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The most "undeniably" paranormal experience you've had.

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by ColeYounger

That's awesome. I know where you're at with hearing distinctly human sounds in old houses. I was snooping around an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital (which was later converted into a psychiatric hospital) one night with some friends when we all swore we heard footsteps running up the concrete ramp leading from a basement door to the ground level. I was watching the ramp the whole time and NOBODY was down there. Scared the # out of us, lol.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by BirdOfillOmen

I dont know what it is but I know were not alone in this ..many people have this .. just thought I'd let you know that ,, I stopped tryig to figure it out but more so talk about the experiences .. to me just being able to talk about this is something all by it self .. do you realize how many people hide their paranormal experiences??

I think its about time we start sharing them to show other people we dont stand alone .. and its not just a mental condition .. ect ect ect ..

This has been one of my most unforgetable experiences ever .. I was young and it wasnt a dream ..

It only shows me that others out there do have unexplainable things happening to them throughout their lives maybe its not all the time but the fact is its just to strange to be considered a coincidence.

Neither one of my parents ever pushed me into or gave me specific training in the paranormal.
My fathers mother was from the old country in a region where people often had fears of things this carried on in my grandma’s family you know Superstitions..

My fathers mother who is my paternal grandmother was born in Palermo Sicily my Father is 100% Sicilian. Okay My grandma used garlic I would see strings of garlic in her house on a rope in the kitchen by the back door of her bungalow house, She always used home remedies and told me some of her superstitions and I just thought it was normal .. I was just a young kid and thought of it as really weird stuff that she would say .. But ya know I never ran back to either one of parents and told them about these things my grama would say ,, I kept it as our little secret.

Because my grandma has told me never , never to repeat family stuff you don’t talk to others about your parents or grandparents and I know there are many of people out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. So when I was young I had some scary things happen as well as I had seen some things and or had dreams about things at that time it was all family related stuff ..

I had a dream about a house and the people in the house were very evil an wicked and in the basement they had buried someone . Well I never thought anything weird about it as a kid but this house stuck in my mind and one day my moms girlfriend was out driving and she was looking for a house to buy so me and my moms girlfriend and my mom and her girlfriends one kid younger than me I was only 7 were in the car.

Arlene my moms friend spotted a for sale sign we all went up this long driveway it was house way out in the country and the lot was very big. Lots of big trees around the house. Well ok so now we pull up to the house and I felt so sick to my stomach really felt ill already I knew I wasn’t going to go in that house in my mind this was that house that was in my dream.

The house where the dead bodies where in the basement. Ok now I’m sitting in the back seat kids never had to have. any safety seats at that time and my mom and her girlfriend got out of the car and my mom says to me ok roxy get out come on …..that’s when I wasn’t budging I wasn’t going to go in that house so I said mom I don’t want to go in and she started to insist I get out and her girlfriend said aww just let them stay in the car we can just walk up there and talk at the door.

As so actually they never had a appt to see the house any way that’s how it works .. So I was watching my mom and Arlene walk up to the house and they both just stood outside the door well I got a glimpse of the woman who lived at this house and I just knew or felt she was a witch a real witch .. So I could hear my moms girlfriend asking or making a appointment to come back and see the inside of this house .. I’m sitting listening to this conversation cause our car was really that close to the back porch of this house.

Ok so now they had their little talk and they got back in the car and we drove off and I never told my mom of my fears never but I knew only one thing that I would be coming back to that house cause that was the plan my mom and her girlfriend said they would be back .

Well to make a long story short I went back with my mom and her girlfriend to this same old house. she wanted me to get out of the car again and I didn’t want to this time I was crying and insisting I don’t want to I put up a fight because I was that freaked out about the house.

Well I had to so my mom held my hand as we walked up to that house god I didn’t want to go ok so my mom said to me Roxanne we just want to take a quick look inside walk through the rooms to take a peak ok you can stand here at the back door and just wait here .. I felt soo scared sooo uncomfortable and I had tears in my eyes and the woman that I thought was a witch just looked at me she gave me this evil look like as to read my mind it just was a chilling look… like she was thinking hey little girl I know you know what’s in my basement but you will never be able to prove it . So I just stood frozen at that back door. while my mom left me there to go through this house.

So ok now they came back to where I was standing at the back porch door and apparently there was another door and that door lead to the basement and all this time I was standing right next to the basement door and didn’t even know it. So my mom and her girlfriend an me were all ready to walk out and then her girlfriend asks this woman “oh by the way this house does have a basement to it ?”

The witch looking woman says yes of course its right here she opens up the door and omg I’m about to freak I could feel my knees shaking as she opens this basement door !!!!!

Here I’m standing at my moms skirt side peaking around her and oh geese
here there are no steps down to the basement none, none what so ever they were gone no steps just a big drop down. With a ladder propped up…. The old woman that lived there just said to Arlene my moms girlfriend oh yes dear we need to replace the stairs as the wood was very old bla bla bla yeah right I thought

Arlene never did buy that house and as years went by I grew older and it was a house that I often passed by when I went to this one farmers market fair .. The people in that house just left no one lived in it and I don’t believe it ever got sold. It was a vacant house and I don’t know what ever happened to it but they tore it down and it ended up on the news.

This was years later I grew up and have kids of my own now well it hit the paper even,
that they found baby bodies buried there. The story went that it was a nun who roomed there long ago maybe even before I was there as a kid. As this house was really old looking ..

There was a seminary not to far from that house Im thinking this nun had gotten pregnant from a young priest to be… and she had his child out of wedlock and she buried it in that house .. God these stories/experiences get long don’t they?? that’s why I shy away from doing this cause Im not the best writer in explaining things. So read instead of talk I d like to do tapes instead ..

Ok so call this anything you like I say premonition but this premonition actually turned out to be something real not exactly how I thought it out to be as a kid I thought the bodies were Adult bodies buried there here it was two birth babies

Ok it’s just weird things like this happening to me as I was growing up .. Really strange stuff happened even as a teenager really weird stuff .. I was at Arlene’s house watching TV with her daughter Patty who was about 2 years older than me we were on the floor on our stomachs and they had this rocking chair well this rocking chair started rocking all by itself yeah right this is no BS. I was 12 at this time

So see I don’t know if it is just the kid thing they say children are more acceptable to stuff only because the evil spirits prey on the young?? that’s why we have monsters in our dreams or the boogie man or weird dreams ????

I would just like to ad this .. People might say or think.... Oh this is nothing unusual this happens all the time why such the fuss about having a dream or reoccurring premonitions or the feelings of
Deja Vu ???

For those who are maybe wondering about me here ..I am not seeking any physic development at this time
or to become what my father was ...but only out of self curiosity and just a bit of discussion to back up my claims that in fact there are people out in the world who have had these unexplainable experiences since they were young or maybe in their teens or even as a late adult.

It's just a way to get it off your mind so to speak express your experiences an if one or both of your parents had any ablilities I am going to elaborate my father and mothers experiences because they both have told me. My father admitted to me his when I was way older mother told me of her childhood experiences oh about when I was in my 20's but I will get inot that later

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 01:57 PM
I once lived in Buffalo, New York with a friend, whom I provided transportation to work and back.

Part of the route I took to her place of employment was a long stretch of road with old, large cemeteries on both sides of the road. I recall that some of the old grave stones had seashells and stones on top of them; they were visible from the street.

On one particular bright and sunny day that wasn't at all unusual from any other bright and sunny day, I seen "It." My friend did not see what I'm about to describe, so feel free, in advance, to make assumptions that I was having spontaneous halucinations--perhaps due to the complete sobriety I was immersed in.

The short version: "It" was a dark, shadowy figure of a figure human being that ran across the road from one cemetery to the other.

The long version: As I was driving down this long stretch of road, I noticed something in the distance that caught my attention. As I got closer and closer, my jaw (literally) fell open wider and wider, as I was met with the full and undeniable realization that--assuming I was, in fact, sane and in full possession of my senses--I was seeing a supernatural, inhuman entity with my own two eyes.

"It" was the dark and shadowy figure of a human being that appeared to be male, approximately 5' 10" tall and of a healthy weight. There were no distinct facial features or physical details. This was the "form" of a human being; he, she, or it, was as a shadow but not entirely transparent... It appeared to have some sort of depth to it that is difficult to articulate.

What really got me about the person, ghost, creature, entity, choose-your-own label, is the particular way that it moved across the street. Visualize the movements of an Olympic runner going all-out in a full speed sprint--arms pumping, high knees, focused and intense. Now, imagine there is a slight reduction of speed that isn't quite "slow motion" but is still slower than real-time. Now, go a step further and imagine that the runner is somehow not getting full traction and is somehow slipping a little, so although the runner is sprinting full speed, he isn't literally moving at full speed--he's slipping on something. Put another way, imagine running on a very long treadmill and you are only running just a little faster than the belt of the treadmill is turning... so although you're sprinting for all you're worth, you are making slow progress in gaining any ground.

The entity moved in the fashion described above, from the cemetery on the right side of the road to the cemetery on the left side of the road. With a few yards of entering the left cemetery, its visibility rapidly dissolved. It passed through several cars enroute. My friend whom I was taking to work did not see the entity; however, they did ask me why I had the dumbfounded look on my face.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 02:18 PM
I've had a few experiences with what some call ghosts.

Never actually seen one - but i've observed some strange stuff in my old place of work (now a music venue / theatre but was formerly a salvation army and before that a brothel (!).

I was patrolling the building during a performance and checking the fire escapes on the balcony and watched one of the doors swing open (unlocking itself). My first thought was that an audience member had just walked through, so I checked the corridor beyond and it was dark and empty!

Also in the same place, i've heard noises and things being moved in locked rooms, i've found gas cylinders which have turned themselves on and off (again in a locked room) and other staff members have heard a woman singing in the auditorium first thing in the morning when opening the building!

One of the rooms has a very odd atmosphere to it, i hated being in there,and I was in there often as it was the photocopying room, but it always felt like someone else was in there with me.


Other experiences. I was once recording some music in my home, from one tape to another, and halfway through (when I later took the tape to a friend's house) we heard a baby crying and the sound of something saying something (but distorted and very quickly) - spooked us out.

And finally, and this still chills me and my parents, when I lived in my old house when I was about 2 years old, I had the very top floor as my bedroom. My mum was taking a bath (on the same floor) and my Dad was downstairs.

Both my Mum and Dad heard someone in my bedroom shouting at me 'Get back in that bed!' - My Dad thought it was my Mum and vice versa, they both promised it was neither of them and were so spooked by it, that they had to ask the neighbours if they had been shouting, which they hadn't. My Mum had thought it came from outside the bathroom door and was very close, but my Dad hadn't even been upstairs.

There's many more. I honestly couldn't tell you which is the strangest, but several of relatives from my Mum's side of the family have seen Ufo's and on my Dad's side, they have had lots of ghostly experiences. Make of that what you wish.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by BirdOfillOmen

Ive had many experiences, some of which are stories in which you need to know the background, will keep those for another day. Few quick ones.......I live in a VERY old house, in the kitchen I have a table and chairs. Many friends have sat, having coffee and a chat with me, sitting in the chair opposite to mine, most friends have experienced a poke in the back, by someone who isn't there. I don't forewarn, as at first I was a little suspicious of the person who first experienced it, I wait and see if any guests mention it to me. I sat there once and was stunned to feel it too! I also have watched the latch on the door, be pushed down and the door opens, I close it, same thing happens again and again! I have latches which consist of a bar of iron with a lever, you push the lever down, the bar lifts up and moves from its support, Because of its weight and design, the lever can not move itself!

In another home, I have laid in bed and watched the bedroom door moving, while someone was kicking it, the noise was loud, the door was responding as you would expect it too, moving in time with the sound. My children were all asleep, I know as I checked.

I have seen a cup and saucer hover in mid air, I was in the middle of hoovering, looked up, saw it and the moment I focused on it, they fell to the floor and smashed! That scared me!

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 08:38 AM
Hello, I'm new to posting here. I've been reading for some time though. I'm finding this thread fascinating. I've had many strange experiences the first being anecdotal as I was too young to remember but I have my mother's word that as a toddler, just talking, I would often pay rapt attention to someone unseen to her, when she asked me who I was talking to I told her, obviously in a babyish way, that I was talking to the old lady knitting. Needless to say my mum was pretty freaked especially when she discovered that years previously our home had been owned by two elderly spinsters who having lost their loved ones in the first world war spent their days companionably knitting for other soldiers.
I've had many other strange, ghostly, experiences but don't want to make this, my first post too long!

The reason I've joined up here at last is that my most recent ghostly experience was just a few months ago and at risk of seeming a tease I have video of it! I have to post 20 times before I can make a thread so if I can work out how to do it and if the op doesn't mind I'll put it up here.

Until recently I worked in a very old building which is presently being used as a youth club it was originally built as a private school. Childrens voices are often heard when the building empty apart from one or two staff. The video I have is a segment of cctv that I found by accident when scanning for a different reason, it shows the main hall just as the staff were closing up for the night. The kids had all gone home but had been playing indoor football. A football is thrown by a youth worker into the hall as he tidied up but it's what happens then which has left us all a bit boggled. With noone in the closed hall but with the lights left on the ball is moved all over back and forth and at angles - literally just as if it is being played with by several kids. The main wall of the hall is mirrored as it's sometimes used as a dance studio and the ball can also be clearly seen moving in the mirrors.I absolutely guarantee that the digital cctv cannot have been tampered with it's password protected and only one other lady has the password and I know she hasn't tampered with it.
I'm happy to share this if the op says I can put it here (and if I can work out how to). I'm the only person who has the vid it's never been on any other website or youtube.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 09:01 AM
I've had many paranormal experiences throughout my life, many when I was a teenager, but none that could be classed as "undeniable" as there were no other witnesses, apart from a phase I went through when I seemed to be able to switch off street lights as I walked under them...several of my friends witnessed that, though not sure that counts as paranormal in the usual sense, probably more to do with my magnetic polarity or whatever it's called, I can't wear wrist watches either as they go crazy and break, but fortunately I seem to have a built-in time sensor and can usually guess the correct time (to within a 15 min frame) so don't need to wear one anyway lol

I lost interest in the paranormal when I reached my 20's and apart from one very freaky event that changed my whole life direction (too long winded to go into here and yet again cannot be corroborated by anyone else) I never thought about ghosts and the paranormal at all until I moved into a really old cottage (built circa 1760) in 2002 when I was in my 30's. I never actually saw an apparition, apart from fleeting corner of the eye stuff, but there was loads of activity and noise that was experienced by a number of people.

The most notable was the footsteps that would be heard at night, a child running the length of my bedroom (I say child as that's what it sounded like, though I suppose it could have been a small woman) and much heavier (like that of a man) in both the hallway and my daughter's room. Many of my friends heard these footsteps and commented on them, at first thinking the ones in my room were coming from the next cottage, impossible though as the walls were 3ft thick stone, and also the layout of next door would not have allowed anyone to walk the full length of my room (I should add at this point that the original building was the mill at one end, the barn in the middle and the house at the other end, which was converted into 3 cottages in the 1800's, I lived in the house part of the original building) The footsteps in the hall though really freaked visitors out, with some people, including myself being totally convinced someone was in the house! One night it was really bad it was more like someone stomping up and down the hall and then round my daughter's room, that really scared me because it did really sound like a real person was in the house, but when I got up to investigate it suddenly stopped, I went and checked my daughter's room (she was 9 at the time) and though I had never mentioned anything to her about what I had heard before (didn't want to scare her) she was awake, so I asked her if she'd heard anything, she said yes, it was that man in my room again!!! She then went on to tell me that she regularly heard him in her room (she also instinctively knew it was a man) and that she also used to hear horses hooves and what she thought were carriage wheels outside her window (now our bedroom windows were only a few feet apart and I never heard that!) But she was quite scared and had actually put door chimes on the back of her door so that she could hear when anyone opened her door and it worried her that when any real person opened her door her chimes would sound, but when the man came in they didn't!

Another really freaky event occured when a good friend of mine came to stay over one night and he wanted to go outside and look at the stars, as the cottage was in the country and as such there was no light pollution and he lived in a large town so couldn't really see them properly where he lived. So we were standing in the garden, he was looking up at the sky, commenting on how awesome it all looked and how lucky I was to live there (yet again I had never told him about any of the paranormal events I had experienced) and I was facing him, suddenly his face contorted in fear, he screeched and shouted it hates me, it doesn't want me here! He virtually leapt over the fence from the garden into the driveway, while I stood there totally bemused, when we went back inside he asked me if I'd felt the presence, which I hadn't but he claimed it felt totally evil and had grabbed his neck, now he was standing in the middle of the garden where nothing could have touched him and as I was facing him, I saw nothing that could have touched him, like a bat or an insect or something. Once we were back inside he calmed down and then said he felt really silly but he said it just felt so real, so I told him about the footsteps and some of the other unexplained noises and weird feelings of being watched that myself and others had experienced. Much later on, when we had changed the subject completely and had been laughing and joking all of a sudden I felt the hair on the back of my neck go up and a really cold rush of air, we both looked at each other and he said, You felt it that time didn't you? I agreed I had and that we did experience the same thing simultaneously without any prompting. In the morning I woke really early and went through to see if my friend was awake, he was sitting on the sofa, looking terrified, he'd heard footsteps all night and just felt really spooked, he left at 7am and never came and stayed over again, whereas he used to regularly stay over at my previous house, in fact many of my friends who used to visit regularly at my previous house gradually stopped coming, not everyone mentioned about hearing things, but then again they probably wouldn't for fear of looking silly.

So many other events in the house, like I said unexplained noises, a mirror that just fell off the wall, even though there were no draughts, the string was intact and the picture hooks on the wall secure. The mirror didn't break either even though it fell onto a stone hearth! The cat we had at the time also used to give us clues when the entity was around, he'd suddenly wake up, fix his eyes on a particular spot, then meow to get out, he never stayed in the house overnight, even if the weather was bad!

We lived in the house for 4 years and I was really glad to leave it, though since living there my interest in the paranormal has returned and I feel far more tuned into it now and can sense things far more than I ever used to before.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:58 AM
I wanted to share a really weird experience a friend of mine had fairly recently. He saw a ghost in a local cemetery. I'm including some recent photos of the place.
As I said in my post yesterday, I've had some strange experiences, but I've never seen an apparition.
I know people who have 'healthy' imaginations, and when they tell me they've seen a ghost or UFO, I take it with a grain of salt. The reason I'm posting this in a thread with the 'undeniable' "caveat", as it were, is because I've never known this person to lie. Not once in the 25 years I've known him.

My friend was hanging out with his younger brother, his brother's girlfriend, and a couple other close friends. They were watching a Ghost Hunters marathon. My buddy isn't really into that stuff, so he said he was actually reading a magazine most of the time. It was late, nearly 1 A.M. when his brother suggested they hop the fence to the local cemetery and go ghost-hunting.

They were walking through the cemetery, being very quiet\stealthy, and my buddy stopped to tie his shoelace. He said he looked to his right, and no more than 25-30 feet away, he saw what he describes as a "wispy, almost transparent" figure of a person leaning over a grave. He saw it in the bright moonlight. Not a shadow, not an illusion, but an unmistakable, crystal-clear person. My friend doesn't scare easily, but he said he was filled with terror and bolted away, yelling to the others that he saw a ghost and was getting out of there. They were right behind him. When telling me the story, he emphasized a couple of times how utterly terror-stricken he was.

One particular feature of the cemetary that has always kinda freaked me out is the "Singing Tower". It's adorned with really spooky face sculptures. I've been told the sculptures are old Masonic design.

The Singing Tower"

The tower from a distance:

The area where he saw the purported ghost:

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by ColeYounger

Nice! Looks like an awesome place to explore. And I've also been in the situation where a friend you trust more than anyone tells you something that's hard to believe. One of my closest friends told me about a time he woke up in his bed one night with the idea of taking a picture of a certain corner in the room with his phone. Apparently there was some small creature/demon/whatever grinning at him and barking in the spot he intuitively looked toward. This all happened a few days after some random woman on the street approached him and claimed she cast a "spell" on him. Honestly, I would literally laugh at somebody if they told me that in person but I really believe this kid has never lied to me since I've known him. He's always made a point of being totally honest. He never even told anyone else this story. I could tell he's been genuinely freaked out by it.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by BirdOfillOmen

Weird stories really do take on a different meaning when someone who is completely honest relates them! That's why I related the cemetery story. On the flip side, I have a friend who I've known my entire life and I love her dearly, but I think she has an overactive imagination.
She tells fantastic stories of spirits communicating with her and such, and I just don't believe them. I think she wants very hard to believe that she has some psychic ability or whatever.

Your story of the demon thing freaked me out because I read an account years ago that was eerily similar.
A friend of mine was in grad school studying psychology, and he had a book which was written by a priest. A Jesuit, I think. The priest was a psychiatrist, a professor of medicine who was published and well-respected. He said he was told by 2 distraught patients that they had seen these demonic little "leprechauns" in their rooms, leering at them. He would have flat-out dismissed them, but the stories were almost identical, and these patients didn't know each other. The patients went as far as telling him, under hypnosis, of the evil intentions these things had. Apparently, they could sense or feel the evil coming from the things. One of them went from being a fairly normal teenage boy to being admitted to a state mental hospital a few months after seeing the creature. The boy said he was trying to go to sleep during a thunderstorm, and when a really bright lightning flash illuminated the room, he saw the thing siting on a shelf in his closet, grinning at him.
I don't remember the exact details, but I seem to recall that the other patient said 3 of these creatures accosted him, and one of the three was the obvious 'leader.' It turned out they didn't "want" him, and then let him go.
It was one of the freakiest things I've ever read!

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

lol I got paranoid just reading about this. Its creepy how people from all different cultures report seeing the same things. Kind of like the "Old Hag" people (including myself) meet with sleep paralysis. Even before I started researching sleep paralysis accounts I hallucinated an old, witch-like woman looming over my bed. Being able to hallucinate was cool at first, but then this had to happen lol

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:14 AM
Mines not real spooky or nothing, but when I was a kid of maybe 7-8 tears old I was super allergic to Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and the rest of it. Well anyway I had it real bad one year all over my body, in between my fingers was the worst. (I am talking seeping oozing blisters on top of blisters here. I could barely bend my fingers to make a fist they were so swollen.)
Anyway My mom called me over to her one morning before I was to get on the bus to go to school and said, "I was thinking of not sending you to school today but God told me to send you anyway." I remember telling her that I did not want to go, and that I was covered in Poison Ivy and my fingers hurt. She said well do you really believe in God and Jesus? I said yes ma of course. (yes I was raised in a super christian home.) and she said Okay well I am going to pray for you and by his stripes you will be healed then. I basically just said "yeah okay mom" so we prayed and I went on the bus to go to school, however I did still have the blisters. That being said when I got home my mom asked to see my hands and searched me over for any poison ivy/sumac and there was not a single blister to be found. I honestly cant say when it left me, cause I don't know. I remember not knowing even at the time when it went away. All I do know was sometime after I got on the bus to go to school and before I got off the bus when I got home it was completely gone.
Eh, so there you have it my supernatural experience.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 02:52 AM
I can't remember the very first incident that made me believe. I have had doors open and close for me one night as if I had ghost doorman and this happened in two different buildings. Tonight while reading this thread I felt slightly creepy because I suddenly heard a noise right behind me when there is no one there. Maybe something just decided to make a click type noise. I believe I have a ghost living with me but she doesn't cause any trouble. I thought about trying out the EVP or electronic voice thing. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days. Well I guess I need to go to sleep now. Good thing I believe my ghost is friendly. I could be sleeping with a ghost and not even realize it. If I really wanted to deny everything I could. When the doors opened up for me, I could claim the wind just happened to blow extremely strong 3 times in a row as I approached some lobby doors. The odds seem pretty low that the doors would only open as I approached and only those times. The shadows and touching sensations and sounds in my house could all be my imagination or things could have other reasonable explanations. The dust devil that formed around me one time could have just been fantastic luck. I've never seen one form and move with me but having one do so with me inside it, amazing. It even stopped at my dorm building.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 08:04 AM
I found this thread while browsing ATS and thought id join up so I could share my experience as I am interested in whether anybody else has experienced anything similar to this. So far through sharing stories with people I have not found a single person, except one who mentioned a family member with a similar experience, that can say they have experience what I did.

This happened when i was about 16 one night at home. I had literally just turned off my light and hopped into bed, I'll admit i remember feeling uneasy in the minute or so leading up to this, whether or not I could call it related i dont know, but as I went to put my head down and close my eyes I felt what can only be described as someone forcing me down and blowing as hard and loud as they could into my ear. I was lying on my side and I am well aware of conditions such as sleep paralysis and I can confidently say this was not an episode of that as I was completely awake with all senses active. I tried to lift my body to escape the feeling and was met with what I can only describe as physical resistance as if someone was pushing me back down to the point where i swore I could feel the different pressure being applied by two hands. I eventually managed to 'break free' and jumped up completely terrified and turned on my light and opened my door. Outside my door was my dog who for no apparent reason was growling and looking past me towards where my bed sits, he then ran inside my room, jumped on my bed and growled and barked at the corner of my room for at least a good 5-10 minutes. The whole time this was happening that uneasy feeling was still present and i can only describe it as like being watched from every angle. While my dog was barking I tried to call my best mate who lived only a street away to tell him what the hell had just happened, my phone went from a bar under full battery to shutting off (This is of course something that could be debunked im sure, but i found this interesting when i research paranormal events much later on and discovered theories relating to drawing energy from electrical devices to manifest or interact). The uneasy feeling then suddenly went away as quick as it came but my dog didnt leave my side for the rest of the night. This event has never happened since and I have moved house since this event, but throughout my life since I have experienced other 'paranormal' events which I have no evidence for, but couldn't debunk at the time either.

Be interested in any feedback on this from people who have heard of similar events or could even debunk mine as to this day it is still the single most terrifying moment of my life.

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I have had more experiences than I can count. The first experience that I can clearly remember happened about the time I was 9 or 10. My dad had just built a new addition on to our house to give my little brother and I our own bedrooms. The house itself was built by my dad and as far as we know no one else had ever lived in the area. I had woke up from a dead sleep to find my room lit up with multi-colored lights. Normally I would have thought this was pretty, but it just seemed wrong. I was about to go to my parent's room when I notice a small creature in front of my door. I would say it was about 2-2 1/2 feet tall. Black eyes and a red body, but somehow the light was coming from the creature itself. I was terrified. I blacked out after that. No clue what happened but I did notice after that I began to see things and know things that no one had told me. To this day I'm very sensitive to spirits and the like. I told my boyfriend that the earthquake in Japan was going to happen hours before it did. I didn't specifically say Japan, but I told him "Something is going to happen tonight, something big, huge even, and its going to effect the earth." He is on here, Philosophies, feel free to ask him about it. I have had so many many more experiences that it would take hours and pages to begin to scrape the surface.

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The other and a bit more scary occurrence happened at night once. I was in my room drawing late at night which is something I did regularly. In the next room I heard a tremendous crash, like some heavy piece of furniture had fallen over. I ran in and looked but there was nothing out of place. I checked each of the rooms in the house and found nothing awry. I still cannot explain that one and it creeps me out to this day.
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I had almost the exact same experience. I was about 10 years old and I was trying to go to sleep. The room was pitch black when the bookshelf right next to my bed fell down onto the floor with a tremendous crash. I hid under the blankets and was finally able to get to sleep some hours later. I woke early in morning and absolutely nothing was out of order. I asked both my mom and dad how they had cleaned up all those books and re-righted the bookshelf so quickly (and without me waking). To my horror, they said they never cleaned up any books or bookshelf. I have 3 hypothesis: 1) Poltergeists, 2) bumbling aliens, or 3) crazy auditory hallucinations.

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nice thread i love reading other peoples ghost stories. iv had a few ghost experiances that arnt that entertaining, the one im about to tell you is the craziest to me but could just of been a dream. it was a hot night so i left the door open while i went to bed and about 5 in the morning i was awaken from my sleep but i dont know why i woke up i didnt hear a sound or feel anything. i looked at the door and what i seen is a lady who i thought at the time was my girlfriends sis until i got a good look at her. this lady was stairing out the door at an apartment building across the street and as i sat there in shock i started to notice she looks like her skin was decaying and that she was soaking wet. i was frozen, i couldnt say a word or stair away i watched until she faded away and continued looking at that spot wondering if i was still dreaming... if it wasnt a dream i think i may of seen the ghost of someone who have drownd. sorry about the block of words my phone doesnt have an enter button

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Hey Bird....sorry if this goes a bit astray from your OP request,
( Like the cemetery story I posted earlier, this is
something that didn't happen to me, but the person who witnessed it is, in my opinion, completely honest, so I think it falls into the "undeniable" category, as you requested in your opening post. I thought the readers of this thread might be interested. It's a good, scary ghost story. ( Although a bit long).

About a year ago, I created a thread for the story. I think I got just 1 reply!

I recently met the person it happened to. Once again, I believe she is totally sincere.
Here's the story:
I was visiting some friends the other evening and their neighbor stopped over to return some DVDs she borrowed. She’s a very cool person, a retired schoolteacher who often visits my friends just to hang out a bit. My friends daughter asked her to
tell me the 'ghost story'. After hearing it, I felt I had to post it here on ATS.

The neighbor said the ‘haunting’ happened to her cousin Linda, who she’s very close to.
They’ve always considered themselves ‘sisters’. Linda is also a retired teacher.
In the 1970s, Linda's husband was transferred to Dallas, TX with his job. Linda immediately got a teaching job there. Their 2 kids were in grade school. They needed a place to stay asap. They found a cool house to rent in a Dallas suburb.
(At least they thought it was cool at the time!)

They moved out of the house within 3 months…the landlord let them break the lease
because he was supposedly a witness to some of the ‘goings on’. The house was a split-level, with two small flights of stairs in the main entry. Shortly after moving in, Linda and her husband would hear footsteps coming up the steps to the upper floor toward their bedroom. They always heard them around 4-5 AM.
Of course, the first time they heard it, they freaked out. Her husband grabbed something to use as a weapon and went to confront the intruder, only to find no one there. He searched the entire house. Nothing. They were unable to get
a good night's sleep after that.

They also began hearing loud ‘bangs’, ‘booms’ and ‘crashes’. Once at 5AM, they thought the house’s deck had collapsed. She said the whole house shook as if a semi truck had crashed right into it. The noise was unbelievable. They jumped out of bed to investigate…nothing. They decided right then they’d had enough.
Although they thought briefly of having the house blessed by a priest, they decided they'd rather just get out. They did NOT want to be in that house.

Here’s the part of the story that freaked me out:
Shortly before they moved out, something really scary happened. Linda’s husband is an amateur photographer, and they had many, many photos around the house. They had framed photos hanging on the walls, and photos in frames on shelves, tables, desks, etc.
It was a Saturday morning when Linda noticed this. Every photo of their family was ripped in half right down the middle, like someone took them out of the frames, tore them, and then put them back. Their wedding photos with groups of people were also torn. She even looked in boxes that hadn’t been unpacked yet. Every photo of the family was torn. If it was a photo of a lone person, a landscape, a tree, whatever, it was intact. If the photo had 2 or more people, it was torn down the center! Apparently, the entityspirit was angered or upset by family togetherness and intimacy.

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Thats pretty intense. Almost sounds like whatever it was took a pretty personal dislike to their family etc. Did the same person/people appear in all the photos? Whatever it was sounded like it was pretty pissed off. Interesting story

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I believe that's true as well, as my story was very similar with the footsteps, which really did sound like someone was in the house and also the loud bangs, noises etc that just couldn't be explained. And whilst I had a mirror fall off the wall for no apparent reason, which although it did not break itself, it did manage to break several ornaments on the mantlepiece that my daughter had made! But the photo thing must have been really freaky, no wonder they moved straight out.

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