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What is your favorite gun to carry?

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 04:00 PM
My gun of choice is a 12 guage single barrel shotgun. No, it isn't something I carry on my person, but it is usually everywhere I go...especially if I am on my truck.

It is simple, easy to use, idiot proof which means in a hurry I can use it, it is deadly accurate...even when I am suprised or stressed out, it is cheap if ever confiscated...not much of a loss, and it is easy to hide in my truck or leave it out when I am en route to make it legal.

Further, the intimidation factor is great.

It is a tool on my farm, fun to shoot for kicks, and has killed snakes, rung in the New Year, scarred off trespassers, and even got a fellow to get back in his car after a brief difference of opinion about my driving abilities....without so much as a word spoken.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 04:02 PM
M1A2 main!

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 04:48 AM
I like my springfield XD .45 but when I carry on the job (i work in the security buisness for extra money) I tend to lean more towards my Ruger SR9 much lighter on the belt especially on those long shifts, considering buying a berettas px4 storm or some model of sig soon tho

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 06:25 AM
I've been through quite a few carry pistols. The one a carry now is the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II. I think this on is the keeper. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it. Very high quality firearm. Love the 1911 format. Even with 4" bull barrel it's not a heavy as my last carry pistol, The Khar MK40. It is a larger pistol then the Khar but I usually open carry so it's not that big of a deal. My only complaint is the cheesy iron sights on the Kimber. Yeah, it has laser sights but the iron sights are junk. I upgraded the iron sights to night sights.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:09 AM
I have a Sig P250 chambered in .40 cal. It's a compact, but like most Sigs it's pretty thick, and as such it is kind of uncomfortable to carry inside the belt. I'm going to relegate that one to my bedside and get a thinner handgun, likely in .45. I likes me a Springfield and will probably go for the XD. I've heard and read, though, that Kahr puts out a pretty solid handgun.

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:54 PM
Taurus PT-92 AFS Combat 9mm. 17 rounds per mag. Very smooth shooter, light responsive trigger. Double action decocker can't be beat.

If I can't carry that, then I carry SWVE .40cal. 14 rounds of a decent stopping power.

Don't like to carry 1911's. Don't even like to shoot them anymore.

I never carry concealed. Always open carry even though I have my concealed carry permit.

Other than that there are another 20 or so of my guns I like to carry. But people tend to stare when you look like a gun porcupine walking a dog down the street.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by deesul69

Guns lost their shock value long ago.

Now I carry an m67 frag.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:42 PM
Sig 1911 .45. Enough said.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 05:41 PM
peanuts and a rubber band...or twine and coconuts

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by saltdog

You've got to have some big nuts for that!! LOL

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by saltdog
peanuts and a rubber band...or twine and coconuts

Digressing to childish mockery only reflects poorly on you friend. If you do not like firearms or want to intelligently answer the OP's polite question, simply go to another forum topic/thread which does interest you.

I can not understand why people that find a subject displeasing or not interesting, feel the need to come to such a place and cause trouble, mock or troll. There are many subjects which do not interest me but I never waste my time in such places... Sadly, this type of shameful behavior seems to be getting out of hand in this weapon forum, especially with the gun haters/grabbers.

Originally posted by deesul69
What's your favorite gun to carry, and what holster or other method do you like to use?

Full size favorite carry, when possible; FN Five-Seven. Warmer weather (due to extremely strict concealment laws here, EDC usually revolves around the weather/temp) when I can still wear a light jacket, sweatshirt or vest, one of my subcompact Glocks (tend to favor the 27).

Hot weather EDC, either L.W.S. or Beretta Tomcat. (I would like to see one of these noisy crickets chambered in 5.7; Imagine a Seecamp or Tomcat in 5.7... something I suggested to L.W., as well as Glock. L.W. said that it is a project that they have been considering, which is great news IMO)

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by kneverr

The FiveseveN is a great choice!! I've only shot one once, but I was really impressed with the long range accuracy and for such a high velocity round, the recoil was very manageable. Made followup shots easy. Are you concerned with overpenetration though? I know in a defensive situation, it would be really bad to shoot through somebody and have an innocent injured.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by Butterbone

How come you prefer to open carry? Is it just more comfortable, or do you have other reasons?

Good reasons for concealed is first of all a nutcase pulling a gun-grab and harming others with your weapon, and the line that if a criminal plans a shooting or robbery, and sees you, you'll get it first because he sees you have a gun.

Just a couple reasons I've heard of, that don't happen all that much, but make sense.

Good weapons choices, by the way.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Thanks for all the great replies. I see, just like me, a lot of you prefer to carry a full/mid size auto in a respectable chambering. There's so many pocket guns they're putting on the market that I'm surprised more replies aren't about LCR's or LCP's or the S&W Bodyguards.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by deesul69

.357 Magnum revolver...super easy and basic for me. Don't want to think, just react.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:17 AM
Having been in the military......I don't want to own a gun. Too many of you are swapping your little wee wee's for pea shooters.

The statistics are overwhelming of harm against your own folks.

Get a little wee drunk....pull out the gun.

Get a little pissed off.....pull out the gun.

Get a little road rage......pull out the gun.

I'm rightfully scared of you folks that think gun ownership makes you a man.

Give me a crossbow or let me use my explosive weapons military experience too scare you off.

Guns are for scarred pussies that can't aim. Punks with guns is like mixing meth with testosterone. You can't handle it!!!

Guns don't make you man or make you safer. There are many other alternatives that can make you safe and not erroneously harm another human being. IE...stun guns, bear repellant, loud sirens, etc., etc.

A gun in the country is necessary. A gun in the city is suicide.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:20 AM
There is nothing more simple than a .38 revolver and a pistol grip Mossberg 500 12g.

You need to have some strong hands but it will take out what you aim at!

reply to post by brilab45
Well said! Can't disagree with that!
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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:20 AM
I enjoy carrying FRAGS, you just toss them and everyone scatters

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by brilab45

I think everyone here knows the power of a gun. We're not little wussys/pussys living in la-la land. Just being realistic is all. Don't think for a sec I'd want to shoot at another human being, but if....just fill in all the blanks cuz you've been there, apparently.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by queenofsheba

I've never hurt another human being. There are better alternatives than guns. Like I said, I will own a weapon in the country. Critters and all. In the city.......there are far more things to subdue another than killing a person.

I sleep with a hammer next to my bed and have three dogs. If needed, I can deploy other useful tactics than putting a bullet through a would be thief. Even a petty burglar does not deserve to die.

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