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The Greys in Anicent history, or was God a Grey?

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 02:12 PM
That last pic is a pot. You can find the high quality version floating around. Other than that one, the other ones are really interesting.
@something wicked
i didn't see you beat me to it, lol...
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:54 PM
The annanuki is a collective, empire, legion even, or at least those that may be close to our channel frequency, very legion affiliated. Some of the key systems were Orion and Sirius B. The three races I know of, and of course there are more in this Group called annanuki: the reptilian serpent group, nordic hybrid reptilian human, and zeta rheticuli, pinkies/greys. They first two are very very tall reptiles and nordics predominantly. They are fascist and ruthless in nature. Darth Vader's group basically.

They did not make or create humans. The are not our creator.

If you seek enough, meditate and have any memories come through, we all were here when earth was created as this particular school to learn in. And it was created well, by the true Family, that we think of as God, the Highest Love and Goodness Family outside the metaphorical tv screen, universe hologram, in our true home. They imput the Life, the Love, the Coding, the Signals through the gateways of the projectors for the hologram: STARS, our SUN.

This world and our physical forms were created to progress, and we had choices. The duality they talk of is not equal armies of good and dark. The ones who serve negativity and harming others side, simply fail the tests here. The opposition or what makes it hard to grow is AI, or the coding in our dna, ie. sickness, mortality, anger, reaction, addictions, strong sex drives, etc etc, and natural disasters, etc etc.

Those annanuki are still here, and outposts, moon, mars, saturn. They are not our Family, Dad/,Mom, Yeshua brothers/sisters, they are merely big fish in a small tiny box within a holoraphic school, whereas our Family are the progressed expanded Loving Good People outside the holographic school.

It was set up to be interactive. In other words, we could turn it into heaven or hell, we could via our thoughts, intents and actions bring in negativiy or positivity. We could allign and give access/draw to ourselves, frequencies that match. ie. Negativity, fascism and bad guys gaining access and dominion by our Lack of True Love for each other, sharing equally, not forcing people, not harming others. Conversely, we can pull in our HELP, and Goodness by alligning our frequency and love to the higher levels, which is the purpose of this school and how you pass the tests.

That the annanuki came in and downgraded our dna, disconnected our left and right hemispheres, and capped our spiritual antenaa, and created warriors fast to react, and dumbed us down, shortened our lives and set up henchmen amongst ourselves, the more ruthless, to rule over the rest through bloodlines, is because somehow we brought this in.

Now its time to wake up and start to love.

Two very good overviews and videos.

Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell would be the original expert that the Da Vinci code was written on, and his research for decades appears in many movies.

When he expresses that he doesnt think the human race is going to win, and is very heavy hearted from his years of research, PC, Kerry, Bill even David Wilcock, who all reveal their true colors, sincere spontaneous, encouragement. Anyone who thinks they're faking, should watch this, because their love for him and circling around him to pick his spirits up is so loving, everyone is so geniune.

And then they arranged a meeting with David Icke, a good friend of Jordan and Jordan is responsible for much of David's research and success, and the both take turns sharing until positivity and hope returns, as a follow up from the last part, like true friends in need.

David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation: a Project Avalon video

By the way, there is either a connected group, or a paramilitary concept that come September ,these guys are coming back, some of them stepping out from underground here, possibly due to the negativity of elenin/honda or even power shortages, events, of some sort to feed on us. I don't know if they mean literally manifest to eat people, or if they mean, draco's and just suck up all the suffering and pain people go through.

Just send a lot of love out and make sure they feel it and back off.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:34 PM
Now IF you were part of a race that had been genetically created by a more advanced race, the advanced race would obviously be your creator. I wonder if any alien civilizations have developed this way and, if so, are they aware of it. It would certainly change the way you look at your world.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Congrats, you've fallen prey to Pareidolia. Had you cared to look into this a wee bit more deeply you'd find the easy explanation to the Saqqara carving because elsewhere on that same wall is a relief of a vase full of what looks like reeds (or perhaps a lotus flower). If faded it would look identical to your "Grey". Can't fault someone for having an active imagination though.

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch
but seeing as you are then may I invite you to check-out my website ... I think you might enjoy it ... besides the text there are hundreds of pics like this that I've used for comparison of this very subject

But I don't want to HAVE to join to read them...this sounds like a subtle recruiting drive to get membership on your site under the guise of 'providing information' of which you provided none, other than you website...

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 12:33 PM
Though these pictures are great and depict some events in our ancient history, The God who created us is not a grey. He is an enlightened human that know the laws of creation. This is the missing chapter of our history that we are slowly discovering. Hopefully soon we will find out this information, whether through Egypt or another ancient document.

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