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NATO report threatens to 'persecute' Anonymous

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by filosophia

The tea party had a good name??

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by drew1749

NATO to persecute 4chan and anyone else using the name Anon.

Something beautiful was born on the internet. Little did I know as I was blocking a pool in Habbo Hotel that I was part of something that would one day become a threat to all established forms of authority.

- unpatriotic via Reddit.

What do you guys think of this? This is crazy. We need the young to lead. The old people working in today's world are retorted.
(visit the link for the full news article)

Edit: I just thought of a conspiracy. We all like Anonymous (well most of us) and we know 4chan likes to act in the name of Anonymous and fight people who call stuff out. What if NATO wants them to fight them? Excuss to take down a few people fighting for free speach right? I'm not sure how this would work. But anyone want to research that possibility?
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How do you know they are young? I didn't think they were fighting for free speech all the time, just trying to make sure people were forced to hear THEIR speech.

Do you not think that the work they are doing will actually lead to further, more restrictive controls of the internet? Do you think that is a good thing or do you just like the fact that 'the kids' have wound other people up. Age is one thing, maturity is another. I don't care what age someone is (and mine is my business), but being old or being young doesn't give anyone a de facto ability to lead.
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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by something wicked

I know they're young because of 4chan.

Now I guess if you want to claim Anon isn't 4chan then you have a valid line of questioning here.

^ Why this is fishy. It relates I think. Anon is becoming a scape goat.

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 09:55 AM
It sounds to me like this is just another one of those money making scam that governments get mixed up in. NATO is just another money spinner for those who make weapons. It exists only to make money for those corrupt and sick enough to think that violence is the okay method by which to stop violence. For such persons lighting a bigger fire is the best way to put out a smaller fire. In my opinion the existance of the internet is under attack from these paranoid old men who work at NATO. The very existance of the internet is threatened with extermination. Organizations such as "Anonymous" will just get even more impossible to uncover since they will simply use even greater encryptations. If I were working in NATO or the like of it I would suggest that NATO say nothing about the problem so as that "Anonymous" and the like of it would be less on their guard. Thus easier to trace. If NATO start to "persecute" the like of "Anonymous" then there are ramifications for the whole of humanity. NATO is thus declaring war on our very existance as human beings. In my opinion NATO is a terrorist organization in that NATO is set up to commit genocide using nuclear weapons to do so. Surely after the horrors of warfare in the twentieth century do we really need NATO in this twenty first century ? Those who trust in violence to be their security cannot speak that they trust in God to be their security. Men of violence will not be able to get into Heaven.

עס סאָונדס צו מיר ווי דאָס איז נאָר נאָך איין פון יענע געלט מאכן סקאַם אַז גאַווערנמאַנץ באַקומען צעמישט ין נאַטאָ איז נאָר נאָך געלט ספּינער פֿאַר יענע וואס מאַכן וועפּאַנז. עס יגזיס בלויז צו מאַכן געלט פֿאַר יענע פאַרדאָרבן און קראַנק גענוג צו טראַכטן אַז גוואַלד איז די אָוקיי אופֿן דורך וואָס צו האַלטן גוואַלד. פֿאַר אַזאַ פנים לייטינג אַ ביגער פֿייַער איז דער בעסטער וועג צו שטעלן אויס אַ סמאָלער פֿייַער. אין מיין מיינונג דעם קיום פון די אינטערנעט איז אונטער באַפאַלן פון די פּאַראַנאָיד אַלט מענטשן וואס אַרבעט בייַ נאַטאָ. די זייער עקזיסטענץ פון די אינטערנעט איז טרעטאַנד מיט יקסטערמאַניישאַן. אָרגאַניזאַציעס אַזאַ ווי "אַנאָנימע באַנוצערס" וועט נאָר באַקומען אַפֿילו מער אוממעגלעך צו ופדעקן זינט זיי וועלן פשוט נוצן נאך א גרעסערן ענקריפּטאַטיאָנס. אויב איך געווען ארבעטן אין נאַטאָ אָדער די ווי פון עס איך וואָלט פֿאָרשלאָגן אַז נאַטאָ זאָגן גאָרנישט וועגן די פּראָבלעם אַזוי ווי אַז "אַנאָנימע באַנוצערס" און די ווי פון עס וואָלט זייַן ווייניקער אויף זייער היטן. אזוי גרינגער צו שפּור. אויב נאַטאָ אָנהייבן צו "רודפן" די ווי פון "אַנאָנימע באַנוצערס" דעמאָלט דאָרט זענען ראַמאַפאַקיישאַנז פֿאַר דער גאנצער פון מענטשהייַט. נאַטאָ איז אזוי דיקלערינג מלחמה אויף אונדזער זייער עקזיסטענץ ווי מענטשן. אין מיין מיינונג נאַטאָ איז אַ טעראָריסט אָרגאַניזאַציע אין אַז נאַטאָ איז שטעלן זיך צו טוען גענאָציד ניצן יאָדער וועפּאַנז צו טאָן אַזוי. שורלי נאָך די כאָרערז פון וואָרפער אין די 20 יאָרהונדערט טאָן מיר טאַקע דאַרפֿן נאַטאָ אין דעם 21 יאָרהונדערט? די וואס צוטרוי אין גוואַלד צו זייַן זייער זיכערהייַט קענען ניט רעדן אַז זיי צוטרוי אין גאָט צו זייַן זייער זיכערהייַט. מענטשן פון גוואַלד וועט ניט קענען צו באַקומען אין הימל אריין.

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:20 AM
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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:54 AM
Anonymous is a CIA false flag. They are designed to wreak havoc on US computers so that they can have an excuse to shut down the internet

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:33 PM
Seems to me anyone can be anonymous. It can't be destroyed because we all have access to the technology. What are they going to do make computers and modems illegal?

posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 10:02 AM
Capitalism is opportunity and opportunity is freedom

Trying to place restriction's in the form or using wrong descriptive words for methods being used is what its all about no ?, all systems and any system is susceptible to intrusion and anyone who chooses to rant about their system being lock tight is as wise as new born infant. Banks loose billions around the world to such intrusions without it becoming common knowledge. Although some news trickles through into the media the majority will always be hidden to assure you, the hardworking law abiding citizen that your money is safe.

Capitalism is opportunity and opportunity is freedom

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