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Meeting an ATS Friend - Crossing the border from Canada to the USA - I've never been so hassled

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:12 PM
If crossing the border just rent a car for the day. And be be to get the insurance in case they take it apart.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Chinesis

Then you refuse to give out his name as if you or your friend
have ANY right to privacy when you've already admitted you've got papers n # that identify you as a ward of the state?

Actually, he DID use my real name with the border guards, but he used the "cover name" on ATS to protect my identity. Just clarifying that for you because it seems that more than a few people didn't read carefully enough.

Peace be with you.


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Gradius Maximus

I live in NYC, i have a lot of family in Hamilton, and usually cross form either Rainbow Bridge or Fort Eire. Ive crossed the border from those 2 points about 10 ~ 15 times already, they've never done anything to me.

Just seems like to me, you told them the truth, you could have just simplified it out and told them ur going shopping. lol

But on a more serious note, they've never been that serious to me, the rule usually is keep it short and simple silly/stupid (KISS).

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:27 PM
It will be this way till the Bruins win the series, get used to it
.....serious sarcasm and good sport humor intended (disclaimer for Prozac riddled corpses behind PCs)

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:29 PM
maybe its best to stay at home... there is some strange folks in other countries...

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:30 PM
They detained me on the northern border as well. I was trying to go to a tattoo convention when they detained us all, put us all in a glass box. Searched, car ripped apart, retina scanned and finger printed. After 4 hours they sent me back to the US and did not let me enter Canada. They did not find one spec of dirt on me.

They did yell at me because my license said I was an inch taller though. Very criminal huh? Especially since I totally had a part in making my license at the DMV. (sarcasm)

Yes, I know this is Illegal. What can you do about it?

It was the department of homeland security that did this to me.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:33 PM
A friend of mine heading into Canada to do a custom interior on a sailboat had everything in his truck dumped on the ground in the rain by the Canadian border agents for four hours, so it works both ways.

All this Gestapo behavior of late by people hiding behind badges in supposed response to what in reality was a murderous false-flag operation in support of the energy-financial-military-industrial complex and its rapacious, authoritarian, anti-democratic agenda. Go figure?

Instead of real freedom we now have in the American Homeland a putrid, Teutonic, heroic, nationalistic, mythological freedom to believe, do, and say anything we want as long as it's what they themselves in their infinite self-interest have downloaded into our thick, emotional, barely simian, limited-information brains.

YOU! Get back in that free-speech zone or there is going to be some head-cracking and jack-boot neck stomping.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:54 PM
I cross the us canada border frequently and I can say that they are equally deplorable on either side. I had a canadian border guard literally throw my belongings around a room as he looked for 'something' to incriminate me. He found nothing. Conversely, i've cross with no problems at all from either side. Just depends on who you get and what their mood is.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:08 PM
At least they put your car back together.
My aunt and uncle owned a house on a golf course in Texas. Six months there, six months in B.C. Canada.

They had lived like that for years. Contributing to the American economy etc, living as POLITE Americans..
Last year, going back to Texas for the winter, they were stopped, flagged due to all their "back and forth" visits, questioned, like, back room questioned, detained and treated like garbage.

When they were released, their car seats were removed, carpet removed, roof liner removed, dashboard removed, and all the pieces on the side of the road. When my uncle asked for some assistance to put it all back, he was told that it was "HIS" problem. Not theirs.

They no longer even visit anymore.
Sold everything. Wanted to burn it, before they left. But...anyways...yeah.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Gradius Maximus

I mean, you did give a decent description of a terrorist. I don't see much wrong with what they did, though I'm just going to be the guy who says it: unless you came from the middle east, Russia, China, or S America, there's really no need to do those things.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Demoncreeper

I'm suspicious of your claims. That's a right to sue right there, and they're fools not to have.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by Gorman91
unless you came from the middle east, Russia, China, or S America, there's really no need to do those things.

Well, actually the big problem is Canada's extremely lax immigration policies. Which would be addressed by 'deep integration' which people rail against without having the slightest idea what it actually entails (which is strengthened immigration policies into their country from outside N. America)

US critics also warned that “Canada's open immigration policies and relatively lax policing of recent arrivals could make it a logical entry point…”[ix] The public was reminded of several close calls from the 1990s – most notably, the Algerian born al-Qaeda operative Ahmed Ressam (also known as The Millennium Bomber) who was allowed to enter and settle in Montreal, Canada, under an application of political asylum in 1994. He later evaded detection by assuming a false identity and using a counterfeit passport.[x] In 1999, Ressam was arrested when custom officials found timing devices and nitroglycerin hidden in a spare tire as he crossed the US-Canada border at Port Angeles, Washington. It was later revealed that Ressam’s target was to bomb the LAX International Airport at Los Angeles, California.[xi]


Originally posted by Gorman91
reply to post by Demoncreeper

I'm suspicious of your claims. That's a right to sue right there...

Is it? Under what law? The problem with border crossings is they are in a legal limbo.

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by SpaceJockey1
No one likes to say it but PROFILING would bring back some SANITY to this overblown terrorism thing!

Suddenly it's everyday citizens that are the 'terrorist'...when did we allow this to happen?

Here's a list below of foiled terrorist attempts since 9/11. Tell me how many aren't involving extreme Muslims?


It's a known fact that most Canadians don't like Americans, so I can understand the problems experienced by Americans wishing to cross the border. The border guards can hassle you because they CAN

USA you've really lost the plot and unfortunately the USA agenda is being exported WORLDWIDE, and is impacting on every other country

I say PROFILE and leave the GOOD CITIZENS alone.

I know it sounds bad but I agree! I love going to the USA and definatly don't feel like being harassed. I think the president and primeminister both know there are problems with the boarder and are trying to fix it. Maybe if we write to our local governments about the hassle of boarder crossing they can come up with ideas to make it easier on regular people who are going to their vacation home, shopping, tourism, business etc.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by Chindogu
reply to post by Gradius Maximus

Crossing from Canada to the US the guards are American, am I right? On the way back the guards would be Canadian? If that's the case I'm guessing that the trip back was a breeze hey.

I think they both work together now

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by Gradius Maximus

After reading many comments, and after seeing many "apologists" for this hassle, with some implying you are to blame, I would confidently say that this manufactured "war on terror", which is clearly based on lies, is strategically successful. The common mind-set is veering toward acceptance of an all-out police state fueled by fear and desire for security. Others have just learned to accept it without if it were some natural process of social progression. How depressing.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by verylowfrequency
I'm sorry that our servants are not representing our wishes any longer. Eventually we hope to bring peace & tranquility back to America, but for the moment it is not so.

All I can suggest is to tell them what they want to hear even if it is not the exact truth. As long as they see what they want to see & hear what they want to hear they will wave you along. You need to program them as you see fit to get the results you want. They don't think, they follow their training.

Just like they train & practice, you need to do the same.

B-B-B-But they have heavy weapons.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by Gradius Maximus
So I braved the border today -

I journeyed across the sacred rainbow bridge which separates the 2 beautiful nations at Niagara Falls ON/NY. The following is a sad tale of just how unbelievable this journey has become.

It all began with a pleasant hour and 20 minute drive through the countryside, passing through wine country beside the great lakes - I came into the final stretch of the border, the wait wasn't long, maybe 5 minutes, as I pulled up, a tall man stepped out and eyed me harshly as I approached, he reminded me of mexican military in between the border of Jalisco in western mexico.

The conversation went roughly as follows,

Guard "Passport - What are you doing here today"

Gradius "Im having lunch at the hard rock cafe"

Guard "Where do you live"

Gradius "Vancouver BC, but I'm staying in Hamilton for now"

Guard (Long pause) "Why did you come here?"

Gradius "Im visiting family, and came to visit a friend"

Guard "Who does this car belong to"

Gradius "My mothers, im driving it for the day while im away from home"

Guard "Show me your license, registration and insurrance"

Gradius "No problem"

Guard "Who are you doing to see"

Gradius "My friend, John Smith (Privacy)"

Guard "How long have you known this friend and where do they live"

Gradius "About a year, im not sure where he lives, we havent met yet"

Guard "You havent MET this friend yet?"

Gradius "No, we know eachother from internet discussions"

Guard "You've NEVER met this person except from speaking with them on the INTERNET, Give me your keys"

(At this point he became very aggressive - I gave him my keys)

Gradius "Never met them, and yes, we've spoken in great length over the internet, just like I've done with many of my clients who I work with and rarely meet"

Guard "Hang on"

(At this point, 4 military dressed men walk over and 'tell' me to step out of the car)

They surround me, and one man asks if I'm carrying any weapons, firearms, knives, ect.

Gradius: I have a leatherman multitool in my pocket

(They all go alert)

Guard #1: DONT TOUCH IT!! let this man get it from you.

Gradius: Okay....No problem, its in this pocket (I had very deep 5 inch pockets)

Guard #3: (He struggles to remove it, sort of man handling my crotch area and then he gives up trying to reach)

Guard#2 Just let him take it out himself, (as he has a hand on his gun)

(I remove the leatherman multi tool, and very carefully give it to them with open palms, I'm sooo dangerous)

I am then escorted to a room filled with 4 armed guards, and told to sit down and wait, they proceed to rip apart the car and examine every nook and cranny, every square inch is sniffed by dogs and examined by 2 guards.

after about a half hour I'm shouted at from the back of the quarantine room.

Guard: Hey Boss, Come get your papers,

I take my papers, and they say "You can go now". I return to the car in shambles, things moved around and jossled, the contents of the dash emptied onto the seats, change spilled out onto the floor from my jacket pockets.

Going out for lunch in the USA was never such a big deal.

Apparently now - Its almost criminal - Or at least suspected of such.

I certainly felt like a criminal

How did it come to this?


edit on 31-5-2011 by Gradius Maximus because: (no reason given)

you gave him too much information, why?

passport pls, where you going?
hard rock cafe for lunch?

bye have a nice lunch

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by incrediblelousminds

Who cares? Sue anyway. Some lawyer will work it out. Plus if the people who did it are American, it really doesn't matter where they did it.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:51 PM
sorry father, it's been a long time since I posted

in 2000, before 9/11, I used to work for a "plant automation company"(PLC devices) in Canada. They ad me go to work at Merk Medco(pharmaceutical) in pennsylvania. Has I went to the airport to come back to Canada, I come up to the final gate and they start passing a small piece of cloth all over my suitcase(laptop & stuff).

When is scanned the cloth with a special machine, it went all crazy like a freaking disco machine ... beeping and flashing ...

A bunch of officer came running toward me with there guns pointed and yelling to backup. As soon as I backed up from my suitcase they savagely took me into a room. Then the trouble started. before having my story told or my credential verify, I was already naked with someone finger one up my "exit only tiny".

After "passing the physical exam with a perfect healt". ...sarcasim ... I got all sorts of funny questions too, about drug, religion, politics. They even mention about taking some radiography. It's only 30min later They finaly ask "where have you been ?"

After replying, I was at Merck Medco reprogramming PLCs ... The guy start laughing is face off like real jeurk ! Then he start explaining about heart medecin containing small portion of nitro will laughing ...

They said the traces and levels of that chemical on my stuff was very high... still laughing there faces off!

Came back to Montreal empty handed ... literely ! The computer put to pieces, clothing cutted ..etc Hell of a day that was ... hell of a day ! I never want back to the USA since and will never go back again. Just in case some idiot start asking the question in the wrong order.

I invite my friends from america insted

Désolé pour mon anglais ! ... I know bad english !


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:14 PM
Sounds to me like you offered way too much information. When asked who you were going to see, the answer should be "a friend" and offer nothing more. When asked where your friend lived, you could have just looked at him like he was an idiot and said "In the US. Thats why we are meeting for lunch there." If he persisted, you can just easily say, "New York, thats why I am meeting him there for lunch". You offered details that he never asked for and did not need to even know and you did it through the entire conversation.

For instance..when asked who's car you were driving. You said your mothers car and you are borrowing it because blah blah blah blah. Anything after "My Mother's car" is offered information that he neither asked for nor are you required to give.

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