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The Extent of Jewish Control

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 06:17 AM
I couldnt agree with you more, and lets not forget about Hitlers mother working for the Rothschilds, Jewish bankers helping fund the nazis , the Bush families involvement and owning shares in German Steel companies and Factories that supplied anything metal for ww2, they have their own word for racism (anti-semitism?)why dont Native people or Orientals have their own? Last time I looked Judaism was a religion, not an oocupied territory, Hey look everybody the Rastafarians want to occuppy a good part of Canada and call it a country, why not , people who follow judiasm made there own country. And they have a new law they want passed if you in any way say or deny that havent been persecuted you go to jail for 5 years just like holacaust deniers. Dont forget about those crazy and wacky brothers that own just about everything in Israel and almost all shipping containers and contracts for all the major shipping ports around the world....hmmmmmmmm the list goes on and on and on

great post

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 06:39 AM
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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 06:48 AM
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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

Great input xuenchen.

You absolutely hit the nail on the head.

What the priests of Israel and Judah had discovered is at the heart of Bill Cooper's theory on the mystery religions of Babylon.
And at the heart of this theory is how these priests learned to divide a society into the have's and have not's while also maintaining this division through successive generations.

The creators of the original religion of Abraham, Judaism, had discovered a system of "ethics" that caused the common Jew to police themselves.

It is said that Judaism is simply an amalgamation of previous religions. This is debatable but much evidence exists to support this idea; however, the author of the Rome thread has stated that this is an impossible speculation, because all knowledge of ancient civilizations has been processed through our Western/Greek/Roman based filters and historians, thus reflecting much of Rome's influence in the old religions. This theory also contains a high degree of probability, but for the sake of this post I will stick to the idea that the original priests of Israel and Judah perfected this system of religion through their oral tradition.

The key to controlling the masses with this belief system of Judaism rests with the ethics and values that it taught as being absolute, containing no gray area.

Since these ethics and values were impossible to engage perfectly in practice, the concept of sin became a necessary part of this religion.
As was a method of atoning for this sin, the sacrifice.
(Remember that we are born into sin. We can do nothing about this but blame Adam and Eve)

This method of sacrificial atonement benefitted the exact same priest classes that created the rules that governed behavior through the concept of sin, rules which laid the foundations for this concept of sin in the first place.

I must hand it to them. The entire concept is quite ingenious, and in all reality, the 10 commandments are not a bad way to live. That is why, in my opinion, so many people can buy into what the three religions of Abraham sell.
Only a sociopath sees these rules as being inherently self-limiting, but by seeing this they can enforce these rules on believers while NOT playing by the same rules.

It is not difficult to understand why those who are in power remain in power if this viewpoint is taken.
It is also not difficult to understand how this power can be passed down through successive generations if, in fact, this "secret" to the ruling class is passed down generationally.
Interestingly, those who were chosen for the priest classes in Israel and Judah were picked due to their generational ties.

I have read theories that state that years of inbreeding has reinforced these desirable sociopathic traits found within the ruling class.
Sociopathic traits that benefit anyone who is able to engage in the secret ethics of the ruling class.

This line of thinking seems like a monster that eats its own tail. I just wish that it would eat itself already.

Okay.... I am getting to the continuation of my last past, but I wanted to comment on xuenchen's post.

Gimme a minute. I am doing some research on the next post that will discuss some elements of Judaism and the Roman Empire that are not familiar to me.

Another post in an hour or two.


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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 02:52 PM

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by AngryOne

Indeed. I seem to recall complaints that the Nazis were mass murderers, book burners, imprisoned people for their beliefs, censored speech, now I wonder what jews were complaining about. The first thing that enlightened me as to this issue was a teacher in junior high school saying that a big Nazi lie was that Communism was jewish. I looked in Hale's Directory of Publications (every library has one) in the school library, and sure enough, under the Communist Party USA, the primary publication listed was not The Daily Worker, but Jewish Affairs.

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 03:53 PM

Not being funny, but if you had to bet your life, would you say there was Jewish history in Murdoch's family tree

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by AuranVector

AuranVector: Israel could not survive without US support. And that support will never be withdrawn without the approval of the Zionists who own the Federal Reserve.

The Zionist-supporting Rothschilds banking cartel are NOT going to be rooted out of our system. They own us. They own the Congress. They decide which Republicrat candidates are going to run for President. They own the judicial system. They own the corporations. They own the media – communications. It’s done.

So you are saying that "Rothchilds banking cartel are NOT going to be rooted out of our system". but:

Are you saying that to me, because you believe it or are suckered into believing it and you want me to believe your shouted NOT also? Which would make me another sheeple would it not? You forget Government Departments onlly function with the cooperations of those who work there and public cooperation. The UK Cencus is proof of this.

Or are you making a political statement to me because I'm one of a huge number of people who are closely looking into how the world I live in is run and I am finding it stinks with corruption. Are you hoping I am prepared to accept this corruption which looks more like slavery every day? Its having exactly that effect on the spirit of the people.

You clearly see no change but I see things differently to you. I see huge changes arising now concerning the Federal Reserve finances, because the US$ is not being used by all the countries in the world for oil purchases. India, China, Russia, Brazil and Japan want out of that reserve currency and Bernanke is in a sweat. The Fed looses the coveted world reserve currency, it will loose a huge part of its incoming wealth that it hasn't had to either work or take any risk to earn. That challence has been mounted its only a matter of time.

I suspect the private bankers behind the scenes are holding their wealth in gold well out of the way of the USA, UK and as much of the rest of the world that is quietl;y unravelling - Greece. A few defaulters who follow the Iceland model would topple the Central Banks like dominoes. I suspect several countries are looking at Iceland which seems to be surviving quite well despite a firmly entrenched religious belief in help from faeries God didn't fortunately travel that far.

Nothing stays the same, you can see that throughout history. History will deal with theBanking Rothschilds in due course, their control is now out in the open and many view them and their ilk as public enemy no 1. No man ever accepts or wants to feel like a slave, so we are in the opening rounds of a fight against these bankers now.

People at the top of the pile always comply with the rules of elitism. They protect their eliteness exposing themselves only to relationships and intermarriage within their own closeknit groups that benefit the 'family' and are also from their own elite pack. Royalty has done this for generations and it doesn't bode well to look at what you have left. .

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

I have read theories that state that years of inbreeding has reinforced these desirable sociopathic traits found within the ruling class.
Sociopathic traits that benefit anyone who is able to engage in the secret ethics of the ruling class.

Great stuff Josephus, looks like guys like you and xuenchen are ready to take this to the next level. I know you mentioned you're formulating your next post, so I'll await your further input before commenting on the rest.

For now, I thought I might insert something that tends to get missed sometimes: Secret societies.

Well, you brought up Bill Copper, and your interesting term, secret ethics certainly deserves some attention.

I know that this is also a touchy subject, and while there are many masons I respect, and there are those here on ATS I would include in that group, we just wouldn't be looking at the bigger picture if we ignored them.

The topic is the "extent of Jewish control", and while we get to a point where maybe there is a consensus, that there is quite a bit of Jewish control, we eventually get to the point where we need reasons why this is the case.

You and xeunchen have even reached back to ancient times, looking for an answer, looking for perhaps yet another party behind, or beyond the Jews, perhaps pushing them in the direction they desire.

But whoever the ultimate Powers are, behind whomever they have chosen to use, and hide behind, there is no question that the Masons fit into the puzzle, and probably like the Jews, they play no small part.

For those who have researched intelligence agencies, it's origins, and are familiar with the intimate relationship they have with secret societies, worldwide, it would come as no surprise to find very Jewish versions of the things most think of. B'nai B'rith for example, and others, feeding into the Mossad, which together with the very Masonic CIA, along with British and German intelligence, essentially run the world, as a sort of "partnership" in crime. I could say more about the former KGB, the Russian organization that rolled out the world's most widespread network, with assets still deployed globally, but that will no doubt stick in too many American craws.

I realize many are just fine believing that the US, or the British, or the Jews "run the world", but in a sense, the evidence shows that they largely run it together.

I happened to know someone who was "in charge" of virtually every radio station in a certain part of the Arab world (I can't say exactly where, because it would identify him). Sounds preposterous to the average American of course, but as an officer extensively trained in languages, and psy-ops, he was uniquely equipped to do just that. Over 50 radio stations, with their own disc jockeys, saying all the things you would expect, in that part of the world, with most never suspecting that their paychecks have been processed through NATO, and that a former military intelligence officer literally "approves" everything significant that is allowed on the air.

This is the situation in one somewhat small part of the world, that Westerners could probably care less about. AND YET, this is literally NOTHING compared to the kind of control exerted "against" the West by the "same" kinds of people. And by kinds of people, I'm reaching beyond what the OP is saying in this thread here.

"How" that control is implemented has everything to do with a "hierarchy" that may find it's peak in the murky clouds, however, before it has come all the way down to us, it has largely gone through a very coordinated and sophisticated intelligence culture. This intelligence agency "culture", as I call it, could never have emerged if there was not already a well-established "network" of secret societies there to make sure it could work.

Secret societies, the original "need to know" outfits, were in fact the perfect incubators for what we have today.

But how few ever speak of this "matrix"-like reality that is now the norm? Guys like Bill Cooper, who warned us about this Age of Deception? How long did he last. (OK, some of us do talk about it on ATS too!)

I'm not saying all this to exonerate the Jews, or to somehow insinuate that it's now the Masons. It's a complex whole, and each plays their part. It's very much like the infamous "Pyramid", with many helping to "rule", and yet they are themselves ruled by those above them. And the top of that "unfinished" pyramid? Well, it's missing, not merely because it is unfinished...

This still leads us back to "who" is at the top of this pyramid, who is behind the curtain, this curtain of intelligence agencies, using their global power to keep the machine marching what exactly?

Are we going to "like it" when the pyramid is finally done??


posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

So, you want to know "who" comes calling when you get a following...when you become influential in public affairs?
Don't we all.
It should be no secret that the key to "power" is the ability to get a following. You simply have no "power" if you have no following in public life. Even then, you can have a following and you can be ignored. Think Ron Paul...for decades at least.
Then, think Clinton. Master Mafia. Learned everything it seems from Lyndon. But neither could touch Bush the Elder.
Just stroke the folks...get a following and "they" come calling to tell you how much you can really accomplish with the sales tools you have. And, you have to get in line btw.
The key factor that CANNOT be overlooked, as I defer to those here that are very dedicated in their pursuit of these matters and talented enough to see it through, is the fact that NONE of this would be possible without the cooperation of western media. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc,. etc. So, who controls them?

This is really warfare. If you are a foot soldier, you fight those that are standing in front of you. If you are a general, you are fighting generals. It is difficult to fight ghosts...we must define these ghosts before we could ever learn to fight them. Maybe we might have to settle for their right hand men?

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

I agree with your point that its surprising that Jewish people and I would stretch that to any people would really want to live in Israel. To be honest, I love Egypt and feel at home as soon a my feet touch the ground there.

I felt very different concerning Israel. IMHO living with a Mosque/Dome perched on top of the Temple Mount seems symbolic for a beacon of antagonism. Near where I live there is a beautiful and wonderfully peaceful henge. Stuck in the middle of it some clod built a tiny Christian Church to desecrate this powerful ancient landscape. The offence I feel when I look at this church never rises, because its in ruins so had miserably failed to damage or destroy the power and sanctity of the henge. I have been in a number of different religious places of worship and felt the sanctity of the space, but that henge's energy is different its indescribable and singularly special.

I found it very interesting that you and other discussed the Rothschilds etc hijacking modern Zionism which does I think only go back to the 1800's. The idea of combining a Rothschild agenda with Zionism I suspect is highly likely. I would just add as a side note;. I clicked onto Oprah W's show and a young Jewish girl was telling people that her family worshipped Satan. Somewhere else I either read or watched a utube video about the Rothschilds having somewhat exotic religious ideas akin to the young girl's family. Personally someone's religion is a private matter for them and whatever form of God etc they wish to engage with is entirely their business provided it doesn't break the law.

When I look at Zionism I see the token reasons allotted to it: firstly the urge of the Jewish people to reclaim the land their God gave to them. I next see their view that their God wanted them to show the rest of the world how to worship their God and how to live according to his laws.

The trouble is that there are a number of Jews who don't think they should be in Israel until their God decide to 'deliver' them back there. Also something else they do not do is to get people to adopt their God's religion thereby worshipping their God as they do. I suspect there may be mixed opinion on this matter also but this point I think is an important one because it links to ancient bloodlines which I will pick up a little further on The other thing is that if you look at the faces of Zionism many are criminals afflicted with not only lust for power and greed but also they break God's law on usery which is hammered in at least three times in the Torah. You may not lend money for profit.

If I pull out the bankers ilk who top the pile and look at whom they appear to be in league with, its not a solely typical Jewish group, you have the Pope, The Queen, go back further and you find people like Lenin, Stalin. The two things you have in common is lust for power and greed both of which are pure Zionist. I suspect though that you can separate out people who work the Zionist reward ladder, Netanyahu, Bernanke etc I suspect this group fall into the cherry-picked graduates suitable to wear one hat whilst at the same time wearing another given by their actual bosses.

I think who hides in the shadows with Messrs Rothschild etc belong to a very old and ancient group. I don't think the greed and adoption of any method whatsoever, no matter what price another has to pay - so you can consistently acquire huge amounts of wealth, is a normal or natural human trait. Priests love to say humans are evil and need them to interpret the law, but they are only needed because somewhere in the past a group of them contrived to produce venerated human monsters. I suspect were one to look under a stone in Egypt or within a forgotten civilisation we might find a familiar face and blood line scowling right back at us. who knows.

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Stewie

...NONE of this would be possible without the cooperation of western media. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc,. etc. So, who controls them?

This is really warfare. If you are a foot soldier, you fight those that are standing in front of you. If you are a general, you are fighting generals. It is difficult to fight ghosts...we must define these ghosts before we could ever learn to fight them. Maybe we might have to settle for their right hand men?

You make some good points I think, and I hope that things don't get as crazy as Germany. But they could, people finally just trying to punish anyone they can get their hands on.

This is a real risk that some Jews have been talking about, trying to alert their brethren, and yet, they are marginalized my their own. They see the writing on the wall, they wonder if history just won't repeat itself. But Jews as a whole currently don't seem to feel terribly worried.

I might call it a whole lot of "chutzpah". Since many find themselves in positions of power, and influence, and enjoy wealth, they might be justifiably tempted to not worry a whole lot about the rabble. Of course, neither did French royalty, once upon a time, and yet heads eventually rolled.

So, the foot soldiers, they can find plenty of targets I suppose.

But who might be the generals, when it comes down to it? Who might be on "our" side? (And sorry, guys like Ron Paul, as nice of a fella as he is, he's just not going to cut it.)

History seems to help us here again. We may not have a general yet, or much of one anyway, but TPTB learned a lesson with Napoleon, they're out there, and they could pop their heads up at any time, and throw a wrench into the works.

One of the more "likely" candidates for this job could come from within the intelligence community. Sure, it sounds paradoxical, but paradox is built into the system, with various tensions carefully balanced, with loyalties that supersede other loyalties, etc. During the Cold War, plenty of intelligence officers on both sides really believed that the other side was the "bad guys". Meanwhile, no one even noticed that "American" oil man Armand Hammer could waltz into the old Soviet Union anytime he felt like it, and could read Kruschev the riot act, if the filthy comrade got out of line.

Just for fun, I'll throw this out there. Back in the Clinton years, rumors went around that there was "almost" a coup d'etat. Interestingly, it was a Jewish admiral who may have been bucking for the big promotiona, but ended up dead. Jewish, or not, the US Navy is exactly the kind of place a genuine "threat" to the PTB could hail from.

Having it's own, separate intelligence service, and a strong Masonic tradition, it's "possible", I think, that an admiral could one day cause someone higher up the pyramid some heartburn. No, I don't think it's likely he would get too far, but you never know. He would have to be someone who was capable of deceit on an extreme level, and further, he would probably have to be almost "born" with that characteristic. That's because potential "problems" are usually identified early in a person's career, which is why they fail to rise to the top to begin with, even if they were ambitious and smart, they would be stopped short of any postion of true power. (Just as in Masonry.) Unless they were fooling them from the beginning.

Of course, by the time a Napoleon or Alexander comes on to the scene, he will probably be so ruthless, no one will want what he will force down our throats, even if he does manage to "deal with" the Jews. In other words, anyone who was capable of threatening the PTB, would almost universally be defined as an "antichrist" figure as well.


posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by Lynda101

If I pull out the bankers ilk who top the pile and look at whom they appear to be in league with, its not a solely typical Jewish group, you have the Pope, The Queen...

Well Lynda, it's about time someone mentioned Her Majesty!

Of course, Josephus and xeunchen are probably going to get around to the Pope, but your point is an important one that often gets lost when it comes to these kinds of threads.

Yes, the Jews seem to play a very important part, but shouldn't we wonder, exactly "when" the big royals that are found on every page of our history books, shouldn't we wonder when they "abdicated" their ancient power?

The fact is, they haven't! That's a big part of the answer, IMO. Nothing has fundamentally changed, although there have been some serious internal shake-ups of course, along the way.

IN FACT, there are even some Americans who might actually confess that they have found evidence that England still holds the reigns, in spite of all appearances. A bit humbling, really.

Going a step further back, others might say that the Pope retains his ancient power.

I have a feeling, some interesting things still might come out in this thread!


posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:04 PM

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 11:41 PM
I'd really like to show my support by starring many of these posts, but.....damn! I don't seem to have the fortitude to even read them to begin with. Try to be just a little more concise, y'all.

Now to those on the "other" side of the argument: really, you can do better than this. Many of your posts only serve to validate my position - I mean, I try to speak the truth and I'm viciously attacked for being an "anti-Semite". Can we please discuss this matter in a civil fashion?

I mean, really, CAN anyone pose a decent counterargument to what I've said? Be advised that name calling does not count.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:17 AM
......And another thing: I really do have to wonder exactly where these flags are coming from; it wouldn't surprise me if a few of those secretly showing support for this thread are, in fact, Jews. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest, of course; the truth is always there for those who seek it, whether Jew or gentile.

You all have a choice, people......

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by AngryOne

i can agree for a moment or two....

perhaps i can ask some questions to some general observations.

i notice many times individuals - i.e. "people" seem to feel intimidated and inwardly insulted by the many "Jewish" overtones that exist in society, especially in the "Christian" world.

perhaps people feel "jealous" because of the outward and boisterous referrals to the "Jewish accomplishments and attitudes" that seem to dominate the society ?

perhaps the "over-reactionary" responses we see by "Jewish" sources ?

reactions like a general attack with little or no merrit, or the ad hominem approach are not helping the "Jewish" cause at all.

perhaps it is the "money" factors i.e. banks and the whole "loan" and credit thing ?

it does seem that every time someone has a major financial dealing, these "jewish" overtones present themselves, whether it's in a name or a "perception" regardless of how "subtle" it may seem.

and it does seem that many political "leaders" have or at least use, a "jewish" sounding name and use "Jewish" terminology to describe policies.

and the opposite name changes may have effects as well.

examples would include the name change of someone's favorite celebrity.

"people" may be insulted and feel distanced when they learn that somebody like Tony Curtis's real name is Bernard Schwartz. would he have been any less popular by using his real name ?

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by AngryOne
......And another thing: I really do have to wonder exactly where these flags are coming from; it wouldn't surprise me if a few of those secretly showing support for this thread are, in fact, Jews. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest, of course; the truth is always there for those who seek it, whether Jew or gentile.

You all have a choice, people......

that may in fact be true !!

many "Jews" may very well be "silent supporters" of the anti-Zionist movements.

many "Jews" are in fact Orthodox and may actually be in favor of the "to each his own" idea.

same would be for "Jews" who do not practice any religious beliefs and prefer to "blend in" and remain neutral ... probably because they have to go to a regular job like most people.

perhaps some of these "silent supporters" feel insulted and "guilty" !

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:45 AM

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by Frira


off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


this is what i am talking about.

perhaps Frira can elaborate in normal dialog.

many "people" are now intimidated and wonder what is going on !

some good reasons would be well received.

some examples of the "shoes you walk in" may have merrit.
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