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ABC News: Tornadoes Caused by Military? Recent Events Fuel Conspiracy Theories

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 12:33 PM
This guy has been trotted out all over the place. Diane Rehm had an author on her show last month on NPR and for an hour it was full of judgments against conspiracy theorists. You know "people that are otherwise sane and reasonable in other parts of their life." There was so much demonizing going on in the show I thought I might start growing horns. Here is a link to the show archive where you can listen to it for yourself.

Diane Rehm Show


Some of my favorites:

Sure. I have a chapter in my book, chapter five, in which it's called "A Field Guide to Conspiracy Theorists" in which I go through the psychological motivations of conspiracy theorists, and I break them down into eight different types. The most prominent type is what I call the failed historian. These are people who are simply unable to deal with the way that history has turned out, and they create fantasies to recreate history

REHM 11:37:18 You talk about the sort of conspiracy theorists who are going through a midlife crisis. KAY 11:37:27 Yeah, 'cause I have this typology where I show the eight different psychological profiles of some of the people I met. And sometimes it's 50-year-old men who are just looking for something new in life.

So apparently we are insulated but well-educated failed historians going through mid-life crises.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 01:45 PM
Directed Energy Weapons have been used in this WWIII we are watching unfold.

I found it intriguing that the Chinese Military members were shown wearing EMF protective gear/clothing.

Have you ever seen an American military person wearing Electro-magnetic Frequency protective Gear? Why did the People's Liberation Army release photo's of their military members wearing that gear?

It's not a conspiracy theory if military's are now wearing gear protecting them from Direct Energy Weapons.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 04:04 PM
Strange man indeed . He complains about no one trusting him and not giving them a fair go . Well it seems that the nutter , highly educated conspiracy theorist were right in their intuition to not trust the user .

After all he was only about making a book that he could make money of at the expense of his fellow well educated fellow man. Nice chappie !

He is a bit of a sleeze if you ask me . I can tell those types .
Another point of tactic here is if others have not mentioned , is the typical taking down of the thinking class . That always happens in these restructuring of societies into communist drone society .

They always go for the intelligencia first and lock them up ....or send them out into the fields for hard labour . lol.. That fake book guy looks like he could use some hard labour ..sleeze !

The point about these sites are that they are meant to be offside and within a same interest group . Not everything is for everyone .
See they always want to make stuff generic . We all have to do it or believe to be the right way . NO No thats a comunist mentality and then again you will never really get two communist thinking the same way about how their drone society should function thus the role of the ruthless dictator who murders all oponents

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Lol.. failed historian what a cute and creative fellow.

Except I don't think that is a motivation for conspiracy theorists at all. I think There are two motivations.
One is that someone points out something that doesn't make sense and interested thinking people research it. Second people's lives didn't turn out how they expected (rich/famous) so they become interested in conspiracies of elitists to explain "well it was impossible for me to make it because i'm being kept down"

I personally am a little young to decide if I'm kept down, I don't give a damn about how history turned out. That theory doesn't hold water anyway because most of conspiracy theories only focus on small isolated incidences. No one is overwhelmed with regret over history (well.. not theorists) they are concerned about the future. If that guy couldn't pull that out of his hat than he is an idiot that's the most obvious bit.
What are the other types?(do i have to listen?)

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by GogoVicMorrow

What are the other types?(do i have to listen?)

I think he only mentions:

The Failed Historian (example: Sigmund Freud's interpretation of Hamlet (?))

Type: "For this group," writes Kay "conspiracy theories are a tool to eliminate the cognitive dissonance that arrives when the course of human events doesn't cooperate with the results demanded by their ideology."

Demanded by their ideology? Really?

The Midlife Crisis (he uses Richard Gage as an example)

Type: "Like all forms of midlife crisis, the sudden lurch into conspiracism offers middle-aged men a sense of revitalization and adventure, writes Kay. "For a middle-aged man who's grown tired of life's patterns, conspiracism provides more than just fresh surroundings: It offers an entirely new reality."

the others are:

The Damaged Survivor (Jenny McCarthy and curing her son of Autism and "discredited theories linking Vaccines to Autism.")

Never mind that it just came out that the major discrediter was convicted of fraud.)ATS Thread on Autism Vaccine Fraud

Type: "Damaged survivors are particularly effective as recruiters for conspiracist movements," writes Kay, "because the spectacle of their grief short-circuits our intellectual faculties."

The Cosmic Voyager (Ken Jenkins-"the 9/11 Truth Movement's "unofficial multimedia coordinator," says Kay, turning wacky theories into high-gloss video montages and Powerpoint presentations." He sees 9/11 – an "inside job" – as part of a deeper pattern in history that encompasses Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and more.")

Wait, isn't it historical documented fact that Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin were allowed to happen to draw us into war? And didn't the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assasinations determine in 1979, that "there was a "probable conspiracy," though it was unable to determine the nature of that conspiracy or its other participants (besides Oswald)." I particularly like the use of the term "wacky theories" especially in light of the documented evidence discussed above. This also marginalizes people into esoteric spirituality.

Type: "The Cosmic Voyager is the hippy of conspiracist typology," writes Kay. "He resembles ... a 'seeker' – a spiritual omnivore perpetually spiraling out toward the margins of Western cultural and political life. ... Since his mythology is vague and labile, he acst as a sort of conspiratorial Zelig, popping up at everything from Truther conventions to quack autism sites." Many get into Eastern mysticism, and all are convinced that reality is not what it seems. Often, the Voyager is a UFO obsessive.

The Clinical Conspiracist (L Ron Hubbard-"who worked up the "religion" of Scientology out of his own paranoid obsessions regarding psychiatrists")

So he is basically saying here that conspiracy movements are founded or influenced by clinically insane people.

Type: "Only a small minority of the [conspiracists] I encountered seem out-and-out insane," Kay writes. "When clinically insane individuals do take a prominent role in conspiracist movements, it is typically in the early stages, when they can work their own idiosyncratic notions into the movement's foundational mythology." He adds that "their paranoid fantasies are highly personalized narratives of their own construction – typically involving spouses, relatives, landlords, and work colleagues."

The Crank (David Ray Griffin)

Boy he sure has it out against the "truthers." It appears the well-educated one's fall into this category. It's interesting that he includes investigative journalists into this category.

Type: Cranks are furiously contrarian rigorously logical. They crave the exhilirating sense of independence that comes with holding unpopular views and tend to be intellectual workaholics whose homes turn into archives, crammed with teetering piles of paperwork. The typical crank is a math teacher, computer scientist, investigative journalist.

The Evangelical Doomsayer (Dave Mustaine of Megadeath-""As a Christian, I believe [the elites' end game] is one-world government, one-world currency .... It's part of the master plan. ... I know that there's going to be a cataclysmic ramping up of these things that we're seeing right now. And it gets worse and worse and we're watching our country disintegrate right now.")

I have categorized this one myself as 'The Christian Fundamentalist Conspiracy Theorist." They tend to filter everything through the Bible (Satanism, Aliens are Demons, etc) but that doesn't mean they are wrong about things like the NWO or the role of the Occult (even though they don't fully understand Occult ideas.)

Type: "Conspiracism is attractive to the Doomsayer," Kay writes "because it organizes all of the world's menacing threats into one monolithic force -- allowing him to reconcile the bewildering conplexities of the secular world with the good-versus-evil narrative contained in the book of revelation and other religious texts."

And finally:

The Firebrand (Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change)

These are the attention seekers-or is it that they are just being noisy to try to wake people up? Another attack on "truthers." Of course a lot of them are kids-they haven't had cynicism over human nature beaten into them quite yet.

Type: "Conspiracists of the firebrand type are the easiest ones to spot," Kay writes, "because they are always the noisiest. For the firebrand, conspiracism supplies an ideological pretext to strike shocking, militant political postures, and thereby satisfy his hunger for public attention." Most are in their late teens or early twenties.


Wow, I'm glad you asked about the other types-I wasn't going to pay this guy any more attention than listening to the interview but after looking up these other types I'm even more convinced that this guy is a propagandist painting anybody that questions the official stories as kooks with "wacky theories" thereby marginalizing them for the masses. Good God-I don't know whether to laugh or vomit.

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 01:01 AM
Face palms himself --_--

This is why I believe people should wake up more just cause you think its global warming does not make it so. HAARP is one of many based weapons that can manipulate weather and cause destruction on a mass scale.

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