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The novatech society

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 11:25 PM
Hey, here it is my first post, look no further..this gentleman was a former member of this society,excuse my grammar for this is my second language(poor coronel) this excerpt is taken from the forum :
The Notes Lounge: Reviews of Seminars and "Gurus": Fwhat is novus Tek?

By concerned for scams on Thursday, March 25, 2004 - 04:45 pm:
I read this on another part of this site.... NOVUS TEK AND NEO TECH ARE THE SAME THING....

BOY!! DID YOU HIT MY HOT BUTTON!! Neotech? Yes I am very familiar with Neotech. I don't know where to start.

I took it in hook line and sinker about 10 to 15 years ago. I mean I read his Neotech manual, about 5 inches thick, and attempted to embrace it wholeheartedly. Slam damn religion, politicians, and most lawyers, and EXALT the businessman.

Well, at the time I was sick and tired of religion, never did care much for lawyers, and am a dyed in the wool businessman and salesman. So I was ripe and prime for his "Totally Integrated Honesty" etc.

Actually some, maybe even a lot of what he has to say is pretty darn good. If you are a businessman there's a lot you would want to embrace, and maybe is even worthy of embracing.

There's just one big catch!!!!!! and it has been my waterloo, my undoing in life, and the undoing of Neotech in my estimation. I can sum it up in one word: RESENTMENT. This man and all of his philosophy is filled with anger, contempt and RESENTMENT. Right out of HELL.

I'm actually thankful that I got (and am still getting) some of that crapola out of my system. Embracing his philosophy rally brought it up, and caused a lot PAIN in my life, I mean severe pain that I am working on even as we speak.

So, should you read the Neotech philosophy? Yes I actually recommend it, as long as you watch for resentment. Don't let the EVIL get into your heart and soul. It can consume you, especially if you are a businessman and tired of being viewed as the bad guy because you make profits, etc.

I threw ALL of his stuff in the dumpster about 6 years ago. Never made a dime from anything I read or tried to implement. But go ahead, get it, read it anyway. Just be advised, this man is the DEVIL himself, in the flesh. The only love he knows is sex (romantic love he calls it).

I could go on and on. Read it for yourself, extract what good you can, and I think there is some, and beware ----------

And thanks for bringing this up. It comes at a time when I'm really working on getting the resentment out of my soul. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write this. I hope it does some good. I hope it helps. I hope lots of folks get to view what I have to say. The man is EVIL -- BIG TIME.
Yeah, he got the to all

posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 04:28 PM

I'm a student majoring in philosophy of religion, and I find your post rather interesting.

First off, I've seem quite a good many religions, including NeoTech and I've yet to find one that is truly evil. Yes NeoTech does employ quite a bit of resentment, something I think it could do well without, but this is far from being pure evil.

Second, I'm a Pagan and what you say about being affected by the negativity of NeoTech falls in with a Pagan idea called threefold return. Basically it's a form of Karmic law which states that whatever negative actions one conducts will be returned to the individual threefold. This may explain what you experenced.

I never liked NeoTech much, as you said there is too much resentment of others. It reminded me to a degree of Satanism (basically magik using secular humanists) in that there are quite a few barbs with a good deal of venom on them aimed at those whom I feel personally angered the writer.

Well Blessed Be


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