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Exposing the NWO, without getting busted ?

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 06:54 AM
It's not your classical survival topic. But then again it is very well about survival, so i put it in this section.
If Mods think to move it elsewhere, feel free to do.

Let's assume you get "inside information" that some organization of the NWO will have a secret meeting.
You want to expose them. You want to go there to take pictures/videos/audio too proof they are meeting there.
And maybe even get info to what is discussed at the meeting.
At the same time you do not want to get busted, hassled, arrested or worse.

I'd like to discuss how you would do that.

Some things that came to my mind;

Preparatio/ on spot:
- turn off your cell phone, so they can't track you. Use unregistered prepaids (where they are legal) to keep in contact with trusted fellow researchers.
- do not use your own computer, so they can not track you
- you want to use a vehicle to be mobile. but you don't want to use your own vehicle to not expose your numbers plate
- you have to make copies off your recordings and store them in a safe place, so in case they arrest you and take your equipment you still have your recordings
- you want to stay on public ground, not to give them a reason to arrest you for tresspassing
- you want to stay in a discreet place, avoiding to stay in hotels where the security guys stay, avoid the places where demonstrators stay
- you want to inform one or more trusted persons where you at, making sure they ll be alert if you do not come back
- you want to have enough food/water with you

- you want to make sure to clear all information in your pictures, audio or video that no one can track you down

What do you think of these ideas ?
Any other good ideas ?

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 08:04 AM
basically they are all good idea's however if there was a NWO meeting it would be on someplace discreet like an apartment (random), to ensure privacy so being in good physical fitness to keep up and try to get any ware discreetly yourself, would also be a good thing to add (so you don't always use the car, that even as a rental can still be tracked to who it was loaned to).

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:59 AM
Good ideas you have there. But I'd have to say it'd be pretty tough. These are the guys that higher than even the world's spies. These are the guys who render orders to the spies and make them do their bidding then throw them away like they're trash. They're careful and methodical. They'll cover their tracks and any weak point.

Then they'll powerbomb you in to oblivion! Mwahahaha!

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 04:27 AM
thanks for your replies. I agree body and mental fitness are major points.

Yesterday I also thought, it may help to have the lawbooks with you. This for the possible "outer perimeter" low standard LEOS. You know, the kind who say; Your not allow to this and that, I ll arrest you. Then you ask them "under which law" - normally the cannot cite any, so you pull out the lawbooks and teach them.

As said, this would only work for the low level outer perimeter.
Coz they will radio the inner circles who do not give a effing about the law.

Ah, and a good camouflage would probably help as well, to blen in the surroundings.
Not sure though, nowadays they probably will scan with infrared and detect your body heat.

Though job, but somebody gotta do it.

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