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What iF SOME of the people with Capgras Syndrome are Telling the Truth?

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by Son of Will

Try and get a screen shot, jpeg, camera phone image, print it try and copy and send it you wont be able to send it any way electronically or otherwise
Goggle earth and key in the key words Mark O Hatfield building 3RD and Salmon SW Portland Or. look at the top left corner of the roof of the building do you know what that is, Its an ION accelerator just like 3 miles down below at Fermi lab outside Chicago ill, these buildings are in every major city on the planet and do you know why, these buildings are Trojan Horses, there is an alien agenda taking place, You can be replaced, literally replaced, that ION accelerator is a portal "star gate technology" you get kidnapped and replaced and no one knows your missing, you end up in one of 100s of new penitentiaries across the planet and they take on your life. I know about this because the CIA murdered my family.
my guess is that you may know some of this

OK. So there it is. Captured, saved and sent electronically. "They Live" much?

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

Thanks for the photo; much appreciated!

The prob is I don't know an AC Unit from an ion transport station

Nothing surprises me these days though, so I wouldn't be shocked if true. I realize some of those claims Kevin made ARE true but that doesn't make everything true. Right?

Heck they camo cell towers though etc. so why not camo their teleporters? Talking out loud here ...

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 07:48 PM
Came across this post by Christopher Marian Szoloch at VitalAdvice who says he was diagnosed with Capgras. . He was seeking help, claiming he was not tested for this and that his parents were not his parents, that he had dna tested them, among many other claims. I found this rather interesting. Thought you would too.

I have been diagnosed with capgras syndrome, people were presented as my parents by asio?

I have been diagnosed with capgras syndrome, people were presented as my parents by asio? i was diagnosed with capgrass syndrome after asio presented persons as my parents to coverup that they had been murdered, i then got arrested on two occasions and then was druged with resipridol consta and other drugs, for 18 months, i was never tested for capgras syndrome and when i got a chance i conducted dna paternity assessments on both persons and they showed that they are not my parents, one of the persons served as a colonel major in the australian army being presented with identification as joanna szoloch and the other person is a nsw police informant, i my self was involved in a nsw police coverup being the murder of Mr Thomas James Hickey before being dismissed from work, I am a former constable of police nsw police service, I am also a former political refugee as were my parents, I have since learnt that my father was stabbed in vaucluse and that my mother was shot in america, though i have only been told those things by persons who knew of the matter, I dont know what to do, I know that there is testing for capgrass syndrome and I was never tested, i know that they show you pictures of people and some of them are familiar to you, and that your brain reacts differently and that this comes up on some thing that they hook up to your brain like a hat, I dont know what to do, the treating doctor is dr vaughn from hornsby hospital in nsw australia, i know that capgras syndrome is very rare and i also know that these persons that asio has presented as my parents are not my biological parents on account of the dna testing, I am in fear for my safety and dont really know what to do, if you are a psychiatrist is there any way that you could communicate with me and maybe help me and clear me of this mental illness, because asio and the english armed forces are insisting that i be medicated and are insinuating all sorts of things to the polish authorities that they should force me into care, i have not got capgras syndrome, i am not violent and have never turned to violence, i am an adult man and there is nothing wrong with me, now i can not find work on account of this and when i went on holiday recently the police reports that interpol has put there say all sorts of things about me and someone tried to have me locked up, i was followed and came under police notice, and it really spoiled my holiday so i just got in the car and went back home, i dont know what to do, i am very calm about it but as i said i can not get a job and i cant get buisness loans to start up, they have just about destroyed my life and these persons that they are presenting as joanna and krzysztof szoloch behave in a strange manner i suspect that they might be hypnotized australian soldiers who are being used to perform economic and political operations in poland, my family has ties to all sorts of things that don't concern me but were there when I was granted political refugee status in 1984, please is there anyone out there who might be able to do something to get me out of this deteriorating situation

Here is the link:
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