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Disney Porn For Our Kids?

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by MindWarrior
The fact that you refuse to debate, focusing on the technicalities of the debate, reveal you as the corporate slave you are.

Now you're beginning to come off as delusional. Maybe you should take a deep breath and go trough the previous posts. I have produced arguments of my point of view about subliminal communication as well as credible resources to back them up - you have done no such thing. Evidently you have realized the obvious holes in your own argument hence done all you can to change the focus of the discussion. Once again; where is your credible scientific evidence of the effectiveness of subliminal communication?

You must be quite upset. Why are you afraid to debate the truth?

Well, actually I feel sorry for you my friend. The fact that you refuse to accept your own failure in arguing your point of view is quite sad.

You seem upset that your rediculous claims have been challenged.

Have you challenged my ridiculous claims?
Do you call using your own opinion - backed up with no credible evidence whatsoever to refute scientific studies; challenging ridiculous claims? Priceless.

If at any point you wish to reply to the points I've made in previous messages then feel free to. Otherwise you're just wasting space.

Yes, why don't you try and do that - because as of now you really are wasting space. You can come up with as many new off topic arguments as you wish, but you'll only be wasting your own as well as everybody else's time.

Just so you know. only a fool puts all their stock in one external source.

This is getting better and better. I have in fact provided more than one credible external source and I can give you even more, though I seriously doubt it will matter much at this point. What have you presented? I asked you to present credible scientific evidence of the effectiveness of subliminal communication - you have yet to do so.

You've been revealed as a slave of the advertising industry, desperate to exhonerate it, as a whole, of any wrong doing.

This is just pathetic. When you have been shown to not be able to back up your own claims about subliminal communication with credible sources and debate my points, you have repeatedly tried to change focus of this discussion to ethics in advertising. I have asked you to stay on the topic at hand - I have not done or said anything to exonerate advertising. Where do you get this? I have also said that if you want to discuss ethics in advertising instead of sticking to the subject of subliminals, you should start another thread on that topic. What about this is so difficult for you to understand?

Quite sad indeed.

. You really need to put more effort into your arguments. Because as of now, you're loosing my interest fast.

[edit on 12-8-2004 by Durden]

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:35 PM
half of those things posted are untrue. for proof and the facts, look up disney on and if they were true, who the # cares. parents, the more you mask and hide sexuality from a child, the more interested they will be. so talk to your kids about it. we all do it, and it doesnt make sense why its all hidden. when you die, im pretty sure you wont want to go down fighting something you have no control over. find a hobby, parents. if you dont like it, dont let your kids watch it.

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