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How To Use Bitcoin – The Most Important Creation In The History Of Man

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 04:26 AM
I love it.
tell me who do I give my cash to?
and can I add people to the list?
I would like to make some predictetions.
obama will choke on a bannananana.
in 3 days

Originally posted by CaptChaos
This is brilliant! And then it can be used for this, which will topple the existing order:

A few months ago, I had a truly and quite literally "revolutionary" idea, and I jokingly called it "Assassination Politics": I speculated on the question of whether an organization could be set up to legally announce that it would be awarding a cash prize to somebody who correctly "predicted" the death of one of a list of violators of rights, usually either government employees, officeholders, or appointees. It could ask for anonymous contributions from the public, and individuals would be able send those contributions using digital cash.

I also speculated that using modern methods of public-key encryption and anonymous "digital cash," it would be possible to make such awards in such a way so that nobody knows who is getting awarded the money, only that the award is being given. Even the organization itself would have no information that could help the authorities find the person responsible for the prediction, let alone the one who caused the death.

Bear in mind, this guy is IN JAIL just for writing this. So far, no one has dared put it into action. The time is now!

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 04:37 AM
he has some very good points.
if in wars the leaders get killed off
and not the people.
they would be quick wars.
and the would choise not to go to war.
quot"But that raises an interesting question, with an even more interesting answer. "If all this is so easy, why hasn't this been done before?" I mean, wars are destructive, costly, and dangerous, so why hasn't some smart politician figured out that instead of fighting the entire country, we could just 'zero' the few bad guys on the top?

The answer is quite revealing, and strikingly "logical": If we can kill THEIR leaders, they can kill OUR leaders too. That would avoid the war, but the leadership on both sides would be dead, and guess who is making the decisions about what to do? That's right, the LEADERS!

And the leaders (both theirs and ours!) would rather see 30,000,000 ordinary people die in WWII than lose their own lives, if they can get away with it. Same in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and numerous other disputes around the globe. You can see that as long as we continue to allow leaders, both "ours" and "theirs," to decide who should die, they will ALWAYS choose the ordinary people of each country."

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