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Group/Planetary Awareness vs. Self-Awareness

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 02:28 PM
As a self-aware being, that you are, self-centeredness is your nature by default. All encompassing awareness has no bias, but you are biased to concentrate the unbounded awareness into self-awareness. This is critical to understanding and even obtaining a group/planetary awareness.

If self-awareness wasn't useful, it would not exist. Self-awareness is very functional in terms of development. It gives us a chance to look at what we are, learn about it, and ultimately learn how to function as a group awareness. What I have learned by being self-aware is for one, that I function much more efficiently as part of a group. By myself, I experience a variety of emotions, and I struggle to resonate with positive ones. I conform to systems that have been set in place so that I can survive in this world. I go to school and learn, but I learn things that will benefit me. This is what self-awareness is all about. All about me. We are bound to this form of awareness by the way our brain is designed.

However, group/planetary awareness isn't out of our reach. Mainly, though, we can only recognize it in the form of knowledge about it and the implications that knowledge has. But occasionally, we are able to experience it more personally. When one, if possible, breaks out of self-awareness into the realm of group/planetary awareness, you don't recognize yourself as you were any more. It's more like you see that you are a cog in a machine that is ever-expanding in many aspects, beautiful, awesome, and fun. For the period of time you realize group/planetary awareness, you don't experience yourself as a complex intelligent emotional being trying to figure everything out so that you can survive for the benefit of yourself, you see yourself as a group of beings that is a powerful creative force capable of producing wonders and ecstaticly blissful, beautiful living conditions and all for the benefit of the group.

You have the power to choose what you want to be aware of. But you must believe that you are not just a self-aware human, you are a planet (and more) with a self-aware focus. If you believe that, then expand your focus on the group and see yourself as the group.

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