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My "Ghostly" encounters.

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 06:47 PM
I honestly don't know if they fall under ghostly, but definatly out of the ordinary.

My first experience was when I was very young and I Remember coming home from a dinner with my family and as we entered our house, we noticed a cushion which was normally in our bedroom was on the floor at the end of the hall, sitting up right with the picture (Bassets allsorts image) Facing us as we entered.

Nothing really spooky per se', but it wasn't there when we left and no one had entered the house when we were out.

When my dad and mum divorced, we sold the house and I Went to live with my mom in our new house.

The first weird thing we noticed was writing on the inside wall of the understairs cupboard, it read something along the lines of....

"You lock me up in here, you bad master"

The house was about 100 years old

Then we started noticing weird things going on.

First and foremost experience which affected us all and our guests, were loud bumps as if someone were hitting an internal or external wall with their fist
This happened many times, mainly during the night time and was experienced by friends, family and visitors.

It was so heavy you could feel it through the floor when it happened.

The other experience which stood out above all others, was when I was standing in the kitchen with my mother, we had our backs to each other and something brushed against the back of my legs and I turned and said "oh sorry" thinking my mom had walked into me, she to had turned thinking i'd walked into her, or a cat had brushed against her.
That freaked us both out, especially since we used to have a cat and it died in an accident.

We then moved to our new house (present house)
The experiences here weren't inside, but outside the house.
On the outside of our house there's a metal gate, about 3/4 feet tall, made of wrought (sp?) iron.
I can't being to count the number of times that gate would slam, as if someone had knocked into it or slammed it with rage.
IT would happen in any condition, wether there was wind or not.
It would mostly do it at night and because my bedroom upstairs is on the outside wall the gate's attached to, it would sound quite loud and vibrate up the wall.

I'm an open minded person, it could've been cats knocking into it or something, but the force at which it slammed led me to believe it wasn't, the force it slammed at was as if somoene had grabbed it and REALLY thrown it shut.

Proof of how much force had been applied during these times is evidence in the stone work (Gate posts), which are 2 feet thick, both have large cracks in them where the gate has been slammed repeatedly

One day, and this is the last day it seems to have happened, the gate slammed as it allways did, but this time, part of the gate actually broke off due to the force.

That's about it really, hope you enjoyed reading

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 08:03 PM
I too grew up with weird occurences in my mothers house similar to these. It has been widely accepted for years in my family that my mothers house is haunted in some way or by some thing. Most of the freaky stuff happened with numerous witnesses throughout the years and is always a big topic for discussion when family and friends get together. here are just a few of these occurences for you to ponder on....

One evening there was about 6 of us watching t.v. in the basement family room and the house was empty and all windows and doors were locked. All the sudden we hear loud noises coming from the kitchen almost directly above us. We ran upstairs to investigate and found that one of the chairs at the kitchen table had slid about 5 feet across the linoleum floor and was leaning against the refrigerator on two legs and that a bunch of silverware that was drying in a dish holder drying thingy on one side of a double sink had been tossed into the other side of the double sink.

After my parents were divorced us kids took alternate weekends with each parent. My sisters would spend one weekend with Dad and I would spend the next. My sisters rooms were on the top floor of the two story house and my room and my mothers room was on the main floor. Many weekends while it was just me and Mom and no one else in the house, mom would wake me up and we could hear feet shuffling around upstairs in one or the other of my sister's rooms. this happened alot and always while it was just me and Mom.

After my sisters moved out , I moved my bedroom upstairs to one of thier old rooms. Well being a teenage boy, I wasn't much on cleanliness and my new room had tile floors that got real dusty in the places that werent high foot traffic areas of the room. One day I found footprints in the dust along one wall and in the corner where the floor was way dusty. that not bieng weird enough, One of the footprints was only half a footprint. It was as if someone had stepped right through the wall and half the print was inside my room and maybe the other half was who knows where. It was a clean print with a clean cut at about the arch of the foot that went like someone walked through the wall to outside the house.

some other things that happened in front of numerous witnesses were things like stereos, t.v.'s , lamps, and wall switched lights would turn off and on. you could even here the click of the lamp or wall switch as it happened. stereo's and t.v.s' volumes would go up and down by them selves. The string that pulled open the large picture windows drapes would swing back and forth even though there was no draft or open window and the string had a lead weight that weighed prolly 3oz. on the end of it. you could stop it swinging and go and sit back down and watch it and nothing would happen. but as soon as you thought you were crazy and took your attention off it, the damned thing would start swinging back and forth would swing fairly high too. To this day my mom swears that things that she was absolutely sure where she put them, come up missing only to appear later in a totally opposite part of the house. One night last winter she came home at about 7 am from working graveyard shift at work and found all the windows on the top floor of the house wide open. Now the weird thing about that is , about 6 months before this we painted the upstairs rooms and all the windows had been latched and the latches had been painted over and the window spaces along with the latches had been painted shut.
Oh Yeah, one night many years ago one of my sisters' boyfriend commited suicide, supposedly, and my sister was the one who found his body in the basement of the house they shared. well, after that she came to stay with us for a week or so. the night after she found him she was sleeping with my mom in mom's bed. Mom woke up out of a dead sleep cause it got real cold in the room. this is in august mind you. she sat up in bed to get up to turn off the fan thinkin thats what was making it unusually cold. as she looked toward the fan which was just inside the room infront of the bedroom door, she saw two dark shadows or blob lookin dark spots that were standing in the doorway. as she turned around to turn on the light she saw the shadow,darker that anything else blob things move out of the doorway and out of sight.
those are just a few of our experiences that I thought I'd share with ya to let you know that these things do happen and that you're not alone. So dont think you're looney or anything cause others have gone thruogh the same sort of stuff. Goodluck

posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 11:54 PM
remember never jump to sudden conclusions, always think things through and if theres no possible explanations then say it is paranormal

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 06:56 PM
I don't personally jump to conclusions easily, but some things just can't be explained rationally, nor to science.
A gate slamming repeatedly isn't your usual "ghostly" Tale, but it was just weird and there was no obvious cause.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 02:59 PM
ok, no other possible explanation, right?

When i was sixteen we moved into the home my parents are still in today. We were still in the process of moving, and my bed was just a mattress on the floor. I was home ALONE and was laying down to take a nap. I had not been laying down but just a few minutes when a sheet was DRAPED over my ENTIRE body. There was no one home, that couldn't have been the wind, no windows were open. And the air conditioner is definitely not that powerful. How do you explain that?

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 05:24 PM
When I was around eight years old I was awakened by a feeling of someone being in my room. I opened my eyes and sat up in my bed and saw a old lady in a dress wearing silver rimmed glasses. She was just standing there looking at me. Her hair was white and set in waves short and neat. I was so bewildered at seeing this woman standing at the foot of my bed I could only wonder who she was. She was not threatening looking but she was unfamiliar to me. As I watched her so in awe of the situation she began to move. She brought up her right hand and reached over the footboard of my bed in her hand was a lace handkercheif she began to wave it over the bed slowly with the same flat expression on her face. That is when my feet took over and the breath came into my lungs enough to run and scream. I ran into my parents room. They searched my room and discovered nothing she was gone. A few years ago my Mom and I were discussing me seeing that ghost and I told her how the handkercheif had scared me so badly. My Mom looked at me and said I had given her chills. She hadn't remembered the handkercheif part or maybe I didn't tell her then. But she said that in the 1800's women were buried with lace handkercheifs in their hands.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 09:37 PM
well the scariest thing that ever happened to me is one time i woke up to get breakfast and when i went back to my room i opened my filing cabinent (1 of 4) to read a new document i had printed when i noticed a burn on the paper and when i looked over it and ever single word "ghost" was burned off, and i checked the rest of my doc. and it had happened to every piece of paper, in all 4 file cabinents, and last night the burn marks were not there, so i freaked out and busted out my good ol' spell book and performed a warding spell, so i was pretty freaked out.

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by demonhunter
and busted out my good ol' spell book and performed a warding spell, so i was pretty freaked out.

Do those honestly work?
I mean, I know people who are wiccans and witches and no doubt do spells and incantations etc, but I never really thought to ask if they really work or not...

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 02:44 PM
Anyways, as for my gate problem (lol), it hasn't happened in weeks, hell maybe even months, but it's permanently implanted in my mind because it used to scare me to be honest
I'm not normally scared by weird things like that, but when you have the gate slamming over 4/5 times at night, it just Can't be explained to normal things like weather.
Especially as the gate would slam and the latch would engage, then half an hour later, it'd slam again, as if someone had opened the gate, then slammed it
We don't live in an area with children or teenagers, our next door neighbour is in her 80's.
Just seems weird that it's suddenly stopped.
Truth be told, before we bought the house, the old lady who lived here actually died, but NOT in the actuall house, but in a home, maybe that's linked somehow.
Who knows.

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