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Nigerian Death Cult asking for Beatdown Deluxxxe

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 12:31 PM
In forest shrines scattered through the state of Anambra in Nigeria, 50 corpses (including mummified as well as fresh bodies) and some bleached skulls were found.

Nigeria Discovers 50 Possible Cult Victims

Police believed some of the victims -- businessmen, civil servants and others -- may have been poisoned as part of a shadowy ritual justice system, Shofoluwe added.

The group is believed to practice a ritual in which parties involved in a personal dispute -- often over business deals -- are made to drink a potion they are told will kill only the guilty one.
The ceremonial chief priest who prepared potions given to victims was not arrested because of his old age, Shofoluwe said.

Among the victims were businessmen and civil servants. These death cultists might think that they're bada**es, but if they keep this up their luck's going to run out pretty quickly. When the Aum cult in Japan killed a member of the Yakuza, their "minister of science" was stabbed to death. And when cults in south-east Asia have picked fights with villagers or authorities, there's been mass retribution. Now these idiots are trying to stir sh*t up in a country known for its despotic military regimes and fundamentalist Muslims. I smell a cultist barbeque.

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