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Assembly 04 PC&game festival

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 02:40 PM

What is this all about?

ASSEMBLY started out as the gathering of like minded computer hobbyists, who created multimedia demonstrations, music and graphics, that is, digital art. The first ASSEMBLY was held in a school in Kauniainen in 1992 and attracted over 700 persons. Since then the party has grown and a lot of has changed, but the basic idea remains the same: to meet with people with the same hobby, compete and to have fun with your old and new friends and to use your computer until you fall asleep.

Today ASSEMBLY attracts more than 4500 people who bring over 2700 computers to the party place. Then basicly everybody sits down at their computer and starts hacking away. Some of the visitors create digital art, others surf the net and a lot of people play computer games.

There was little about this in radio, one of the organizers said they're actually expecting about 6000 participants... and 10% of them from foreign countries. (about 20 countries, some even from Australia which is literally in other side of globe)

Official site

Little from older events:

Pics from current festival:
And no... it's not encrypted... it's just finnish page.
Pics are arranged to topics, "areena" means that place and building in general, "ihmiset" = people, "jonotus" = waiting in line and "ruoka" = food.
When looking pics in one topic "Edelliset" means previous page, "Seuraavat" = next page and "Kuvalootan etusivulle" takes back to page where you see different topics.



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