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The most "undeniably" paranormal experience you've had.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 10:52 AM
I used to work security for the Ross Building at 8th and Market in Philadelphia. If you are familiar with this building, then you know that the building connected to the 8th and Market El station that is actually underground at that stretch of the line.
One of the things we do especially when you're working 3rd shift is hourly patrols of the building. One of the reasons, besides the stores is the Dept of Agriculture and other Federal offices in the upper levels of the building.
In the non public areas of the building, there are back halls that are behind Panera Bread, and the other restaurants in the food court that is in the lower level of the building, connected to the El Station. Because the 8th and Market underground also links to PATCO jersey train line at that point, and in the winter, it becomes a place where many homeless go to get out of the cold. In fact one of the more unsavory duties we'd have is at 7 in the morning, we'd have to go out to the station and move the homeless people from OUR side of the underground to SEPTA's side.
I mention all of this because there are times when we have found on our patrols, homeless people in the back halls behind the restaurants.. But those back halls also have stairs that lead up, and run behind the offices in the upper floors.
Usually we trade off, there are always two officers, and they try to pair us male and female, because of Lavatory checks. And we would trade off, one round on one round off, so in an eight hour shift, each officer would do 4 rounds.

It was winter. It was actually code blue that night. Cold Blue is a term that means the police can force the homeless to go into a shelter, because death is likely from the exposure. That night we had a few people slip into the building, and we didn't hassle them, we just kept an eye on them.
I went to make my rounds, and went through the back hall, which was clear, up the stairs, and then there is a hall that you go down to that ends in back office doors. It had a few steps and then a small landing, about 5 feet long. You can't see it at first, because it's behind a turn coming from the main steps that get you up there.

I came up those steps, and made the turn and there was a guy sitting on those steps. I thought he was one of the homeless that had slipped back there. He was an older man, looked like he was in his 60s, lead a hard life. His hair was white, he had a grubby, but short mustache and beard, that still had some darker hairs in the middle of the chin. The mustache was yellow stained under his nose and at the corner of his mouth.
That hall is not well lit, having industrial like yellow lights that tend to wash everything out.. But his clothes looked very dirty, like they were stiff with dirt, I can't say what color it was, just brown, grey dirty clothes. He was wearing a knit cap either black or brown, and his jacket had a rip across the front of the left arm.

I stopped short when I saw him and I was surprised, because of course, no one was supposed to be back there, because I thought the homeless we pretended we didn't see in the food court were all there, and because I had been working there long enough to know most of the regulars, and a few that just made the Ross Building one of their stops.
We had a procedure when it came to that kind of situation. You ask the person to leave. And I did. I said to him, sir, you're going to have to move on. (they called me the Nice Guard, because I was always polite and respectful to the homeless, not demanding, but asking, I would apologize for waking them up in the morning, and the Dunkin Donuts which is right there when you walk in would often give us guards the leftover donuts of the day, far too many for us to even take home to family, I would give them out to the homeless. Because of this, I never really had any trouble with getting them to comply with my requests, other then Naked Crazy guy. Yes he was naked most of the time. and yes, he was definitely crazy), So calling him sir was par for the course for me.
But he didn't move. I spoke to him again, Sir, can you please exit this area, this isn't open to the public, you're going to have to leave, and he ignored me. At that point, I turned, walked back towards the main stairs, taking maybe three steps away, and called my partner on the walkie as per procedure and gave him my 20, saying I have an indigent there that is refusing to leave.
He confirmed and told me he was on his way, and I turned back to guy to ask him to leave one more time.
No one was there.

I LOOKED at this guy for at least 30 seconds before I recovered over the shock of seeing someone where no one should be, and when I was asking him to leave the area, that one-sided conversation was at least a minute, giving him time to acknowledge my request before repeating it when I was ignored.

I got a lot of ribbing from my partner, but I KNOW what I saw, I KNOW what was there. I can see that man in my mind to this day. How he sat on the step, his body position. There was no way for him to get past me. He was there and then he was gone.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by TageruS

From the way she described it, any photo that had two or more people was torn... any picture with friends, relatives and general acquaintances. As if the ghost went through the photos and systematically ripped the ones with people in them. She said as many as 60 photos were torn down the center. All other photos were untouched. She said she was going through a stack of photos from a vacation to the mountains. There would be a dozen photos of landscapes, all untouched. When she got to a photo of her kids standing in the picture, it was torn.

She told us they just wanted to get the hell out of the house, and they did. They were not the least bit interested in finding out the house's history. I don't think there's any doubt that the ghost\entity\whatever was angry and disturbed.

I tend to be a skeptic, but this story led me to truly believe that while most ghosts are benign and simply co-exist or share the house with the living inhabitants, there can be angry or evil entities that attack or threaten the people who "invade" their space.

I thought the movie "The Others" (with Nicole Kidman) was fantastic. Very intriguing....made me wonder if ghosts can live in a house just like they did when they were alive. They're existing on another plane which we can't see, but if conditions are right, we can sometimes "make contact". For the readers of this thread who haven't seen the movie, you should check it out.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:50 AM
reply to post by FalseParadigm

Nice! That's one of the experiences that would be pretty hard to discredit. Thanks for sharing.

I'm still reading ALL of the stories posted in this thread, btw. And don't worry about whoring the thread or whatever. I think most people will continue to post their own experiences, regardless.


posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 02:39 PM
Update: I took another friend back to Rogues Hollow last night. Without even telling him what sounds to expect, he specifically mentioned the sound of a horse trotting behind the car- EXACTLY how I described what I've heard the other times I've been there. The two people at the front of the car also reported seeing what appeared to be a person with a lantern walking down the road toward the car.

That place is insane...

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 03:18 PM
Not sure what this was but here is my story.
It all happened when I was about 12 or 13. It started happening after I had been sick for a couple of days.
I would be lying in bed, listening to the radio and then I would feel this strange slight foggy feeling in my mind.
The sound of the radio would start to speed up very fast and then slow down. It would keep going up and down for a while. And I can remember I was not afraid but I would just stay still and listen to it. I can't recall if I ever tried to move while it was happening. Also my bed would start to feel like a concrete slab, it would be like I was on hard rock and my body would be kind of stiff and I think it was hard to move properly, like I was really sluggish or moving/rolling over in slow motion. And it could happen as soon as I got into bed or any time during the night even while asleep. Anyway this happend for a month with me not thinking to much about it. But after it kept happening I started to get angry so I told my mum. She seemed angry at the time because of what was happening (I found out later why). She said not to worry and that it was going to go away, she sat on my bed and prayed for about 2mins and then it went away and never came back (it started to come back once when I decided I would try talk to god one night. I felt the feeling creeping back so I stopped.). Anyway a couple of years ago I asked her what it was and why she was angry. She was reluctant to talk about it, pretty sure she said it goes down the family but she did not go into detail. She said that it had happened to her when she was my age and the church had to get rid of it. I don't know what the church did but I'm pretty sure it would have been hardcore. Her mum was very very religous (burnt books before thinking they were evil and other crazy things). Anyway I wanted to know more but she just would not talk about it... Do you guys have any ideas about what it was/is??

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Dontrunwithknives

That's just sleep paralysis. I've been having that almost every day for the past six years. Its gotten to the point where I don't even remember it when I get out of bed in the morning. Pretty common and not something to worry about. Its all good.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by BirdOfillOmen
reply to post by Dontrunwithknives

That's just sleep paralysis. I've been having that almost every day for the past six years. Its gotten to the point where I don't even remember it when I get out of bed in the morning. Pretty common and not something to worry about. Its all good.

Nope I don't believe that. Why would sleep paralysis just go away never to return just from 2mins of prayer? Why would it start to comeback when I tried to talk to God I felt the slowing down type feeling creeping up then I stopped talking and it got blocked out again (now that I think about it I may have just been trying to talk to anything). How did my mum know what I was talking about as soon as I told her? It was as if she knew exactly what I was talking about and she was really angry at this thing for doing it to me. I was not paralysed ever. I could always move, it just went in slow motion with this delayed strange feeling. It would happen any time during the night. I would wake up to roll over and feel it. I would dream about the bed being a slab of concrete. I would just get into bed and I could feel it creeping up, even before I started to feel sleepy. Why would my mum be worried to talk about it? She seemed to know more but did not want to say, out of fear I'm guessing.
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 10:29 PM
I haven't had many paranormal experiances.
My major one was watching a silhouette of a person walk across my brothers bedroom as I was sleeping in there one night (he had two beds, he was there too but never saw it).

But just tonight I experienced something in the Hotel i'm working at as a night porter.
I have to do security checks at 11:00 (when I first get here) 3:00 and then 6:00.

So I just done my 3:00 one as usual, once I have checked the room corridors I walk down the function room and then back up through the restaurant, I checked the breakfast buffet table was ready to set up in the morning, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I come back to the office, decide i'm not tired enough to get a couple hours sleep and then go back to clean the bar (which is right next to the restaurant).
Something perculiar has happened, one of the tables and the two chairs round it is now in the middle gangway that I walked up not 5 mins ago. I got chills.
I said "Can you leave this here please" as I put them back in their correct position.

I have been told there is a little girl's spirit from when this was a house down the end of one of the room corridor's but have yet to see anything strange down there. I haven't been told about any poltergueist activity though, maybe because no-one knows IDK.

I am here 5 nights a week so I will be the one to see unusual happenings and I will post if/when they occur.

Night all.
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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 09:59 AM
Hi, first time poster here. I found this thread very interesting and I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories.
I have a few strange experiences myself that to this day can't explain. One of these experiences took place when I was a kid. I'd say I was about 6 or 7yrs old. One day, one of the kids I used to be neighbors with were out playing in my front yard when all of sudden he just stopped and saw that he was staring at something way off in the distance. I asked, what are u looking at? He's like, look way over there. I turned an looked in that direction. I'd say about 150-200 yards away, We could see what appeared to be a group of indians walking along a woodline. Keep in mind this was like 1986, and they looked exactly like you would see indians portrayed on tv in the full headfeathers and all. Something like u would see a chief wear. Plus this was privately owned farmland, so I'd rule out some kind of reenactment. Anyhow, I've told that story to many members of my family and they just laugh like I made it up. TRUE STORY.
Another incident I can't explain happened once when I was on a fishing trip with my mother and ex stepfather. This was back in the early to mid 90's. There was this great fishing spot that I used to know of for years. I remember go there as far back as my dad taking when I was real little. You had to walk across a field bottom that came to a point where the river bended and went downstream. Where the river bended, it also formed a backup stream that basically went back up and around the other side of the field. On the other side of this stream. There was like a steep hillside that had these natural rock outcroppings and formations that you could tell were natural. Well, this particular time I went something weird caught my eye. I looked at my mom and asked her to talk look across the way and see if something looked strange to her. Where the rock formations were, for some odd reason. They didn't look the same. By that, I mean it looked like someone had cut the front of them off, and they we're replaced with different rocks that were smoothed down real fine and man made. Almost as if they were hiding something. Anyway, we didn't stay long because we weren't having any luck with the fishing. I have been back to this spot a few times, the most recent being about 3 years ago. The rock formations are back to looking natural again. Something about that still puzzles me to this day.
My last experience happened several years ago. I have a friend that is really into ghosthunting. Back when we were teenagers, like most do we would go out looking for old abandoned houses looking for ghosts and stuff like that. I live in Allen Co. Ky in a little town called Scottsville. Around here, we have our own share of wild ghost stories and urban legends. One particular story that always intrigued me was about this stretch of rd nicknamed "HOOT OWL HOLLER" by the local kids. Lol, never heard any owl's by the way. I first heard stories about this place from a guy I went to school with that I later worked with at my first job out of high school. He got to telling me this story about some friends and his going out there to look for these so called devil houses. These houses were supposedly haunted, but were also be used for satanic worshipping and things of that nature. I told my friend about the story and we wanted to check it out for ourselves. We found the road and traveled it back and forth. We never found the houses, later we found out they had been burnt and destroyed which was probably a good thing. What we did find to me was very odd. There is a little church that sits of the main rd off this little gravel drive. Next to this church is this old rundown shack that doesn't look like it has been lived in I'd say at least 25-30 years. The front porch roof is caved in and believe me, its unliveable. My friend and I found this church and house on accident one night. We started using the little gravel drive it they were on as like a turnaround spot. One night we were out there and I was going to drive down and turn around in front of the church and house and head back up the way we came from. When I got down there, to mine and my friends surprise there was pickup truck there and the house looked like it was being lived in. There was a light on in what looked like the frontroom, the porchroof was up and intact, and u could actually see furniture in there. We were caught off guard thinking we were going to get caught for trespassing, so we hurried up and left. Well, we went back a few a days later during the day, the house was back to the way it had looked before. All run down again. We still talk about that to this day. We both wonder if we passed through some kind of time warp or something. My friend has been out to this place many more times since then and has experenced other strange things.

posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 10:05 AM
I woke up the day before the Tsunami in Japan, in the full knowledge that there had been a Tsunami in Japan. Then the next day, turned the news on and remember feeling really sorry that they had been struck by two Tsunami's in as many days. They had only been hit by one. Can anyone explain this. I can also back this up as well because I went out with my mates the day before it happened and was telling them all about this Tsunami.

I also once turned off my house alarm which requires a key-fob by looking at it. (I was angry at the time because it was making a racket and I couldn't find the fob.) I felt a shudder at the top of my spine when it happened. This one was also pretty weird.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 12:07 AM
Theres two experiences that have really happened to me. First off I am very intutiative, I will say things and they will happen too. For instance, When my grandma died when i was a child, I woke up randomly in the morning, told my self my grandma died, the phone rang. I said when my grandpa was going to die and he did, etc. etc. I can feel peoples vibes, and also vibes in my surroundings. Every now and then i will feel a presence, and no body would have entered the room. I dont like it. And i typically don't share this with people because some people just think im nuts/

Hah. Anyways, So i was with my friend one night. It was probably about 3am or so. I was driving him home and we were going down this road, there was a black suv, Now that i remember it It was just like this black mass, no details just that it looked like an SUV. I didn't really notice the no details or anything I just wondered what the heck it was doing on the side of the road that late. There was a man standing behind it and as i was about to pass the man stepped out in front of my car. Thinking i was going to hit him, I swerved and avoided him. I stared past my friend through the passenger window to look at this lunatic who almost walked in front of my car. Immediately my throat closed up, my chest tightened. The man was looking right at me and i can't describe him other than terrifying. His face seemed to be kind of scarred, and we locked eyes and it was just Awful awful vibes. Then he suddenly faded from the head down. My throat eased up and the tightness went away i was scared sh*tless. I was clenching the steering wheel and kept driving thinking i was going nuts, I didnt say anything to my friend about my random swerve and what just happened.. I didn't want him to think I was crazy too. Then he turned around in his seat looked back and went "Woooaahhh. Where did that dude go?!" And I asked him if he saw him too. And my friend described exactly the man i saw, and how he faded from the head down.... Needless to say I didn't go home that way to see if the suv was really there. I never went down that road since.

My second story is alot nicer, and you can be a skeptic all you want, I would be too. About four years ago I had a chihuahua named Gucci. She was my baby and slept with me and everything. At this time i was going through a very rough stage of depression and Gucci would always stay in bed with me and comfort me. One week she started acting very odd (she was only a year and a half) I went to work and came home at midnight and my mom said how Gucci was acting really weird, wouldnt walk on the hardwood floor, and shrieked and ran away and hid. I figured i better take her to the vet, so we were trying to find her and finally my mom found her, lifeless under her bed. As soon as my mom walked in the room I knew... I started bawling. Uncontrollably, my brother thought she was still breathing so my mom took her to the vet while i stayed at home because i was uncontrollable. Unfortunantely Gucci had died, there was nothing we could do. I didnt want a biopsy, and i didnt want her cremated not sure why. It was the middle of December, and up here in utah it gets quite cold and snowy. My mom dug a hole one day, and holding Gucci in her pink box i started to walk out to the very back of my yard. Each step i took the wind kicked up and the weather got worse. It was nuts! Like right out of the movie. As i was starting to put Gucci in the ground it thundered! Yes, in december. Then it started to snow.
It was the worst ive ever felt in my life, never cried at a funeral for anyone, but my dog and im just uncontrollable. I would burst out crying hysterically for months on end. (Even in the summer time when i would hang laundry and look back where she was buried) One night not too long after Gucci died i was sleeping. And she kept barking. yes. barking. I sleepily lifted up my head and Gucci was sitting there barking at me, I told her to be quiet and sleep. I plopped back down on my pillow then realized Gucci was dead. I lifted back up and said "Gucci?" but she was gone. Everynow and then i would feel her energy in the house. One night i was downstairs with our lab. Sampson and our cat. I was the only one in the house, and i was folding laundry. I noticed the cat and dog look up at the celing and i looked up too to see what on earth they were staring at. Then i heard the same scurrying sound Gucci used to make when scampering across the hardwood floor upstairs.
Aside from hearing her, and feeling her vibes I started having these dreams where either she would be lost and i was trying to find her, and i would find her again, or she would be dead but she would be alive and i would have her again. Even a few years later when i moved out i had a dream woke up briefly in my new house and swore i felt her curled up next to me. The dreams continued off and on up until a year ago. I also had dreams that Gucci would be another dog in my dream but i knew it was here. I did some research on the internet and people said its possible she could be trying to reconnect with me and trying to reincarnate or check in on me. I worked at a Massage Place at the time, and an employee who was big into this stuff told me to ask her in my dream if she wanted to come back to me, and to come back and find her way back. I thought this was kind of crazy, I mean reincarnation? This was just bizzare for me. But i can usually control my dreams so i figured what the heck.
One particular dream i was back at my moms, sitting in the front yard and this dog came running out of the horse pasture she didnt look like gucci but i knew it was her so i told her to come back to me.
Well.... The dreams stopped.
Several months later my boyfriend agreed to buy me a chihuahua and i looked at a ton but i was picky (drove my boyfriend nuts) I wanted a blonde one. I came across this chihuahua online, She was originally in contract to be bought, but the people dropped out at the last moment because her blue color faded into this blondesih color (so shes blonde and white. We decided to go see the puppy even though it wasnt all blonde. Immediately I was attatched as soon as i saw her. We took her home that very day. And it is nuts, even my mom and sister noticed. But my chihuahua (Malibu) has the same uncharacteristic sweet temperament that gucci had for a chihuahua. Malibu also has the same mannerisms as gucci, likes the same blankets throws her toys up in the air exactly like Gucci did, sleeps like Gucci did. Grab her food and run under the table just like Gucci did. And also always wrestle the cats in the same way Gucci did. I was a skeptic at first. But i think Gucci found her way back to me. Aaaawwwwww =)

This was a looonnngg post. But those are my stories =)
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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:34 AM
I work at the national library. Few days ago i didnt had time to drink my coffee at home. I came to work and after few hours I needed a cofee very badly. I went to the coffee machine but it didnt want to take my money. It acted like it was broken. Then I went to the other coffe machine at the other wing of the building. It took my money but insted of coffee, pure milk exits. Daamn, i didnt had luck that day. I walked through halls i little to get sober, called my friend on the cells talked for few mintues. I came back at my work place and I had coffee on the desk??? No one i repeat no one works with me i work alone one man each shift, we dont have kind of a relationship with the students to bring me coffee or something. If it was a collegue (which never happened before) he or she would write a letter or wait up for me. No one came later and ask how was the coffee, did you liked it. I was kinda freaked i didnt drank it! So i dont know acctually what happened that day. Ill i know that it might be a dimensional leap like the first me took a coffe from tha machine and came back to the desk and the other me went to the other machine and talked on the phone or its a ghost thing cuz the night guards say that they hear footsteps at night and female laughter...all i know is that the library is buld upon old muslim graveyard. Please comment
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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 02:25 AM

Originally posted by DragonRain311
I looked behind me and there stood the figure of a soldier with no eyes and blood on his torso.

The best one I seen had no eyes either. I posted it awhile back here.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 02:53 PM
I remember Many many years ago something that happned to me that made me freeze with fear.

I went to be as normal but i think around 3 am i woke up & out of the corner of my eye noticed something stood at the end of my bed,the best way i can describe it is it was kind of like a shadow of a middle aged man,kind of had the same kind of clothes as indiana jones.
I sat up & couldn't move,just froze with fear,i could see him staring at me,after what seemed like ages i just slowly layed back down & went back to sleep.
it took me weeks to get a proper nights sleep,i never saw it again but sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night i look straight to the end of my bed.

some fantastic stories here,always up for a good old ghost story thread

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 05:54 PM
We have a long history of old Indian Wars and later Revolutionary War activity ....lots of people killed before their time.

I have a ton of experiences in and around our house that I'll go into in detail in the future but coincidentally enough I recently had a paranormal experience shared with my Wife.

We have neighboring river, rapids and a waterfall nearby. And a park adjoining our neighborhood.

We were driving home the other evening a bout a week ago, it was dark around 8:45 and whilst passing the entrance to this park and out of nowhere this kid appears in front of us on a Bicycle.

It was strange because he simply appeared in front of us in our headlights, about 3 car lengths ahead of us.

He's pedaling like crazy....but also what made it strange was the fact that it was one of those old Stingray type bikes from the 1960's & 70's. The type with the Banana seats. I could clearly see the two chrome metal support posts from the rear.

But no sooner did he appear in front of us did he soon vanish !

We were both astonished because it all happened so quickly.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 11:09 PM
Reading back through some of the stories and these are nuts, Glad im not the only one.

NorthStargal52-- I read your story in another thread! And it gave me the shivers again!

Other odd things happening to me, Not sure if they can be classified as paranormal, but as i earlier stated, Im very intuative. I will just blurt things out or think things out and they will just happen. For instance when my grandfather was dying my mother told me my brother was coming in from out of town. And i just blurted it out, "Grandpa will die right after Stephen comes to town." My mom told me that was an awful thing to say.... My Grandpa died the day after my brother arrived.
When my mom got hit by a car, I was at home and had to babysit, but i got this odd feeling to stick around, something wasn't right, I decided to stay at home a bit longer. Right after i decided that the phone rang to inform me my mother was in an accident.
I used to be a party girl and If any parties had bad vibes i would leave, or if i got this feeling I would leave... Every night that I had a bad feeling and left, the parties always got busted by the cops. Hah my friends learned to listen to me after a while.
When I was dating and living with my exboyfriend, one day he discoverd an old friend at the store. I hadn't met this friend yet and the thought immediately popped into my head that he would spend all the time with this new friend, and the relationship would end. And i was disgusted with myself and wondered where that thought came from....Sure enough i started getting left all the time, never invited to anything, and we are now broken up.

Anywho another Paranormal Experience Also I forgot this story, But i used to hang out with three guys. Ru, Todd, and Scott. They were inseperable and i was the girl of the group. Well Scott had a falling out with Ru and Todd.... Dealing with Scotts drug abuse... One night Scott called Todd and todd refused to speak to Scott. Poor Scott was going through a depression, and he commited suicide by overdosing on heroine. Ru and Todd were absolutely crushed, and destroyed they felt awful. Now I havent seen these boys much since I started dating my ex, but those boys were my best buds i was the girl of the group before i started dating my ex. A few months ago I had this dream that was incredibly life like. I was out camping with the boys like old times, we were setting up Camp, and Damn Scott just kept sitting in the chair drinking a beer with a serene smile on his face. I was irked wondering why scott was sitting on his ass. Then something hit me I knew something was right i was pretty sure scott wasn't supposed to be there but I wasn't sure why. Todd and Ru sat down cracked open a beer and said "Man i wish Scott could of been here" I looked at them like they were crazy and said "Guys! Scotts here! He's sitting in the chair!!" They looked at me and said "Ash, you know he's gone. Shut up" I looked at Scott bewildered and Scott looked up at me and said "Sis, (he called me sis) and he's all like. They say im not here, you gotta help them... They need you, help em see that I will always be here" Then the dream ended. When i woke up i decided i needed to call Todd to tell him the crazy dream i had, before i could tell Todd, he asked me if i knew what the day was, and i didn't.... It was Scott's birthday.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 12:52 AM
I was visiting my relatives house. It was the first time we've ever stayed the night there. We haven't seen them in ages, but we decided to see them because my parents were coming for my graduation (2 years ago).

Anyways, my dad and I were sleeping on the floor in their living room and my sis was in the room right beside the living room (same wall is shared).

Before I went to bed (everyone else was sleeping), I was just texting on my phone at about 11 pm and I see a woman slowly walk down the hall into the kitchen. She looked like a real person. It wasn't just some white little smoke. Nope, it looked just like a fully-formed person with white skin colour. I looked right at her but she never moved her face to look at me. She walked into the kitchen (there is a kitchen entrance from the living room) and I waited and she never came back and never turned on any lights. I was kinda weirded out to go and check. (I had a super crappy cell phone with a 0.3 pixel camera so i didn't even think about taking a picture). It was such a strange feeling.

I go to bed and at around 3'ish AM and this *knock* wakes me up. I even wake my dad up. (Our relatives had told us that someone had thrown a brick through their window before. They have some shady neighbors and some random people threw a brick at the wrong house). I wake him up because I wasn't sure whether someone was trying to break into the house or our car outside. We checked out the living room window and there was nothing. A few minutes later I hear the exact same *knock* sound. The sound is located around the wall that is between the living room and the room my sister is in (same location as the first knock).

A couple seconds later my sister is in a rush to get out of the room she was sleeping in. She told us that someone was in the room (it's a small room) and the noise came from her room. She checked around to make sure no books/objects had fallen and there was nothing. She was super creeped out (she was 28 at the time) and said she put the blanket even more over her head. She was too scared to look when she heard someone moving around the room. My sister is a pretty heavy sleeper so for her to wakeup it would take a significant noise (i'm a very light sleeper). She wouldn't go back in the room and came and slept in the living room with us.

Here's one weird part and I don't know if it has to do with anything. Maybe someone on here has some input for me on it? When I woke up the next morning I had this really weird numbing/electrical feeling in my left arm. I've never had a feeling like it before in my entire life. It went away after a few hours, but it wasn't like a normal arm that has fallen asleep. It was a very weird uncomfortable feeling. Sorta pained a bit. I have no idea if that has to do with anything, but I thought ATS would be the best place to get some input.

A few other points:
1) There is only one white woman in the house. The rest of us are brown. She had just closed her door and went to bed a little before I had first seen the white woman walking down the hall.

2) Here's the super weird part. I know who the ghost was. It was my great-aunt's (the lady living in the house) mother. Her mother passed away a few years ago. Her mother used to live in the basement of their house and she showed us the basement earlier that day and absolutely EVERYTHING was left untouched. All of her mother's clothes/pictures were all still there. I've ready about many ghosts cases where they seemed to be attached to some object in the house. Could it have been all of her clothes that served this purpose?

The entire time it was happening though I never felt in danger. I never felt any cold chills that a lot of people seem to experience. She seemed very happy and peaceful.

My dad said he had seen her walking back and forth across the halls at night.

That morning the first thing my great aunt said to us was 'did you survive the night?' I'm thinking 'does she suspect something?' I really didn't want to upset her and bring anything up because I dont know them very well even though I really wanted to. A little while later, they moved out of the house.

I promise I am not making this up. Take it for what it's worth. It's the only ghost experience I've ever had.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by BirdOfillOmen

i guess i can add...but ill sum up the history to it first:

•got a new ouija board
•things going fine with it until a month before it happend
•demons starting to attack me and the board (yes, they are real. have had one as a part of me for years)
•the basement, where i stay, being 14, started getting occupied by demonic behavior, or ghostly at least. (objects moving, set ipod on board and it was thrown 25 or so feet across the room, random painful claw marks across my back, demonic voices in odd language and symbols in my head, some upon investigation, turned out to be for black magic, chaotic markings, and T.O.P.Y., and last, laying in bed, and with no exaggeration, being punched in the side of the head by something that was not there, or atleast not visible.... happening all on multiple or numerous occasions.)

now to the story...

if none of that counts as odd, then none of this will either, but i went to use the restroom, and being a dude, i left the door open. i heard booted footsteps outside the door. (on every other occasion, i didnt care, to even my surprise) for the first time i felt genuine fear about paranormal happenings. the basement was even DETACHED, having to go outside to get in from the top floor. obviously no one was in there... but hearing the footsteps get louder and obviously more angry, i tried to hurry up, vulnerable. after what seemed like half an hour, i ran out the door, obviously pissing off whatever it was, causing it to chase me from the bathroom, with the very heavily booted footsteps. after i got back to my bed i just laid there, simply making sure i couldnt be hit from behind. waking up in the morning to that familiar sharp pain in my back, i went to the mirror, and saw the average claw marks, but this time all the way from my left shoulder to my right hip, about 1/2 a foot wide. if you have any questions or you feel like attacking my story, email me at and ill be able to clarify.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by brendenbaine
i guess i can add...but ill sum up the history to it first:

•got a new ouija board
•things going fine with it until a month before it happend
•demons starting to attack me and the board

Common story.

As you would know, if you summon something, you are supposed to send it back.

These entities don't want to go back, so when they're summoned, the smart ones don't do anything. They trick you into thinking nothing has happened. Then you put the board away without sending them back.

Things start going bump soon afterwards...

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 02:38 AM
Hey Everyone

My story is not a ghost story but a seance story and I will admit I am a total skeptic when it comes to the paranormal and always use Occam's Razor and the empirical method when it comes to these types of phenomena.

This was 22 years ago and I was 19 when 2 of my friends were killed in a car accident and one of my best friends was horrifically injured and in hospital, so me and one of my mates and my best friends brother decided to have a seance to see what actually happened.

My best friends brother explained that their family has a trait of being mediums, anyway we had the seance using a glass bar/pub ash tray as the pointer on a bare 6 seater dining table with the letters and numbers on cut out pieces of paper. The three of us put our little fingers on the upturned ash tray and commenced the seance.

We spoke to our deceased friend, but what had me convinced was that at one stage we had this ash tray doing large circles and each of us removed our little fingers so only one person had their finger touching the ash tray. When it came to my turn so that only my little finger was touching this ash tray I know I was not pushing it but this thing was doing 18 inch circles with no effort from me.

I was still skeptical at this stage so I asked to speak with my grandfather who died when I was five, which we did. I asked questions that the two other guys could not have possibly known because I had never spoken about my grandfather with them and every answer came back correct. And I'm not talking about yes or no questions that statistically could be answered correctly at random, these were place names and names of people that no-one else at the table knew but me.

What I took away was that either we were in touch with the deceased or someone at the table had psychokinesis abilities and was able to move the ash tray with thought power alone. Either way I can't explain what happened any other way.

Great thread OP, I've really enjoyed reading all these stories.

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