire concept as a metaphor only, and in truth the rest is metaphorical for a higher level technology that we can't really express well in our own concepts and tech.

The universe can be likened to being inside a radio station or television set, with infinite frequencies/stations/pigments in the cathode ray tube.

The body human can be likened to a computer that we wear, like a suit or drive like a car, that is designed (by whatever program instilled within) to pick up and decipher a certain frequency range, or pull in the channel.

The program also limits us, puts boundaries on what we define and tune into, so in this school, where we are in a lower frequency state, where the ocean of energy waves, is slowed down and our brains translate this lower vibration as solidity, we enter without our memories, in a big testing grounds.

All of the frequencies exist around us, and if we could perceive more, our radio station could be tuned to pick up a larger realm, or the others around us more.

In addition, there is a true duality or oppositons built into this school. For the very nature of this school is to allow us to become, the state of who we are in a system of oppositons, with Free Will.

The duality that is often depicted by those who study mystery school streams of info, or kabbala, is often one where there are equal sides, positive and negative, or a neutral "God", and where all things lead to the same path, so we are all aspects of the One Soul exploring self, and there is no "wrong" or "right". These are all distortions.

The true duality, is that we are meant to truly become Love and Goodness, though we have a choice, for it cannot be forced. For some, this could be a process that takes many times to pass the grade, or the course material. There is only One passing grade, where we Become Truly ourselves, the Person we're meant to Become. For some, through many cycles, even stints in winterland astrals and more rigid control frequency realms, worlds, planets, we have Groundhog Day opportuinities to reform ourselves.

The true duality is likened to a fish swimming against the current upstream.

Its merely AI, programming. So, in the universe we perceive outwardly, (though we're translating and forming this image inwardly, inside our body suits), there are cycles, possible disasters, incoming rays, energies, comets, meteors, things that can damage. And much incoming Photons from the stars, the input systems in the hologram, of what advances us, heals us, clears up the cobwebs of our minds, gives us clarity, warmth, love and reminds us of who we are.

So, Ai programming is also, found in weather cycles, storms, droughts (though mainly in the past, for we havn't had normal weather, or rather, natural weather for some time now), or in bodies: anger, sexuality, stress level, acitivity level, able to enjoy the good things of life because they feel good to our bodies, and develop a tough skin of apathy and even blame of others, to ignore the suffering and inequality in the system, or the willingness to tighten our own belts and forgo a pleasure, to help another.

The duality has nothing to do with the outcome, or the numbers of souls that are positive or negative. It never did. Thats just the pass or fail. The duality is the coding, AI, in the program, the universe, that makes it difficult (as in opposition) to easily see the solutions, or overcome ourselves.

The Black and White checkerboard floor, or the ying yang is inside us.

This frequency radio station universe is all about perceptions. Ie. we perceive we are moving, there is motion, where there is really an infinite roll of film or clips of films (metaphorically), moving ahead. We perceive that earth is in motion, rotating around the sun/star? Is it? Or is that the program in our minds and perception?

What is gravity?

What is do magnetic poles have to do with gravity?

What about those duality squares coded into our very bodies, light and dark elements, so that we need to Choose the Spirit of Ourselves, or to Overcome those squares.? What are we doing with this work? Refinining silver within us? Many speak of ascension, or transformation, or the Purification. Does this pertain to the duality squares in our body suits and minds?

What is the purpose of the school?

What do the Light Squares represent, or what does Light as a Feather represent, angel wings, flight, flying levitation, walking on water, ascension?

If overcoming gravity, or the programs that relate to this is a part of Becoming Light as a Feather, then what do we do to overcome the Gravity?

Why are they, a small group of controllers here/planet earth, and abroad, working at pumping so much negative polarity?

Are they trying to tip the magnetic poles, the true ones? Would they be trying to halt the transformation of earth, and even in the holgram all energy, all person, place and things, are meant to progress or evolve.

The purification or separation of elements, overcoming gravity itself, light as a feather.

Who we becoming?

What is our Spirit, we will walk in the company of like minded Spirits for some time, frequency matches, and this pertains to our next steps, when the clock stops in our minds, natural death.

It also pertains to the interactive nature of the school, which explains some of the tools they've been using to enhance negativity, and the stargates. For our frequency and Spirit is related to our works and actions, conscious or unconscious, and we're responsible for becoming more conscious of what we're bringing into our lives and this world.

The channel we're tuning in has neighboring channels or those relatively close, and like minded, birds of a feather frequency, so we could say, the Anannuki are somehwere, on a station somehwere near us, as are more positive worlds. What happens when we change the dial on the channel by our own frequency changing, ie becoming more negative or lower based, gravity based, or higher, more unconditional love based?

This is an interactive school as well and we're giving permissions by our state of being, and actions, bleeding the lines between various channels.

The state of being, of becoming, of our natures, of our Spirit is very important to some.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by Greensage

I'll go further into your post but first, there is something I noticed. Its the difference between soul and spirit. Soul is essence, and its Light, streaming in from Beyond, the portals, the stars represent these so to say you are the Sunlight, be a warm and loving ray, is one way of looking at this, for the Sun is often misunderstood, and has been intellectualized, turned into something its not, by mystery schools. When you don't live in love, striving for unconditional love, or distort what Love means. (Yeshua is our best model on this. Love does not harm. Love does not set up pyramid systems and ask to be treated like a Master, A Boss, A Lord, A King. Love turns all pyramids upside down to equality and Infinite Family and Love Serves The Children.

Love is kindness, gentleness, respect, joy, peace, forgiveness, mildness, generosity, and giving.)

When you are loving you connect to that source, soul, light, the phone line home, Higher Self, Father/Mother/Son and Family.

When you are not loving you are not of a match in the frequency and you can't phone home. They can intercede anyway, and They often do. Sometimes, when our lives are filled with anger and problems, difficulties, or depression, or stress, and we're caught up in the mainstream illusion of life, Spirit, and Creator can slow us down, perhaps even take us to the bottom and there we are in the hospital or in a space for reflection.

However, soul is you. Its eternal. It can never die. In fact, you have existed in one form or another, Forever. All things exist within infinity,infinitely. Each moment is an eternal moment, stretching in time forever. We are all eternal, infinite souls.

Spirit in this sense, is our nature, who we are becoming. There is a Spirit eternal and everlasting yet progressing in Goodness and Love, refining itself forever, of the Family, and of all who pass the tests.

This world is filled with so much distorted information. But the truth and memories is in our very hearts/mind, and can be activated by raising Love Light frequency, by giving to others, as the primary way, even better than meditation, but then, sungazing, prayer, meditation, striving to gain connection, inspiration, seeking for the next step and striving to translate this into ACTION steps.

A metaphor for the whole thing: you're home with your family, a child, a younger one, who hasn't grown up, hasn't defined self yet, but with equal potential to all, who is given a television program, an old dvd, to watch as a school assignment. You are your soul and you have nature, or spirit. The Spirit of Peace and Love is what we wish to fill us all the brim. We project a small sliver of ourselves into the characters we're watching and join the never ending story in the DVD, forgetting ourselves, who we are, and literally this DVD becomes our world and memory base.

Now until this thought beam, ray of light, of ourselves, that shoots through the stars/projectors, aligns with the Frequency and Shared Spirit of the Family, Father and Mother included, and the mind it left, it cannot return home yet, but continues to learn, fall off the bike, pick itself up, dust itself off, suffer some consequences, until it opens its eyes, and really strives to forgive all and self, and overcomes the dark squares.
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 01:19 PM
Faith is very important, in everthing. But also trusting, trusting Family, often we can say simply Father/Dad, but Family, and everyone here too, and ourselves. Different way of trusting self and others. Its seeing them whole and striving for the Light/Love within them, doing our best, shining our lights and trusting that they will respond in time, trusting they have that connection within. Ho'onoponopono, is one reflection of this.

We have what it takes even if we don't think we do.

All energy is not alive as we think, not everything in this system is Consciousness. Its often thought by many that the Cosmos or Universe is One Consciousness, God if you will, and everything is merely a reflection of God. And subject to cycles as well. That in itself takes some deep reflecting.

This is also not the case. But for those who have embraced this spiritual viewpoint, its important to stand still and ask yourself, does this belief of everything being consciousness and One, excuse some of the behaviors we're allowing in ourselves?

Or is there still Love and things that are not loving. The behaviors we engage in, especially with intent, are defining who we are. Do we want to become this?

I'm not going to address or debate the Law Of One in this thread. I have already defined that this is not my belief, and have had direct confirmation, experiences, and downloads otherwise.

So will always bring us back to what this world is about, becoming.

There is also a common thought that we are the fallen ones. That there were angels that did not fall.

That is also distortion, and yet from a certain perspective true.

In the classic story, its a distortion. All must come through the schools, for all must learn to choose and become only Love and Goodness and to share a Oneness of Spirit and Nature by choice, free will choice, having the sense that we did it ourselves, without forcing, and yet there was a helping hand, teamwork and family too, and the balance between that.

So in a sense, this is the Clip that holds the whole infinite roll of film of our Eternal soul forward. Soul can be furthered defined here, as a Being, of Goodness and Love, whereas we're almost souls in training now, but we are always infinite in our essence and source.

The way in which it can be said to be true is that, not all souls or worlds in this school are so filled with negativity. There are some that defined themselves or turned their worlds into positive experiences and more like eutopias ,raising the frequency and bringing those worlds closer to home.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

If the soul is eternal why would we care?

No, here lies the Majesty of Mankind, using this as an excuse to harm. The Soul can die, it can be consumed (such as with Icke), and it can be destroyed. Our leaders and the Money grabbers will all soon realize this too!

I won't argue it out any further than this. I love beautiful words, but please do not fool people into believing in the madness of the Harvest because it is all consuming!

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 01:35 PM

Originally posted by Greensage
reply to post by Unity_99

If the soul is eternal why would we care?

No, here lies the Majesty of Mankind, using this as an excuse to harm. The Soul can die, it can be consumed (such as with Icke), and it can be destroyed. Our leaders and the Money grabbers will all soon realize this too!

I won't argue it out any further than this. I love beautiful words, but please do not fool people into believing in the madness of the Harvest because it is all consuming!

Your soul is YOU. Why would you care?

Because here and now you are becoming, and the state your souls spirit, ie. whether you are a caring, peaceful person filled with the Spirit from our Family of Peace and Love, or if you're filled with the Spirit of the World and its bosses, and HH frequency, war/greed/anger/vengeance/apathy to the suffering of others, then this is the square you're standing in and what will become of you for a while, your next step

Please don't misunderstand this, your soul is you, and you will exist and experience other like minded/or like frequency realities, and for some, those not just a little this way, who only have to have their eyes open to choose quickly to pluck all of this shadow out of them (and not a pleasant experience either), for some will graduate up relatively quickly, but for others more set in their ways, this will seem like a very long time in the company of others, ie. murders will be grouped with others, and under the dominion of even Greater Versions of this frequency, Logos who define those words. And if they're not getting their energy and advancements out of Love and Family and Infinite Progressed Unity/One(ness), like Infinite Interconnected Fractals, then where are they getting their energy from? From the bottom on their pyramids, from the suffering of the lower level murderers? Dracos! Energetic Vampires. Being used as a battery like in the movie the matrix, but the juice is the energy taken from pain and suffering is not my cup of tea. It shouldn't be anyone's!

Everything has consequence.

I don't about you, but I wish not only for personal happiness and joy, and quite frankly, have had enough of this "hellzone" already, here, and cannot wait to leave this and go back home, but wish for all my family, who I recognize and want to see happy and fulffilled back home the same joy. For I'll miss them in their suffering.

We're becoming, and there are consequences and far worse and better places than this one.

So if you were spend 2000 years of more (just picked that one randomly) in another world, what world do you wish for?
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 02:12 PM
This world/cosmos experiences gravity as an interaction between the dark and light elements in all. Gravity is very strong in the dark squares, the shadow side. Symbolically this is "heavy with guilt". When the transformation occurs, this will be a separaton of elements. This is to be purified, of the AI negative squares. If one has been, for example, striving to help others but always has to fight with themselves to try and overcome a nervous, quick, high temper nature, or a strong sex drive for example, this will be gone. Those things that trip us up, or provide the opposition in us will be gone, and we ascend or transform out of these bodies into Soul/Spirit/Light bodies. Though this can occur even after natural death in this world as well.

And with the sitings, warnings, messages, wake ups that have occurred, the time for earth's transformation or purification and all things here dwelling on her, I believe is coming. Though no one knows the date.

The ones who made this video think they do, the mystery school. They seem to have chosen 1503, or 1, or something that alligns with 10 11, and the symbolism of the red petals floating down seems to be symbolic of the red dust tail of a comet, which also relates to this timeframe. Also, part the red sea, to ww3, which we probably unofficially in right now.

However this is not a date that is known, when the Light/Family will show up and when this transformation will occur, this purification of elements. But I believe it will be in my lifetime.

With that in mind, who we are becoming pertains to any age, not just the end of the DVD of this planet, to any time, for it still relates to our next step.

Also, we need to ask ourselves are we comfortable being who we are, in a world with so many suffering, so much inequality, for its own sake?

Without any other reason, other than our own heart and sensitivity telling us this is wrong?

Would we choose to be Goodness and Love for the sake of Goodness without any sense of reward?

Are we happy with who we're becoming, with a world that values the luxury of the few over the joy of the many, with materialism being the status of your goodness or worth in the eyes of another? Where ruthlessness is rewarded, and generosity frowned on?

Are we happy being bent out of shape and becoming what we were never meant to become?

LITERAL Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trailer

So much coding in this trailer and what they expect to see. If you realize the Light/Love Family does not fight at all, (note that awe - some, awe is for God), and this is a metaphor, do your defenses hold (against such a high frequency of Love and Goodness, can you stand. Your body cannot, but can your spirit? and also, this is also Forgiveness, Love and Understanding, what defenses against this do you really have?

They have coded in things the return of the Quetzcoatl or Annanuki. But in this duality and all cycles, especially important for the last one, whenever the shadow side makes it appearance, the Light of Light As A Feather, conscience free, Love and Goodness, the true Higher Ups shows up as well.

The question is, is our spirit within, and the nature of our soul a match in frequency and likeness, with our Families? Can our spirits/soul, stand in their presence?
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 03:49 PM
The importance of the polarity and frequency, is such that those behind the scenes and a certain group here, have spent a lot of time effort and money at gaining as much control as they can of this 'white' matrix/womb, and creating as many hacks as they can. One could call this cleverness, but I've never seen it as such, merely distortion and mental illness.

Going back to something in one of David Icke's videos above, the one with Jordan Maxwell, he explains what is happening, and basically why they're doing this, and it was a very succinct version I've what I've tried to write before.

In this cosmic fishbowl, ie this tv set/radio set, small holograhic school reality cosmos, even here, amongst the infinte frequencies and channels available to view or be within, ours and the channels close to ours and of close lower, more dense, are the ones where negativite or gravity or harm take place.

We are, for example, a war planet, and with all our divisive religions, a planet where the lie War Is Peace rules the day. The police man uses violence for good! The starvation of billions is seen as justifiable to many on some level or other, reward the biggest shark! The dog eat dog claw to the top, the slime floats on the top of the soup, they are worthy. If you are not equal to the fight or perceived weaker, may the law of the jungle weed you out for termination. Not for one moment realizing that this is just one of those AI opposition programs we have to see through and reach unity and cooperation and equality instead, to return home and regain full expansion of self. We're just slivers here.

Slightly bigger slivers, bullies, are perceived as Big Fish in this tiny frequency lower dimensional box. Until they Love they won't see more. They love to be worshipped, fawned over, idolized. Demigods of old, annanuki, many names for them. They feed off the energy of others, either as slaves, or spiritually as dracos.
They benefit from having those under them. The only way they can stay Big Fish in a tiny frequency box, is to make us even smaller fish in a smaller box.

If we wake up and see through those walls, and overcome, they'll be forced to face themselves and overcome their own programming.

And we'll be progressing.

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 04:13 PM
There are many many ways that this school has been hijacked, a hack on the matrix. And this very much relates to the polarity of our world, and us, and what we are Becoming or the Spirit of Us, and the Spirit of Humanity.

SpiritWorld Evidence of the Ether Pt.1 11

There are 11 parts to this, and its only for the ones interested, but I'm going to pull a little info from here. Warning on the video, it is a bit negative, they include names, frequencies to such a degree that one could argue they were affecting the viewer, impacting them, so while educating at the same time, perhaps not as white knights, whoever made this. Its not David Icke, he was merely interviewed.
English Language, hidden codes in the matrix!

A thread of mine, also involves some of the research on the way in which this has all been hijacked.

They have heavily coded this world, planned carefully, the divisions in culture, freedoms, incomes, religions and run a heavy war planet with a great deal of starvation and suffering, illness, prisons, suffering, abuse, neglect. This has real frequency hit on the planet and those lower vibrations keep us from gaining clarity, from being inspired from Source. They keep us angry and on treadmills, so we can't stop and think. The stress is deliberate, the pace is deliberate. They twist it all into progress and maintain this is the only way, when its a carefully laid out trap.

In addition to this, as mesmers and shaman/magick, and with an understanding they keep us as firmly as they can in the left hemisphere, the material world, the concrete jungle, materialistic science and answers, in a sense its their hyperdimenisional cube, or squaring the circle (circle being infinity) and to make us think its all just now, so struggling to survive at all costs even being ruthless is to be expected, for all we can see is NOW.
To try and induce Finite out of Infninty in our consciousness.

In addition, paying attention to numerology, frequencies, geometry, sound, they pick dates specifically for their sacrifice, and animal/human sacrifice is a huge polarity frequency hit we also take. And they channel these frequencies down leylines, the earths energy grid points and chakra points.

Geometry is also related to sound and frequency, hexagons are used with intent.

War is sacrifice, BP is sacrifice, so was Haiti, Chili, Rwanda, Fukushima, its all sacrifices. This creates a very powerful stargate, where those close to our channel feed off the pain and suffering and increase their power and were a Synchronizaiton of the realms or channels is occurring more, and where our frequencies are matching, they can walk in through the stargates and influence us. imagine what the dark sun, that eclipse and the return of the quetzcoalt is really about.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 04:20 PM
The language is written as code, english is like a backwards spell cast, and its based on the meanings of the ancient languages under its formation, so the languages are like a pyramid too.

They have many tricks up their sleeves.

The formation of the television was orginally as an EVP device. The cathode ray pixels were seen as easy to manipulate by entities, or those not on our channel.

Hence the movie the Ring begins to make some sense.

As does all their horror movies and the fearful stressful news media reports. They're actually bringing your emotions to certain peaks and valleys akin to those sacrifices to hijack your consciousness, as a co-creator, and also to allow a feeding frenzy, in addition, a channeling/portaling or synchronization.

This is the real stuff thats going on.

Also, the moon hack. I included that video on the Matrix Code and how it works above. We have a reptilian brain, that gives us fight or flight responses. The moon transmits the suns photons to us, at least half the time, and these are altered, to induce lower vibrational, lower state, reptilian state, dog eat dog, fight or flight, anger and hostility as well.

They are trying to turn us into What We Must Never Allow Ourselves To Become. If we wish to leave this war planet, or not find our next step in an even more intense version of this, but we want to Go Home And Be Truly Happy And Free!

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 04:49 PM
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Those two songs are deep and wonderful, and should nudge people strongly. I can't stop listening to them now. Thank you for that contribution.
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