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The quiet before the storm. Just so you can't say that you werent warned.

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by Druid42
I also feel the calm before the storm, knowing something is coming up, but alas, I have shaken my christian upbringing and labeled myself as a pagan, (pagan means "heathen", so it fits) and have advanced my level of knowledge over my lifetime to that of the druid. You'll find that druids are the keepers of knowledge, the bards, of music, and the ovates, the rules. We also have the philosophy of following our own path. Throughout life paths intertwine, and knowing the right melody gives us the answers to our life questions. We can feel love, embrace life, teach others our ways, and read an insanely long and grammatically butchered post through to the end, easily sliding by words like "god", "fallen angels", and other "unmentionable" words that cause the mere human to scroll frantically for the last page button. But yanno what? We wipe our butts just like everyone else, and eat humble pie even more than most, so we speak little and watch closely. We are versed pretty much in every world religion, crave new knowledge, and are constantly asked questions about things. We nudge in certain areas, guiding.

DO we know something is coming up? Nope, can't give ya a date. It feels, well, like something is coming up. A tragedy for Mother Earth, for sure, and humans evolving. Not physically so, like mutant genes and three legs, but spiritually. MamaJ gave her story tonight, several of them, and I was touched. But, through tragedy came enlightenment, and I'm thinking it's more along those lines. Yanno, like when the 9/11 tragedy happened and we all felt American again, but not like that because the new unity we feel won't limited. Once you evolve/rapture/transform/die/etc., whatever you'd like to call it, there's no turning back. Brianegan is doing what he is supposed to be doing, and he alone knows what it is. I'll say he's doing the right thing. I'm noone to judge him, but he obviously has something to say, and just because he is not grammatically correct doesn't mean I won't listen to him. He has a Passion. He's living it, and he's real. He's real enough to stick his neck out, and he darn near responds to every post. Just because he doesn't conform to your level of expectation from an interaction does not justify you reacting adversely towards it. Woody and MamaJ both reared heads when interacting. He's like a christian version of Howard Stern. (Sorry Brianegan.) Sure some sparks flew, but most importantly he got you all to voice your opinions, how things should be, and how evidently his brash manner inflamed your skin. I think that is his point, if I have his psyche profile figured out by now. He wants to see us think. That is a good thing. Thinking people (not zombies) show signs of thinking, signs of potential. They try to improve. What's that saying? "Don't shoot the messenger?"

Freewill. That's where this started.

The OP states we should give it back. Why? And how? And, how is this tied into the whole theme of christianity?

Utoh. As a christian, you have to GIVE your heart to Jesus. Emphasis on give. Hmm, I'm building a correlation between heart and free-will, so follow with me, if your heart and free-will are the same then giving your free-will would mean salvation.

Yeah, I muddied the waters. Oops. It does suggest a correlation.

My free will is no longer mine, and hasn't been for years. I've been here awhile. Becoming a druid really helped for me, because I found myself walking in the woods, listening to nature, the wind, and everything that's beautiful around us. It may not be here for much longer, so everyday I appreciate the wonders of the wonder around me. I gave up my free-will to become a druid, to be tied to the earth around me, to do nothing that hurts Mother Earth, and to remind myself of how small I really am. I picked up Astronomy on the side, and to me, there is nothing more relaxing than to set up equipment on a calm summer night, listening to the sounds of nature around me, and sighting on the stars. When you look at the heavens, and know how to find Orion's belt as a frame of reference, and sight Sirius and Betelgeuse, then think about how many light years they are away, and where you are at, looking at them, you have to sigh and appreciate this life. It's almost magical. I am only a wee drop of water in an ocean of a multi-verse.

Again, another correlation can be formed. I GAVE myself to a questionable world view, but I gave. There is some sort of weird mechanism that is enacted when you mentally "give" something. I can relate to giving up free-will, however, I didn't give it to god, I gave it to mother earth. It fits my world view. I ponder if it is a branch of the OPs?

Free-will started in the Garden of Eden. We were given the choice. It's my belief that we were spiritual beings in the garden, without bodies, and innocent. And, wait for it....also a story. It could be that humans existed for thousands of years in a "contained" environment on this planet, having god visiting us everyday, shoot, perhaps millions of years. We didn't care, we had the world at our fingertips. We didn't know. We didn't know any better.

Well, according to my story, god put a computer terminal in the Garden of Eden, and said, don't touch it. Okay, then millions of years go by, and the resident energy creatures got curious, and started using the internet. They started watching porn. One day, god happened by, and caught the kids watching porn. He was very mad that they hacked his personal account, had access to all his passwords, and had even changed a few of them. Well, as any good parent would do, god consulted the mother. Mother Earth, in fact. Yep, he did. They came up with a good punishment for us. Then they enacted it.

We got physical bodies, free-will, but got banished from that mythological place called "heaven/eden", someday we will get to shuck our physical bodies once again, once the "big event" occurs. See, it's all been a test. How well you do verses whatever test parameters they have in place. Love ranks high in the skills, happiness is up there, but negative emotions are kinda rare for needed skills.

To give up your free-will means to embrace your own mortality.

You are right about something coming and about not knowing what or when........Claiming allegence to any group isnt the way to go though.....Denounce all alegences that dont incorperate everyone to have shot based on their choices.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by cloaked4u

Originally posted by djzombie
reply to post by cloaked4u

I would prefer to live in peace with everyone, as long as that does not mean being forced to submit to another person's belief structure. I would have you expect the same of me.

You are absolutely right.

Think so.....Maybe you are judging least you dont hide that you like to judge and have your judgment known.....

I suggest you stop challenging God.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by roswell5151
I really hope someone finds evidence to support the theory of human's being created by aliens the look on the faces of those preaching about God would be priceless

They are going to try that. so youll find hapiness in that then?

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by Brianegan

Originally posted by OldCorp
OK, I'm gonna take a swipe at this.

I see two questions raised by the OP:

1. Why does God allow suffering.
2. Why is free will so important.

If I'm missing something, please let me know.

There is a lot of suffering in the world. Why would a supposedly loving God allow this to happen?

I believe God is the creator of the human race (and possibly other races as well,) making Him for all intents and purposes our Father, just as I am the father of my children. What does any parent want for their child? To grow. To grow intellectually, to grow emotionally, and eventually to grow a family of their own. In order to grow, we must experience; love, loss, joy, pain... all of these things teach us something.

God is not as concerned as some people would like to think with our day to day lives. I mean let's face it, what are 60-70 years spent as a mortal being here on Earth when you compare it to an afterlife that will last for eternity? Nothing, nada, zip, and zilch. He's concerned with our immortal souls.

So what does God want? I believe He, like any father, wants his children to be happy, to be successful, and to expand His family by having children of their own; children who will pass on His ideals to the next generation. God wants to be a grampa. He wants to look into the faces of His offspring and see Himself reflected in them. This is where free will comes in.

Think for a second about love. Would you be satisfied with the most beautiful woman, or most handsome man, in the world if you had to force that person to be with you? Which would be preferable when it comes to love, someone who wants to be with you or someone you have chained up in the basement? I think for most normal people the answer is obvious.

God doesn't want a bunch of mindless automatons bowing down to worship Him all of the time. Where is the satisfaction in that? You can train monkeys, or dogs, to do that. God wants us to WANT to be with Him. He wants us to WANT to do what is right. He wants us to WANT to be part of His eternal family. That my friends is where free will comes in.

So yeah, in my opinion God has emotions just like any other intelligent being. Actually, it's not just my opinion as you can find examples of God's emotions throughout the Bible. He gets angry, He feels remorse, He is compassionate, He feels love, and like everyone else He wants to be loved for who He is, and not what He can do for us. By allowing our temporary bodies to endure suffering, God is allowing us to grow. Think about how often you tell your own children things like, "Don't touch the stove, it's hot and you'll get burned," or "That kid is no good, if you hang out with him you're just going to get into trouble."

Now think about how often they listen to you.

The only way people learn anything is through first hand experience. You can warn your children about possible dangers until you're blue in the face, but until they experience the consequences of their actions themselves they will never understand what it has taken you a lifetime to learn. God knows this. He has given us plenty of warnings. He even gave us 10 rules to live by, forming a basis for the way he wants His children to grow. God wants the members of His eternal family to reflect His values, just like any other parent.

And then He wants us to pass these values down to the next generation; but that's a whole other discussion for a whole other thread.

I hope that made sense.

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I asked no such things.
lol are people even reading this ? i think he probably in the first place is tired of missing us and forced to watch from a sideline how we plunge ourselfs into the depths of every illusion , all the help he has offered previously has been eliminated for reasons unknown . you are all trying to be a profet with the only thruth , and we could wind up with a whole world of messiahs all with there back to eachother, i say it is time to upgrade some of your software to current situation starting with your innervoice connection . when u are going to be faced with what u think u fear , you are not going to be able to talk your way out of it , you are going to have to be 100% sure of what u believe , to release yourselfs off your own grasps , does anyone understand that millions of people are crying wolf about judgement day and god and do not even comprehend what god is to themselfs or how they influence god , god is a mirror to you ,untill u decide and say "your ways is what i believe in and your ways is what i do" . i return my free will because i know you will teach me better than i ever was able to do myself without you

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:18 PM

I really tried reading through all 26 pages, but once I got to Page 9 it seemed the whole topic has kind of derailed and not headed anywhere near what I'm interested in asking, so I apologize if any of what I'm about to say has already been discussed.

I appreciate the time you put forth in both the original post, and responding to people. I hope that you will continue that effort in trying to help me understand some inconsistencies and contradictions. I have not read your other threads as you suggested, as it is not my responsibility as a forum reader to read the back log of posts to understand where you are coming from. If you have answered any of these questions in a previous post or thread of yours, there's no need to restate your opinion, but if you could just link me in that direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please don’t ask yourself how I know all of this unless you will include if there is a chance thought of could he be right. Not why is he right but is he right? And what makes it right

Everything that follows is me trying to take what you say as truth. These are the concerns I have with being able to accept it.

End disclosure.

Im pointing out that it was never his fault because free will wasnt something he wanted to give to you........You asked for it against his advice.

If you have no free will, then you can't ask for it, unless God willed you to ask for it.

Unless free thought exists outside of free will.

If angels have free thought, but still had to do God's will, then they are slaves.

I’m telling you that you are indeed an angel that has been on a journey making up your mind instead of being “a slave to the will of God” (I believe is how it was put).

So you suggest that the slaves asked for free will and God set them free. One can not just learn how to properly use free will without making mistakes. Could all the "evil" in the world just be us learning how to properly use our free will?

The warning is that the desaters and all the bad crap that you are seeing in this world is attributed to everyone's use of free will because it is a result of going against the will of god....We excuse it away as free will being the greatest gift or just one really cool skill that we all share but in reality it is the reason behind every complaint ever made.

If free will is the reason behind every complaint, then can't I complain about God granting us that gift? I wouldn't open the door to let my child jump off a tall building thinking he can fly even though I advised him that he would plummet to his death.

Should we love God when he allowed us to suffer; when He knew we'd suffer so much?

If all of our suffering and pain is caused by our choice to not do God's will. Then what you're saying is that all the joy and happiness that we may experience is due to us following God's will. So since no joy can come from free will, is free will not simply a punishment? How could it be considered a gift or blessing? Why would I want to follow God when he cursed us with free will?

Truth be told, I think the bible is nothing but a bucnh of horse sh**.

Angels. A loving God. A God that judges us. Threat of punishment in the afterlife. God being some individual entity that we can personify. Free will granted to us by a God willing to do it.

These all point to orthodox religions. Many of the ideas you speak of are directly taught in the Koran and all the different versions of the Bible.

Listen “God’s honest truth”, I do not support one religion, non religion or spiritual concept

Yet your whole concept is based on a very common belief of a single god that granted us free will and gets to judge us.

You state you don't subscribe to any religion or spiritual concept, yet you expect us to subscribe to yours.

I want nothing from you......Your words mean absolutely nothing to me any more and the same goes for 98% of those who walk this planet.......So what do you think you can offer me that i dont already have?

How about our love? Isn't "love God and each other" the God's will that you're trying to suggest we all follow?

But how do we know that is, in fact, what God's will is? People have been killing by following God's will for centuries. That certainly doesn't help humanity.

By not structuring and defining what you believe in any more than some vague beliefs that exist in countless religions you renounce, you force the reader to apply what you're saying to what they believe in.

What if I believe we're all gods and we choose different lifestyles and times to interject ourselves onto Earth and other planets in order to learn and experience different things. Then I am my own god. What if in this visit to Earth, I wanted to learn what it was like to be greedy, materialistic, and to have a lot of power. Should I follow God's will (my spiritual will), which would be to gain worldly possessions and power by manipulating the stock market, stealing millions from the middle class, and walking through anyone that gets in my way?

What if I believe in one of the Gaia theories where we're all part of one energy, and when we die, we return and are absorbed by Gaia. Wouldn't God's will then be …uh, well I don't really know. To rejoin Gaia's energy? So to do that, wouldn't I kill myself so I could become one with God again?

I wish you to ask you the question:
If I had the option would I want to give my free will back to God?
And add – Could there be a possible reason that I should?

From everything I've gathered on the belief structure you've vaguely and poorly outlined, were I to follow it, I would answer no.

Your god seems petty, arrogant, and vengeful. I would not follow him.

Your heart is in the right but the second you feel 100% right is the second you dont make the leap in Gods direction....You must leap......It is the only way…….

This is so mind boggling contradictory to your hubris extruded in every one of your posts.


I know for a 100% fact that every single person on this planet and universe for that matter is a fallen angel and that God never left our side because we didn’t fall literally. We feel spiritually.


P.S. I know that kind of ended on a negative note, but I am sincerely interested in your opinion on the concerns I have.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by renegadeloser
I'm stunned because this is the exact thing I've been struggling with. It seems to me that my will is the only thing that make me, me. I used to be under the standpoint that I am my thoughts. But investigation quickly dispelled that belief, because I can change my thoughts at will, so that's definitely not me. As far as I can tell what I define is me is the choice maker. If I don't make the choices, then I'm not really a thing a self, a person you know... I'm more like an eyeball.

Which is funny because when you look at the visions in the bible, you know the visions of heaven. They're in there if you look. They constantly talk about eyeballs, eyes. The highest angels, those that lie just before god, are just wheels covered in eyeballs... makes me think.

what you are is part of a family of really talented beings where as most are throwing a temper tantrum.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by tpg65

Originally posted by john124
As soon as you mentioned god I stopped reading, and I'm guessing most other readers will as well.

Count me in . I also stopped reading when I saw the word god.
I should have stopped reading after the title

You only condem yourself there...I know you see that and the warning is there...Take it or leave it.....Both choices mean something and will stand.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by renegadeloser
It's the "pearl of great price" that jesus talked about. The thing that's so great, you even give up your self, and by dying... you never die.

Not yet.....That too can change

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Originally posted by Fatgoblin

Originally posted by OldCorp
On the contrary, I speak to God every single day; and through His word (and that tiny little voice inside of me,) He speaks to me.

Of course. He would rather speak to you instead of thousands of dying, starving children all around the world who cry out to him every single minute and get no response.

Makes perfect sense

They are doing just fine where they are

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by ashtonkusher
i got about to the 15th paragraph, then i scrolled down and NOTICED 30+ MORE PARAGRAPHS! =/

it started out good but the wall of text was what turned me off

maybe you can cut it back some for the people who dont read so well and dont want to be here all day =/

Maybe you can try harder

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:32 PM

Originally posted by djzombie
That tiny voice inside your head is your mind, your conscience, whatever you want to call it. It is not some outside force, if you believe that i would recommend seeking professional help. But I personally can not fathom a god who meets out justice individually for a civilization of gnats. Perhaps you can.

I am capable yes.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:32 PM
My only response to this is that yes, I believe in free will. We all have the ability to choose. I see it as a gift, and yes a gift from God. What if we didn't have free will?

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by seridium
reply to post by Brianegan

Anyone who blames anyone but themselves is a weak minded individual imo.

If you have ever had a experience like a high '___' dose from trauma or near death you would know there is no god!!
The Astral division has no god in any dimension and there are many!
People must realize something and it is that we have been spoon fed fairy tales of belief and dogma that is meant to control your subconscious why can no one see this? Serious why can you not see this?

And if you do follow scripture like the bible for example look at it this way, there is a guy named luke, john, etc but did you know these people?? no you didn't just like you don't know me so how can you take some guys word for it especially after it has been suppressed and rewritten etc etc, there was like 86 apostles but only a handful made it to the big book, the rest are hidden in the Vatican secret libraries.
The roman catholic church used to slaughter villages men and women way worse than Germany in the name of GOD and by his command they had retarded people that actually worked for the church that would talk to god and get orders and people believed this, if you told the story of noahs ark to a mentally handicapped person they would have 20 questions like "how did one guy build a boat so big?" "where did the all the wood come from" "how did he get all the animals there?" "why didnt all the animals start eating each other dont some animals eat other animals" like serious? and then again some people believe this as real life history, do you see how the control of the mind started if you read history and not just a book of non sense you would realize you have lived your entire life never knowing you have been had, its what sheep do...

And if your still convinced there is an imaginary being that is there judging you, just remember this Most people define themselves as fine eyed body but you are not fine eyed bodies, even under a microscope you are a energy field, what we know about energy is this you go to a quantum physicist and you say "what creates the world" and he or she will say " energy" and what is energy ? well describe energy " it can never be created or destroyed, it always was always has been that ever existed, it moves into form through form and out of form" then you ask a theologian "what created the universe?" and he or she will say God and when you ask them to describe God they will say "it can never be created or destroyed, it always was always has been that ever existed, it moves into form through form and out of form" you see it is the same description but different terminology.

So if you think you’re this big meat suite running around think again you are a spiritual being you are an energy field operating in a larger energy field. we are all connected we just don’t see it everything is one energy field, you are extensions of source energy you are here in these magnificent bodies but your body has distracted you from the most part of who you really are, you are source energy you are eternal beings you are god force you are that which you call god. We are the image and likeness of god, we are the infinite feel of unfolding possibility.
You were created in the image and likeness of the creative source you have god potential and power to create your world around you you are what you oh so divinely seek, research '___' you might get a hint of what happens when you die... its proven and scientifically proven that your pineal gland releases huge amounts of '___' (Dimethyltryptamine) when you die and this is just a means of transferring your energy to the source energy, you will see when your light goes out or when you have inhaled some '___', the only difference is when inhaled your only there for about 5 min our time and back into reality 100% in 15 min.
I should also note every night when you dream and you are in Deep REM(rapid eye movement) your pineal also releases small doses of '___'(Dimethyltryptamine).

I am open to answer any questions regarding everything I have wrote I might even make a thread all about my theory.

Just because you are unworthy of his presence doesnt make him noexistant...He is just not interested in your behavior.......You want to meet git it right and maybe youll have time......Expect anything in resturn for what you should have already been doing and you cut yourself off right there.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by cloaked4u
Your conscious allows us to make choices. Choices are what define us as who we are.

Your damn right...That definiton at the moment really sucks so act and be judged

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by cloaked4u
reply to post by seridium

I believe your conscious lives on after you are dead. I also believe that that energy has to go somewhere. Also, that somewhere is wherever you want to go. Your choice.

and many are about to make that choice end up being no where.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by KonquestAbySS
If you can't trust your own "instincts" then who can you "trust"?


posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by kaabe41
reply to post by john124
I kept reading


posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:38 PM

Originally posted by moleskin
reply to post by Brianegan

I stopped reading at the angel part... mainly because it was too hard with so much text and jumping back and forth.

That being said, in the concept of free will - perhaps if we change the words from free will, to creating your reality. And I don't want to get all spiritual in the concept here, more simplistic.

When I married my ex-wife I created that reality of being with her. I also created the reality of her affair with her colleague and then my marriage breakdown. Did I try to create the affair or the marriage breakdown? of course not, but I did ask her to marry me, with scant regard of the what if's/intuition/gut feelings etc.

You see on that basis, my free will at one point, had a reaction later on, and we all know every action has a reaction (whether good or bad). So perhaps the concept of free will is flawed, but a new concept of being responsible for what happens in your life isn't so much flawed?

From a spiritual/soul perspective - or reincarnation - it is believed we come back to repay karma - or learn life lessons. In some ways that is the only logical explanation for some atrocities taking place - because a young child/newborn is unable to enact a level of free will which wouldn't be able to have an affect of their environment. But trying to keep beliefs out of this conversation, I will stick to the points above.

The facts are, no-one can prove nor disprove anything beyond which has yet been proven or disproven. We do not know what we do not know, and if we do not know it, how on earth are we supposed to find out how to know it? The fact is, in the greater scheme of the universe we are smaller than ants on this planet. We are almost insignificant. We try to make sense of something that really we can make no sense of. Creationism and Evolution are two senseless examples of humans theorizing about something we will never fully be able to ever comprehend.

Until we became consciously aware we knew nothing beforehand, and until we physically die, we will know nothing afterwards. Science cannot offer an answer, religion tries to offer hope.

What I have noticed is that, I haven't seen God or any other deity figure working magic on planet earth, nor have I heard accounts of it happening. Perhaps if God (in whatever form we believe) exists, God is waiting for humanity to stop our pointless bickering and instead try to fix our own problems, as a united people.

Perhaps if we focused less on points of difference, and came together on points of unity then God (if it exists) would actually come down and create the heaven on earth I think we all wish for. Ultimately by which point we would have created it ourselves anyway!

Instead we look to God to fix our problems, or Jesus, or Muhammad, Buddha, Aliens, Government, our friends, neighbours and families.... perhaps the reality is, we can fix problems ourselves if we started thinking and acting for the good of all.

Sadly though it seems like some form of miracle will need to take place before we wake up and start acting in such a way. And when we did, our free will, sense of destiny/purpose and responsibility would actually be in alignment!

To much when the proper response is a yes or a no to what you would do and to go out and act having heard the warning

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by OldCorp

Originally posted by Fatgoblin

Originally posted by OldCorp
On the contrary, I speak to God every single day; and through His word (and that tiny little voice inside of me,) He speaks to me.

Of course. He would rather speak to you instead of thousands of dying, starving children all around the world who cry out to him every single minute and get no response.

Makes perfect sense

How do you know what God did, or did not, say to those children Bolo? Were you there?

What I find amazing is all of the supposedly intelligent people who dismiss the possibility of God out of hand; but they believe in aliens, HAARP, "TPTB," or any number of things that they can't see - including evolution.

The Universe is VAST, and ancient too. Who is to say that God doesn't belong to a race of beings that evolved millions, if not billions of years ago? Think about that for just a second. In the past few thousand years, humans have gone from walking wherever they went, to cruising in space; sending manned vehicles to the Moon, and probes to other planets - some of which have already left the solar system and are heading out into interstellar space.

Through simple things like a better diet and medicines, humans have managed to DOUBLE their average life span since Christ walked the Earth. Human knowledge is doubling every 18 months. The Japanese are using neural tissue to store information just like a computer; a hundred years from now, scientists may find a way to download our consciousness into a new body, or through the use of medicine and technology enable us to live in the ones we have for as long as we want. Scientists have already created itsy-bitsy little robots that can repair damage INSIDE a living cell. What does that sound like but eternal life?

In our current state of evolution, we don't use anywhere near the projected capacity of our brains, yet telekinesis and telepathy are proven to be possible. What would another million years of evolution do to us? Will we be able to move large objects just by wishing it to be done? Will we be able to create things by rearranging matter simply by thinking about it?

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that an advanced species that has been evolving before since life on Earth was stuck in the primordial ooze might be able to use their brain power - or highly advanced technology - to open wormholes and travel across vast distances? Five hundred years ago, humans were convinced that the world was flat and that the Sun revolved around it. A hundred years ago, humans were only aware of three dimensions, and now physicists theorize that there are 11 dimensions - or more - in a multiverse of possibilities.

What wonders will scientists discover about the reality of our universe in another hundred years; or a thousand, or ten thousand? Will WE be opening wormholes, traveling through subspace or inter-dimensionally in bodies that never wear out? And when we discover - or create - new life on other planets, wouldn't that make us "god-like?"

Damn people, wake up and use your imaginations. If you have no imagination, use logic. There is NO WAY that humans are the pinnacle of evolved life in the universe. It is what, 13.5 billion years old? Our little rock was only cobbled together from interstellar dust 4.5 billion years ago. What about all of the civilizations that MUST have risen and fallen long before our atoms were puked out from a stellar nursery somewhere? Surely some of them must have survived long enough to figure out a way to advance without destroying themselves in the process. If they are still around, and were to visit Earth, wouldn't we see them as "gods?"

If you deny the possibility that somewhere in our universe there are beings so advanced - technologically, physically, and spiritually - that they would make us look like bacteria in comparison, then you have no business calling yourself anything but ignorant.

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Thank you for this wonderful post.

Regards and Nameste,


posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by jaxnmarko
Many people have reported sighting such things as UFOs, bigfoot, the loch ness monster..... there are many opinions on ancient technology, previous civilizations, ghosts, NWO, government conspiracies.... and that's why people and fellow members come HERE, to read about what interests them and at times encounter new ideas about stuff they are only beginning to explore, but I personally wish there were less posts and threads about, and frankly, threats about, my impending doom and destruction because I am not a good enough Christian (judge not lest ye be judged!) for some that don't know me. I'm glad people have the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions here at ATS, but I would like to see the mods curtail all these religious threads unless they are specifically placed in a religious forum so that if a person chooses to read them, he or she can, but I find them about as welcome as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses that come to my door without my invitation. The bible is there for anyone to read and get from it what they will. If a person chooses to go to church or otherwise share their time with others of their same belief, that is certainly their right, I would hope and have fought to defend. But just as I would hope to not see evangelical preachers on ESPN when I am hoping to watch some sports, I would also hope that when I come to ATS to read about what interests me, I won't have to face so many religious threads in forums not related to religious matters. If I want to read them, I can find them.

Being a christian has nothing to do with it..........What you want is not aligned with the rule of God unless you do exactly as he wishes and not just when you have the energy.....It is all or nothing....Know this as true......Stalling is no longer allowed.

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